Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 80

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 80 77: The Fighters' Block Selection Begins

Grand Kai's Planet, Grand Kai's Mansion.

A tall mansion, with the Grand Kai standing in front of it wearing his usual apparel, could be seen overlooking the rest of the campus for each Area. Over two hundred people of all kinds of races currently stood in place, listening to Grand Kai. Some had shock hearing that they would head inside this massive mansion, while others just stood there silently. The ones who were silent included Nao, but he was silent for another reason. That was due to to pressure being directed at him by Cooler who was right next to him!

Hearing that they would head inside actually relieved Nao, as the entrance only allowed around two lines to enter at once. Knowing Grand Kai's eccentric behavior, he would probably have everyone form one giant line once they entered inside. And sure enough, what the Grand Kai spoke next confirmed Nao's thoughts.

"Everyone, you are to get into a single file line and follow behind me. I will lead everyone to the room that will house the platform for the tournament. King Kai and West Kai, both of you disturbed the peace and destroyed parts of the walkway to here. Did I not say to save your rivalry to when the fighting begins? The bet you two made is hereby null and void, King Kai will enter third and West Kai last. East Kai will enter first and South Kai second. You two better get goin'. I won't stop for you two, and if you fail to follow behind me once I enter both of your Areas will get disqualified."

Both King Kai and West Kai became dispirited hearing that the bet they had was for nothing, but hearing that they were to be disqualified if they didn't follow him in in that order, they immediately dusted themselves off and stood up. Both of them appeared exhausted as they used up most of their stamina and they struggled to head on back behind South and East Kai.

It only took a few moments before a single file lined formed, and along the way King Kai saw West Kai appearing more dejected than him. West Kai saw King Kai looking at him, holding up a v sign, and he scoffed, only to look the other way. Even though the bet became null, King Kai still enjoyed the result as he still won in a way, seeing that he was third and the West Kai was last to enter.

The Mansion itself was massive. It was made of pure white marble. Two giant rows of windows could be seen, and while it seemed to only contain two floors, it actually contained multiple floors within, but everyone would just be following the Grand Kai throughout the first floor. Who know what the other floors contained. If one were to stack eight more Gokus on top of his head, then that would be how tall this mansion, stood, it was about fifty five feet in height!

Without any more delay, the Grand Kai suddenly snapped his fingers, and his two speaker boombox appeared out of nowhere. Nao saw this and it seemed the Grand Kai was also proficient in Magic Materialization. He turned on a classic rock-n-roll beats tune, and started to hop and skip as he entered into the room.

The first floor looked to be the same no matter where one looked, and it had an endless amount of corridors, with two giant wooden doors in the back of the room. Nao knew that from the original, this was the destination of this giant crowd, but he had no idea if the first floor was booby trapped in any way, and could only follow behind Grand Kai's lead.

The Grand Kai started to walk through an incessant amount of hallways, and every time he did so, he stopped hopping, and looking around for a minute, before he resumed his way. Every time he stopped caused the fighters to stop in place as well. Each hallway either connected to another one, back into the main hallway, or went upstairs or downstairs.This went on for an unknown amount of time before they finally arrived in front of the giant wooden doors.

No one gave a fuss over this. Besides the guest fighters the Grand Kai brought in, the deceased fighters were already used to this. The Grand Kai soon pushed the two doors open, and while Nao was familiar with what was contained on this inside, it was still exciting to see this room in person. This room itself was a separate dimension that contained stars and planets, just like a portable galaxy!

While there appeared to be no flooring to walk on, the Grand Kai still continued to walk forward. The guest fighters were hesitant to follow as all they saw was the darkness of space with scattered stars and planets in the far beyond. They braced themselves and walked forward soon after Grand Kai, and they themselves felt as if they were walking on a platform. Once all 36 fighters and the 150+ guests entered, the two wooden doors closed behind them, and the Grand Kai willed the doors to vanish from sight.

The Grand Kai then turned off the music his boombox was playing, which echoed through the nearby space. With another snap of his fingers, the boombox disappeared. Everyone then heard him speak up.

"Heh, heh, welcome everyone. We are almost at our destination. I would like to say that the venue this time around is almost double than what previous tournaments have been like, so there has been an increase in size of the fighting platform. It is a little tricky to arrive there but it'll be a cinch for those who can fly. Anyone who can't fly are free to join those who can or take the ride I've prepared for ya'll. If there are no further questions, we will proceed to head there immediately and start the fighters' block selection!"

No one said anything in protest against Grand Kai's words, and the four Kais remained silent. Nao on the other hand was currently distracted with something else. As soon as he entered this separate space dimension, Rebirth sounded off in his mind. It was only a short message but Rebirth detected Origin Ki within this dimension, and that excited Nao greatly! The Grand Kai did promise Nao that if he won the tournament, Nao would be taken to a special area on Grand Kai's planet, and perhaps that was the core of this dimension.

What the Grand Kai saw next somewhat disappointed him as they saw roughly 80% of the crowd lift up in the air, while the remaining 20% were carried by other members of their respective races. This caused the ride he prepared to not have use this time around. He soon got over it though and he also lifted up into the air, and before long, the crowd vanished into this vastness of space.

After an unknown amount of time passed, a giant stalagmite floating in space soon entered the crowd's view. This stalagmite only contained some type of purple rock as its base material, and it was quite pleasing to look it. It immediately reminded Nao of Beerus's slick purple inverted pyramid back on Beerus's planet, the main difference was that this stalagmite had a lot of craggy edges. At the north tip seemed to be carved out horizontally.

As the crowd started their descent, they saw two massive stadium platforms, with green grass laid around it. This was carved further inside the stalagmite and situated around the stalagmite's edges stood a circular ring which contained rows upon rows of seats for the guests to sit at. The Grand Kai didn't want to waste any more time so he immediately dismissed the fighters to head on down to the check in area and for the crowd to get whatever refreshments they wanted and to head towards the seating area.

Everyone complied and soon forty people could be seen walking off to the right of the two massive stadiums. These were the respective 36 fighters for this tournament and the four Kai. On one side of the giant area stood the place that was reserved for the Grand Kai and his chair. In front of that stood the two giant rings fro the fighters to fight on. Further behind that stood a room carved into the platform which housed the officials for the tournament. At some point, one official could be walking out carrying a microphone while a couple other officials brought out a giant whiteboard.

This whiteboard was massive and it allowed all the guests up in the seats above to easily look at it, as this whiteboard would soon contain the names of the fighters. The only thing that was currently written on it were Block A and Block B with eighteen branches on each side, indicating that eighteen fighters would be determined for each Block A and Block B.

Unlike the Martial Arts Tournament announcer on planet Earth, this certain announcer appeared to be very different. They were dressed formally, wearing a purple suit and white plants with light brown shoes. They had light green skin, but the one thing that stood out was this person actually had a red mushroom with yellow spots for a head! It was a shame his name was never revealed in the original, so let's just call him Kinoko. Kinoko tapped his mic a couple times to make sure the feedback was fine, before an energetic voice soon resounded in the area. The clamoring of the guests soon died down.

"Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! I sincerely welcome you all to this years' official Other World Tournament!"

Hearing this, the crowd roared once again in excitement. Seeing the excitement build up, Kinoko continued his speech.

"I'm glad to see everyone is riled up, even I'm feeling it! I'll be your announcer, Kinoko. We have prepared something special for this tournament, as this tournament marks the 150th entry since the change our calendar changed into the Solar Calendar! We have brought fighters both home to the Other World and the Realm of the Living together, a huge round of applause for the Grand Kai to make this happen!"

As Kinoko requested applause from the audience for the Grand Kai, the audience complied and gave the loudest cheer they could give. A smile appeared on Kinoko, and he soon proceeded with his next step.

"Excellent. Now let us get right down to it. We will soon be drawing lots for each of the thirty six fighters. Eighteen of them will belong to block A while the other to Block B. We do have two stages prepared but only one block will duke it out each other at one time. Only the top sixteen will advance, so each block will only have eight fighters remaining! With that being said, please give your attention to the Grand Kai. He has some more rules to explain!"

At this point in time, the Grand Kai could now be seen sitting in his formal chair which was hoisted up from the ground, and a couple servants could be seen nearby on standby. Kinoko soon got off the stadium stage and handed Grand Kai the microphone. He could be seen wearing his formal wear as well, who knows when he changed his clothes.

"Did ya'll miss me already? I'll be explainin' the rules for this tournament. Don't ya'll worry too much, cause the rules be pretty simple to boot! If ya'll fall from the ring, start to cry or give up, you automatically forfeit the match. Ya'll can't poke each other in the eyes or hit below the belt, cause that's no fun either! While the inhabitants of the other world are already dead, killing is strictly forbidden, we don't want the guests from the Realm of the Living to die! Don't ya'll worry about being hurt either, the guests are already surrounded by a barrier made of Godly Ki! Unless someone has access to that, it can't be broken, heh, heh!"

The crowd roared once again in cheer after hearing the Grand Kai speak, and felt relieved hearing that they wouldn't be injured once the fighting started. Each fighter appeared to be very strong this time around, and Cooler was probably one of the top fighters. As to whether Cooler would actually kill or not, that had yet to be seen. One thing could be said though, even though he was a frost demon, he doesn't underestimate anyone and is much more mature than his brother, Frieza. Anyway, the Grand Kai, passed the microphone back to Kinoko, and Kinoko proceeded to walk back up on stage, where another couple of officials could be seen nearby the giant whiteboard.

A square pedestal could also be seen in front of it, which contained a simple wooden box with various balls inside. Each ball contained a number, ranging from one to thirty six. Once Kinoko arrived next to the square pedestal, he spoke once again with an energetic voice.

"Everyone, I hope you all are ready! All fighters, please separate into your respective Areas. The Grand Kai had graced us with the order already, so East Kai, please bring your nine fighters up front and we will begin to draw the lots!"

King Kai, West Kai, South Kai and King Kai nodded at Kinoko and soon split off into their respective areas. With the last few tournaments, it was either King Kai or West Kai going first, so with a hearty attitude, the East Kai strove in big strides on stage, with her fighters in tow. She appeared to be very happy going first this time.