Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 87

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 87 84: A Legend Realized I

A strong tingling sensation that originated from Nao's right leg, or more precisely, his right kneecap, internally spread throughout his body. A visible change occurred, he became clad in a golden yellow aura, and his hair color blinked a few times between white and yellow, before it became fully became yellow!

Combined with his yellow hair, which spiked high up, Nao's irises turned greenish-blue. A never before feeling of power surging could be felt inside inside his body. Compared to the strength of Kaioken, which was an external technique, becoming a Super Saiyan was more internal and the energy Nao felt was a lot more pure! If he were to give a comparison, his strength was about five times greater than his previous x10 Kaioken.

With this sudden transformation, he became distracted and lost focus in channeling his Ki into his locked hands, and his two Ki beams soon dissipated, allowing the giant pink Ki beam to become the winner. Dibelle, however, felt a strong surge of Ki, much larger than what she felt previously. She saw her blast strike against Nao's body, but the latter didn't flinch at all. The only result ended up being a large cloud of smoke covering his figure.

All this while Nao was still lost in thought. He was enjoying basking of this newly found energy inside him. This caused him to clench both of his fists a few times. 'So this is a power of a Super's almost unreal. Is this how Goku and Vegeta felt when they first transformed into one...?', Nao thought.

At this point, he remembered that he was currently in a battle. His vision returned to the battlefield, only to see his body covered in smoke. Nao saw his body currently covered in a bright golden-yellow aura, which caused him to smile. His vision than landed on a figure several meters that had two slim swerving tails moving about their body.

Nao decided to surge his Ki inside his body, and his golden yellow aura burst forth. This burst immediately dissipated the smoke around him, revealing his figure again. However, at this time he unexpectedly heard a sound ring in his mind that he hadn't heard for a while. Another message came from [Rebirth]. Curious as to what it was, Nao decided to check it out.

[*Ding! Congratulations to host for achieving the Super Saiyan state for the first time. The spirit of the first Super Saiyan God, Yamoshi, dwells within host, and host managed to unlock 25% of the sealed Saiyan God genes resting within. God Ki Sense has now been unlocked. Another 10% of host's meridians have now been unblocked.]


All of a sudden, while in a state of confusion, a huge influx of energy surged within Nao's body. Dibelle thought Nao was done powering up once he revealed his new form to her, but a shock of disbelief appeared on her face once she felt Nao powering up once more. As for Nao, he felt more of his meridians unblocking at this moment. Once they finished unblocking, he felt his battle power skyrocket from 57.5 million to a shocking 80 million!

Thanks to the x50 multiplier of the Super Saiyan state, he was previously at 2.875 billion but now his battle power was at 4 billion!

Another visual change occurred as well. Once Nao's meridians became 40% unblocked, his irises changed from the normal Super Saiyan greenish-blue to more of an emerald green. Emerald streaks of lightning also streaked across his new yellow aura every so often, mixing within it. His appearance was becoming more of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Yet contrary to the Ki that was supposed to constantly rise in the Legendary Super Saiyan state, Nao felt his Ki surging come to a halt once it reached 80 million battle power. It seems just reaching 40% wasn't enough for that to trigger, and perhaps it won't until Nao unblocks 50% or the full 100% of his meridians. He didn't have to worry about this though, as he had future plans to constantly release his energy into, unlike Broly who constantly suffered from it.

Nao also felt as if a third eye had opened at the top of his forehead. Everyone's Ki became a lot clearer and he could now sense Ki that he couldn't sense before as well, particular the Ki unique to that of the Gods. Hence why this was called Godly Ki Sense. Even though Nao had yet to develop his own Godly Ki, he was now on track to achieving that!

Even though there weren't that many gods left, they could still be counted with more than two hands. With Nao's Godly Ki, he could sense the presence of five gods on the tournament grounds. This made sense since these four signatures belonged to the four directional Kai and the Grand Kai, and boy was the Ki the Grand Kai was releasing massive!

Nao wondered in the original why the Grand Kai never showed off his Ki to anyone, and rescinded his supposed training to Goku, as he ended up getting disqualified due to a technicality. Seeing the amount of Ki the Grand Kai contained, Nao reached a conclusion that he could definitely stand his own ground. Nao then focused his Godly Ki Sense further beyond his surroundings, and felt seven more signatures very very far away.

Two of these signatures seemed to be directly behind Nao, three were off to the northeast and the final two were directly below him. For some reason, Nao felt a nagging sensation as he proceeded to look toward the northeast, which contained the three signatures very very far away. Once his head shifted upwards a bit, this caused a certain someone to immediately spit out the tea they were currently drinking.

Planet Beerus, outside of Beerus's Palace.

A giant holographic blue panel could be seen floating above a few meters away from three figures, two of which were seated at a plain wooden table, with the other one standing to the left of the middle figure. The middle figure was Beerus, the Supreme Kai of Time was to the right of him. Whis was currently standing to the left of Beerus, currently on standby.

Nao's face was looking directly upward on the screen, as if he were currently looking at the three figures that were currently observing him through the panel. Seeing this caused Beerus to spit out his tea, and cursed.

"Damn it! Whis, did you feel that? This brat can defintely sense where we are!"

Whis on the other hand, covered his mouth with his right hand in a playful manner, acting surprised.

"Ohohoho, I wasn't expecting this development. This boy definitely did spread out his Godly Ki Sense just now. I only have a theory at this point, but Lord Beerus, you said the prophetic dream you had ended up cracking into pieces like a broken chain, yes?"

"Hmm...that did seem to happen. I remember it pretty clearly."

"If that's true, then it seems the power hidden inside this boy had broken a bit, granting him to sense Godly Ki. This is very intriguing."


"Yes. Lord Beerus, it seems your wish of fighting a Super Saiyan God may come quicker than you were originally thinking."

Whis smiled at Beerus once he finished saying this. Beerus continued stare at the blue screen ahead of him. Him spitting out his tea earlier ended up emptying his cup, and Whis took this time to refill it. After it was refilled, the three no longer saw Nao staring at them, and his eyes landed back on Dibelle. It appeared this battle is about to reach its conclusion.

Back at Grand Kai's planet, the smoke that was created by Dibelle's Twin Tail Blast no longer covered the first of the two fighting rings. Unbeknownst to Nao, as he was absorbed in his fighting with Dibelle, eight of the eighteen fighters already got knocked out of the rings. This left with ten remaining, and the other seven were currently resting in the air watching the fight between Nao and Dibelle, of which included Oscar.

If Dibelle was to be knocked out, this would result in the eight remaining fighters in block A moving up to the next round, so the fighters are taking this time to recover their lost stamina and healing their wounds. Oscar on the other hand, showed one of the most surprised looks out of the crowd, seeing his son transform into a Super Saiyan right in front of him. An immense pride swelling up inside him soon followed.

Nao was currently staring directly at Dibelle, who was not making any moves against him, as she was currently halted in her place thanks to the pressure she was feeling from Nao. Seeing this, Nao decided to use Vanish, and vanished from his current spot. Dibelle, who could track him earlier, could no longer track him as his speed increased several fold. Fearing this, she immediately put up her guard, only to feel a large impact strike against the right side of her head.

Nao used a plain roundhouse kick, and a large bang immediately resounded upon impact. A severe burst of pain spread out from Dibelle's cheek, causing her to cry out. The impact caused her to start flying downward toward the second ring. Seeing this, the other fighters made way, allowing enough space for Nao to fight against Dibelle unhindered.

Nao didn't want to lose his momentum. Using another Vanish, his figure disappeared from sight. In a flash, he reappeared right behind Dibelle on the second ring, and ended up grabbing both of her tails with his left hand. This sent a cold shiver down Dibelle's spine. Not giving her any room to recover, Nao sent out a quick flurry of three punches to her back, striking against the white combat dress and pink gems covering it.

Each blow shredded a part of her dress. Each one also caused the pink gems on her back to crack. Each crack started to ooze blood out of it. Also, thanks to the roundhouse kick from earlier, a bloody cut appeared on Dibelle's right cheek. Thanks to the three punches to her back, she coughed out, spraying more blood. As she tasted metal in her mouth, she tried to regain her footing and twisted her body to face Nao.

She struck out with her left hand, forming a fist aiming right at Nao's head. Seeing this, Nao actually caught her arm with his right hand, causing her struggle. Thankfully Dibelle still had her right hand free, and she formed a fist of it as well, immediately striking at the same spot she aimed at before. This time Nao let it it, allowing Dibelle to strike right against his nose.

Bang! Hiss! Dibelle caused a large hissing bang as she struck against Nao's nose. This caused a force wave of white smoke spread out through both rings. This obstructed the other fighters and audience's views once again, as Dibelle's and Nao's figure soon became blurred as if they became hidden in mist.