Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 70

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 70 67 One Month In A Blink Of An Eye The Other World Tournament Preliminaries Begins

With a sound of a creaking door, Paikuhan dismissed himself and decided to go out for a bit, near the edge of the cliff. The distance to the cliff from Nao's home was about five meters, and it allowed a few people in a row to traverse it quite easily. Once Paikuhan reached the edge, all he saw was a straight vertical drop-down which extended for over 100 meters.

Further downward stood the central docking station situated in the Middle Class District and he could see all kinds of spacesh.i.p.s flying in and out, with various Saiyans signaling them with bright red glow sticks. He saw almost every Saiyan fly with ease and they all seemed dressed for combat, or for maintenance work. Seeing this himself still surprised him. His gaze than landed on the more crude housing, the Lower Class District. Then his gaze landed on the central staircase leading back up to the Elite Class District, and he could see clear distinctive differences between them.

It didn't take long for Paikuhan to start spacing out as he continued to stare in a daze at the bustling life below. Before long loud explosions of Ki blasts and laser beams started resound in his mind as he began to recall the memories of his death...

Meanwhile, back inside the house.

A momentary silence spread out before Nao saw his mother stand up once Paikuhan went outside. Iona made her way to Nao and Miya and suddenly embraced the two, and pulled the two in. Nao felt the warmth of his mother that he hadn't felt for the last couple years and this proceeded to calm his heart. He then felt a ruffling of his hair as Iona proceeded to ruffle his and Miya's hair, and smiled.

"Little Nao, Little Miya, were the last two years rough on you two? I wasn't expecting for you two to travel to...the Other World, was it?"

" really wasn't that bad, Mom. I was just about don explaining our story as well. In fact, I actually got invited to partake in a martial arts tournament of sorts."

"Martial arts tournament?"

"Yes. Think of it as a gathering of warriors who fight it out to determine who is the best of them all. The winners are rewarded while the losers go home empty handed with nothing but the experience of battling. Mom, would you be interested in watching it?"

"That does sound really exciting. I haven't seen Little Nao fight anyone besides Miya. However isn't that place for those who have already passed away? Would they allow me to be there?"

"I'm...not sure. The host in charge did grant me an exception, allowing me to partake in the tournament. I could ask for one more exception. Besides, I have this nagging feeling that Father is somehow involved in this..."

"Oscar? Will I actually have a chance of seeing him again? It's already been five years since his passing...Is it possible he will be a participant?"

"It's very possible, Mom. The host mentioned there was going to be a guest fighter who was someone close to me that I haven't realized yet...Father definitely fits that description."

"Little Nao, if Oscar does have any relations to this tournament, I don't think we should skip this opportunity...Did this host say when it will begin?"

"About a month from now, right before the year ends. Mom, there was one more thing I'd like to mention as well."

"Of course, Little Nao. What is it?"

"It's actually about the guest I brought home. Pikkon is actually a fellow contestant. We've only became friends recently but he seems to hold me in high regards as a warrior. I can feel his strength is similar to my own too..."

"So Pikkon is a fellow contestant? Then what is he doing here? Shouldn't he be getting himself ready?"

"I won't go into too much detail but the host granted a day of rest for Pikkon before he goes back and resumes his training. It's a bit unfortunate but he'll returning to his own place tomorrow. The host is expecting for both of us to be in our peak conditions so we'll enjoy this day off and rest up properly."

"Fufufu, so a day of rest it is then. I'm sure Little Nao and Little Miya must be tired from your adventures during the last two years right?"

Once Iona said this, Miya, who had just been listening to the conversation between Nao and Iona while enjoying her mother's embrace finally decided to speak up at this time.

"Hehe, Mama the trip was pretty exhausting. I can't wait to enjoy sleeping in my own bed again! Wouldn't you agree, brother?"

"That's for sure, Miya. Mom, I will have something to show you later after we rest up today. It will be for after Pikkon leaves."

"Something to show me? I'll look forward to it then, Little Nao. I'm glad we had this nice chat. Little Nao, why don't you tend to our guest? I'll inform the maids to start preparing a feast. A lot of different things have been imported to us in these last two years, Little Nao, Little Miya. We have plenty of different spices, fruits, vegetables and other kinds of meats to test out now, so look forward to it!"

Hearing his mother mention making a feast for tonight's dinner excited Nao greatly. Nao and Miya staved off their hunger these last two years through eating Senzu Beans as each one lasted for a duration of ten days. Even then they still had several dozens left over and were still fine in their supply of Senzu beans. Besides the dinner Nao and Miya enjoyed at Capsule Corporation, the two had not had a home cooked meal since. Nao was greatly looking forward to it, as it seemed these two years did good for Planet Vegeta while he was gone.

Nao also didn't forget that the conversation his mother had moments ago with Gine and Gin either. He paid attention to his mother's interactions as well, especially with Gin and it was clear she was starting to warm up to him. However, Nao just dropped a bomb onto Iona mentioning that she still had a chance to see his Father, so her heart is probably a in a mess right now. Nao wasn't sure of what Miya's opinion was but he himself wasn't against the idea of having a new Father-In-Law. If Nao's Father had a chance of being resurrected, it would be up to Iona for who to continue spending her life with.

Nao then saw Iona stand up from the dining table, making her way to the kitchen towards the two maids. He then saw Miya get up as well, and after smiling at him for a brief moment, she headed toward the kitchen too. As the two figures vanished, Nao could hear Miya start to chat with their mother. He guessed she also had some thing she wanted to say to her, so he decided not to bug them. Nao then got up himself and made his way toward the front door.

With a creak, Nao opened the door and soon his figure vanished outside as he closed. it. Iona saw this from the kitchen and smiled, before she turned her head back down to Miya. This caused a momentary pause between the two, but Miya soon began to talk again about the adventures they experienced in the last two years to Iona.

Meanwhile, back outside, Paikuhan suddenly heard the door open behind him. He saw Nao walk up beside him and started to stare down the cliff-side, overlooking the bustling scenes happening down below in the Middle Class District. Time passed before they knew it and now Paikuhan's halo was about a fourth covered in bright yellow, signaling around a fourth of the day had already passed. Paikuhan watched Nao in silence but after this time passed his expression became a lot better.

Nao saw this and he then decided to talk to Paikuhan.

"Pikkon, are you feeling better now?"

"Yeah, Nao. I"m sorry for excusing myself like that when I'm supposed to be a guest at your place...Your mother just happened to trigger some unpleasant memories, but I've longed since gotten over them. I do have to say though this view is fantastic."

"I'm glad to hear that Pikkon. It's even better from the third floor."

"The third floor?"

Nao nodded in confirmation once Paikuhan asked this. Nao's gaze then went upward and with his right arm, he pointed toward the ten windows situated on the third floor. Nine of these ten windows appeared normal size, and they circled around the one giant window situated in its center. No glass panes could be seen, which allowed the sunlight to directly peer into the third floor. Paikuhan followed suit and a look of surprise appeared on his face, as he didn't expect for them to have a third floor. Paikuhan then chuckled for the first time since he arrived here.

"Haha, it seems you're quite well off, Nao. Could it it be you belong to a family of nobles? I did happen to spot a Palace further beyond this cliff."

"That's...a word I'd rather not be associated with, but it is true we were born in the Elite Class District. My family is much more open and caring unlike some others in this District, where all they care about is their appearance and bloodlines...As for the Palace you've spotted, that belongs to the royal family. They forbade us from entering it a couple years ago, but it's not like I care much for them besides a couple individuals there anyways."

"The royal family? It definitely appeared to be a rather extravagant Palace. That doesn't surprise me though that they banned you from entering the place. You seem to have a strength similar to mine, I don't know how strong those Saiyans are but it's possible they fear your strength, considering you're part of a race of warriors."

At this time, once Nao finished hearing Paikuhan say this, he smiled and let out laugh.

"Hahaha, I guess that's one way to put it. Come, Pikkon, why don't we head back inside? I'll bring you to the third floor so you can get a better look at our city. Mother has already started to prepare a feast for us, I would like to spar against you but we can save that for the actual tournament. I'd much rather spend some time off myself."

Paikuhan nodded, confirming it was now fine to head back in. After heading back inside, Iona heard the creak of the door, and smiled once she saw two figures enter the the first floor. Sounds of cutting and sizzling meat, along with other kinds of food was well underway in the kitchen. Nao informed Iona he was going to bring Paikuhan to the third floor. Nao asked Miya to see if she wanted to tag along but to his surprise she shook her head no.

She wanted to stay in the kitchen with Iona as her story was still in discuss. Down the line in their two years of stay she got bored of just eating Senzu Beans as well, so she wanted to learn how to cook from her mother. This would definitely help during future traveling, so Nao decided to leave her be and continued on up the spiral staircase with Paikuhan following behind.

Before they knew it, the sun that stood high in the sky slowly started to descend further and further. Nao and Paikuhan talked about random things and differences between their two races, only to get interrupted by a strong aroma of roasted meat. Nao looked outside, only to see it was already dark out as the sun already descended past the horizon. Together with Paikuhan, Nao, Miya and Iona soon enjoyed a feast together, spending their time away.

During this time Nao informed Iona that Paikuhan only had one day to spend here. She was slightly disappointed by this but once she saw Paikuhan eating her food in delight, she soon became very happy.

The next day soon arrived. Miya managed to crawl into Nao's bed after Iona fell asleep. Nao brought Paikuhan to a guest bed on the second floor. Once morning dawned, they all had a light breakfast. It didn't take long for the sun to reach the center of the sky, and once that happened, the last golden specks of Paikuhan's halo turned back to bright yellow. Nao received a Rebirth notification that Paikuhan's time was up in the Realm of the Living, and it was now time to send him back.

Nao, Miya, Iona and Paikuhan made their way to the first floor, and Nao took this time to create a [Gate]. After inputting the coordinates to King Kai's Planet, he took this time to say goodbye to Paikuhan.

"It was nice to have you here, even if it was just for a day Pikkon. You best reach your peak state for this tournament, I won't be holding anything back if we come across each other!"

"Haha, I'd expect no less from you, Nao. I also won't hold anything back. I'll see you again in one month!"

"Hehe, take care, Pikkon!"

Paikuhan nodded one last time after hearing Nao and Miya say goodbye to him, then he turned around and stepped into the image that formed, which showed none other than King Kai's Planet. Paikuhan braced himself as he would likely experience another wave of nausea. Once he stepped through, the image soon disappeared, and endless darkness remained. Nao didn't know whether or not that once one entered through the [Gate], he would be able to will it to disappear or if he needed to wait till the one who used it to reach the other side first.

As if Rebirth heard his question, Nao received a notification that once a person enters [Gate], he can will it to disappear at any time once they no longer see them. Hearing this, he smiled, and he willed the [Gate] to vanish. After spending several minutes spiraling through the endless cosmos, Paikuhan successfully managed to reach King Kai's Planet. King Kai sensed this disturbance and immediately called for West Kai to come pick Paikuhan up.

Meanwhile, once Paikuhan went back to his own residence in the Other World, time seemed to have sped up again. In a blink of an eye, one month soon passed as Nao, Miya and Iona continued to spend time with each other. Iona was surprised to learn from Miya that someone besides her potentially liked her brother, but that would be a story for another time...More importantly, Nao received a message within his mindspace from King Kai that the Other World Tournament Preliminaries would begin tomorrow, and he had to make his way to the gathering spot!