Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 73

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 73 70: Meeting The Other Fighters From The North Area Ii

King Kai, Nao, Miya, and Iona could be seen looking at Grand Kai, who was currently sitting in the one pilot seat of his jet. Speaking of the jet, it was about a third of the size of the other airlines on the lower platforms.

This jet had twelve seats total, three rows on each side. Its body was dark blue with gold lining. Only one door led into the jet, which was what the group just entered through. King Kai did not expect to see the Grand Kai sitting in the pilot seat, and he let out a defeated sigh. Nao also was not expecting to see him again so soon.

Iona on the other hand did not know who this person was but she picked up on it quickly as she heard the name 'Grand Kai', and was probably a superior to King Kai. Her and Miya decided to keep quiet, and Miya then tugged Iona's arm.

Iona looked down at Miya, only to see her pointing to the middle row on the right side. She wanted to signal her mother to sit down, and she realized this, and nodded to confirm. Miya then took her mother by the arm and squeezed into the row, taking the seat by the window. Iona then sat down on seat next to her. Miya had one look at Nao, King Kai and Grand Kai, and it seemed they still wanted to talk privately for a bit.

Seeing this, Miya started to grab Iona's attention and soon started their own little world of conversation. Nao silently took notice of this, and would remember to thank her later. His gaze then shifted to King Kai, who currently appeared defeated. However he then saw King Kai walk up next to the pilot seat, and he followed suit, only to hear King Kai speak up.

"Of course it's the Grand Kai's jet so the Grand Kai can fly it however he pleases...but dare I ask Grand Kai, why are you giving preferential treatment to the kid here?"

"Heh, heh, preferential treatment? I just felt like flying my jet and it's no fun when there are no passengers. Does it really feel that way to you King Kai?"

"In my opinion, it does Grand Kai."

"Hmm...King Kai, you know I treat you as my own grandson, and the same goes for the other three Kai. I see them as my own grandchildren. It's hard to give preferential treatment to one of you four and me hosting a tournament every so often alleviates this a bit. I try to remain impartial but I'd be lyin' if I say I wasn't interested in you, son."


At this time, Nao, who was quietly listening to the conversation between King Kai and the Grand Kai suddenly raised his voice in confusion, tilting his head. Nao then saw the Grand Kai shift his arm backward a bit, and turn around to look at Nao, while still being seated in the pilot seat. Nao saw Grand Kai smile.

"That's right, son. It's not every day we get to see a soul from an entire different universe enter mine."

"Wait, so you know...?"

Once he heard Grand Kai speak this, Nao's eyes turned wide in shock. He heard from King Kai that he observed his soul entering this plane but to think the Grand Kai would personally take notice as well...

However, before Nao could speak up, he heard Grand Kai continue on.

"Now listen here son, I do not know know what method you used to achieve in coming to this universe but it had accepted your soul and no problems arose. Now if you were on a path of destruction that threatened the universe itself, that'd be a whole 'nother story but I've no problem with you stayin' here. Besides you've become quite a fighter, heh, heh."

"Thank, you for your praise, Grand Kai. I'm personally quite looking forward to this tournament."

"Son, I'll be expecting a great turnout this time. Moreover I wanted to talk about somethin' meant for you and you only. "

"Only for me?"

"That's right. It looks like you've been absorbing the universe's energy to help push your body past its limits and achieve breakthrough after breakthrough. Sadly, even as the Grand Kai, I do not have a technique to help your body in this manner but son, if you happen to win the tournament, I'll take you to a special place in foregoing accepting my training."

"A special area? Would this place happen to have a large amount of Origin Ki?"

"You catch on pretty quick. That's exactly the case. My planet has a special area where the energy of the universe is rather condensed and bountiful. Moreover, there will be another reward but I'm afraid I can't say this one yet until the tournament is over."

"Just that first reward is plenty, Grand Kai. You don't go out of your way for me. I mainly want to see how I fare against the other fighters."

"Well that settles it then. King Kai, Nao, go buckle up and get ready for take off! The Other World Tournament awaits!"

The two of them nodded. They turned around to see Miya and Iona already sitting.chatting away. Every so often Miya would look outside the window. Once Miya felt Nao's gaze, she turned her body to the left, and saw that King Kai and Nao was heading their way. Seeing this Miya waved her hand at Nao.

"Brother, come sit in front of me! You can see three smaller planets out in the far distance!"

"Sure thing."

King Kai and Nao soon sat in their respective seats. Miya showed Iona how to use the seat's belt, and once the four were strapped into their seats, they suddenly heard static, followed by what appeared to be Grand Kai's voice over the speaker intercom.

"This is your captain speakin'. Full course ahead to my planet! Get ready for liftoff!"

The Grand Kai soon flipped several switched on the control panels in front of him, and soon the large engines on each wing started to rev up. In order to prevent any thief, the Grand Kai created a unique circuit which only accepted his Ki signature, otherwise the jet would not turn on.

Unlike conventional take off, this Jet was powered by Ki and it soon lifted off into the air without gaining any speed beforehand. In a blink on an eye the jet reached a little over than 900 knots, which forced the group to lean back into their seats. The jet zipped past endless golden clouds, eventually passing over the South, East and West Kai planets. During this Nao looked at King Kai, only to let out another sigh of defeat.

King Kai then leaned over to Nao, placing his right arm over his mouth, intending to whisper at him.

"Kid, I can't go against the Grand Kai's wishes. Regardless of how wild he acts, please try to bear with it."

"I understand, King Kai. I do have a question, will we be meeting the other fighters in the North Area once we arrive?"

"Hoho, so that took your interest, huh? That's the first thing we will head to after checking in. Do try not to stir up trouble, they could all be considered your senior. There's even one from ancient Earth before it developed technology."

"A fighter from Earth?"

"Yeah. Among the students I currently have, he's at the top of the list. His strength even outclasses my first pupil, King Yemma!"

"I look forward to meeting such a person given how much you praise him. How long is this flight exactly?"

"It's roughly three to four hours. The jet can reach much higher speeds but I think the Grand Kai is trying to be considerate, settling at 900 knots."

Hearing this, Nao inwardly let out a sigh.

'You call this moderate? This speed alone is already forcing us back! I'd have to activate my Ki to stabilize myself...'

King Kai and Nao could only watch on in silence as their conversation ended. Miya sensed the atmosphere turn weird so she started chatting up with Iona. Before the four realized it, four hours soon passed, and a very large blue and green planet soon came into view.

It had one large land mass with several large islands scattered around it. In the center of the one continent stood a large circular area that had a large brown dome in the center. Four pathways could be seen coming out from each side.

The south pathway lead to Grand Kai's Palace, which was a large rectangular white mansion that seemed to come from the Victorian Era, and had several floors. Two extensions could also be seen on each side of the mansion. Further up to the north pathway stood the Grand Kai's Obelisk.

No one really knew what function this large white marble obelisk served as but those who had a chance of visiting his planet assumed it was a training ground of sorts, perhaps a trial building.

The left and right pathway connected to a road that went to different parts of the large continent, including the landing zone. At this time the four heard Grand Kai's voice over the intercom again.

"Did y'all have a comfortable ride? We will be landing in ten minutes, please remain seated until my jet is done landin'."

'Finally the jet is slowing down...', as Nao murmured to himself. 'If at all possible I'd rather create a [Gate] here, not having to ride this thing again.' Even though the four hour flight was bumpy, Nao promised himself he would try not to ride this again, just experience it once was enough for him.

After 10 minutes passed the jet landed. Once the engines cooled down, the entrance soon opened itself, revealing Grand Kai's planet. Miya was the first to get up, dragging Iona behind her as the two got off the jet.

Nao and King Kai soon followed behind them. The Grand Kai was the last to leave the jet, with his boombox in hand, placed on his left shoulder. He stroked his beard for a bit, nodding at the four, before taking the lead, and they started to head towards the Palace entrance. The Grand Kai started to hum a rock'n'roll tune, and skipped along the way.

Nao and Miya have officially arrived on Grand Kai's Planet! Who knows what kind of people and races Nao will see? He knew some faces already but this time will have a larger turnout, and most likely a lot of unfamiliar faces. His heart was already growing in anticipation!