Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 84

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 84 81: Nao Elsa Vs Dia Isabella Iv

Isabella had activated her heat crystal armor, transforming her into a metallic hornless dragon. With her outward s.e.xy appeal thanks to being the number one idol in the galaxies, and slim spade-shaped tail, she appeared to be a succubus at first glance, but perhaps her race actually belonged to that of a race of dragons. Nao had also activated his Kaioken, increasing his base battle power by five.

Once Nao's battle power finished increasing, Isabella felt pressure radiating off of him. Even King Kai, who was watching from the sides, let out a rare smile, seeing his student activate Kaioken for the first time in battle. He had rarely activated it when he was being taught by him. King Kai was quite surprised that he went straight to Kaioken x5. He could tell quite easily, as the darker the pinkish-red became, the more power the technique released. At the later stages of the technique, the aura would turn from pinkish-red into a dark red.

Besides Nao, Isabella, Elsa, and Dia, the other group of two and three, which included the humanoid frog, had to back away thanks to the intense heat the Nao and Isabella were currently releasing. After backing off several meters away, those five resumed fighting.

Elsa took this opportunity to silently chant again. Seeing this, Dia soon took out a fancy metallic silver handle or sorts from her purple ring that she was wearing on her left index finger. It appeared this ring worked similar to that of a space ring. This wasn't surprising for Nao after he saw this, as in this life, there were races that were far more technologically advanced than in his previous life, it was bound to have such equipment.

Dia then flared up her pink aura. Her whole body became covered in pink aura, before it started to converge at the handle she had taken out. Having a closer look at this handle, it actually appeared to be a hilt of a sword! The blade was nowhere to be seen, but as the pink aura started to creep upon the hilt, the Ki soon formed into a blade of a sword about one and a half foot long. It became a one handed pink Ki Sword.

Dia shifted her right leg backward, pointing her Ki sword at an angle toward Elsa. Instead of taking the initiative, she decided to wait and see what Elsa was currently doing. A few seconds passed and Elsa finished her chant. Elsa's sky blue aura became illuminated for a brief moment, before it scattered into very small droplets.

There were only several tens of droplets around the sides of Elsa's body, but each one was infused with Elsa's mystic art that was passed down through generations of her family. Thanks to the Saiyans' massacre twenty years ago, only she remained alive among the children the current royal family has. Thankfully Elsa was a princess, instead of a prince, as Eloysians had a matriarchal society.

Her Ki Rapier was also passed down through the royal family as well. Only until one could form the weapon, could they further progress in the mystic arts. Most of the arts emphasized either the water element or the speed of a rapier. Seeing water droplets form around Elsa, Nao wondered if they would turn into fast Ki bullets once she moved.

Sure enough, as Dia was embracing a defensive stance against Elsa's attack, the water droplets soon started to spin rapidly in place. This caused a white mist to form around Elsa, and she started to do a running motion toward Dia. Even though this appeared to be a running motion, Elsa's figure immediately vanished and reappeared at random intervals. Dia try to timed this but as soon as she saw Elsa appear in front of her, she slashed out.

Unfortunately for Dia, she felt her attack didn't connect, and soon saw Elsa's figure vanish in front of her. As if the water droplets had a mind of their own, each one vanished from sight after forming small needle-like shape bullets, and fiercely struck against Dia's body. Each impact caused Dia to stagger and it didn't take long for several cuts and shreds to appear on her clothes. Each would then had blood seep out of it. To top it off, she felt one last large impact strike against the center of her chest.

Feeling the wind taken out of her, Dia coughed up a large amount of blood, The blood slowly trickled its way down onto the ring, and as soon as it struck the poison, it became a darker color. Dia started to struggle trying to not topple over. It didn't take long before she started to lose energy in her legs and started fall down. Seeing her sister start falling down in the air above the ring, Isabella, who was still waiting for Nao to move, cried out to her, and tried to rush forward.


However, before Isabelle could move very far, Nao used Vanish and appeared right in front of her, folding his arms over his chest.

"You'd really think I'd let you go assist her?"

"Move out of my way!"

Seeing that brute force was her only option to move forward, she decided to swoop in with her left fist, clad in pink gems, intending to blow Nao out of the way. Nao flared his aura up a bit, and decided to counter her fist with his own, and struck out with his right fist. He felt his fist becoming warmer as soon as it reached Isabella's, causing some sort of friction between the two. HISSSSS!

As soon as the two heated fists met each other, Nao was expecting a large bang, but instead a large hissing sound resounded in the two rings. This immediately caught the audience's attention, as in the first ring, they immediately saw huge blast of white heat spread off in all directions. This only lasted for a second, but they soon heard a sharp cry after. The pink gems on Isabella's skin started to very slightly crack after that first exchange of blows!


Isabella felt a large impact course through her internally, starting from her fist. It was enough to shake her core, and she ended up being blasted back several feet, while Nao didn't budge. Once the gems started to crack, blood started to pour out of her fist. This caused Isabella's other hand to clutch it, while feeling intense pain on her fist. She then glared back at Nao. Nao didn't give an opportunity for Isabella to recover, and immediately used Vanish again...

Meanwhile, Dia fell several feet down but was still ten or twenty feet above the ring's platform. She slowly started to regain energy in her feet, and managed to stop the descent. Elsa had long vanished from her previous spot and while Dia was trying to catch her breath, she suddenly felt a grip latch onto the front of her clothes, close to her neck. Elsa's figure then reappeared, and hoisted Dia on up above Elsa's head.

"You're not much of a fighter, are you? Why exactly are you here?"

Still feeling groggy from the amount of blood she lost, her vision tried to regain clarity. Her vision remained hazy, but she still heard Elsa's voice.

"I-I know I'm not great of a fighter like my sister is...cough...cough...but she still invited me here. I don't want to disappoint her!"

"Disappoint her? Have you seen your appearance now? What could you possibly do at this point? I don't like to cause any more injuries than what's necessary, you'd best disqualify yourself and step off the ring!"

"I-I won't back down from this! I'll keep struggling until I managed to join forces with sister again!"

"You know, your sister isn't looking too great either, why don't you have a look yourself?"


At this time, Elsa tossed Dia aside, allowing to catch her footing in the air. Ignoring Elsa, her vision soon regained clarity, and saw a white haired kid standing several feet away from Isabella. Dia saw Isabella in an exhausted state, clutching her bleeding left fist. Distraught soon appeared on Dia's face, but Isabella sensed her gaze. She smiled bitterly, and decided to yell out to her. Her voice even began to mesmerize the audience a bit. All this while, Kinoko, who was supposed to be riling up the audience detailing on how the battles were going, was stuck in place, stupefied.

"Dia, do you remember what I gave you before the start of the tournament? Bring it out of your ring! Don't ask where I got it. I wasn't expecting to use things this earlier, but my expectations were blown away!"

"S-sister...are you sure its safe to use these?"

"Worry about the consequences later, Dia! It's time for the two of us to become one!"

Hearing this, Nao's sight landed on Isabella once again, as he watched the exchange between Isabella and Dia. 'For two to become one...they can't be referring to fusion...are they?'. Nao's mind started to churn as fighting came to a momentary halt. Immediately following that, Dia activated her purple ring, which was the same as Isabella's, also located on her index finger. Out came a unique light yellow earring. Nao's eyes turned wide seeing this. 'How the hell do these two have Potara earrings!?'

Just as Dia and Isabella was about to put their earring on their left and right ear respectively...

Deep in unknown space, unknown amount of light years away. A childlike laughter could be heard in an isolated space travelling far far faster than the speed of light. Using Whis's travelling method, both him and Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, could be seen. Whis was currently in place with his angel staff held in his right hand.

On the other hand, Chronoa was currently rolling on the isolated ground, laughing. A giant blue screen panel hovered above their heads a few feet away. This panel was showing none other than the Other World Martial Arts Tournament being hosted on the Grand Kai's planet! Upon a closer look, it currently showed Nao's wide eyed face as he continued to look at the Potara earrings in Dia's and Isabella's hands. This is what caused Chronoa to start rolling on the floor.

"Chronoa, you're going to hurt your stomach if you keep laughing like that."

"Haha, but I just can't get enough of his stupid look, Whis! I was angry earlier seeing what he did to my disciple, but now it seems the tables have been turned. Its not like everything can always go his way, don't you agree?"

"Ohohoho, well, everyone experiences some sort of struggles in their lives regardless of what it is. Still, this boy has grown quite a bit of power for a mortal. I know our Universe is on the lower side in terms of the Power Scale compared to the other eleven, but it won't be long for this boy to reach the top. Are you looking forward to meeting to him, Chronoa?"

"Of course I am! We were quite fruitful back at the Sacred World of the Kais. The dying Origin Tree even provided with such a new opportunity that even I have hopes for this Universe again! After the Grand Supreme Kai and my fellow brothers and sisters perished to that demon Majin Buu, I fell into despair for quite a long time. Now that I think about it, it's really only me, that old coot, and Shin left, isn't it?"

"That seems to be the case, Chronoa. You know, you could've met that geezer back at the Sacred World of the Kai, why didn't you?"

"Eh? The old coot really was back there? My attention was too focused on the dying Origin Tree so my mind didn't wander anywhere else. Where the heck on that planet was he then?"

"Ohohoho, you don't know what happened, do you Chronoa?"

"Did something happen to that old coot, Whis?"

"Yes. Several hundred thousands years since you came into existence and had gotten familiar with Old Kai, he, along with myself, and Lord Beerus attended our coordination meeting with the other galaxies. The Old Kai ended up enraging Beerus enough to make him a laughingstock of the other Gods of Destruction that year, and after destroying several hundred planets on the way back, he ended up sealing Old Kai in the Z-Sword, now placed on a stone pedestal in the Sacred World of the Kai."