Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 76 73: A Family Reunion In The Afterlife..wait That Doesn't Sound Right

Year 733, Grand Kai's Planet, Night Time.

King Kai had promptly concluded the introductions. There was still two more fighters that was left out of this. One appeared to be calm and collected, equipped with a large katana at his waist, wearing a dark blue Yukata. Nao felt like he wasn't to be disturbed so he had a look to the other fighter off to the far right, wondering if they would be angry at King Kai for cutting it short, but he actually saw this figure smiling.

This figure took notice, and she shifted her body to face him. They were separated by several meters but Nao's vision landed on her chest, as it swung to the right. Her chest did a massive bounce, and this size reminded him of a certain goddess of a certain light novel he read in his previous life. This left him momentarily dazed but he immediately snapped out of it, only to see the figure start to laugh.

She appeared tomboyish in nature, and wore a two piece light green tunic dress, which also revealed her waistline, similar to Sayuri. Her light green hair was cut very short so she could be easily mistaken fora boy if it weren't for her large chest. Unlike other humans though she actually had talons on her hands and feet, and giant folded forest green eagle-like wings protruded out of her back. Nao only caught a glimpse of her before she whispered something his way.

"Shishishi, did ya have a nice look? I'll meet ya on the battlefield, pervert. Us Aerons aren't taken lightly, we dominate the skies. You can call me Eir, by the way."

Before Nao could respond back, he saw Eir extend her wings out. Her wingspan was ten feet wide so when they extended out, it caused some discomfort to some of the other nearby fighters, causing them to back away. She then started to flap her wings, causing massive air gusts to pour down, and the other fighters had to shield their eyes. Before they knew it, the air gusts soon died down and Eir vanished out of sight, only a few seconds later.

Nao only looked up in the sky but didn't see her any longer, which caused him to raise his eyebrows a bit.

'Guess I'll have to apologize to her later...She just happened to remind me of another character I once liked previously. It looks like races I don't know from the original are starting to pop up here. She called herself an Aeron? It looks like they resemble eagles. Moreover her speed is no joke, I enjoy flying myself but seeing her speed off like that...'

Nao then sunk his mind into further contemplation for a bit, only to feel something poke him from behind soon after. His sight soon landed on Miya, who was currently poking him. He then had a look around, only to see the fighters dispersing. Even King Kai left to his own residence. It was at this time Sayuri waved to Nao, Miya, Iona and Elsa goodbye, and retired back to her room.

The food court was situated in the back, and further up front stood two massive dorm-like buildings that went up several floors. One building was for guests, while the other was for fighters. A smaller golden dome stood in the center, which held the receptionists to welcome the fighters and guests from the North Area alike.

Iona and Miya had their room off to the left building, while Nao and Elsa had theirs off to the right.

Further beyond these buildings stood the Central Area, which held a giant food court that allowed fighters from different Areas to associate with one another. This was where the banquet was going to be hosted by the Grand Kai further in the evening.

Elsa debated whether or not to stay with these three, but seeing Oscar's family in person, she decided to stay with them for the moment. The Right Wing was closed off to only the fighters, while the Left Wing was open to everyone, so the four decided to congregate to Iona's and Miya's room.

Little did they know someone was patiently waiting for them once they arrived on the third floor...

Passing by the reception building and getting their room keys, the four made their way down the left hallway. Various rooms soon appeared in their sight on the left and right side of the building. At the end, they actually saw an elevator, which connected to the higher floors.

Once they entered the elevator, Nao went to the control panel which had around ten buttons on it. Six floors could be seen, and he pressed floor three. Unlike classic elevators, once Nao pressed the button, the door closed and it remained still. He was expecting it to shake a bit, but he didn't feel that sensation. A few seconds later the door opened again.

During this time as the elevator approached the third floor, Iona started to get a familiar feeling, one she hadn't felt for the last few years. Miya saw her mother become a bit restless, so she grabbed her hand, trying to calm her down. They passed through the door, and started to make their way through the hallway.

The hallway extended onward, but it didn't have any twists or turns. The room key they had labeled was for room 323 so it was quite a ways down. However with their walking speed it didn't take long, and before long the four soon saw a figure standing up against the wall near by the door.

This figure was about 6'2. Medium sized brown spiky hair could be seen sticking straight up on his head. He was currently wearing pristine black battle armor unique to that of Palace Vegeta, together with a black bodysuit. A brown tail was wrapped around his waist. A large scar streaked across his face, which started at his forehead, and crossed through his left eye. A yellow halo currently floated above his head. Besides the scar and the halo, his appearance hadn't changed a bit ever since his death. That's right, it was none other than Oscar!

Iona rubbed her eyes just to make sure she wasn't seeing a hallucination. Indeed she wasn't, the man she had been married to was standing against the wall next to Room 323. Iona let go of Miya's grip, and ran across, immediately giving a hug to Oscar.

"Oscar, is that really you?"

Seeing Iona approach and hug him, he returned the hug and let out a laugh.

Ever since the four Kai gathered together at King Kai's planet a month ago to witness the phenomenon Nao's cocoon emanated during his evolution to reach the Ancient Saiyan state, this was noted down by the South Kai. While the East, South and West Kai didn't arrive in time to see Nao's Great Ape form, they arrived in time to see Nao emerge from the golden cocoon, and they watched along with King Kai.

Especially South Kai, once he saw a Saiyan emerge from the golden cocoon, he related Nao to the dead Saiyan that joined under him around five years ago. This Saiyan, unlike the others, was righteous in heart and not evil, and was allowed to keep his body to further train under the South Kai after death.

Once the South Kai went back to his own planet, he mentioned Nao to Oscar, and Oscar only smiled back at him, leaving him further confused. After this, Oscar only requested to join the Other World Tournament once it was announced to the four Kai, and an exception for him to enter the North Area the day before it started, which the South Kai complied to, and now he finally reunited with Iona.

"Haha, it's really me, Iona. I've had this nagging feeling I'd meet you guys here, but--"

However, before Oscar could finish his sentence, a loud echo suddenly resounded in the hallway.


After going into Oscar's embrace trying to hold in her tears, Iona suddenly raised her right hand, and swiftly struck Oscar's cheek with all her strength. Even though she was a non-combatant, Oscar still felt his cheek receive a strong stinging impact, and soon a large small red hand print appeared on it. One of his hands was currently hugging Iona, so he took his spare hand and rubbed against it, appearing apologetic.

"I probably deserved that..."

"Of course you did, Dear Oscar! How could you leave the three of us alone like that and die when we still had our future ahead of ourselves!?"

"Iona...damn it, it's not like I wanted to die, either! That bastard was way too strong for our race to what I'd like to say but seeing the three of you here, I guess that bastard finally kicked the bucket?"

"That's right, Father. That bastard Hatchiyack was killed by our own hands."


"Hehe, it's true, Papa! We blasted that Hatchiyack into oblivion and made sure no traces remained."

Hearing two unfamiliar voices, Nao and Miya finally reached Oscar's side as they were still standing several meters away, wanting to give some space to Iona and Oscar. Oscar took this time so size the two up, and seeing Nao similar to his own appearance, while Miya matched her mother's, he knew that these two were his children.

The last time he saw them was when Nao and Miya had just emerged from their pods. Almost five years had passed since then, and now Oscar saw two growing children, one being at 4'7, and the other 4'5. He himself was pretty tall at 6'3. Hearing Nao and Miya reply to him, he laughed once more.

"Hahaha, as expected of my children! You two have already proven yourself far stronger than your father here. We should definitely spar when we have time for it!"

Once Oscar finished saying this, Iona let out a sigh. It didn't take long for the four to start laughing together, finally being reunited after five years. While he did want to spend this time enjoying being together after so long, Nao knew they had brought along another, Elsa.

Seeing Oscar again after twenty years, Elsa could no longer hold back and also joined in. Oscar wasn't expecting to hear another voice. His vision gazed on the figure rapidly approaching him, only to see a graceful sky blue haired elf rushing his way.

"Big brother Oscar, it really is you! I finally get to see you again!"