Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 85

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 85 82: Isabella's Identity Potara Fusion?

"At the Coordination Meeting with the other eleven Universes that year, the Old Kai enraged Lord Beerus so much that he became a laughingstock of the other Gods of Destruction. Thanks to that, Lord Beerus ended up sealing the Old Kai into the Z-Sword back at the Sacred World of the Kai. According to the Divine Calendar, this happened about 75 Million years ago, roughly a few hundred thousand years after you first came into being, Chronoa. Would you like to see how it happened?"

At this time, Chronoa, who had finished laughing at the screen, which showed Nao's wide eyed image, she once again burst into another laughter, trying to hold in her stomach. Whis could only sigh seeing this. Thankfully he was an expert with his technique used to travel, so he could divert plenty of attention to other things while maintaining the technique.

"Lady Chronoa, that isn't the proper way one of the last few living Supreme Kai like yourself should be acting right now, is it? Ohohohoho."

Hearing this, Chronoa, who was rolling over the the platform of the sealed space Whis created as they traveled through the Universe, suddenly came to a halt. Chronoa then sat upright, taking in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

"I apologize for having you see that, Whis. To be honest, it doesn't matter what happened to him, perhaps being sealed in the Z-Sword did him a favor, since that old coot managed to avoid Majin Buu's rampage. He also did mention that an old witch sneaked up behind him stealing one of his Potara earrings, only to fuse with him in the end. Perhaps his perverted nature showed at that Meeting? I'd love to see it but we don't got much time till we arrive, right?"

"Yes, we should be arriving at Lord Beerus's planet within the next thirty minutes. I have a feeling he is going to be waking up again soon. Besides, Lord Beerus had scheduled a banquet with one of the mortal's planets, Planet Vegeta, in two months time. Lady Chronoa, you won't have to wait much longer to finally meet the boy. Do you have everything prepared?"

"I sure do! It'll be his decision in the end as to whether he wants to join the Time Patrollers or not. Regardless, he will still receive a Time Ring. I do hope he'll accept this other gift from me as well which we were able to scavenge from the Origin Tree. I want this little guy to experience living the life of a mortal, before advancing onward in becoming a Kai, just like I did."

"Ohohoho, whatever you wish, Lady Chronoa. You know we angels are impartial. Regardless of the decisions you make as a Supreme Kai, I won't be able to interfere, even if it leads to the path of destruction. You must be prepared for the consequences."

"Yes. You even said it yourself right, Whis? It won't be long until this kid becomes the top mortal of this Universe. I'm sure this little guy will be safe in his hands! By the time this little guy comes into being, he'd probably have started a family with that Fiance of his already. Once we meet, I definitely need to smack him at least once for hurting my cute disciple like that."

Hearing this, Whis only smiled back at Chronoa. He then turned his head back to the blue panel floating above the pair, and grasped his chin with his left hand. The panel blurred a bit, before it showed Isabella, who was currently putting on the Potara earring onto her right ear.

"Still, I didn't think you would be teaching a Gemmed Dragon. Last time I recall, their race went extinct from being hunted, as their bodies contained very precious materials for extremely high grade crafting."

"Hehe, yes. I managed to locate a surviving family line a while back and brought them to a relatively secluded planet, Planet Nem. Isabella's bloodline isn't pure unlike her ancestors though, seeing that she has the Nems' spade-shaped tail. Regardless, she managed to achieve her dream and even became best friends with the current generations' first princess. Seeing the reactions of the crowd, it seems enough time has passed to where they don't remember that race. I'm really thankful for that."

Whis smiled again at Chronoa, before waving lifting his left hand up in the air toward the blue panel. Sliding it to the right, the blue panel vanished in front of the two. He then saw Chronoa stand back up. Her view changed to a small inverted purple pyramid with a giant massive dead tree on top of it floating around several moons in a sunset-like image. They were about to arrive at Beerus's Planet.

"Lady Chronoa, we will be arriving At Lord Beerus's planet in just a couple minutes. We will still have two months of time on our hands. Are you planning to do anything else?"

"Not really. I mainly plan to stay here until the three of us are ready to depart for that mortal's home planet. Planet Vegeta as you recall? Ugh, just saying that name puts a bad taste in my mouth, why did they let their ruler name the planet after his name? Anyways, let's head down immediately so we can resume watching the tournament!"

In a blink of an eye, a ray of light soon struck down on the outskirts leading to the great tree that lead into Beerus's Palace. A sole wooden table could be seen next to a pristine clear lake that had various amounts of fish races unknown to man gleefully jumping in and out of the water as if they didn't have a care in a world. Whis and the Supreme Kai of Time made their way to the wooden table. With a snap of Whis's left fingers, the same blue panel that they were watching previously once again appeared above their heads, and it floated toward the pristine lake, which allowed them to have a great background view.

Whis snapped his fingers once again, and a fancy tea set ready for two people appeared, hovering in front of Whis. A strong aroma soon struck the Supreme Kai of Time, and her heart soon became calm. Her eyes lit up seeing an immediate effect.

"You really know how to please someone, Whis! This tea smells fantastic. I'm already feeling serene just from getting a taste of its aroma. A perfect time for watching the tournament unfold!"

The Supreme Kai of Time immediately took her tea cup and sat down. Whis joined her standing at the side of the table with a tea cup in his hands as well. The two of them looked upward, only to see the blue panel several feet in front of them soon blur a bit, before revealing an image. It no longer showed Isabella and Dia, but one fighter replacing them instead...

Meanwhile, back at Grand Kai's Planet, a much more shocking scene was currently unfolding for Nao, Elsa and the watching audience and fighters respectively. Isabella only took a put on a Potara earring on her right ear, and Dia followed suit and put the other one on her left ear. Both earrings were hiding in their spatial rings, thankfully the Grand Kai allowed the use of equipment this time around or otherwise these two wouldn't have been able to fuse.

An immediate reaction started to happen once the two earrings were put on, and they started to shine a bright yellow. Seeing this even caused the Grand Kai to stand up from his chair, and a reminiscing look appeared on his face.

'Yellow Potara earrings...heh, heh, so you're really out there, Lady Chronoa...? Could it be that you're watching this tournament from another place?'

Once a Kai put on their set of Potara earrings, that set would remain with them for life, and colors typically were random. Once he saw the yellow Potara earrings, he could immediately recognize its origin, and Chronoa was perhaps the only living Supreme Kai left that could be counted as the Grand Kai's senior. It really was a shame that most of them perished during Majin Buu's rampage millions of years ago.

Once the earrings started to shine a bright yellow, Isabelle and Dia soon lost control of their bodies. A second later, Isabella flew right while Dia flew left and only a moment passed before their chests touched each other. Dia's body started to heat up rapidly thanks to Isabella's heat crystal armor but for some reason she felt it soothing. A bright white radiance started to glow outward, causing everyone to shield their eyes immediately after.

Once the radiance died down, two figures could no longer be seen, and it was replaced by one! Nao's eyes remained wide opened as he was completely not expecting for a fusion to happen at this point in time. That's right, thanks to the Potara earrings, two fighters have now fused into one!