Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 82

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 82 79: Nao Elsa Vs Dia Isabella Ii

"Nao, your great grandfather participated in a certain ceremony back on Planet Sadala. Are you aware there exists another legend, one beyond the Super Saiyan?"

Nao remained silent for a moment after hearing this. While the legend of the Super Saiyan was far more common and was literally passed down as a folk tale to children from a young age onward, the legend of the Super Saiyan God was lost through time, and the only record of it remained in the Namekian Book of Legends. Oscar was probably referring to this, so Nao decided to not raise any suspicions to him, even if he was his father, and shook his head, denying that he knew it.

"Thought so. Looks like your mother hadn't spoken about this to you yet. Well, back at our home world, we Saiyans were split into the righteous and evil factions as I've mentioned previously. The righteous faction consisted of six main houses, Your great grandfather was the head at the time when this ceremony was performed. Our five houses served the main house, which at that time, was lead by a Saiyan named Yamoshi. During the final war, we did succeed in the ceremony, which granted a strength much higher than that of our Super Saiyan state."

Nao nodded in confirmation. He was enjoying listening to the story of the Super Saiyan God being told right before him. Even though he knew how it went down, he found it really surprising that his Father actually knew of it. What Nao didn't know, which even made him more shocked, was that his family line was actually one of the six Saiyans that participated in that holy ceremony! The details of this ceremony weren't available in the current Saiyan history records. As to how Frieza got a whiff of this legend, who knew what sources he had.

"Father, what is this strength beyond that of a Super Saiyan? Is it really that incredible?"

"Gahaha, it definitely is, Nao! Our Super Saiyan state is just the first step. We call this next transformation, the Super Saiyan God. Once this ceremony was performed, even the heavens made way, calling down its godly power, only for it to be absorbed by Yamoshi. Even Yamoshi, the head of our six houses, couldn't fully control this power, and during a point of weakness, those evil Saiyans struck back, and ended up blowing up the planet in the process and most of the Saiyans around them. The six righteous houses perished right then and there. Thankfully, among the last three thousand or so that managed to flee the planet during its destruction, my father and his wife happened to be among them. We were able to settle down in the house you grew up in."


Oscar became giddy seeing how his son reacted to this story. The shock Nao showed was mainly from how his family was fitted into this story. It appeared Nao had quite the backing, even if most of his family was killed off. It suddenly clicked to Nao as to why he was born in the elite class district, and now it all made sense to him. However, before Nao could say anything else, Oscar decided to conclude the story there.

"Son, you don't have to say anything for now. I just wanted to let you know of our family background. If we happen to fight each other in the preliminary round, I just wanted you to know who exactly you would be going up against, gahaha!"

Hearing another hearty laugh from Oscar, Nao soon snapped out of his daze, and just smiled back at him. Elsa, on the other hand, experienced a flurry of emotions as she listened to this story, and remained in a daze.

"Thank you for telling this, Father. I do feel that deep inside me I still have power locked away, untapped. If we have time later, I'd love to tell you about it. Hearing that name Yamoshi, I felt a strange resonance deep inside."

"Resonance, huh? You do have that white hair and golden tail of yours too. Us Saiyans do grow stronger with each passing generation, perhaps you have what it takes to achieve Super Saiyan God!"

"We'll see, Father. Besides, I feel I'm not that far off from Super Saiyan either. On top of honing my combat techniques, achieving this was another goal of mine."

"Oh? How close would you say?"

"If I had to make an accurate guess, probably 70%? It just feels I'm lacking that final push."

"Final push? You probably haven't received a strong surge of a negative emotion then. If you'd like, your old man here could give you a beat down of your life, gahaha!"

Nao saw Oscar grin and he shuddered for a moment. His life thus far has been relatively easygoing. He'd only had one life and death battle with Hatchiyack, and his sparring.

If he were beaten down into the ground by his Father, he wouldn't know what the outcome was to be, especially since Oscar said he managed to achieve Super Saiyan. His parents in his first life doted on him greatly, and he rarely, if even not at all, fought with them. The main cause of that was his mother couldn't conceive any children of her own.

Before he could think of what to say next, he suddenly heard the announcer's voice.

"That's it, everyone! Twenty minutes have passed. Block A fighters, please proceed to the stage immediately."

Hearing this Nao and Oscar had one final look at each other. Nao then looked at Elsa, who still appeared dazed. He then placed his hand on one of her shoulders to try and get her to snap out of it, and a cold shiver immediately went up her spine, snapping her back into reality.


Elsa wasn't expecting someone to touch her. She then had a quick look at her surroundings, only to see the other fifteen fighters walking toward the two extremely large fighting platforms. She then looked at Nao and Oscar, only to see Nao placing his hand on her shoulder. Nao spoke up before she could say anything.

"Are you okay, Elsa? You've been spacing out for a while now. We need to head on stage. The fighting is about to begin."

"I-I'm fine, Nao. Has twenty minutes passed already? I was just engrossed in the story of you two..."

"We can save the rest for later, Elsa. But now, it's time to fight. I've already picked out two opponents. Would you be interested in joining in?"

Hearing that Nao invited Elsa to fight alongside him, a smile bloomed on her face. His sister had accepted Elsa, and hearing this, she felt that Nao had accepted her as well. Elsa was a little troubled by this since she had a good relationship with Oscar, but now she will belong to his son in the future. She nodded, and the three soon joined the other fifteen fighters.

She still had one worry regarding the story she heard. She looked st Nao worriedly for a brief moment, but after concluding her thoughts, it caused her to blush a bit. 'I wonder which one is worse, a genocide of one's race, or an internal conflict resulting in the planet's destruction...? Both of us had some type of tragic event in our lives...Guess that makes us two peas in a pod?'

This was to be saved for later, and Elsa's vision soon saw two very large fighting rings in front of her. Eighteen fighters could comfortably fight on one of the two without any issue. As to why there were two, well the Grand Kai was going to explain that next. At some unknown point in time, Kinoko passed his mike to him.

"Heh, heh, welcome to the prelims y'all! Hope Y'all had enough warmin' up. As y'all can see, there are two rings here. Both of them are open to y'all. Nine of you can fight on one, and the other as well. Y'all can even mix and match, I don't give a damn! With that said, let the prelims, begin!"

Grand Kai then brought out an ancient looking bronze medal gong, and struck it, causing a large ding to resound in the area. The closest nine fighters stayed in place whereas the farthest nine, including Rei, Olive, and Shi, made their way to the other ring.

Oscar also headed towards the other ring, and Nao wondered why he did that. 'Guess we'll save our fight for later then, huh?', Nao thought. This left Nao and Elsa alone with seven other fighters. The remaining seven split into two groups of two, and one group of three.

One of the group of two immediately started to clash with each other. The other group of two was none other than Dia and Isabella. Both of them entered a unique fighting stance but Nao saw that Dia was clearly nervous, probably waiting for anyone to strike against them.

Before Nao and Elsa could make their way toward Dia and Isabella, one of the figures suddenly moved within the other group of three. This figure was rather small, a little over four feet tall. They had beautiful blue skin with black spots scattered on it. The black spots were more prevalent on its head. Coupled with webbed hands and feet, a long oak-like wooden composite bow strung over its small back. This figure was equivalent to that of a blue spotted poison dart frog.

This figure immediately flew overcast and overlooked the others. Nao immediately saw the sac beneath its chin start to expand, only to follow with a voice coming out of their mouth.

"Let's liven things up now, shall we? Ribbit."

The humanoid frog then opened its mouth, shooting out tons of a dark blue liquid-like substance. This forced everyone to take flight. Only moments passed before one of the two rings was completely covered in poison.

Seeing this, the frog nodded happily. He then flew several meters away and took out his longbow. A moment later, He activated a dark blue aura, only to have a purple arrow congeal itself into the middle of the bow's notch. As he shot the first arrow, it struck against the other two figures who dodged it easily. However, immediately after, more arrows started to rapidly form and he started his rapid firing at the remaining two.

Seeing a battle take place already, Nao had no time to lose. He activated his pale white aura, and the temperature around the stage started to drop. Nao lifted his right hand in the air, taking aim at Isabella. It didn't take long before a white Ki blast formed in Nao's palm that started to freeze over. He then shot it at Isabella.

"Dark Ice Blast!"

His ice blast struck against Isabella, who tried to block against it with her arm. It immediately started to frost over, causing her to frown and wince in pain, clutching her arm. Seeing this, one cheer soon resounded from the crowd, and Nao heard a very familiar voice.

"Kick that idol's ass, brother!"

He had no time to look at the crowd as he immediately flew toward the two. Elsa followed behind him. However, just as the four were about to engage in combat, they heard a flurry of curses from the crowd, as they became enraged upon hearing Miya's remark.