Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 81

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 81 78: Nao Elsa Vs Dia Isabella I

A happy East Kai soon strode up in large strides with nine fighters in tow to the stage. The one platform was quite large, and it allowed plenty of space for eighteen fighters to duke it out with each other. Nao had a look at the fighters under East Kai's wing. Most of them he hadn't seen in the original, but two fighters he could point out were obviously Cooler, and it seemed Arqua was with her too.

Arqua was a blue-scaled fishman humanoid and he appeared shy at first, and didn't like to fight. This was only his outward appearance though and turned rather viscous once he summoned his water domain. It didn't take long for the East Area fighters. As to the other seven, he wouldn't know what they did until the actual fighting starts. Kinoko, with his energized voice, soon called each one one by one, and before long nine slots soon filled the whiteboard. Four of the nine fighters entered block A, and the last five entered block B. Cooler ended up with 19 and became the first fighter for Block B.

The Grand Kai didn't want to waste any time so South Kai soon went up with his nine fighters. The mushroom announcer also wanted to not delay any further. Oscar ended up in Block A. Some Wolfkin, and even a butterfly humanoid ended up in block B. Nao also recognized Torbie, who was a red-black shelled beetle humanoid, and he ended up in Block B. However, at this moment in time, Nao's gazed landed on the next two fighters who were going to choose their numbers, and became stunned. Even the announcer started to shake in excitement.

These two had hot pink hair, one was cut rather short and the other flowed down to her waistline. One had light green irises and the other light blue and both of them were wearing white combat dresses. The reason why Nao became shocked upon seeing these two were their tails. They were long, black and slim and had a shape of a space at the tip. 'Am I seeing things, or is that Momo and Lala? How could these two be in the D*Z universe?'

Nao started to ponder these figures as to whether they truly were Momo and Lala, but once he heard the announcer next, it cleared everything up. In a very excited voice, the mushroom announcer

spoke up at these two figures. Even the crowd started to roar the loudest they've ever cheered compared to the start of the tournament.

"L-L-Ladies and gentlemen, my eyes dare not deceive me, the one and only galactic diva is currently here! Miss Belle, dare I ask why you are participating in a martial arts tournament?"

It appeared her cover was finally blown, and the girl with the short pink hair smiled at the announcer. Instead of going toward the box that held the numbered spheres, she immediately went to the announcer, who held their breath once the diva was right in front of him. She then reached out her hand, and Kinoko immediately realized what she was asking for, and passed her the mike. Hearing that her name was Belle, Nao confirmed that these two are probably not Momo and Lala, they just seem to have the same appearance as them.

A happy, cheerful sound came out of the mike once this figure spoke out to the crowd. Hearing this, Nao definitely confirmed her to be that of an idol of sorts.

"Hihi, everyone! That's right, this is your number one galactic diva, Isabella, reporting in! Aren't you all surprised I'm dressed like this? I bet you guys are, hehe!"

Kinoko then decided to conduct a small mock interview of sorts, seeing that the number one idol in the galaxies is currently standing right in front of him. The crowd only got louder and louder, and Nao swore he heard some corny phrases from them that he had to face-palm at.

"Miss Belle, why are you here? Isn't your next tour starting next month? Won't this affect you?"

"I'm currently on break! It is true my next tour is starting soon but I guess it's time to bring the cat out of the bag. I'll let you guys in on a little secret, I hope you guys are ready for it. You see, my family line practices none other than martial arts, and being the only child this generation, they practically drilled this into me! I just happened to pursue my dream of becoming an idol known throughout the galaxies first. You could say this is my first debut of being a martial artist!"

Kinoko, who was handed another mike at some unknown point in time, soon became gobsmacked, and even the crowd turned silent. He lost the strength in his hands the mike to drop onto the ground. This caused some feedback to echo around them for a moment. He soon shook out of his dazed state and immediately picked up the mike again in a hurry. The crowd then once roared again.

"W-W-Well there you have it everyone! Who knew the number one idol in the galaxies practiced martial arts!? I can tell that this tournament will go defintely be one to go down in the books! Miss Belle, it seems you've brought a guest along with you this time, who is this exactly?"

Isabella then turned behind her only to look at the other figure who had long hot pink hair. After some whispering, she then turned back to Kinoko, who ended up in disappointment after hearing her answer.

"I hope you all don't mind me bringing a guest, but she is quite shy. She's Dia, and while we may not be sisters by blood, we've grown up with each other since childhood. I do apologize in advance though, I won't say anything more, teehee!"

"A childhood friend of Miss Belle!? That is definitely a shocker. I thank you for this short interview Miss Belle. The galactic news will definitely be all over this once this tournament is over. Since we invited guests from both realms it will definitely spread like wildfire. Miss Belle, why don't you take Miss Dia and go choose your numbers? We still have over half of the fighters remaining."

Isabella smiled again and walked up to the box containing the numbered spheres. Dia followed shortly after with a nervous and worried look, but as if fate willed it, both of them ended up with number 13 and 14. This caused Dia to sigh in relief, and they both of them ended up being placed in Block A. Following these two, two more ended up in block A, resulting in five being block A and four being in block B.

With this, 18 of the 36 fighters were now written on the whiteboard. Once all of South Kai's fighters exited the stage, King Kai immediately stepped up with his nine. Nao was last in line and he let the other eight go before him. Among the other eight, only Elsa and Olive ended up in Block A, and the rest in Block B. By another twist of fate, Nao ended up with the number one ball, and he too, was placed in block A.

Being placed in the same block as his father, a fight will definitely be inevitable, but with the first round being a battle royale, who knew what the turnout will be? Nao thought he would fight first with Oscar, but it seemed that fate would have something else in store for him.

With King Kai's fighters going up on the whiteboard, the last in turn was West Kai. He went up with a dejected look, as he was the last one to go. With Nao back on the ground nearby, he soon spotted Paikuhan and another familiar face from the original, Tapkar. The other seven he was unfamiliar with, but the West Kai had brought along a couple mermaids, a couple small cat-like figures that appeared similar to that of the mythical beast, Carbuncle, only with one having red fur and the other, black fur. Even a giant was among the fighters. It didn't take long for them to choose the remaining nine balls.

In the end Paikuhan was the last one to choose. West Kai's result ended up having six fighters placed in Block A, and three fighters in Block B. All the fighters have now been allocated into both blocks, and thirty six names could now be seen on the whiteboard. Eighteen names were circled together, which consisted of Block A, and the same for Block B. Further up the whiteboard, the traditional bracket of the top sixteen could be seen, but each branch was currently blank. This would be determined once the preliminary round ended. Kinoko then decided to wrap it up.

"I thank you all for not causing a fuss! Everyone, the fighters have now been allocated! Grand Kai, do you have any words to say before we give the fighters a short break to warm up?"

After Kinoko asked the Grand Kai, he saw him shake his head. He did not have anything else to say.

"Great! With that being said, we will now give fighters twenty minutes to warm up. Once these twenty minutes are over, please proceed to the stage immediately. Besides the rules the Grand Kai laid out for us, everything else is A-OK!"

With one last cheer, the crowd soon started to die down again and they either got up to go get something, or started to talk among themselves. The fighters then split off into Group A and Group B sections off to the sides of the two stages.

Once the two split off, disappointment streaked across Sayuri's face. She ended up being placed in Block B so she would not be with Nao during the preliminaries. Nao, Elsa, and Oscar then split off from the other fifteen into their own small group. Nao saw Dia and Isabella also go off into their own little world. The remaining 13 too split into their own group of twos and threes.

Seeing everyone split off like this made sense, as anything could happen in a battle royale. Forming teams early on was one of the best strategies against others in a fight like this. Nao then looked back at his father, only to see him laugh.

"Haha, Nao I didn't think we'd end up together like this. While I'd love to fight you right off the bat, it'd be better for the three of us to form a team right? I have no idea what the others are like, but it seems that Missy over there has quite the reputation."

Hearing this, Nao nodded in approval.

"I do say that's for the best, Father. we only need to eliminate 10 to move onto the next round. I'm interested in fighting those two specifically."

"But Nao, that's the number one idol in all the galaxies! Even I'm a huge fan of hers. If you kick her out of the preliminaries, you'll definitely incur everyone's wrath!"

At this time, Elsa spoke up with a worried expression.

"She's that famous? I wasn't even aware that there existed galactic idols in the first place. But idol or not, she is here to fight, not perform. I'm mainly here to further develop my combat techniques. Speaking of that, how are you coming along, Father?"

"I guess now is a good time to say it. Son, you remember I've previously stated I've been seriously for these last five years, right?"

"Yeah, you brought that up last night. I still remember it clearly."

"Good. That makes the next part simple then. You see during this training I've managed to unlock a new state us Saiyans can achieve!"

"A new state...? Wait, Father, are you referring to that?"

"Gahaha! Looks like nothing goes past by you Nao. You see, I deeply regretted dying back then, causing your mother such an emotional trauma. The South Kai took pity on me, seeing how righteous my soul was. You probably find that weird too, don't you?"

"With the recent activities, not really. Plus I also dug up some history on our ancestors as well. As I recall, back on our home world, Planet Sadala, we had two factions, the righteous and evil Saiyans, right?"

"I didn't think you'd reach that point, son. That's right. Well, to put it simply, our family line derives from one of the strongest powerhouses of the righteous faction back when we were still on Planet Sadala. Each side hated each other to the bone, enough to where they would swear eternal damnation to one another. Our righteous faction had an end to this but we did not expect the evil faction to actually blow up the planet, causing us both to nearly be wiped out of existence."

"It did mention that Planet Sadala did blow up due to an internal strife in hour history records, what happened exactly, Father?"

"Before I go about this, Nao, you remember our legend right?"

"Of course, how could I not know about the legend of the Super Saiyan? They were quite common back then!"

"That's right. I'll say it now, I finally managed to achieve Super Saiyan, but it wasn't easy. That trauma I caused to your mother became an emotional trigger for me, a very deep sadness. It even reached the point to questioning why I received an exception to keep my physical body in the Other World, and I even attempted to end it all right there. Thankfully, with South Kai's help, I managed to pull through and through this deep sadness, I became a Super Saiyan. While it is most common to transform via extreme hatred, we are able to transform regardless as long as one is triggered by some sort of extreme negative emotion."

Nao was not expecting Oscar to drop a bombshell like this to him, right before the start of the preliminaries. Even Elsa was shocked to hear about this from Oscar, as he always used to appear very cheerful and easygoing when he visited her planet twenty years ago. Thankfully Nao kept a cool head and the three were talking rather quietly, so the other fighters couldn't hear this. He was not expecting to hear that his father actually attempted to end his own life, but to not raise any suspicions, Nao decided to continue the conversation.

"Father...I'm not sure how to respond to that...are you feeling fine now?"

Hearing this warmed Oscar's heart a bit, seeing his son worried on his behalf. He then laughed again once more.

"Gahaha! You don't need to worry about me, Nao. I managed to stand back on my own two feet. Thanks to South Kai's training facilities, I've been busy these last five years. I didn't want to get all sappy with this, but the main point of this story was that your great grandfather participated in a certain ceremony back on Planet Sadala. Nao, are you aware there exists another legend, one beyond the Super Saiyan?"