Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 74

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 74 71: Meeting The Other Fighters From The North Area Iii

Time seem to have sped up.again, and the Grand Kai quickly showed Nao and the others to the reception building. He soon dismissed himself, heading further south back into his own mansion. The reception building was akin to that of a fancy hotel, allowing guests of the participants to rest here. This was where Miya and Iona were to stay, and the three found their room on the third floor.

Nao Informed his mother to not worry and to treat this trip like a vacation. The planet they were on was one of the most excluded and safest among the other planets in the universe. After settling into their room, the three made their way back to King Kai near the building entrance.

King Kai coukd now be seen whistling, having his hands behind his head, appearing nonchalantly. Once the three entered his vision, he nodded then started walking over to another large building, the Food Court.

North Area's Food Court allowed participating fighters to associate with one another while enjoying meals fit to their tastebuds and build up their stamina. It didn't take long before the four arrived, and the noise level soon became very loud, as they heard constant chatter and yelling at different spots at the tables. King Kai paid this no attention and then projected his voice outward, which soon reached all four corners of the building.

"Everyone, come gather around! The last participating fighter has arrived!"

After King Kai projected his voice, reaching all the way to the other side of the Food Court, the atmosphere soon became solemn and quieted down. Immediately after, hundreds of shuffling feet soon resounded throughout the area.

Eight figures from different tables were the first to stand up. Once these eight started walking toward King Kai all of the other fighters soon followed in a sequential manner. There was well over a hundred fighters walking towards the four but only nine of them, including Nao, would be participating under King Kai's name. The other three Kai would equivalently have nine fighters under their names, for a total of thirty six fighters for this Other World Tournament.

Nao immediately spotted a giant standing tall, about nine feet, who towered over the other eight figures. However before Nao could take a few steps forward to have a good look at the crowd, he suddenly heard King Kai's voice speak up again, which appeared to have a hint of longing in it.

"Hoho, Little Sayuri, is that you?"

Before Nao could see who King Kai was talking about, he suddenly felt a large gust of wind blast his way, and had to shield his eyes a bit. He suddenly saw a figure rubbing their head against King Kai's arm, of which he responded to and petted it. Nao then proceeded to hear a voice that was calm and soothing.

"Master, is that really you? You're finally here! It's been ages since we've last seen each other."

"Has it been that long? How has the Galactic Patrol been treating you Little Sayuri?"

"It's been very nice there, Master. I'm grateful for having you introduce me to that place. I'm personally assigned under senior brother Jiya over there! But out with it Master, who is this last fighter joining us? I'm sure I'm not the only curious one here who wants to know!"

"Hoho, aren't you an eager one. Little Sayuri, come meet Nao. He'll be our last fighter. I will warn you though, don't underestimate him! In fact he could be the strongest out of you lot. He was personally trained under me after all!"

"Pfft, the strongest? We'll have to confirm that later! Where is this guy, I can't find him!"

Sayuri proceeded to look around, only to see two girls further standing behind King Kai several meters behind him. She then heard someone clear their voice.

"Ahem, Miss Sayuri, I'm down here. It's nice to meet you."


Sayuri immediately heard a voice further down, only to see a white haired child about 4'7. While his height was similar to King Kai, Nao was still a few feet off to the right and Sayuri didn't take notice of him as she immediately went to greet King Kai earlier. After seeing Nao for the first time, she tilted her head in confusion.

"Master, are you seriously bringing a kid into this?"

"Now, now, Little Sayuri. I'm sure you may not see him as an equal just for being a child but the Grand Kai himself gave him an exception for him to enter! He even has hopes for the kid to win first place this time around. He is your fellow disciple."

"The Grand Kai said that!?"

Once King Kai said this, a look of shock appeared on Sayuri's face. She said this loud enough to where some gasps and whispers started to spread among the crowd of people behind her. She then had a look at Nao again, and a smile appeared on her face.

"Nice to meet'cha! You can call me Sayuri. Master found me stranded in the South Area before he decided to take care of me, bringing me back here. Sadly, I'm the last of my race, the Sunlit Foxes. We were cousins to those annoying Moonlit Foxes. Master hadn't accepted anyone for such a long time, I didn't think I would get a little brother so soon!"

"Little brother?"

"Hey, I heard that! You should be grateful that King Kai even accepted you. I don't give a damn about you. Us Moonlit Foxes are far superior to your race. It's proof that we're still living while your race died out."

"S-Shut up!"

Before Nao could continue speaking, he found himself interrupted by another prideful individual. A figure about 6'2 tall started walking in large strides. He was currently wearing a pure black kimono, with patterned dark blue moons circling around it, and wooden sandals. A red auburn bushy tail could be seen sticking out, alongside red auburn ears. His eyebrows were very defined and sharp, just like a katana, and his pupils were that of a fox. A silver crown clad in dark blue jewels could be seen sitting on his head, containing short cut red auburn hair. Nao could feel a threatening pressure just from his Ki alone. He then proceeded to hear a deep, arrogant voice.

"I'm Rei, the sole prince of the Moonlit Foxes. You can ignore this outcast, brat. What race do you hail from? I can see you have a tail, maybe a race similar to ours?"

As Rei introduced himself to Nao, Nao decided to remain silent for s moment. He then opened his mouth to say something, only to feel an arm reach out in front of his chest. Sayuri proceeded to grab Nao and place him behind her, as if she was trying to shield him. Curious as to why Sayuri would do this even though the two had just met, he decided to not speak and watch this play out.

Nao then saw anger streak across Sayuri's face, and her aura suddenly exploded forth. A large blast of air blew out from her body, but unlike last time, Nao actually felt this Ki was hot to touch. Before long a pinkish-red aura covered Sayuri, who then yelled out to Rei.

"I just found out that I now have a little brother, sharing the same Master! Rei, you're just a stuck up prick of a prince. Our race was destroyed by alien invaders, and we were powerless! Why didn't your race send help when we begged countless times!?"

"Hmph, that just shows how weak your race was. Such worthlessness wasn't worth protecting."

"You bastard!"

Nao then saw Sayuri lock her hands together horizontally, with her fingers curling in. A large amount of pinkish-red Ki started to gather inside of her palms, causing the surrounding air to screech. Seeing Sayuri start this technique, Nao was suddenly reminded of another, which his eyes turned wide once he finally figured out what this technique was. '...Isn't this Final Flash!?'

However, before Nao could try to stop Sayuri from launching Final Flash at Rei, he suddenly heard King Kai yell at her.

"Little Sayuri, cease your Ki at once! Fighting before the Tournament starts is strictly forbidden. You should already know that! Don't disgrace yourself on Grand Kai's planet!"

As if someone doused Sayuri with cold water, her mind felt a lot clearer after King Kai warned her. She knew well that fighting was prohibited but the last of the Sunlight Foxes was in a large feud with the Moonlit Foxes, and any opportunity Sayuri had, she would attempt to kill the prince. In the end, she calmed down enough and her aura soon disappeared around her, and she canceled her technique, returning to atmosphere to normal. Even though it returned to normal, it was easy to see there was still some tension between Sayuri and Rei.

It was at this time Nao had a good look at her. Nao saw Sayuri wear a teal bodysuit similar to his black one but it was open at the waist area, revealing her slim belly. She also was wearing a white chestplate which had the Galactic Patrol logo placed on her left b.r.e.a.s.t area. A white slim tail poked out from her waist, unlike Rei's bushy auburn tail and it had three orange stripes at the end of it. To top of she appeared to be quite a beauty and had white fox ears poking out of her head.

'To think a member of the Galactic Patrol would be here...I wonder if she knows Jaco, I should definitely talk to her later. I wasn't expecting King Kai to teach such a beauty either. Moreover, how the hell does she know Final Flash? This technique is only passed down through the Saiyan royal lineage...'

Question after question soon sprouted in Nao's mind, but he decided to put them off till later. He then saw King Kai cover his mouth, leaning towards him, and whispered something into Nao's ear.

"I tried to quiet it down for ya, kid. This is my first time seeing Rei too. I'm not sure what was going on in Grand Kai's head, they clearly hate each other. Among the other other five, three of them are also my disciples but the other two I'm also meeting for the first time. You should take this chance to introduce yourself properly."

Sayuri also took notice of King Kai whispering something into Nao's ear out of the corner of her eye, wondering what was being said. She saw Nao nod back at King Kai, only to receive a smile from him, without saying anything. Nao then proceeded to step in front of Sayuri, facing against the the other seven individuals. Rei was currently a few steps ahead of the others but they all saw Nao bow at them, as he proceeded to introduce himself.

"Greetings, everyone, I'm Nao. The Grand Kai did indeed grace me with an exception allowing me to partake in the Other World Tournament. I may appear young, but never underestimate a Saiyan! We're proud warriors from birth, I intend to take first place.."

"Hoh, so you're a Saiyan? Even though we live in a secluded part of the North Area, I've heard Saiyans are cruel fighters. However, looking at you, my Ki senses a great amount of internal energy hidden within. I hope to meet you in battle, brat."

"Likewise, Rei. It looks like three of us have now introduced ourselves, why don't you guys also begin?"

Once the scuffle between Rei and Sayuri finished, Nao saw it was now fine to have the other five introduce themselves. The others stayed silent until they saw King Kai nod in approval. It was at this time the figure on the left started walking forward. Nao had a good look at this person, and it appeared as if he came straight out of Ancient Greece.

This person was over twice Nao's height, reaching 9'5. He had large blonde hair which split through the middle of his head, waving off to each side as bangs. His hair then extended downward and appeared to be very curly. His face was a bit triangular and a red headband wrapped around his forehead. Ancient Greece-like white robes could be seen equipped together with brown suspenders and a brown belt. His voice also sounded deep but a lot more calm and mild, unlike Rei's.

"You can call me Olive. It's a pleasure to meet you, Nao. It's always a pleasure meeting another disciple of King Kai's."

Nao smiled, nodding at Olive. Two other individuals decided to step forward, introducing themselves as Sarta and Mijorin. Sarta and Mijorin also quickly introduced themselves as King Kai's other two disciples, totaling five, including him and Sayuri. Sarta appeared to be a mix of an elf and a dwarf, equipped with red beads on his neck and forehead. His hair was also put into two large locks that swerved down each side of his head, and was very dark red, and had light tan skin.

Mijorin on the other hand appeared very different, as he was literally a walking, standing upright, dog with purple fur, and had a very large chest decked out with a huge six pack. Finally onto the last two unknown figures, one appeared to be a very graceful blue-haired elf, as the other appeared to be a harpy of sorts, both being women.

Nao expected an introduction similar to how Olive, Sarta and Mijorin introduced themselves, but the only thing he received from the elf was a death stare, followed by a sharp voice, seemingly to be very mad, which confused Nao. What she said next only confused him even more.

"I don't need to introduce myself to the likes of you, you damn poachers!"