Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 68

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 68 65: A Day Of Rest Spending Time Before The Other World Preliminaries Begin I

Paikuhan stared at the golden-frame [Gate] that appeared out of nowhere, as he listened to Nao's question. He had fought against fellow fighters who could control the elements, which were a rarity in itself, but he had yet to see anyone control Space like this, and it left him dumbfounded.

He himself had no control over any affinity, but instead, as he was a race similar to that of a Namekian, he had an insane regeneration rate. Just by sacrificing some of his Ki could he replace lost limbs during and outside of battle.

Pikkon could only nod. Once he did, another Rebirth notification sounded in Nao's mind. Immediately after, the golden aura surrounding Nao started to move by itself, and it stretched out, and soon covered Pikkon.

Pikkon felt a foreign Ki invade his body but felt no harm from it. Once Pikkon was surrounded by the golden aura, his halo started change from a bright yellow to a pure gold color as well.

Seeing this visible change shocked everyone, including the Grand Kai. Before anyone could say anything, a visible timer appeared above Pikkon's head, which had yet to start it's countdown. It currently showed the number 24 : 00.

Meanwhile, Nao was listening to Rebirth. Rebirth stated it has the ability to comply with the laws of the Other World, and Rebirth determined Pikkon had enough merit to enter the Realm of the Living for 24 hours. Once one would enter the Realm of the Living, the timer would vanish, and their halo would slowly change from gold back into a bright yellow over the course of their stay.

The Four Kai saw the Grand Kai approach Nao, and immediate zipped their mouths, allowing him to speak.

"Heh, heh, son. You've once again exceeded my expectations. Well it seems my boy Pikkon here sure did earn enough merit through the last couple of Tournaments I hosted. Pikkon my boy, you've earned it. Go take a rest for a day in the Realm of the Living. We need you be well rested and at your peak. I expect a great Tournament this time around."

"Of course, Grand Kai."

Hearing Paikuhan, the Grand Kai rubbed his beard a bit, and nodded. He then turned around to look at the four Kai one last time and gave them a firm reminder. He then floated back upward and landed inside his blue Cadillac. After honking the horn a couple times, of which it sounded like the car was dying, he revved the engine, and sped off in the portal he created, and headed back to his Palace. The portal soon closed, and the only one's who could now be seen are Nao, Miya, Paikuhan, and the four Kai.

Seeing the Grand Kai finally leave, the West and King Kai let out deep sigh of relief. Paikuhan had one last look at West Kai, and once their eyes locked on to each other, West Kai scoffed at him, and turned the other away, folding his arms. Paikuhan ignored this and turned around and saw Nao and a red headed girl clinging to him.

Paikuhan had a good look at her earlier when she stood near the Apple Tree and his instincts told him that she was not to be trifled with, almost exactly to Nao in front of him. He also had no more reason to stay at King Kai's planet for the moment so he urged the two to enter the [Gate] by pushing them on the back.

It didn't take long for Nao and Miya to walk through the [Gate]. Thanks to the golden aura, Paikuhan also managed to enter. Thankfully Nao and Miya already had experience with the [Gate]'s teleportation a couple times already and became used to the instantaneous movement, but once Paikuhan entered the image in front of him, he was inflicted by an intense dizzy spell, almost causing him to throw up. The three soon passed through endless spiraling cosmos, slowly making their way back to Planet Vegeta...

Year 733 November, Planet Vegeta.

Ever since Nao and Miya left almost two years ago to start their journey, Planet Vegeta became more hectic, receiving mission after mission by the Frieza Force. By the time King Cold announced his retirement, Frieza's family already ruled over 60% of the Northern Area, and during these two years, they managed to secure about another 5% of the Northern Area, further increasing their domain.

Frieza was on a rampage and his conquest did not stop. He was far crueler than King Cold, and if planets didn't submit to his rule, he would tear them apart from the roots, and eventually blow the planet up itself. However, within Planet Vegeta, one of the most hectic Saiyans during this time was none other than King Vegeta III himself.

As the end of the year approached, King Vegeta received a top secret message from Frieza himself no less. The message stated that Frieza's master would personally arrive in Planet Vegeta at a random time next year, formerly inspecting the planet, and offer a very important mission. Once King Vegeta received this message, he became shocked knowing that such an unruly bastard like Frieza had a master of sorts.

Stories of Frieza's cruel ways spread far and wide in the endless reaches of space in the Northern Area, and King Vegeta shuddered trying to imagine what Frieza's master was like. There was no known information, and it was kept under wraps. Little did King Vegeta know that Frieza's other title was an Agent of Destruction, and served none other than the God of Destruction, Beerus!

King Vegeta had immense pride as a Saiyan, but he could easily see that Frieza's master must be more powerful than Frieza, and could only regret and comply with whatever mission he had in set for him. At the end of the message was a parting of sorts, saying that a banquet would be required to be held at Palace Vegeta, the King would be the host and only the most exquisite, succulent foods should be offered, and if his master were to be displeased in any way, the Saiyans would be in for a rude awakening.

King Vegeta upped the Palace security from here on and started to straighten things out. He denied any visitors as well until invites to the banquet would be given.

Meanwhile, Nao, Miya and Paikuan kept travelling through a cylindrical-shaped portal where they could see endless stars. Seeing as they had a few moments to spare, Nao decided to strike up a conversation with Miya, one that he had been worrying over a bit.

'Miya, I've been worrying about something, what do you think I should about my golden tail? If other Saiyans, or worse, the Frieza Force, were to see it, it could spell out more trouble. Especially since us Saiyans pass down that Legend.'

Miya let out a smile once she heard her brother's voice, and proceeded to respond to him.

'Hmm, brother, is such a thing really necessary? You may want to have a look at your current battle power, it's not like they could touch us anyway."

"My battle power...?"

Nao then proceeded to close his eyes, prompting Rebirth to open. He went straight to his stat page, and the number he saw shocked him greatly, it was currently resting at 57.5 million battle power! Nao immediately figured out that there was a factor of sorts, as his previous base power was only at 2.85 million.

After doing a bit of math, Nao figured out that the evolution into an Ancient Saiyan caused his battle power to multiply by x20! Nao still felt the power of the Great Ape course through his body, so he figured the normal x10 multiplier that gave was a part of this. The other part was likely completing the evolution into an Ancient Saiyan, and resulted in a total of x20.

If Nao ever transformed into a Great Ape again, would that result in a True Great Ape? He had never seen an Ancient Saiyan besides Cunber, and who knows if he is even alive in this universe. He knew Cunber could still transform into a Great Ape as an Ancient Saiyan so he still had his high hopes for that, if Nao ever needed to transform again. He then continued his conversation with Miya.

'To think my battle power would jump that high...Well with having this much Ki flow inside me, that's to be expected, You feel it too, don't you, Miya?'

'Hehe, I sure do, brother! Rebirth treated brother's transformation as an evolution, so it copied over to my battle power as a result. Even I feel a lot of energy inside me now!"

"So Miya also benefited from this as well. What do you think of me casting a mirage on my tail? I did delve into a bit of the Reality element during our first year of training, and I can now infuse mirages into my Ki blasts. I could do something similar and infuse a mirage into my tail, where it bends light enough to make it appear white to others..."

"Well that's up to you brother. I'd say you should go for it if you're that worried about it. Also look, our planet is fast approaching. Looks like we finally arrived at our destination!"

Hearing this, Nao nodded and reassured to cast a mirage on his tail. He then looked past Miya and saw his ever familiar magenta planet which appeared to be very desolate. They have arrived back home!

Meanwhile, Planet Vegeta, Iona's Residence.

Two years have passed since Nao and Miya left for their training, causing up a lot more free time for Iona. Other than resting at the house, she would mingle with her fellow elites that she'd been associated with before she married Oscar, and also make trips down to Gine's butchery. Even Gin would take time off from the Palace to visit her, and even though she still lamented the loss of her husband, her heart slowly started to warm up again once she started to spend more time with Gin.

Gin had a really easygoing attitude and that's what she liked about him. As to whether they would officially get together, that had yet to be decided and it would still be a few years off. If Nao discovered that he would possibly have a future father-in-law, he would definitely be shocked.

Iona, Gin, and Gine could be seen sitting at the dining table in Iona's house chatting away, and all of a sudden Iona felt a very familiar feeling outside near the front door. The two maids were currently working their way around the kitchen, and various types of meat could be seen. Four golden spheres appeared outside the front door, which was still closed. Iona then got up to figure out why she was feeling this way, and proceeded to open the front door.

Iona saw a six by fifteen [Gate] form before her eyes, and she smiled. She now knew what she was feeling, and seeing a [Gate] form, she knew that her two children were finally returning home! It didn't take long for the golden [Gate] to finish forming, and even Gine and Gin arrived beside her to see what was going on.

The two of them never saw a [Gate] form before so their eyes turned wide in shock. However before they asked what the thing in front of them was, they saw two figures come out of it, Nao and Miya. Miya immediately spotted her mother a few feet away and instantly rushed into her embrace. As Nao watched this, a third, much taller figure appeared out of the [Gate].

Once Iona's gaze landed on this figure, she immediately noticed Paikuhan's green skin, and quickly concluded that they were a part of a different race. Once the Saiyans entered the Frieza Force, more and more aliens would intermingle within the Saiyan City, and Iona eventually got used to them. Seeing one more was of no surprise to her anymore. Iona then proceeded to give a warm welcome to her children.

"Welcome home, Little Nao, Little Miya. You two have definitely grown up a bit, fufufu. It seems you two brought a guest home as well. Little Nao, care to introduce him?"