Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 79

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 79 76: Off To Grand Kai's Mansion

After Miya and Elsa, Oscar and Nao had their private meeting with each other, the night passed by pretty uneventfully. Even though it was night, it didn't feel that way outside, as there are no suns or moons surrounding Grand Kai's planet. The planet itself had its own atmosphere. Unlike the endless golden clouds however, it only revealed a vast endless pink sky, almost like the endless pink clouds in the Room of Spirit and Time.

For some reason, Nao felt he was tossed around in his sleep, but he still felt refreshed upon waking up. His eyelids shuddered for a bit before they opened, and he soon felt something warm clinging to his body. A n.a.k.e.d Miya could be seen laying across his body. Her butt was currently facing toward him, which gave him a good view right at the start of the morning.

Thankfully, however, Miya and Nao were still children and she did not release any pheromones to excite him, he only felt the warmth of her body. Still, Nao looked at Miya dubiously, as he had no idea how she even got in here. Sensing Nao's gaze, Miya soon woke up, only to see Nao's feet in her eyes.

She squirmed around for a bit, before Miya poke her head out of the covers, and looked at Nao. Seeing him looking at her in confusion caused her to giggle. Only until she heard him speak did she reply back to him.

" the heck did you even get in here without a key? You know this area is restricted to fighters only."

"Hehe, I was able to sneak into the entrance gate once someone opened up the door. I was able to hide my Ki pretty well and they weren't able to sense me. Brother, you really should learn to lock your door. Did the excitement from earlier get to your head?"

"Did I really forget to lock the door...?"

"You sure did, brother. Thankfully you woke up pretty early. We still have time to get ready. I do believe we need to gather in front of the Grand Kai's mansion. Speaking of, I wonder if big sis is awake yet?"

"Big sis? Are you referring to Elsa?"

"Of course I am! Who else would I call big sis?"

"...Does that mean you've accepted Elsa already, Miya?"

"Hmm, you could say that, after we had a talk last night. She still hasn't what we usually do at night though. She'd probably be in for a big surprise if she saw this."

"What big surprise?"

Hearing a third voice, Nao yawned and stretched a bit, which caused the bed's covers to fall down, revealing his bare chest. As Nao and Miya spoke with each other, Miya also unraveled herself and shifted her position upright, and she could now be seen next to Nao. Miya and Nao then saw Elsa enter the room.

However, after she closed the door behind her and walked some steps forward, she immediately blushed a bit after seeing Nao and Miya together.

"Miya, you did mention that you like to cuddle with Nao, but I didn't know...that you two would do this n.a.k.e.d..."

Miya then sat upright, leaning forward a bit, which caused her fiery red tail to unravel itself, and laid across her thighs. Miya then smiled at Elsa.

"Big sis, this is the best way to share our warmth! Why are you acting shy like this? You'll be joining in as well in the future right? Why not get a head start and try to get used to seeing this now?"

"T-That's several years down the line! I mean, based on what you've promised me, I know you won't do anything to him besides this...but still, it would feel awkward for me."

Nao wasn't planning to interrupt the two's conversation but his ears immediately perked up after hearing the word 'promise', and decided to ask about it. Both Miya and Elsa then looked at Nao once he spoke up.

"Hold up you two, what's this promise you're talking about?"

After asking this, Nao saw Miya and Elsa briefly turn their heads to look at each other.

"Miya, we don't really need to keep this a secret from Nao, do we? Though it is rather embarrassing to talk about..."

"I don't see a reason to keep it hidden, big sis. Brother, you've talked about not doing anything romance-related until we've matured right?"

"That's right. I clearly mentioned that back in the Room of Spirit and Time. What's that to do with this 'promise' you two made?"

"Well, let's just say we took some measures and added some extra security to that. We promised not go beyond our cuddling until brother officially takes big sis as his wife. I'd figure that'd give us a good ten to fifteen years to mature nicely. Moreover, I've decided to even let big sis have your first."

"Miya, did you really have to mention that last part to him...?"

After Miya finished speaking this, Elsa's blush turned a darker red. Nao on the other hand stared at the two without blinking for a moment. Hearing this did give Nao some closure. He wasn't expecting Miya to say that last part, however. He could only let out a sigh.

"Miya, while I do agree that plan is good...I'll decide myself who I am to sleep with first. Don't go spouting nonsense okay?"

Hearing this caused Miya to giggle. Elsa only stared at Nao, not saying anything, she currently felt pretty embarrassed as such a topic was brought up by Miya.

"Hehe, brother, can't you take a joke? Anyways, that's the plan for now., you may need to be careful of that Sayuri. It seems she's taken an interest in you. Have you felt anything?"

"Sayuri? Now that you mention it, she did become shocked after learning about the relationship Elsa and I currently have. Could it be that she is jealous?"

"It's possible. Be careful of her during the tournament, brother. I don't think there isn't anything else to say, why don't we get ready and head out?"

Nao sunk into his thoughts after hearing this. 'Why would Sayuri be interested in me? As for her appearance, she looks more like a cat than a fox, especially with that slim tail of hers...She did call her race the Sunlit Fox. Is she hiding her fluff somewhere?'

However at this time, a loud noise suddenly interrupted Nao's thoughts, and they immediately dispersed. This loud noise was none other than Grand Kai's voice. An intercom like sound soon resounded throughout the four Areas, as he then spread a message through his Ki sense to everyone.

"Rise and shine, folks! Today is the the day we will begin the preliminary round! Ya'll best wake up if you haven't yet. Everyone is to head on down to the entrance of my mansion down back. It's not hard to figure out where it is, as it is the largest building on the campus, heh, heh! Ya'll have thirty minutes to get ready, if anyone isn't accounted for, they'll automatically get disqualified!"

With that, the intercom-like sound soon cut off, and it became quiet again. Thirty minutes definitely gave enough time for Nao and Miya to freshen up if needed. The two informed Elsa they would take a quick shower, and informed that they would meet her again outside.

After freshening up, the two donned their bodysuit and battle armor. At this moment, another thought suddenly occurred to Nao, which seemed to be at the back of his mind until now. He turned to face Miya after nearing the door to leave.

"Miya, what should we do about you?"

"What do you mean, brother...? Oh!"

Miya briefly tilted her head in confusion for a moment, only to have a sudden realization strike soon after.

"So you've realized it too then? You shouldn't even be here. Besides, Mother is probably getting worried now."

"You don't need to worry about Mama. I left a note behind for her. I could always sneak out since I was able to sneak in. Brother, you've also been working on another skill related to the higher elements too right?"

Hearing this, Nao nodded in confirmation. He then proceeded to reveal another skill Nao had been practicing for its practical use.

"That's right. I've been pretty interested in developing this Reality element further. As much as the Time element sounds interesting, I believe Reality has more practical uses at present. Who knows what could happen if I start practicing the Time element and accidentally cause a time jump. Knowing how disastrous those can become thanks to future Trunks' alternate timeline. Reality on the other hand, appears much more suited to my current needs. I find this element very similar to the Kai's and Angel's creation ability. Perhaps they derived it from the Reality element?"

Even though Nao didn't want to start developing his Time element as of now, he had no idea that the Supreme Kai of Time was currently on a journey with Whis, and would eventually gift him a Time Ring within the next year or two, once the three meet back on Planet Vegeta. As to whether Nao would become a a member of the Time Patrol, that would be a decision for a later time. Anyways, Miya decided to continue the conversation along.

"Not much has been originally been revealed in regards to that, but seeing as Time, Space and Reality was born from Origin Ki, its very possible these higher beings would derive abilities and techniques from them. Such examples would Kai Kai, Warp, and Magic Materialization, would it not?"

"Who knows. Those techniques are still far out of my reach. What I've been working on is much simpler, which is just empowering my mirage technique. Previously, I was able to infuse Reality Ki into my Ki blasts, so I bet I could test it out on you as well. Miya, if it works, the light would bend and reflect off your body. You essentially would become a mirage to others, and vanish from sight."

"That does sound pretty interesting. Are you ready to test it?"

"I am. I do believe my aura color will change as a result from this as well."

Miya nodded, and allowed Nao to step back a few feet. He then channeled h is Ki, and just like he predicted, a silver-like aura soon encompassed his body, unlike his golden or pale-white aura. This silver aura seemed plain and bare, and not a l.u.s.trous silver. This was because Nao's Reality element was still at the [Beginner] stage, and the more l.u.s.trous this silver became, the higher the stage Nao would reach.

Similar to the golden spheres, plain silver spheres soon entered Nao's vision. He could see all sorts of sizes of these spheres, and as he had yet to reach [Intermediate], he could not will these with his mind, and had to physically grab them just like when he first practiced his Space element back when it was at the [Beginner] stage.

Nao grabbed four spheres about the size of his fist. Unlike forming a frame for a [Gate], he instead moved them into a circle, evenly spacing them out. Nao then cycled his Ki once more, exhausting more of it. He felt about half his current energy drain before the four spheres started to connect to each other.

As his Reality element was still in the [Beginner] stage, it consumed quite a bit of stamina every time he activated this element, and as this element progressed further, its energy consumption will also lessen, just like his Space element, which was currently at the [Advanced] stage. Seeing the four spheres linked to together by a small silver lining, Nao smiled.

To top it off, he gave this 'silver circlet' a spin, and it started to rapidly spin in place. With no time to lose, he moved it to the top of Miya's head. It expanded enough for her body to fit into it, and it slowly moved from the top of her head down to her feet. While Nao himself didn't see any noticeable changes, if one had a close look, they would start to Miya's figure blur, as if it became a mirage.

Once the circlet reached the ground, Miya's blurred image soon vanished from sight, but as Nao still had his Reality element active, he could still see where Miya was. He could now deactivate his Ki, and only until his stamina was fully consumed, would this technique wear off on Miya, or if he deactivated the technique himself. Nao immediately did so and his vision returned to normal, causing the silver sphere circlet to disperse, and before long Miya soon vanished from his sight.

Thankfully Nao still had well over 150 senzu beans from what Korin had previously gave him so even if his stamina ran low, he could pop one into his mouth. The two only needed to walk till they were outside the gate to the fighters' dorm so the distance wasn't long. Proceeding to open the door, he could hear Miya's giggle, and this told him that she was now outside the door, and they proceeded to head to the elevator.

It didn't take long for the two to arrive outside, and it appears they were the last to arrive. He could see King Kai standing near the entrance of the courtyard, and the other eight fighters with him. He hurried himself to join behind Elsa. Elsa noticed that Nao was by himself, so she assumed Miya managed to sneak away.

Only those who were sensitive or could perceive to the Reality element could actually see Miya, and while she wanted to remain here, she had to return back to Iona's side on the other side of the hallway that connected to the courtyard of the guests' dorm. She immediately did so, but King Kai still took notice of her. While King Kai's level was not of that of a Supreme Kai, he still had some ability in Creation, but it was not as advanced as Magic Materialization that Shin currently has. He could only sigh seeing her come from Nao's side. Thankfully the Grand Kai wasn't present so he would get berated for this.

At this time both the guests and fighters of the North Area could now be seen standing around King Kai, and he smiled. He then proceeded to project his voice out to everyone.

"It seems everyone is here. Let's go head towards the Grand Kai's Mansion to not keep him waiting. Hopefully we can beat that stupid half-pint West Kai for first spot."

"Who're you calling a stupid half-pint, you stupid half-wit? Or should I call you a stupid slow half-wit now? Hurry everyone, it's best to leave this guy in the dust so we can go get first spot in the fighters' block selection!"

Speaking of the devil, The West Kai seemed to pop out of nowhere and could now be seen next to King Kai, twirling around his monocle in his eye. King Kai soon stared back at him.

"Hmph, West Kai, care to see which one of us can make it first? Or are you too scared to bet?"

"I ain't scared of a slow half-wit like you! First one to reach Grand Kai's mansion wins. Whoever loses forfeits the first spot of the fighters' block selection and has to go choose last!

"You're on!"

Even though King Kai was calm and collected most of the time when he was alone back on his own planet, his personality would undergo a full 180 degree change whenever West Kai showed up. That just goes to show how deep their rivalry was, even fighting for first spot in this tournament. Once everyone arrived at the warm up station inside Grand Kai's mansion, each fighter would have to choose a number, and that number would determine whether they would be placed in block A or block B.

This whole selection process is random,, but the two still liked to bicker each other for first pick, and in this case they even placed a bet. Nao could only shake his head and sigh seeing these two duke it out. He expected for the two to choose one of their fighters to race to Grand Kai's mansion but what he saw next shocked him greatly. He soon saw a pinkish-red aura surround King Kai, and if one were close enough, they'd feel a strong heat release from his body.

"Kaioken! Catch me if you can, West Kai, hohoho."

Almost immediately, King Kai vanished from spot and started to rush towards Grand Kai's mansion. It took a second a second for West Kai to respond as he was not expecting King Kai to immediately activate Kaioken like that, and managed to jump him, getting a head start. He then cursed.

"Damn it, that's cheating! But you're not the only one with a technique to empower speed. Come forth, Black Thunder!"

All of a sudden, purple lightning soon started to crackle and boom underneath West Kai's feet, despite his small appearance. Nao raised his eyebrows seeing this, as this was a technique he was not familiar with. King Kai taught others Kaioken, so it was obvious he could use it himself, but it was strange as to why he rarely did, if not at all in the original show. It seemed West Kai had his own equivalent to boost his speed, named Black Thunder.

Paikuhan did mention he wasn't really attuned to the elements but Nao remembered him unleashing a tornado before when he fought Goku, so he probably had some affinity with Wind. As to whether he knew this technique too, he didn't know. However, before Nao could see anything else, a loud boom resounded, causing some fighters to shield their ears, and after West Kai stomped the ground, he immediately vanished. King Kai and West Kai soon reappeared next to each other causing afterimages to appear as they rushed towards the mansion.

Thankfully the distance to the mansion was only about 15 to 20 minutes walking distance so it wouldn't take the two long to arrive. Only a couple moments passed and the two were now at the halfway point. At some unknown time, South and East Kai showed up with their respective fighters and guests as well. Altogether it totaled around a hundred fifty to two hundred people so it was quite the massive crowd.

"My oh my, these two really like to rile themselves up don't they, East Kai? We mustn't keep Grand Kai waiting, so let's head on down. Shall we?"

"That's right. Come now, everyone. The walking space is quite large. There's quite a big crowd this time so try to walk in a formal line, there should be enough space for a few lines!"

All of the fighters complied to East Kai. Unsurprisingly, four lines were formed, one for each Area. North Area was next to East Area, East Area to West Area and West Area line to the South Area. The fighters stood up front and they walked uniformly and headed on off to Grand Kai's mansion.

For some reason, Cooler was situated exactly to the right of Nao, and the pressure he was currently releasing caused his scalp to turn numb. It seemed to be directed only at him, but everyone continued to walk in silence. 'Shit, why the the heck is Cooler next to me!? This pressure is almost unbearable...', Nao thought. He could only curse inwardly in his heart as what it seemed to be an eternity before they arrived at the front door of Grand Kai's mansion.

Once they arrived, Nao saw both King Kai and West Kai panting heavily on the ground collapsed, with Grand Kai looking at them with a bemused look. Seeing everyone else arrive, he soon smiled back at them.

"Heh, heh, welcome to my mansion everyone! We will proceed to head inside immediately. Do watch your step and follow my lead. If you take a wrong step, you may not be able make it through safely!"