Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 72

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 72 69: Meeting The Other Fighters From The North Area I

Year 733 End of December, King Kai's Planet.

Ever since the other Kai, the Grand Kai, Nao and Miya left his planet, it once resumed its peaceful atmosphere during the last month. This in turned made time move more slowly, as King Kai continued to laze around. This atmosphere abruptly changed however once King Kai felt a disturbance in the air several meters behind him.

He felt a familiarity from it, so he immediately stood up from his stool, and patted some collecting dust off of his black garb. He then placed his hands behind his back, donning a serious look, and headed on over to the ongoing spacial distortion.

It didn't take long for a golden [Gate] to appear on his planet. Once the spacial distortion finished, all he could see was endless darkness within the golden frame of the [Gate], but as he sensed a familiarity from it, he knew well what was coming from the other side. Before long two short figures appeared, one being 4'7 and the other 4'5.

This was Nao and Miya, but King Kai soon saw a third taller figure, being around 5'7, appear as well. He saw this figure was an older woman as he saw her long jet black hair dr.a.p.e down past her shoulders, wearing a one-piece purple dress with dark blue frills.

At this time King Kai saw Nao and Miya suddenly turn around, and before he could beckon out to them, he saw the older woman suddenly turn very pale. She fell down onto her knees, only to vomit onto the grass. Travelling through the cosmos via teleportation always took a toll on one's body, especially if they had yet to experience it. Even though Saiyans were born with strong bodies, Iona was a non-combatant, and she would need to train her senses so she wouldn't feel nauseated every time she went through a [Gate].

Having Iona experience it now would lessen the burden she would come face with it the next few times. Even King Kai had yet to experience travelling through the [Gate], but he shuddered a bit upon seeing Iona's reaction.

It took a few short breaths for Iona to slowly regain her composure. Iona then took this time to start observing her surroundings, only to feel something soft beneath her. She saw endless green grass, even though the planet she was now on was rather small. She had never seen grass before so it shocked her quite a bit.

She hadn't expected that the ground could cause such a sensation, and she took a moment to absorb everything in. Planet Vegeta was a vast desolate wasteland and mostly desert comprised of sandstone. After a few moments passed she finally sensed someone gazing at her, only to see a smaller blue skinned figure.

She saw this figure wear a black Ki garb which had an unknown symbol on it, along with a black cap and small black sunglasses. He appeared to be quite old as she could make out some wrinkles hidden within his whiskers and two large antennae. However before she could introduce herself, she looked down at her two children, only to see them turned back around. Before anything else happened, Iona saw Nao approach King Kai.

"So you finally made it back, kid. I do see you've brought someone along with you two this time as well. Thankfully the Grand Kai made an exception, otherwise she wouldn't even be allowed to step into this place normally. Let's make the introductions short. We're short on time as it is, I need to bring you to Grand Kai's Palace back on his planet and introduce you to the other fighters. There will be a total of nine from my area entering the tournament this time around."

"As you wish, King Kai. We only brought along one guest, and this our mother. Mom, are you feeling fine now?"

"I am, Little Nao. Thank you two for warning me earlier, I wasn't expecting for that to happen. I do apologize having you two see that. But I am indeed their mother."

Iona then stood back up, dusting her self off. She then looked at King Kai.

"Are you the person who provided my children that valuable information a couple years ago?"

"Hoho, that was indeed me. I can see where the kid's modesty comes from. I wasn't expecting someone from the Saiyans to behave like this."

"Fufufu, there is a small minority of us who don't partake in combat. We either do other jobs or watch the household, of which I do the latter. According to my son, you must be King Kai. I truly thank you for providing that information to us. Little Nao and Little Miya was able to properly prepare for what was to come then. You can call me Iona."

"You have no need to thank me, Iona. It's not easy trying to serve under one of the North Area's most evil tyrants. Just being able to survive in his presence is a feat in itself. But as I said earlier, we really are short on time. Kid, you haven't been to King Yemma's place have you? We need to head to the airport there so we can head on up to Grand Kai's planet."

"No I haven't, King Kai. Isn't that the place where souls are judged? Why would an airport be located there?"

"I can explain to you on the way. If I happen to provide its coordinates would you able to find the place? The only other option would be to traverse Snake Way."

"Yeah, with the coordinates I should be able to locate it. In fact why don't we just head to the Grand Kai's Planet itself?"

"There's a proper order for everything here, kid. All of the other fighters take this route, you won't have an exception, even with that [Gate] of yours. The closest we can get to with that [Gate] is reaching King Yemma's place. Hold on, I'll send you its coordinates right now."

Hearing this, Nao nodded. He then saw King Kai close his eyes and his antennae started to twitch. Nao followed suit. As the distance between the two was almost negligible compared to when he tried to connect to Nao's mindspace back on Planet Vegeta, their minds connected almost immediately. Nao swiftly received coordinates to King Yemma's office.

Once the connection between the two ended, Nao immediately activated his golden aura. A month ago as the two traveled back to Planet Vegeta, he decided to coat his tail in a mirage, which bent the light around the tail to look as if it were still white. Once golden aura wrapped around him, he decided to undo the mirage for the first time, revealing his golden tail and his golden irises.

Iona was shocked to see a visible change of her son, but she knew now wasn't the time to question about it. He would likely receive an earful from her later though for keeping such a secret.

After willing four golden spheres, the same sized [Gate] formed, just like the one they formed earlier. Even though Snake way was one million kilometers long, he was able to trace his Ki along the path until its other side, which revealed King Yemma's Palace. A tall pagoda building stood in its center which was his office, and Nao set the coordinates to that. Nao then looked at King Kai.

"It's ready, King Kai. Is it alright if you head in first? Since we're short on time I don't want the other side to get too surprised. I'm sure they'll calm down once King Yemma spots you."

"Sure thing, kid. Normally we would ride along with the other passengers in the standard airlines but the Grand Kai is allowing us to use his private jet. We will immediately head there once we arrive at the airport. Let's go."

Nao nodded. King Kai then entered the [Gate], followed by Nao, Miya and lastly, Iona. Iona slightly hesitated, which caused Miya to look back at her for a brief second. The nauseated feeling Iona felt earlier was pretty bad but in the end, she steeled her will and proceeded inside the [Gate]. This was the only chance she currently had to see Oscar again.

Once the four entered the [Gate], they spiraled through the golden clouds at a extremely fast pace. It wasn't like travelling to King Kai's place where they saw endless cosmos, only instead, endless golden clouds. A few moments passed, and and a three by four golden frame appeared off to the right in King Yemma's office.

Meanwhile, back at King Yemma's office, an orderly line of small light blue clouds with tiny cloud tails could be seen. The line continued onward endlessly back towards the greed and red path. Every so often a blue or red Ogre was placed along the side of the line, keeping order so the souls couldn't leave. Currently, King Yemma was judging a sentence for a soul in front of him. Paperwork could be seen in front of him and he was currently reading it over, awaiting for it to be stamped.

"Hmm...another death from Earth. Just what is going on at that planet? Moreover this one was convicted of robbery and attempted r*pe. That's more than enough for this one to enjoy a trip to Hell."

After briefly looking over the doc.u.ment in his giant hands, the small light blue cloud heard his booming voice and started to panic. However, before the little cloud could react any further, King Yemma took his stamp that was placed off to the right, and stamped the doc.u.ment. Written across the stamp was the word HELL. Immediately after, the ground beneath the soul split open, revealing a hellish like place, with fire all around, and pools dyed in red.

The cloud screamed for a bit before the portal ate it up, and immediately closed again, returning the atmosphere to normal. The souls behind the one that just got sent to Hell became fl.u.s.tered, but they could only let their fate decide what was best for them. At this time, King Yemma took note of a golden portal suddenly appear in a corner of the room. He immediately stood up from his desk to approach the portal.

Being a massive giant ogre over one hundred feet tall, once he started walking it caused the ground to quake, startling the soul clouds. The other ogres in the office immediately started to quiet them down. They didn't dare question the Ogre King and only continued doing their jobs at hand. It didn't take long before the golden [Gate] finished forming. King Yemma then sensed a familiarity coming off from it, one that he hadn't felt in a good while.

King Yemma then saw King Kai appear from the portal looking a bit pale. Three figures soon appeared behind him. Thankfully King Kai didn't experience much of the nausea as Iona did thanks to his experience being a martial artist for countless millennia, but he still felt queasy for a bit. Arriving at King Yemma's office, King Kai immediately spotted the giant ogre rush toward him, before kneeling down onto the ground, halting his work.

"You're back, master! What brings you here to my office?"

"It's been quite a while, King Yemma. I'd love to catch up with you but we're short on time. I must bring these guests to the airport immediately. We need to head to Grand Kai's Palace. Surely you've noted that the tournament is happening again right?"

"It's that time again already? Man these years go by quick. This work of mine never seems to end! Master, just look how long the line is, I haven't gotten a wink of sleep in ages. Master should know the way to the airport, you can enter there through the back."

"Hoho, thank you King Yemma. I'll thank you in advance. I'll be sure to drop by again the tournament is over."

"Hopefully the line lessen by then. Have a safe trip, master."

King Kai nodded at King Yemma. King Kai then proceeded to guide Nao, Miya and Iona to the back of the office, of which they soon saw several floating platforms. Dozens of standard airlines could be seen on them. Large amounts of soul clouds entered the planes one by one. At this point, King Kai took flight and signaled to the trio to follow him, and not to cause any disturbance.

The platforms were elevated at different elevations, and the higher the one flew, the more fancy the airline became. At the very top of these platforms stood one a smaller platform, and a private jet was currently situated on it.

While Nao would love to enjoy the atmosphere around him right now, King Kai immediately landed on the platform, and headed towards the Jet. One blue and red ogre could be seen guarding it. King Kai informed the two the guests have arrived and they allowed the four to board the jet. All of this was new to Iona but as she saw the planes take off and land, she assumed these were similar to the spacesh.i.p.s home to that of Planet Vegeta, even if they did look weird to her.

Once inside the jet, the entrance door closed behind them. They immediately heard the engines rev up. Wondering who the pilot was, King Kai made his way to the c.o.c.kpit, only to see large bushy white hair covering the one pilot seat. A boombox could be seen sitting off to the side on the ground. King Kai immediately recognized who this figure was, and he immediately knelt down., appearing fl.u.s.tered.

"G-Grand Kai, why are you here!? Shouldn't you be at the the Tournament Grounds preparing your opening speech for tomorrow!?"

"Ohoho, King Kai, this baby is my jet. It's only right for me to get this baby rockin'. Everyone, go buckle up, sit back and relax. Let's get this show on the road. We've no time to waste!"