Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 8 5 Emergence

Oscar's lifeless body laid flat on the ground in a large pool of blood. While it is known that certain emotions can be used a catalyst for one to become the legendary Super Saiyan in the original story, all Iona could feel at this time was despair and grief. Furthermore, Iona was not a fighter as excellent as Oscar was, who was quite well known to be one of the strongest warriors within the high-class circle. While it has been only has been a few years since the two had gotten married, Iona quickly formed a deep bond with Oscar after she was first introduced to him. Now that she saw his lifeless body in front of her, Iona soon felt all strength leaving her body but she knew that she had to be strong for her children. Iona sat down onto the ground and rested Oscar's head on her knees. She then closed his eyes with her hands. Before long she instructed one of the two guards that she would remain here and that they should go inform His Majesty immediately.

The guard on the right decided to remain at her side and the guard at the left soon started to sprint towards the center of the Middle-Class District and soon found the stairs leading up to the Palace bridge. While the guard was rushing towards the Palace, two figures could be seen floating in the liquid inside the incubator pods back at Iona's house. Three years ago, Nao and Miya were placed inside these two pods to help them grow their power. When they were first put inside them, their respirator masks soon induced their bodies into a deep sleep state but Nao's consciousness remained active. Nao didn't think anything would occur during this short growth period but after the first day his consciousness faded to sleep he heard the familiar ring unique to the Rebirth System.

*Ding!* Alien substances have been found in the host's body. Determining... Substances have been found not to be harmful. Now extracting unwanted essences.....Extraction complete! Host has gained an increase in 10 battle power.

Hearing this message in his run through his mind. Nao became shocked that the liquid really did increase his battle power, and this soon turned to excitement. He then heard another message soon after.

*Congratulations! Host has gained their first increase in battle power. A new parameter has been found. Now being added to host's current abilities. Please check it when you have the time!*

Nao wondered why Rebirth didn't show Battle Power in his stats when he was first born in this world, but apparently it wouldn't have been added until there was a gain to it. As Battle Power was unique to that of the DBZ world, perhaps Rebirth didn't treat Battle Power as one of the main stats it had to offer. Regardless, Nao was happy that Rebirth now included BP. After the first night of sleeping in the pod, he soon heard the same sound over and over again. His excitement did not stop for the first few months, but after spending a full three years inside the pod, his excitement soon died down and then he started to get irritated by how frequent these sounds were. As the sound rang in his mind near the end of the day, he eventually used that as his clock, and was able to sleep during the nights, not losing track of time. Every night passed for three full years, and each night granted him an increase of 10 BP! This shocked Nao greatly. This wasn't the only thing that happened to him during this growing period. At the end of every thirtieth ring, he heard a double ring in his mind. This second ring actually granted Nao a free stat point he could freely invest in!

Now that three years has passed, he spent a total of 1095 days in the pod. There wasn't a single day where his battle power didn't increase. At the end of the first year, his battle power increased by 3650 points, reaching 4650. Each year spent in the pod diminished the point value a bit and in the second year, he only received 7 points a day. At the start of the third year, he only received 5 points a day, with the last day granting him 0 points. He only turned three years old but his BP was shockingly 9025! It was rumored that His Majesty King Vegeta II had an even BP of 10k. If one were to compare to the power Nao obtained, the time spent in the capsule was equivalent to receiving King Kai's training course like in the original story. Realizing he also gained a stat point at the end of every month, he now gained 36 points. He did not spend his previous 5 points yet so it now totaled 41 that he could spend on. Nao knew he was still a three year old child, so he still had plenty of room for growth. He decided not to spend his points for now for any emergency that may arise. With his growth in BP, Nao started to be able to detect presences in his household, and noticed there was only a total of four people instead of the usual five. He sensed Miya beside him in the other pod squirming around but before long...Nao suddenly heard the pods make some noise.

Whirling sounds soon could be heard and slowly but surely Nao's pod started to drain its liquid on its own, as if it was planned from the very beginning. What was left was Nao sitting in the bottom of the pod. After the liquid was drained it didn't take long for Nao to remove the pod's harness and during that time te glass moved down as well. What appeared before him was a bedroom and Miya who stood a few feet away from Nao's pod. Nao jumped out of the pod and landed in front of her, and started to stretch his limbs.

"Brother! You're finally out! This is my first time calling you brother. It has a nice ring to hit. Hehe."

Miya soon ran up to Nao and hugged him. Nao returned the favor and started to rub her head. Her head was slightly lower than Nao but their current statures seemed almost alike, being about two feet tall. Perhaps it was due to the brooch's effect but Miya felt rather warm to him and was quite comfortable.

"Miya, lets head down shall we? I detected one of this house's presence leave earlier and they have yet to return. I'm getting a bit worried."

"Yeah! Let's go!"

Miya soon grabbed Nao by the hand and did not wait for him at all, and started to sprint torwards the marble staircase with a carefree attitude, Unlike Nao who started to regret this decision. He really did think Miya was just a bundle of energy with an endless reservoir. It didn't take long for Miya to arrive at the marble staircase. Miya did not realize each step was rather steep for a child her age and with her small legs she ended up losing her footing after the very first step. Nao was being pulled by Miya's hand and suddenly felt a large force tugging him towards her. He then saw Miya lean forward and started to somersault down the vertical staircase. Nao cursed deep down in his heart at the sight of this, knowing that he would soon join her. Both could be seen somersaulting down and eventually reached the bottom, causing a large impact that could be heard. *CRASH*

As soon as this loud impact occurred, the two maids who were carrying dishes suddenly heard it which caused the plates in their hands to fall down and shatter into pieces.

It can't be...have the Little master and Missus emerged from the pods!? Feeling excited, the two maids soon approached the staircase . They saw a red haired girl laying on top of a white haired boy in tatters, and the white haired boy was pulling the red haired girl's cheeks.

"Owie...That hurts, brother! Who could've known the steps were that tall!"

"Stupid Miya, you need to look down when you go down the stairs, not forward!"

The two maids finally had their first look at their Madam's children. Various kinds of emotions shifted through them, first being shocked as they could already speak, then terror due to the pressure the twins were giving off to eventually a hinge of embarrassment, and their faces blushed lightly. They then looked away from the two. The two maids who approached them but suddenly looking away with a slight blush on their cheeks caused Nao to tilt his head in curiosity. Miya soon looked down, only to slightly blush herself, as if she forgot something important. Nao and Miya were laying on top of each other, stark n.a.k.e.d.

"Ah, our clothes!"

"Miya...You suddenly grabbed me and ran out of the room before thinking about anything else! You just now realized this?"

Nao shook his head lightly and sighed again and started pulling on her cheek harder, which caused a red spot to appear. Nao soon straightened himself and asked for clothes. The two maids quickly complied and before long the two maids arrived again and two small sets of battle armor could be seen in their hands. As fitting the Little Masters were part of their job, they soon fitted the battle armor onto Nao and Miya. As these two were born in the high-class society, the two sets were specifically tailed to them and had similar quality to Prince Vegeta IV when he received his first set. as a child. Feeling content, Nao informed the maids that they were going outside to look for Iona, as Nao was getting worried that she hasn't returned yet. While he could not feel Ki yet, he could still sense her presence which was still in the western part of the city. However he was quickly refused by the maids.

"Little Master, you can't leave the house yet. You still need to adapt!"

"Listen, We need to head there immediately. Mama still hasn't returned yet."

"But, Little Master...if you must go at least take us with you!"

"Fine...but the moment we leave Miya and I will be using our full strength to rush there immediately. We can't waste any more time."

"Yeah, Brother! I want to see Mama now!"

Nao, Miya and the two maids soon left the house. They made sure to be careful walking on the cliff-side side as the two couldn't control their energy yet to fly. Before long they arrived at the main staircase that connected to the Palace Bridge and to the Middle District. The people doing about their business soon saw four figures approaching and were shocked to see two children among the four. However as soon as Nao and Miya stepped on the staircase, they unleashed their strength and dashed downwards, soon vanishing from sight. This caused a huge spiral of gust that blew everyone back, including the two maids. After receiving a moment of shock, the two maids recovered and quickly followed in the two's footsteps.

"Who the hell were those two?..."

"Ya dun see that ev'ry day. Seems our race just got two more warriors. Haha!"

Gossip started to spread among the people here after what the just witnessed moments ago. As gossip was spreading, Nao and Miya soon appeared at a large plaza that held docking stations tor Saiyan sh.i.p.s and attack pods. Even the middle-class district Saiyans were shocked to see a red and white haired Saiyan children coming from up above. As these Saiyans started to gossip as well, Nao and Miya soon located a large gate towards the western exit and rushed towards there. Before long they saw three figures, one standing, one sitting and the other laying in the sitting person's. Nao soon saw a large pool of red liquid that dried up a bit and was stricken with horror. Before Miya saw anything else, she felt a familiar presence from the woman sitting down and soon dashed forward again, quickly arriving in the woman's embrace, which shocked her greatly.