Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 86

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 86 83: Breaking The Chains

Momentary silence spread throughout the audience and the other fighters, and they even ceased fighting while watching two figures merge together. This included Whis and the Supreme Kai of Time who were currently watching the event from Beerus's Planet.

Beerus himself could be seen deep inside his Palace, sleeping in the air above his golden pedestal-like bed that had a big magenta pillow laid on top of it. However, unlike his typical peaceful naps, he could currently be seen tossing and turning around with a snot bubble going in and out of his nose.

This wasn't his typical dream either; what Beerus currently was experiencing was a prophetic dream. Within Beerus's mind, all one could see was a vast white landscape that had endless fog drifting within. Within the center of this landscape, two faint figures could be seen.

However, these figures were very blurry to Beerus. He could not make out their shapes or what they looked like, but one thing he could see was that one was taller than the other. The smaller one was watching the taller one move in a certain way.

All of the sudden, the two figures blurred once again and the scene changed. At this time, it became a bit clearer and Beerus could now see the taller figure placing their right hand on the smaller figure's back, who was currently seated in a lotus position. A moment later, Beerus saw the head of the taller figure turn toward his way.

It was as if the taller figure peered right into Beerus's soul. Beerus then saw a brief change in front of him, of which the hair of the taller figure suddenly turned red. Immediately following that, the whole landscape cracked into pieces, as if a chain was being broken. Beerus's snot bubble then popped, causing his eyes to immediately fling wide open, and woke up.

Whis sensed this a while back and was long gone from the table. The Supreme Kai of Time continued watching the Tournament displayed on the hovering blue panel in front of her while Whis made his way next to Beerus's side. Seeing Beerus wake up and rub his eyes, Whis smiled.

"Lord Beerus, did you enjoy your nap?"

" that you, Whis?"


"Whis, I had another prophetic dream. It was about that Super Saiyan God thing again."

"Super Saiyan God? Lord Beerus, it seems this is the second time you've dreamed of this so far."

"That does seem to be the case. Moreover, I was able to see this dream more clearly this time. This Super Saiyan God wasn't alone. It appeared he was imparting something to another person. I then saw him look at me before his hair turned red for a brief moment. The dream then cracked into pieces like a broken chain. Strange...very strange..."

"Ohohoho, perhaps the Oracle Fish should shed some light on this then. Lord Beerus you should go freshen yourself. We have a guest here. You're just in time to watch the tournament being held in the Other World too."

"A guest? Why would I want to watch such a stupid mortal's tournament?"

"Yes. Lady Chronoa is here watching it. Also, that Saiyan boy Lord Beerus thinks he is to be the next Super Saiyan God is also participating in it. Would you like to watch? We got two months before your next scheduled meeting with one of the mortals."

"Oh? Now that I think about it...that second figure in my dream did appear similar to that kid. I haven't taken an interest in any mortals until now. I hope this kid won't disappoint me."

"If this boy is as you say Lord Beerus, he should have the power of a god dwelling within him. Go freshen up, The preliminaries are already underway."

"Yes. yes...."

After yawning and dong some stretches, Beerus got out of his sleepwear and headed towards his bathroom to freshen himself up. Whis teleported out of Beerus's Palace and arrived back at the wooden table. Before long, Beerus came out walking, dressed in his God of Destruction attire.

The Supreme Kai of Time saw Beerus arrive, and she stood up, giving him a 45 degree angle bow. Beerus stared right back at her.

"So it's you, squirt. Why do I get the feeling you're treating my planet like its your backyard?"

"Hehe, I apologize, Lord Beerus. I figured this would be the best waiting area before joining you two to that mortal's planet in two months."

"Eh? You're coming with us? Why wasn't I notified of this earlier?"

"Ohohoho, Lord Beerus, did you happen to forget? Last time you allowed Lady Chronoa to accompany us."

"I did? I seemed to have forgot since I started my nap..."

"Don't worry about that, Lord Beerus. Come look at the screen, something exciting is starting!"

Hearing this, Beerus took a cup of tea Whis prepared and sat down on the table. After sipping on it, he looked up, only to see Nao battling the fused Isabella and Dia. On the screen, Beerus currently saw Nao's hair color start changing from white to yellow. A glint then streaked across Beerus's eyes.

"Whis, what is happening right now?"

"Hmm, this seems to be a trait of the Saiyans. This boy is the midst of transforming. According to the Saiyan's legend, when one's hair turns yellow they become a Super Saiyan."

"Super Saiyan? Not a Super Saiyan God...?"

Beerus tilted his head in confusion for a bit, before he sipped his tea again. The three continued to watch on...

Back at Grand Kai's Planet.

A very beautiful figure emerged from the blinding light. Two Potara earrings could be seen equipped on their ears. Long, wavy hot pink hair flew down to their waistline. A face without any blemishes could be seen, appearing very cute. Beautiful pink gemstones a few inches wide covered the entirety of their skin.

They also wore a white combat two piece dress that revealed their waist. Two black spade shaped tails poked out of their butt. This figure smiled as a feeling of intense Ki coursed through their body, much more so than what was Nao was releasing. Any wounds caused by Nao previously have been completely healed. Nao then saw this figure clench their right hand into a fist a few times.

As Nao continued to stare at this figure, they finally spoke out. He heard a mixture of two high pitched voices.

"This amazing! So much Ki is flowing inside my body! Boy, let's start the second round. I'm no longer Dia or Isabelle. You can call me Dibelle. Let's see if you can keep up with me now!"

Immediately following this, Nao heard a hissing sound in the air before Dibelle vanished from sight. A second later Nao felt a very large impact strike against his chest. He tried to put up a guard but he was too late, and Dibelle punched right at him. This caused Nao to spin in the air, flying back several meters, spraying blood out of his mouth along the way.

It took a bit for Nao to regain his footing. As Nao tasted metal inside his mouth, Dibelle didn't wait for Nao to recover and immediately crouched forward, preparing to launch her next attack. Nao soon saw Dibelle's two tails start to twitch around, before they took aim at Nao. Pink Ki started to form at the the tails' tips. 'Shit, two Ki blasts? I've also been wanting to test that out, I guess its now or never. I just hope Kaioken won't dissolve it!', Nao inwardly thought.

Combined with his Kaioken aura, Nao stretched both of his hands forward. His Ki surged forth, allowing pale white Ki to swirl around and form in his left hand. Nao's eyes turned golden, and a sliver of golden aura wrapped around his body, as he maintained Kaioken's pinkish red aura. Seeing massive amounts of golden spheres appear all around him, Nao started to will varying shapes and sizes together into his right hand.

Space started to distort in his right hand, emitting crackling sounds, while frost began to form on his left fist. Nao then tried to lock his two hands together horizontally, actually finding a bit of resistance before they locked into place. Nao wanted to test out combining multiple elements into one attack, and in his current disposal he mainly had Ice and Space.

He also had access to Time and Reality, but he had yet to delve into Time and had only barely practiced Reality. In regards to the other basic elements, being Fire, Earth and Wind, he had yet to even unlock them. Ice was a branch of the water element, so he could technically practice water if he so wished to. These were known as the four basic elements, while the latter was known as the three higher elements.

In regards to light and darkness, these two elements were of their own realm. They balanced each other out, outside of the circle of the four basic elements. Anyway, once Nao locked his two hands together horizontally, two elements joined together. Frost soon became ice and started to freeze the spacial distortions. Before Space could completely freeze itself over, he willed both of them out of his hands, and launched his Ki blast. Dibelle also launched pink Ki out of her two tails.

"Twin tail blast!"

"Spacial Ice Blast!"

A ray of pale white Ki started to twist around another ray of golden Ki. On the other side, two rays of pink Ki combined into one giant ray, blasting toward Nao. It only took a moment for the two to strike against each other. SCREECH!!!

A large screeching sound assaulted everyone's ears. Those on the weaker side had to plug their ears up to avoid their eardrums from bursting open. On the other hand, Kinoko, the mushroom announcer, had a very excited look on his face, and began to detail what was happening to the audience.

"Everyone, an exciting match is currently happening over in the first block! I was not expecting a fusion technique to happen, and two fighters became one, and it was none other than Miss Belle who used it! Who will emerge victorious from this?"

The audience roared loudly as the two Ki beams collided against each other and screeched through the air. However, thanks to immense Ki flowing within Dibelle's body, Nao started to lose distance, and her Ki beam slowly overcame his. Seeing this caused Nao to frown. 'Sure the power of Ice and Space combined may be powerful, but it's still determined by how much Ki there is, huh?', Nao thought.

Thinking this, Nao surged his Ki forth once more. Spreading it out throughout his body, his blood entered an extremely excited state, and his muscles started to contort fiercely. He even bulked up a bit, slightly reaching over five feet in height.

"Kaioken x10!"

Nao's Ki power level started to rise rapidly once again. His pinkish red aura soon turned a deeper red and the pink vanished. He was able to feel Dibelle's Ki again and he could now sense it to be around his level, but it was still relatively higher. Even King Kai spoke out to him in a worried manner.

"Kid, don't push your body any more than this! Do you want Kaioken to destroy it this early!?"

'Don't you worry King Kai. My body can safely handle up to x10 Kaioken. Only pushing it to x15 or x20 would start to destroy my body from inside out...', Nao thought.

Even though Nao wanted to relay this to King Kai, he had to focus on what was currently coming his way. He only gave King Kai a look of determination. King Kai saw this and felt Nao's determination, and closed his mouth, not saying anything more. With x10 Kaioken active, his BP increased to over half a billion. Even then he could feel Dibelle's higher than his, which shocked him greatly.

Before he activated it, Dibelle's pink Ki beam encroached his side to where his was only 30% visible. Nao yelled out and his white golden beams surged forth once more. It immediately closed a gap about 10% and it appeared more even again. Dibelle yelled out, surging another strong wave of Ki, and slowly started to push Nao's back again. Nao's beam eventually reached 40% while Dibelle 60%, and he was still on the losing side.

'I really don't want to destroy my body this early...must I push it to x15 Kaioken?', Nao thought.

However, at this time, thanks to his muscles contorting fiercely, boiling blood and surging Ki, Nao's mind suddenly became a lot clearer. As if time had stopped, sounds of chains breaking in his mind resounded. The part of Nao's soul that had been sealed away ever since he first entered this world showed signs of breaking.

Before long, a few chains broke away from the many chains wrapped around his soul. Nao figured that these chains came from the sealed Saiyan God genes that he received from Rebirth's wheel as a reward for creating his first world. Seeing a few chains breaking off excited him greatly. There were still many but this was enough for an ancient voice to resound in Nao's mind, piercing his soul.

'My successor...'


Nao's mind was very clear at the moment but he was unable to pinpoint the sound of this ancient voice. It was as if it filled the entirety of his head, seeming to burst out at any moment. He heard the ancient voice once again, causing him more confusion.

'My successor...your power is enough...let your Ki roam freely inside your body...'

'Let my Ki roam freely...?'

Hearing this ancient voice asking for Nao to guide his Ki freely inside his body, he questioned this for a moment. He was continually releasing surges of Ki at Dibelle. In the end he turned off his Kaioken aura, and at the same time, tried not to get overpowered by her. Dibelle saw Nao turn off his red aura, and she sneered at him.

"What's this boy, are you running out of gas already?"

However, Nao ignored this and closed his eyes. Seeing Nao 'give up', Dibelle launched another surge of Ki, and overcame another 10%. Her Ki blast was only 30% away from reaching Nao. At this time, instead of guiding his Ki through his meridians, Nao unleashed all the Ki he could muster inside his body, letting it roam freely.

All of a sudden, Nao felt as if he lost control of the Ki surging inside his body. He turned worried for a moment, but then he felt his Ki start moving to a certain point inside his body. Immediately after, all the Ki surged forth toward his right leg. Nao felt his Ki actually start to condense there, giving him a tingling sensation.

This sensation then quickly spread throughout his right leg. It didn't take long before this tingling sensation started to encompass other parts of his body, starting from his lower end, eventually reaching upward. It went all the way up to his hair. Feeling this Nao's mind started to churn once again.

'This tingling can't be!'

Sure enough, once this sensation reached his hair, a visual change started to occur. Blinking for a few times, Nao's hair started to change from white to yellow. Once his right leg became full of Ki, it spread outward and kept surging further and further. Before long, Nao became surrounded by a yellow aura. With one last blink of his changing hair color, it finally became a golden yellow!

Nao had finally achieved Super Saiyan at last!