Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 71

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 71 68: Off To The Other World The Other World Tournament Preliminaries

In a blink of an eye, one month soon passed and it is now the end of December. No news was given to the family from Palace Vegeta after it was placed on strict lock down. Before Gin left their house, he mentioned that the King was actually gathering various types of ingredients in preparation for a special banquet which he himself will personally host some time in the following year. Besides that, he concluded by saying that Prince Vegeta IV would emerge from his pod. Nao and Miya spent a total of three years inside theirs, but it seems Vegeta would only spend two years inside his.

Vegeta was the epitome of a stuck up prince; he would proclaim himself the prince of all Saiyans, and highly valued his royal bloodline. It took several years of living on Earth for his attitude to change over time. Nao was not looking forward to meeting this version of Prince Vegeta, and would like to avoid him at all costs if possible, until he finally leaves the planet with his squad, which would consist of Prince Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz and a couple of the royal guards.

The banquet itself peaked Nao's interest though. A couple years back, King Kai warned Nao that two 'esteemed individuals' would make their way to him, and the deadline was the next year. King Vegeta had no idea who the important figure was but Nao recalled a certain scene back when he originally watched D*S, where King Vegeta was grovelling under Beerus's feet. Thanks to Gin's report from earlier, Nao could safely assume this guest was in fact none other than Beerus himself, and wherever he went, Whis would be right behind him.

By visiting planet Earth and the Other World, Nao was already introduced to a few gods, Kami, Korin and the Kais. However Beerus was on a whole other level. He had his own destruction domain and was hailed as a God of Destruction, and Whis was an Angel. Just the thought of being able to meet them in person excited Nao greatly.

Well, this would not happen until the following year anyway. Nao had more pressing matters to attend to, the Other World Tournament! Thankfully he received a message from King Kai saying that the check in, weigh in and preliminaries would start tomorrow.

King Kai also detailed him of how tournament was structured as well. Unlike the one Nao remembered where the rounds consisted of just eight fighters, this one would be a best of 16 and the preliminaries would allow up to 32 fighters to join in!

King Kai also informed Nao there was going be a rather large change of who was participating in the tournament this time around. Since Nao was able to arrive in the Other World and impress the Grand Kai, an idea suddenly streaked across the Grand Kai's mind, and he decided to send certain invitations to living mortals as well. With the increased capacity, a lot of different races will show up, both dead and living, and the Grand Kai in return will hope to see a variety of skills and techniques shown.

The rewards for the winner was detailed as well. News of being able to train under the Grand Kai spread like wildfire in the Other World once the tournament was announced to each Area. However there was an additional reward this time around on top of being able to train under the Grand Kai, and that was dependent on whether one was dead or living. If one was dead and they had accrued enough karma and merit, the Grand Kai would expedite and would revive that person back into the Realm of the Living, if they so wished.

As for those who were still living, the Grand Kai would reward their race protection for a certain amount of years. As to whether that was just 10, 100, 1000 or even 10000 years, it was currently unknown but this protection would prevent their race from going extinct. However this would only prevent their extinction, and regardless of what catastrophes would occur, the Grand Kai would not intervene. The Grand Kai also had to remain impartial, so whether the race was good or evil, it did not matter to him.

This was a lot of information for Nao to absorb as King Kai spoke to him within his mindspace. Nao knew what would become of his race within the next few years and didn't really care too much about the latter reward. He mainly wanted to hone his fighting skills against different races, The only sparring partner he had thus far in his eight years of life was Nappa, the palace guards, and Miya. He also fought against the ghost warrior Tuffles Hatchiyack created and Hatchiyack himself but that was a battle of life and death, and not a spar.

King Kai's message concluded that Nao was to come over to his world as soon as possible, and since the Grand Kai would be bringing living mortals into the tournament, this in turn would allow Nao to bring some guests of his own if he so wished. Speaking of the devil, Nao was going to go ask for an exception for this but it seemed the Grand Kai had already jumped the gun in regards to this. He was relieved, as he wanted to bring his mother along with Miya. If his Father was indeed participating in this tournament, then this would be the biggest chance he had of having the two meet again.

Fast forwarding to now, it was now the last week of December of year 733. Paikuhan had already left a month ago as he only had a day to rest in the Realm of the Living. During this month, Nao mainly meditated and calmed his mind to prepare himself for the tournament. He would lightly spar with Miya to get his blood pumping a few times during this period as well. He also took this time to inform his mother that she had the opportunity of joining them for when they left for the tournament. She immediately accepted.

Since she would be gone for a few days, she informed her circle of friends that she would be out. Her friends were surprised by this as she mainly stayed within the Elite District but hearing that she would be with her children, so they didn't ask much of it. Gine specifically was a bit saddened hearing that Iona would be gone for a while but she still had her butchery to keep her busy.

Iona, together with the two maids, prepared a quick meal for the family. After being stuffed with food, they now had no more reason to delay their arrival. Nao and Miya could now be seen in their formal pristine black battle armor. During this month Miya dove into the Hoi-Poi capsules Dr. Brief gifted them and picked out a dark purple one-piece dress with light blue frills for Iona to try on. Iona took an immediate liking to it, and it allowed her to hide her tail within the dress, wrapping it around her waist.

Miya debated on whether to cut a small hole in the back of Iona's dress to allow the tail to pop out but decided to put it off for now, as Iona didn't find the dress uncomfortable. Iona then informed their two maids to watch over their house while they were away, and they complied. Nao then started to prepare in creating a [Gate] for the three.

Seeing Nao activate his golden aura no longer surprised the family, including the two maids. After willing four golden spheres, a three by four meter [Gate] soon appeared out of nowhere. Tearing a crack in space, endless darkness soon became visible within. It didn't take long for King Kai's world to become a visible image. This was the first time Iona saw King Kai's world from here, as she previously saw an image of Earth. Compared to Earth the planet seemed a lot smaller but it was surrounded by golden clouds.

Seeing Iona stunned by the appearance of King Kai's planet, Miya grinned. Miya then walked up to Nao and tapped him on the shoulder. Before he could turn around, he suddenly heard Miya urge him on.

"Brother, let's go! The tournament starts tomorrow. I know we were informed of a lot of its structure already but I want to see who else will be joining beforehand! Also Mama, are you ready?"

Once Iona heard Miya's voice, she snapped out of her dazed state. She then extended her right arm, only to ruffle her hand through Miya's fiery red hair, smiling.

"Of course I'm ready, Little Miya. I was just a little surprised seeing our destination. I'm also curious to see what kinds of alien races there are. And if your Father happens to be among the participants I'll be sure to give him a good thrashing for dying on us too early. He's missed a good five years of Little Nao and Little Miya's childhood. I wonder if he'll even recognize you two, fufufu."

"Hehe. Oh yeah, Mama you may feel some discomfort as this will be your first time travelling through a [Gate]. Try your best to hang in there, okay?"

Hearing this, Iona nodded. Seeing that they were now ready, Nao then proceeded to walk through the [Gate] and soon his figure vanished. Miya and Iona soon followed suit and before long the [Gate] closed behind them, leaving behind the two maids to resume their duties. They hoped the three wouldn't be gone. Meanwhile, as Nao, Miya and Iona could be seen travelling through the cosmos...

Year 733 December, King Kai's Planet.

Even though King Kai's planet experienced a flurry of activity when Nao was training under him, peace soon resumed as they left. King Kai could be seen slanted forward at his wooden table located nearby one of the few apple trees scattered around his planet, looking extremely bored. He would keep sighing, wondering when the kid would show up again. He knew he had to show up soon as he still needed to introduce him to the other fighters from the Northern Area before the tournament preliminaries started tomorrow. As this was a thirty two man tournament with the first round being the preliminaries, he had up to eight slots to choose from.

Even though Nao was a Saiyan, he would still represent King Kai as he trained under him. Planet Vegeta itself was situated at the border between the Northern Area and Southern Area but it mostly lied in the Southern Area, so any other Saiyans would be represented under the South Kai. It was also known that besides Nao, King Kai had four who were personally trained under him, West Kai three fighters, South Kai four fighters and East Kai three fighters. However one fighter under King Kai was too busy in the Welcome Area to the Other World, and that was none other than King Yemma, the king of the ogres.

So altogether there were twelve current fighters, and with Nao and the mysterious guest fighter, that bumped the number to fourteen. The four Kais would have to choose 18 other fighters among the mortal races living in the areas they watched over. However, all of a sudden, the bored King Kai felt a disturbance in the air behind him several meters back.

Looking behind him he saw a three by four meter golden [Gate] appear out of nowhere. The first time he saw Nao create this shocked King Kai greatly but he now knew who was going to come out from the other side. Nao, together with Miya and Iona, have finally arrived back in the Other World!