Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 75 72: Oscar's Distant Past

"...I'm sorry?"

Nao hadn't the faintest idea of what the graceful blue-haired elf suddenly yammered in his ears was about. He knew that the Saiyans eradicated life to sell planets to the highest bidder that belonged to the Planet Trade Alliance, perhaps the elf in front of her was affected by this somehow? However, once Nao said that, this caused the elf to become even more angry.

"Don't you act dumb with me, you damn Saiyan! All of you are rotten to the core. We were living away peacefully not disturbing anyone until your race started poaching us into slavery!"

Upon hearing this, Nao's expression turned solemn and serious. He knew being born as a Saiyan had repercussions that Nao would have to come face-to-face with, but being sold into slavery was worse than death in this universe, as the Other World existed for departing souls. Before Nao could think of what to say next, he felt a warm sensation on his back, only to see his mother hug him.

Iona then stood off against the blue haired elf and Nao's confusion turned into shock after hearing what Iona said next.

"Miss, you must be an Elosian, right? Moreover the color of your hair, you must be part of the royal family?"

The eyes of the elf soon turned wide after hearing this. It seemed she was trying to keep her identity a secret. Nao wasn't familiar with Elosians but it seemed his mother knew them quite well. He decided not to say anything and watch this play out.

"H-how does an outsider know that!? Who are you!?"

"Fufufu, your hair is still sky blue so you must still be quite young. You might've just been a kid back then, do you remember your family inviting a certain individual back to your Palace? A lot of time has passed since then, maybe around 20 years ago?"

"A certain individual around twenty years ago...?"

Once Iona finished speaking, the elf in standing in front of the two soon quieted down. Before long, various voices began to replay in her head, voices she had not heard in a long time, and soon closed her eyes, trying to remember...

Year 714, Somewhere In The North Area, Planet Elosyia.

Planet Elosyia stood in the vast cosmos of space. It was a vibrant green planet, mostly consisting of ancient and new forests alike. Crystal clear rivers crisscrossed throughout them. On the outer perimeter of these forests stood tall jagged mountains that pierced into the sky.

Within the forests stood a massive ancient oak tree that stood thousands of meters into the sky. Various holes could be seen carved out of it, more closer to its trunk and it grew more sparse as it went up. Various tree-houses could be seen further down in the nearby forest, containing the houses of the commoners and the Elosian Marketplace.

At the very top of the giant oak tree stood a wooden Palace clad in spruce oak. Marble green tiling could be seen on the flooring, together with green tinted glass paneling. It extended five floors upward, and each floor was shorter than the last.

While Planet Elosyia once stood vibrant, dead and burnt wood could be seen around the trunk of the oak tree and the surrounding forest, obviously as a reult from being burnt down. However, the fires have long been extinguished, and the few Elosians that were left alive were slowly starting to rebuild the place.

Unfortunately, this land was ravaged by Saiyans during this time and most of the population were captured as slaves, only to be sold off to members of the Planet Trade Alliance. This left about 20% of its original population, but thanks to the resistance, the royal family was spared.

Among the Saiyans, there were a few squads that detested these acts and actually created a resistance, and an internal conflict rose among themselves. Even though this left devastating results, one three man squad was left alive, and the war officially ended.

The Elosians didn't trust the resistance at first but their hearts changed once they saw the Saiyans start killing members of their own race. This was the quickest way for trust to start budding between the two, and this ended up killing the rest of the Saiyans, leading up till now.

Three Saiyans could be seen walking the burnt streets leading up to the giant oak tree, accompanied by guards clad in light green leather armor. Either bows or swords could be seen straddled on their backs or waists. The Elosians actually had a look of reverence in them, and before long they slowly climbed the tree, and made their way up to the royal palace.

If one had a close look at these three, it was none other than Oscar, Gin, and Parsi! The latter two had yet to be inducted into Palace Vegeta, and were currently members of Oscar's squad. Once they arrived Palace entrance, Gin and Parsi decided to remain outside, as Oscar proceeded to meet the current Queen.

The Elosians were a matriarchal society, and most of the population were women, being about a 70-30 female to male ratio. Seeing two males together walking the streets, alongside the remaining guards just moments ago, attracted the gazes of many, but the three disregarded that and didn't take long to arrive at the Palace entrance.

Once Oscar headed inside and started to climb the stairs to the throne room, he suddenly started hearing rapid shuffling of feet, only to see a small figure about 3'5 heading down the stairs.

This figure was a child and could be seen wearing a white frilly one piece dress with sky blue frills that accented her sky blue hair. Long pointed ears stuck out of her head, and her hair was cut short, only leading down to her neck. This was Elsa von Elosa, the last remaining princess of the Elosians. Her mother, Elena von Elosa, was the current Queen. She appeared excited, seeing Oscar in front of her.

"Big brother Oscar, you finally returned! Were the rest of those bastards taken care of?"

"Haha, Miss Elsa, you shouldn't be saying words like that, you need to maintain your status as the next in line for the throne. But I will say this damn war is finally over. I seriously don't know why His Majesty would cause all of this..."

"Bah, what could a five year old child do sitting on that rusty old chair? I'd rather spend my time playing with you!"

"Now, now, Miss Elsa don't act like that. Besides, we probably won't be staying here much longer..."

Once Elsa heard this, a small frown appeared on her face, clearing showing she didn't like what she just heard.

"No, you can't go! I'll ask Mother so you can stay with us. We're finally starting to rebuild of what little remained."

"I'm sorry, Miss Elsa, I'm mainly here to pay our respects to the Queen and say goodbye. Why don't you come sit up on my shoulder one last time?"

Elsa, who seemed as if she was about to start crying, suddenly lit up her eyes and smiled after she heard this.

"Is that really okay!?"

"Haha, of course it is. Come, let's go greet Her Majesty."

Oscar then knelt down, and Elsa immediately clung to his arm and started to climb it. After finding a good spot to sit on, Oscar soon stood up and wrapped his left arm around her legs, locking them in place. Oscar then proceeded to walk up five flights of stairs, as the throne room sat at the top floor.

Once he entered, the room became rather rustic and ancient. Only one ancient wooden chair could be seen all the way in the back, along with some simple ocean blue tapestry hanging down each side of the giant hall. Unlike your typical red carpet going down the center, it was a deep ocean blue instead. Walking several feet, he finally arrived in front of Elena, and bowed.

A smile bloomed on Elena's face once she saw Oscar and Elsa sitting on his shoulder. Upon having a closer look at Elena, she appeared calm and graceful. She had a deep dark ocean blue hair that extended down to her waist, and turquoise eyes. Her skin was slightly pale and without any blemishes, but nonetheless she appeared to be in a cheerful mood. She was wearing the same dress as Elsa, but it decked out with turquoise gems, and a silver crown with a turquoise gem that was inlaid in the center of it sat on top of her head.

"It's nice to finally see you again, Oscar. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the help your resistance had provided in this war."

"I cannot accept your thanks, Queen Elena. It was our race who caused this whole mess. I'm just glad we were able to make it in time."

"You deserve it, Oscar. Your resistance helped break the stalemate we had with the other Saiyans. They would slaughter us if we resisted capture. I hadn't expected there would be such an evil race out there."

"Your Majesty...I would rather not go into details about it. Just know that even if we Saiyans appear evil on the outside to others, there are still those who are righteous, even if they're forced to live in the shadows."

"Fufu, that was well said Oscar. It seemed you've learned a great deal fighting alongside us as well, no?"

"That's correct. I was shocked that Ki could be utilized in such a way. We mainly use it to strengthen our bodies, and that will in return bring out an explosive force. The way your race utilizes Ki, you call that 'Magic'?"

"Yes. Ever since our ancestors created the city we know today, we have been naturally inclined to the elements around us. The elements differ based on the person and their family line of us Elosians, and in some cases they can control more than one element. The royal family had always had a deep inclination towards water. But enough about our history, are you sure you don't want anything in return? What about accepting the proposal we offered in the last meeting?"

"I deeply apologize for that, Queen Elena, but that's something I cannot accept. I already have a Fiance back home. We don't have any plans to get married until several more years when life is more stable, but I can't break that promise."

"That's disappointing to hear...Little Elsa clearly has taken a liking to you, are you sure you won't reconsider?"

"I'm sorry, Queen Elena. If I ever have a son, I'll be sure to introduce him to Miss Elsa here."

"Fufu, a son, huh? I'm sure he'd be just as excellent as you are now, if not even better. In fact, why don't we take a vow now...?"

At this time, this vision became distorted all of a sudden and soon the voices started to fade out. The blue elf, who was standing in front of Iona, started to have some tears form in her eyes, and she struggled trying to keep them there. She then opened her eyes, staring right back at Iona.

"How could I forget that such a scene happened...Miss, don't tell me you're the fiance Big Brother mentioned?"

"Fufufu, that's right, Miss Elsa. It's nice to meet you in person for the first time. My husband often told stories about you to me, when you were just a little child. A lot of time has passed since then."

At this time, the hundreds of fighters here watched this scene play out in amus.e.m.e.nt. King Kai also wanted to remind them of the rules for the tournament starting tomorrow but he couldn't find a way to interrupt the three so he just kept quiet. However, shock appeared on most of the fighters' faces as to what they saw next.

The graceful elf suddenly dropped to her knees, and lowered her head to Iona. Iona was not prepared to see this, and she immediately tried to get Elsa to stand up again, but she refused to budge.

"I deeply apologize for my rude behavior from earlier! I didn't know you were related to Big Brother Oscar...."

Iona smiled once Elsa said this. Iona then reached down to help her stand back up, in hopes to end this commotion.

"Miss Elsa, you don't need to worry. Why don't we talk about this later? Surely you must notice what's going on right now?"

"What do you mean...?"

Only now did Elsa look up, only to see everyone staring at them either in shock, amus.e.m.e.nt or eyes that didn't care. She hurriedly got up in a panic and went behind Iona, unable to look at the others. It was now at this time everyone heard someone clearing their throat, only to see King Kai walk into the middle of the crowd. Everyone soon silenced, allowing King Ksi to speak.

"Everyone, we must draw these introductions to a close. Anyone who hadn't partaken in this yet can decide to meet with each other during the dinner which the Grand Kai will be hosting later tonight. Once the day passes, the nine fighters will proceed with me to the check in station. Make me proud and go destroy West Kai down into the ground!"


As soon as King Kai finished his speech, the noise level started to increase again and the various fighters either started to cheer or talk among themselves. This tournament gathering already showed a lot of surprises for Nao. Who know what opponents he'll end up facing?