Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 83

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 83 80 Nao Elsa Vs Dia Isabella Iii

A string of curses and jeers immediately followed from the crowd after Miya called out the number one idol in the galaxies like that.

"F*ck you!"

"Don't you dare diss Miss Belle like that, you can go to hell!"

"Miss Belle, kick that white haired kid's ass into the ground!"

Hearing this almost caused Nao to stumble over, but he managed to stay in place. He was able to catch Isabella off guard, she only managed to brace for the incoming Ki blast. It mainly hit her arm, which started to frost over, and she winced her eyes in pain, clutching her arm at the same time. The front of her arm also started to frost over, and a chill began to spread out internally in her body. It wouldn't be long till it became frostbitten, unless it was treated. Isabella then looked up, only to see a white haired child about a foot smaller than her no further than several meters away, She also saw a sky blue haired elf floating next to him.

No one in the first of the two fighter blocks could stand on the ground any longer, as the humanoid blue frog sprayed poison everywhere on it just moments ago. If one were to look closely, pale blue poison mist started to creep up from the ground, and it did not seem to stop. Thankfully the sky was their limit, and the Grand Kai gave plenty of space in it for fighters to fight freely.

However, each fighter still had to be careful not to get into contact with this mist. Poison dart frogs were known to be one of the most deadliest creatures on the planet in Nao's previous life, and it was probably safe to assume that here as well. Thankfully this poison didn't erode the ring, as it was protected by Grand Kai's Ki. It was still considered a mortal poison.

As Isabella looked at Elsa, she saw Elsa start to silently chant. A sky blue aura soon surrounded her, and then Elsa extended out her right hand. Her hand soon formed into an upward fist, allowing something to be grasped within. A second later, a shaft with a curved grip soon appeared. A thin blade then extended out from it, little over a meter long. The tip of the blade, as well as the blade's handle was dark blue, and the blade itself was sky blue.

Nao had a quick glance at Elsa, only to see a Ki weapon form in her hand, causing him to be quite surprised. Ki Weapons were always fascinating to Nao. Super Vegito's Ki blade, Rose's Ki sword, Trunks two-handed Ki sword, any of them really. To be honest, he also was interested in creating one, but he hadn't a clue which weapon type suited him best. He saw Elsa create a sky blue Ki rapier, and earlier, he saw the humanoid frog create purple poison Ki arrows. He would defintely have to research this at a later point.

Isabella blinked once during this moment before she could compose herself, and she then saw Nao vanish from Elsa's side. Using Vanish, Nao immediately re-appeared right in front Isabella. He swung his right fist forward, and struck against her gut, causing a loud impact to resound in the area. Thankfully Isabella had a light meal earlier in the morning, otherwise she would have regurgitated most of it from this strike. Some blood also sprayed out of her mouth, as she flew backwards. It took her a while but she stabilized herself once she entered the second ring.

Feeling a metal taste in her mouth, Isabella looked down, only to see a stream of blood trickling down the side of her lips. She proceeded to wipe the blood away, and it ended up staining her hand in red. She then gazed seriously at Nao, who was currently hovering in the sky, looking directly at her calmly. She then flew back, only to be a few meters away.

"Tch, you're an eager one aren't ya? Hehe, that doesn't matter to me, this is exactly what I wanted in the first place. A proper battle where one disregards their status, and this place is perfect for it! I wasn't expecting to reveal my true strength this early, but you just had to force my hand, kid. Come forth, my heat crystal armor!"

All of a sudden, Isabella cried forth, and a hissing sound soon spread out around Nao, Elsa, Isabella and Dia. Nao saw Dia's eyes start to sparkle as she watched Isabella reveal her trump card early. Nao also found this hissing sound very similar, to the point where he could match this sound to the hissing sound of Majin Buu's ball, when its seal was being broken. The hissing from Isabella was also erratic.

Isabella was soon covered in pink gem-like crystals from head to toe. Each gem was at least a few inches wide and they were really beautiful to look at. The hissing soon converged into a pink aura that covered her whole body. The gems even covered her black spade shape tail, and left a small opening at the tip of it. Nao raised his eyebrows seeing Isabella's new form. Her appearance now was akin to that of a a metal dragon, only covered in gems instead of metal, while missing the horns. Nao also sensed her Ki skyrocket through the roof, and was quite higher than his base power.

Her form also caused other fighters to curiously gaze toward her direction, while also earning several gasps and shock from the audience. Nao also had his Great Ape form he could use, but in a tournament such as this, he'd rather refrain from using it if possible. 'Guess it's time to use Kaioken, huh?', Nao thought. His body could now safely handle up to Kaioken x10, and for short periods of time, x15. He would only have a few moments to burst through if he activated x20, before it tore down his body.

And strangely enough, the moment the pink gems covered Isabella's body, he felt a strong heat being produced, and it immediately evaporated the frost that covered her arm. Her skin also turned pink as a result. At this time, in order for Isabella to complete her transformation, Dia vanished and reappeared beside her. Her tail then twitched around, before it pointed at Nao. It shone with a yellow light, and a yellow Ki beam about half a foot wide shot out of it. 'Shit, they really do have similar techniques to Momo and Lala,' Nao, inwardly cursed at himself.

To see now strong Dia was, Nao decided to take this attack on. However, he did not anticipate Elsa to vanish and reappear right before Nao. Elsa then raised her rapier up high, and as soon as the yellow Ki beam was within inches of Elsa, sky blue aura flashed from her sword, and she struck down vertically. The sky blue aura cut straight through the yellow Ki beam, and as soon as it reached the end of it, her Ki dispersed. Both attacks canceled each other out. She then harrumphed at the two.

"Hmph, am I dead weight to you two? Nao, I'll go take care of Dia. You can enjoy your fight with Isabella, you're anticipating it, aren't you?"

"Thank you, Elsa. I won't interfere unless if it turns dire."

Elsa nodded and smiled. She then saw Nao used Vanish, and he reappeared in front of Isabella. Elsa did the same, only to in front of Dia. Isabella seemed to be healed from Nao's strike to the gut from earlier, as the blood had already evaporated from the heat Isabella was currently producing. During this time, the gems finished covering Isabella's body and her transformation was complete. The four continued to stare at each other for a few seconds as her gem clad tail swerved around. Nao used this time to speak up once again.

"This heat you're releasing is quite strong, but it's not like you're the only one capable of producing it!"

"Hehe, are you sure it can match my heat? I've shown mine, let's see what you have in the bag!"

"Let's heat things up even further! Kaioken!"

As Nao's ice element was still in the [Basic] stage, he decided to turn this aura off before he cycled his Ki to activate Kaioken. While a white and red aura would indeed look cool, the heat produced by the active molecules in his body would likely evaporate any frost he would currently produce. He saw how quickly it evaporated off Isabella's arm, so he paid no heed to it.

Nao's blood started pumping like crazy, and he started to immediately feel flushed. His muscles to started contort and expand a bit as well, and before long his whole skin became pinkish red. His body then started to constantly produce white steam as a pinkish red aura enveloped him. He felt his Ki rising rapidly, and he decided to activate x5 Kaioken, which bumped his 57.5M BP all the way to 287.5M.

Once his Ki reached this level, he sensed Isabella's Ki again, and his now felt relatively higher than hers. Nao could estimate hers to be around 225M. This could be seen as a big difference, but in the long run, it really wasn't, seeing how high BP became further down the original story. Seeing a race unknown to him having such a battle power surprised him quite a bit.

Nao could use [Rebirth] to detect BP but he would rather rely on himself first before resorting to this system. He also had more ideas in mind to make [Rebirth] much more simplistic. This system was meant to help Nao's growth as he traversed the multiverse, and if he wanted the system to remove functions like what had happened in the last upgrade to make it more simplistic, [Rebirth] would comply to Nao's wishes.

Isabella's eyes laid upon Nao. While he did not have much of a bodily transformation like she did, she could feel strong heat similar to hers being produced off his body. He was now surrounded in a pinkish-red aura, and it was darker than hers, as hers was just pink. Seeing this, she smiled inwardly, not looking to underestimate this child. What Nao didn't know was that both Isabella and Dia had one more secret trump card, and if Nao and Elsa forced the two into a corner, they would be forced to use it!