Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 78

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 78 75: Checking In

The Grand Kai officially welcomed the fighters and the Other World Tournament had officially begun. Four large tables could be seen containing ten people per table. A larger table was placed further back for any guests of the fighters, and this was where Iona and Miya sat down. At the bottom left corner was King Kai's table, and directly across from him to the right stood West Kai's table. Opposite to the other end of West Kai's was South Kai's table, and to the left of South Kai's stood East Kai's table.

This order was rather random but the Grand Kai decided to put King Kai and West Kai next to each other to see if anything would happen due to their rivalry, but unfortunately nothing happened so far between them. It was actually East Kai's table that made the first action, where Cooler made his appearance to Nao.

It momentarily died down once the Grand Kai made his appearance and made his speech, and cheers resounded once the fireworks went off. Iona was dazed as she watched the sky together with Miya at the guest table, as she had never seen fireworks, and they were quite enjoyable to watch. During this time, Nao wiped off the wine that was spilled on top of his head.

Once the banquet resumed, Nao became the center of attention as Rei, Sayuri, Elsa, Eir, the silent samurai of which Nao learned his name to be Shi, Olive, Sarta, Mijorin, King Kai stared at him. King Kai was the one who spoke up to Nao.

"Hey Kid, are you alright? I wouldn't even begin to imagine to East Kai would bring in such a person. Why does that figure remind me so much of a frost demon...? Now that I think about it, he did mention that you blocked one of his little brother's attacks...Don't tell me, is this guy related to that bastard Frieza?"

Upon hearing this, Nao sunk into his thoughts for a moment. King Kai was right on the money, it wouldn't take long to figure out who Cooler truly was. In all honesty, Nao actually is anticipating a good fight from him. At this point in time, Nao had 57.5M BP.

Frieza's full power 100% mode would increase his BP all the way to a bit over 150M. During this last month of rest, Nao was able to safely activate x5 Kaioken, and he could probably endure x10 for small briefs of time, possibly even 15x if he decided to risk his body. Given that, Nao's BP would rise to around 287.5M to 575M.

With this amount of Ki, Nao could instantly blast Frieza into oblivion if he caught him off guard. Cooler on the other hand, Nao couldn't accurately sense how much Ki flew within Cooler's body, so he assumed his Ki was far above his own. Perhaps even reaching his so called Fourth Transformation that even Frieza couldn't accomplish, his overall BP could be 1-2 billion.

Just seeing how high this could reach excited Nao greatly, as he could feel in his blood he could soon transform into a Super Saiyan. He didn't have an indicator on Rebirth's status screen to show him, but deep down he knew, especially after seeing how many golden spots he saw on his fur when he was a Great Ape.

Little did Nao know that he would not be the first Saiyan to transform into a Super Saiyan. One hadn't been seen ever since their home planet Sadala was destroyed due to the Saiyans' internal conflict, but someone jumped the gun on him already, training in a fervor for the last five years!

Anyhow, with that in mind, Nao reached the conclusion to reveal who Cooler was to King Kai, as he would find out in the next ten to twenty years anyway once Goku confronted him. Why not tell him and warn King Kai advance?

"I'm fine, King Kai. I hate to say it but it seems Cooler is Frieza's older brother. I haven't a clue as to why he is here though. He doesn't have a halo above his head either, so he's still a living Frost Demon. Seeing that he is staying at East Kai's table, I could assume his base of operations is in the East Area. Speaking of which, where exactly is the Frost Demons' planet located?"

Even though Nao knew where the home-world of the Frost Demons was, he didn't want to sound suspicious in front of King Kai, so he decided to ask that question and found it now was appropriate to do so.

"No wonder those two looked so similar... This Cooler seems much more mature than that bastard Frieza, but still, you can never trust a Frost Demon, much like your race, kid. Hopefully you don't take offense to that."

"I don't, King Kai. Besides his short outburst just now against East Kai, which ended with just a warning, he hasn't done anything else, so that shows that Cooler can control himself, unlike Frieza. To be honest I hope to meet him in battle. It would be best if we were in separate blocks during the preliminaries."

"Kid, you're actually looking forward to fighting a Frost Demon? Most would run away in fear after coming to learn who they are! Seriously, what goes on in that head of yours?"

"Haha, to be honest King Kai, I haven't fought anyone to the death ever since my first serious fight over five years ago. I did release my full power against Frieza but that was only for a moment, and he left our planet shortly after. Cooler will definitely help me push my body to its limit!"

Hearing this, King Kai slouched back in his chair, and let out a sigh.

"Sigh...of course you would think of something like that. I haven't seen what the stage Grand Kai has prepared for the tournament this time around looks like yet, just don't try to completely wreck the place okay? You almost destroyed my planet last time!"

"Don't you worry, King Kai. I don't know what the previous Other World Tournaments were like, but I have a feeling this one will be spectacular."

After Nao said this, he shifted his body and and looked at Elsa.

"Elsa, you should also eat plenty. You need to be at the peak of your strength if we are to battle alongside each other!"

Hearing this, Elsa smiled back at Nao, nodding in confirmation.

"Of course. The same goes for you Nao, I don't want you to hold me back if we happen to be in the same fighting block!"

Nao didn't have anything else to say to King Kai and Elsa, and he just ignored the gazes of the other fighters, and started to resume eating the food he had gathered from the buffet table. He had no idea what these foods were named but after taste testing a bunch of them, it definitely completed his palette of flavors. Seeing that Nao had nothing else to say, Olive, Sarta, Mijorin, Rei, Eir and Shi resumed to their own meals. Only Sayuri continued to stare at Nao, without resuming her meal.

Nao felt this, and in the end he decided to look back up at Sayuri, wondering why she was still looking at him. He then saw Sayuri move her eyes between him and Elsa. He then asked Sayuri why she was doing this.

"Sayuri, is there something wrong?"

"Of course there is something wrong here! Little brother, aren't ya being a bit too friendly with Elsa here? We are supposed to be opponents starting tomorrow!"

Hearing this caused Nao to chuckle a bit, which further confused Sayuri, and she titled her head in confusion. Only until she heard Nao's response did her eyes turn wide in shock.

"Why wouldn't I be friendly with Elsa? She is my Fiance after all. Isn't that right?"

"That's right, Nao. This was something our two families arranged ever since I was a little child."

"A fiance....EHHHHH!!?!?!?"

A loud gasp came out of Sayuri's mouth after hearing that Nao and Elsa are to be married in the future. She raised her voice loud enough for it to be heard by the other tables, which caused some whispering to be exchanged among the other fighters, but they soon resumed eating their meals. Sayuri blushed, realizing how loud her voice became, causing her to slouch down in her chair in embarrassment. She then looked at Nao again, only to mumble something that Nao couldn't hear.

"I have to step up my game...I mean there is senior brother Jiya, but for some reason I just have this strange attraction towards Nao...My heart has never felt like this before..."

Nao soon ignored Sayuri, who was keeping to her own machinations. It didn't take long to regain her composure and soon the ten people at King Kai's table started laughing and talking merrily, enjoying the banquet. Everyone except Rei and Shi who ate and drank in silence.

Before they knew it late night soon arrived, and the fighters soon departed back to their own Areas. Elsa and Nao also started to walk toward the fighters' dorm, only to be stopped by his family. Miya dragged Elsa away while Iona departed for her room. Oscar pulled Nao away for the two to speak privately.

Oscar kept his conversation short, saying to Nao that he had been rigorously training over the last five years and his strength as increased by leaps and bounds. He also had a surprise to show him, if they were to meet in battle on stage, which further confused Nao. The last thing Oscar brought up was the color of Nao's tail.

Nao couldn't really bring up Ancient Saiyans just yet, even if Oscar was his father, and he would probably reveal it at a later time. In the end, he decided to reveal just that he was close to achieving the Super Saiyan state as described in the legends. Nao thought Oscar would receive a shock after hearing this but only replied with 'As expected of the son of one of the strongest Saiyans!', and let out a big laugh.

This talk lasted for about an hour, and it left with Oscar leaving for the South Kai's Area back to his dorm. He didn't have much time left to check back in so he had to hurry. Nao stood in the dark for a moment questioning Oscar's reaction just now, and regarding the surprise he had for Nao, perhaps it was related to the Super Saiyan state...? If his father really achieved this state through his hard work, that alone would be enough to shock Nao.

It didn't take long before Nao saw Elsa's figure coming back from the other side of the hallway that connected both the guest dorm and the fighters' dorm. It was only her, as Miya went back to Iona's room to sleep for the night. As the two joined each other again, they slowly walked back to the fighters' dorm, and Nao asked if Miya said anything important to Elsa.

"Elsa, Miya didn't end up troubling you did she? She can be a bit rambunctious at times."

"She didn't Nao. We just talked about a few small matters, there is nothing you need to worry about. In fact, after our talk, it only makes me want to get to know you even more. I've got your back no matter where you end up."

"Thank you...? Anyways, lets head back. It'll be tomorrow before you know it. We need to wake up early so we can get ourselves checked in at the Checking Station tomorrow."


Elsa and Nao soon made their way to the fighters' dorm with keys in hand. Both of them resided on the second floor, and their rooms were opposite to each other. After saying goodnight, they both passed out relatively quick, and before they knew it, the next morning arrived. It was time for the fighters to check in for the preliminary round!