Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 77

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 77 74: A Calm Night The Other World Tournament Begins

"Big brother Oscar, it really is you!"

Elsa, who was standing a few meters away as she watched the family reunite with themselves, couldn't endure it any longer and decided to rush over as well. Do keep in mind, it's been about twenty years since Elsa and Oscar had last seen each other. When they first met, Elsa was still a little child, she now is about 5'5, and turned 24 years old earlier in the year. However, she still had a long life ahead of her, as unlike Saiyans, Elosians can live up to more than a thousand years.

On the other hand, Oscar, who heard this familiar voice, wasn't expecting someone else to be with Iona, Nao and Miya. His vision landed on Elsa, whose appearance was just like her mothers despite the difference in hair color, and soon the memories deep in his conscious started to resurface, as if her appearance had become a trigger. Once these memories faded again, Oscar left the embrace of his family and walked forward to Elsa.

"Miss Elsa, is that really you? I had expected my family to arrive here at some point for this tournament but I had no idea you would come here too!"

"Hehe, did my appearance surprise you? Our planet was invited to partake in this tournament, I was even selected as a fighter! I'll be fighting alongside Nao!"

Once Oscar heard that she'll be entering the Other World tournament, Oscar let out a guffaw and couldn't hold in his laughter.

"Gahahahaha! You, a fighter? Miss Elsa, the last time I saw you, you were just a little squirt who couldn't even pull her own weight!"

"That was TWENTY years ago! I've longed learned the mystic arts my royal family passes down through each generation ever since our Palace was founded on Planet Elosyia. Do you want me to beat your ass and freeze you to death?"

"So you finally learned that 'magic' of yours your family is known for? I'd love to see it in person but do you think you're capable of beating my ass with it?"

Nao watched Oscar and Elsa fuss over each other. According to Iona, Elsa here was now technically Nao's Fiance, even though there was a sixteen year age gap between the two. Despite that, age differences between Elosians and Saiyans didn't matter much as the prior has long life expectancy while the latter remains youthful until they reach old age. Perhaps Nao would have a chance of fighting alongside Elsa as well in the Tournament.

"I've grown a lot more than you think, Oscar! I could definitely beat your ass if I wanted to."

"Even if you could, it's not like you could kill me Miss Elsa, 'cause I'm already dead, haha!"

Being the easygoing guy Oscar is, he finished speaking with a pun. However, once Elsa heard this, her expression became weird. Only at this time she took a look at Oscar, noticing the yellow halo floating above his head. Seeing this halo, her eyes turned wide.

"You really are dead...We were told about this since we were invited here to partake in the tournament, Big Brother, what happened?"

Before long, a serious look soon appeared on Oscar.

"That's something I'd rather not talk about, Moreover, didn't you listen earlier to what was said when I reunited with my family? Or were you too far away to hear it?"

"I didn't want to disturb you guys..."

"Don't be like that, Miss Elsa. You're my future daughter-in-law now aren't you? We should hold a grand feast to get ready for tomorrow! The Grand Kai is already preparing a banquet for all fighters and guests alike, there will be plenty of food."

Elsa became dispirited once she learned Oscar had passed away, but yet he was still in front of her. The Other World worked differently than the Realm of the Living, if Elsa had more chances to come here again to see him, she definitely would. Little did she know that Oscar was relevant to the second part of Nao's deal that the Grand Kai made with him, if he won the tournament. If Nao won, the Grand Kai himself would resurrect Oscar! Of course, Nao hadn't been told of this yet either, he would be due for a shock once the Grand Kai reveals this to him!

But Elsa also heard Oscar speak the words, 'future daughter-in-law'. Her cheeks blushed after hearing this. She then curiously looked over to Nao, who appeared as a younger version of Oscar, but with white hair, and for some reason, a golden tail. Nao sensed Elsa's gaze, so he decided stare back at her, only to have silence ensue.

It was unfortunate Nao died in his past life before he could confess to the first girl he had a crush on back in his old high school. Besides his cuddling with Miya and sharing their first kiss, he had minimal experience in romance, yet he suddenly now has a Fiance.

Nao wondered as to why he wasn't told of this earlier as a child back on Planet Vegeta. He could only guess that by having Oscar die in Iona's hands, it caused such a shock to her memories that she forgot about Elsa. These memories probably resurfaced once Iona spotted Elsa again earlier in the day.

Oscar soon saw Elsa staring at Nao without any noise. He then decided to speak up again.

"Now that I think about it. I should properly introduce my children to you Miss Elsa. It seemed you already met them though?"

Once Elsa heard this, she blushed again and shifted her head downwards, acting embarrassed.

"Hah...about that, I had let my anger get the best of me and lashed out at Nao earlier today when we first met. I was not expecting him to be the son of our race's benefactor, and assumed he was one of those evil Saiyans. I truly apologize for my earlier behavior..."

Nao remained silent all this while but now, he decided to step forward. Once the two were close enough, he appeared to be about a foot shorter than Elsa. Elsa raised her head again, only to see Nao smile back at her.

"You don't have to worry about that, Elsa. To be honest I was expecting a much worse reaction, but the other fighters didn't seem to care about us at all, or that they didn't know who Saiyans are. I also would like to get to know you better. If we are to be married in the future, it would be best if we are on good terms and not bad terms for when that happens, wouldn't you agree?"

After Nao finished speaking, a small amount of tears started to form around the edge of Elsa's eyes. She wiped them away, nodding in confirmation. She then decided to do a small curtsy with her dress.

"That would be for the best, Nao. As big brother Oscar mentioned earlier, I'm the sole princess of the Elosian royal family. You can call Elsa von Elosa, or Elsa for short. I look forward to spending more time with you in the future."

"Likewise, you can call me Nao. We Saiyans don't carry surnames. Miya isn't it time for you to introduce yourself as well?"

Miya, who was standing next to Iona, looked towards Nao, who called out to her. She left Iona's embrace, joining Nao, and now stood in front of Elsa. Elsa saw Miya look completely different than Nao, especially with her fiery red hair in the shape of Iona's, but she heard next surprised her greatly. Miya also slightly bowed at Elsa.

"Hehe, I'm Miya, Nao's twin sister! Just so you know I haven't approved of you yet. I share a special bond with my brother, if you happen to cause that to falter at all, do look forward to the consequences, okay~?"

"Y-Yes...I wouldn't want big brother Oscar to hate me, let alone his son. I'd love to get along with you too, Miya."

Looking at his children introduce themselves to Elsa without him taking the wheel, Oscar enjoyed watching this. Seeing it wrap up, he let out another laugh.

"Hahaha! Well there you have it, Miss Elsa. Welcome to the family! Why don't we head inside? We've been out here long enough as it is, we probably only have another hour or so to relax before Grand Kai's banquet officially starts."

Everyone nodded at Oscar. Iona proceeded to open the door, and what revealed inside was your classic first class hotel suite. Two king sized beds further beyond back, and a red sofa up front. Up front also contained a small kitchen and opposite to the other side of the room, a bathroom, containing both a decent sized bath and shower head. When the Grand Kai built this, besides the necessities, he did not include any other modern electronics, as these rooms were designed for resting in mind.

Oscar decided to speak up one final time as they headed into the room, as he remembered something.

"Everyone, I almost forgot to remind you guys that I will only be here for a few hours. Once the banquet ends, I will need to check back in with the South Kai before heading off to my own residence back at the South Area."

Nao, Miya, Elsa, and Iona nodded again in confirmation. The four knew they didn't see Oscar at King Kai's North Area when the fighters came out, so he had to be in a different one. If he wasn't at South Kai's South Area by the end of the night, Oscar would probably end up getting disqualified.

Iona was first to enter the room. Oscar and Nao soon followed, of which Oscar whispered something into Nao's ear, telling him he wanted to speak to Nao in private after the banquet. Once those two entered, Miya also whispered in Elsa's ear, where Miya also requested to speak to Elsa in private.

Once the five relaxed themselves in Iona's and Miya's guest residence, time seem to have sped up again, and before they knew it, an hour soon passed in a blink of an eye. An intercom speaker that sounded through Ki waves reached all four areas at once, saying the banquet was now ready and for everyone to make their way to the Central Area. This Central Area contained four large tables, meant for each Area and tons and tons of food could be seen sitting at the edges of the room in a buffet-like style.

The five soon arrived here, grabbing many pieces of food for them to enjoy a feast together with the other fighters of the North Area. Oscar had to sit back at his own represented table with South Kai. Nao took this time to look at the other races, and it definitely was a sight to behold. He even saw some characters that seemed to have come out of different anime he had watched in his past life as well, which confused him quite a bit. As to whether these characters were actually from those anime, he would have to confirm that later.

However, the fighter that surprised Nao the greatest was a tall figure sitting with their legs crossed with a look of disdain in their eyes, sitting at East Kai's table. He was currently spinning a wine glass around in his left hand, slowly sipping on it as he brought it to his mouth. He recognized the purple skin immediately, together with the white bone-like armor. That's right, this figure was a Frost Demon!

This wasn't just any Frost Demon either. Unlike his brother Frieza, this one appeared more mature, and he went by the name, Cooler! Nao only had a quick look at him before he immediately turned around back to his table, not wanting to catch his attention.

However, unfortunately for Nao, his quick action was still noticed by Cooler, causing him to smile.

Thoughts began to stir in Nao's mind after he took a quick glance at Cooler. 'Why the heck is Cooler here!? He shouldn't even make an appearance until he notices a Saiyan pod escaping Planet Vegeta after it gets blown up!'. His heart also started to beat fiercely, trying to wrack his brain at the same time. Miya also felt Nao's quickened heartbeat, only to look at him in worry.

Nao didn't see Cooler stand up at his time and before he knew it, Cooler made his way to the North Area's table with his wine glass still in hand, constantly swirling it around. Nao turned behind again, only to see Cooler staring right back at him. Cooler was the first one to speak up.

"Hmph, white hair...There's no doubt about it, are you the monkey who managed to block one of my stupid little brother's attacks?"

Once Nao heard this, his eyes turned wide once again, but after thinking for a moment, it did make sense. Once Frieza took over his father's army, he had a short standoff with Nao, and he managed to block one of his Death Beams. It wouldn't be surprising if Frieza relayed this information to his brother, despite how much Frieza hates him. Playing it safe, he decided he didn't know who the figure in front of him was, and asked.

"That's right. Who are you?"

"Listen well, monkey brat. I'm Cooler, the one who is destined to rule this universe! Unlike my stupid little brother Frieza, who kills wantonly, I myself have a l.u.s.t for battle. His ego always gets the best of him but I'm different. I choose who I want to kill. I'd even kill him given the chance! I hope you won't disappoint me."

Cooler let out an evil grin once he finished his introduction. Not giving Nao any time to respond, Cooler suddenly applied some pressure in his left hand, causing the wine glass to break. The glass shattered into pieces and the remaining wine spilled onto Nao's white hair, which slowly poured down his face.

Seeing this left Cooler satisfied for now. However, at this time, the North Area table suddenly heard an angry voice coming from East Kai.

"Hey Cooler, don't you dare start terrorizing the other fighters, and get your ass back here! Be grateful the Grand Kai even let you in here."

Hearing this caused Cooler to look back at East Kai. Without speaking he activated some of his Ki, and raised his right finger. Dark purple Ki soon converged around it, and he aimed right underneath East Kai's feet. He then launched a Death Beam, causing a small hole to dig right into the ground.

Cooler then proceeded to walk back to East Kai's table, sitting back down in his seat. Along the way, he spoke to East Kai.

"That was just a warning, I take orders from no one, even if you do happen to be a Kai!"


It took a few seconds to register what just happened, but this caused the East Kai to let out a small shriek. She then proceeded to to slouch back into her seat, hugging her knees, mumbling something along the way.

'Grand Kai, why did you let such a bastard in here? I know you wanted to show a lot of variety in the Other World Tournament this time around, but still...isn't this a bit much?'

Murmurs started rising as the fighters of the other three tables as they watched this scene happen. Only now did the Grand Kai show up, slowly making his way to his chair which was hoisted up on a wooden platform, giving him the view of the banquet below. Unlike his earlier attire dressed in jeans and his denim jacket, he was now in his formal Grand Kai black garb outfit that had red lining. Yellow-orange clothes could be seen underneath the garb.

As he sat down, the murmurs soon died down, allowing silence to streak across the room. A nearby attendant then went up to the Grand Kai, passing him a small microphone. After tapping it a couple times to check the sound, he proceeded to hold it up near his mouth, and officially announced the welcoming of the Other World Tournament.

"Heh, heh, welcome everyone! I will be your host for tonight's banquet, and the host for the Other World Tournament that starts tomorrow. I truly thank you all for comin' here. Seein' every one of you accept my invitation warms me greatly. I went to the far reaches of the universe this time around! Sit back and enjoy the food tonight guys! The preliminary round will start in the mornin'. The meetin' spot will be in front of my mansion! What better way is there to start a tournament off than to start it off with a battle royale!? That's right folks, I have prepared two stages for guys. 18 fighters will fight on each of the two stages, and only sixteen fighters will advance onto the next round! With that being said, let's dig in! The Other World Tournament starts now!"

With the Grand Kai officially announcing the start of the tournament, cheers soon resounded around the banquet room. Immediately following that, various fireworks soon started launching into the sky, creating pattern after pattern for those to look at. Nao proceeded to wipe the wine off his face, and watched the fireworks together with his family and Elsa. Once they finished, they started to dig into the meals, in anticipation for what was to come tomorrow.