Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 89

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 89 86 An Unexpected Declaration

The dust had finally settled for the first half of the preliminaries. Isabella was the only severely injured fighter out of the ten that got eliminated. Unfortunately, one of King Kai's fighters was knocked out, and that was Olive.

Nao remembered he showed great potential for a human that originated from Earth, and his appearance was as if he came straight out of ancient Rome, having the strength and height of a giant. However, it appeared that herculean strength of his was no match this time, which showed just how powerful the rest were. Though it was enough to say that Olive didn't even have the strength to match Paikuhan.

Nao, Elsa, Oscar and five others advanced onward to the actual bracket, which was best of sixteen. Eight was determined from Block A and eight more will be determined in block B. It was quite funny at the beginning actually, once that humanoid frog laid down the purple poison on the first of the two rings, he incurred the wrath of two other fighters, causing him to be knocked out almost instantaneously.

As the fighters began to separate to their respective areas, a couple of the doctors under Grand Kai came in wielding a stretcher for both Isabella and Dia, seeing how they were both unconscious. After carefully placing their bodies on two stretchers, the four people carrying the stretchers hopped away.

Nao remembered he still had plenty of senzu beans left, well over a hundred still. He decided to walk up toward Isabella's stretcher. The two people carrying her flinched as he approached them, and stopped moving. The four and the people who took interest in this saw Nao take out a leather pouch seemingly out of nowhere, thanks to the pocket dimension he created back at the Room of Spirit and Time.

Thankfully this technique didn't take much out of him to activate, he barely felt anything every time he used it. The four doctor's eyes almost popped out of their sockets seeing the white haired boy in front of them take out a pouch out of a black hole-like spacial crack that opened out of nowhere beside him. The boy then put his hand inside the pouch, only to take a small green bean that wasn't even an inch long.

This caused the doctors to tilt their heads to the right in confusion. They remained silent until Nao spoke out to them.

"Have Isabella take this. This bean is known to restore a lot of stamina, and can close external wounds pretty quickly. I was lucky to find a big stash of it during my travels."

Hearing this, the doctor who was closest to Nao frowned. He then expressed his worry.

"We appreciate your concern for Miss Belle here but we have our own protocols to follow...Besides, this could contain poison! It's too risky!"

Nao frowned hearing this. Immediately after, a certain memory suddenly came forth in his mind, bearing a strange resemblance to the aftermath of one of the Worlds Martial Arts tournament that happened back on Earth. 'Now that I think about it, isn't this just like Videl's situation?', Nao wondered.

It indeed appeared just like that, except Gohan was Nao, and Videl was Isabella. To follow suit, before the doctor in front of Nao could express further concern, he heard a small voice out of his right ear. This surprised him and he immediately shifted his attention downward.

Isabella no longer appeared unconscious, and her eyes were currently open, staring at Nao. Both sets of eyes locked for a brief moment, and Nao saw that the color of her irises were purple, accenting nicely to her pink hair. For some reason, she was trying to smile at him.

"'s fine, doctor. I trust him."

Letting out a tired voice, the doctor continued to look at her in worry. Nao heard this and proceeded to ignore the worried doctor, and leaned over. Both of their faces became mere inches from each other, and Nao could feel heat being released from Isabella's body.

Thankfully by now all of the pink gems previously clad on her body had vanished and she is now back in her normal form. Her slim black spade-shaped tail laid weakly across her body. Nao saw she couldn't even raise her upper body and in response, she only opened her mouth. Nao proceeded to feed the senzu bean into it.

Even though Isabella was depleted of energy, she still had enough strength to chew for a brief moment. As soon as the senzu bean entered her mouth and started to chew, the nearby doctors heard some small crunching sounds, only to follow with a gulp. Almost instantaneously, a huge wave of energy spread forth inside her body.

This caused her eyes to swing wide open, and was immediately able to sit up on the stretcher. The wounds on her back also released bits of smoke, sealing back up. This caused the eyes of the doctors to almost pop out once more. Isabella ignored this and proceeded to dismount from the stretcher.

"M-Miss Belle, are you sure you're alright to get up already!? You've been severely injured until a moment ago, you should rest your body..."

Hearing this caused Isabella to giggle. Unlike Miya's mischievous giggles, this one sounded more pleasant to Nao's ears for some reason. Nao then saw Isabella talk to the nearby doctors once more.

"Hehe, the bean I was just fed turned out to be so magical. I'm already starting to feel better, you doctors don't need to worry about me anymore."

A mixture of confusion and relief came about the four doctors. They then saw Isabella face toward the white haired boy. Nao was still about 4'7 in height and Isabella was almost a foot taller than him.

"Nao, where did you find this bean?"

Nao, who was still looking at Isabella, became shocked for a moment, not expecting for her to call out his name so casually, but to keep the conversation going, he decided to respond to her.

"What I gave you just now was called a Senzu Bean. A local deity likes to grow it on a planet in the North Area. It's a planet called Earth."

"Earth? I've toured around all four Areas and even the Central Area in our universe but that's a planet I haven't heard of yet. It sounds like it's in a pretty backwater location. Even a god is residing there? How strange."

"Hmm, you can say that. It's about ten months away from my home planet which is on the South Area's border. Despite such a location, it's a pretty bright planet with beautiful scenery. Are you interested in going there or something?"

"A planet with good scenery? Hehe, that sounds pretty good for our first date."


Nao was completely caught off guard by Isabella's sudden declaration. However, before Nao could even do anything else, Isabella jumped off the stretcher. Nao suddenly saw Isabella's face close in on his, only to feel something soft and wet plant on his left cheek.

Despite being only on the cheek, Isabella had kissed him! Nao didn't even know what age Isabella currently was, yet she still took the initiative. Nao became dazed, as he was not expecting this at all. Seeing Nao's dazed state caused Isabella to giggle once more.

"I forgot to mention this during the battle we previously had. Anyone that I find worthy and capable of beating me as I started my martial arts journey will become my future husband. I wasn't expecting to be defeated after my very first battle, but you are very powerful, Nao. I made this promise to my family, and they agreed with it. But you look a bit young right now, I don't mind taking it slow. During this time, let's get to know each other better, okay, darling?"


As Nao remained shocked to what she just heard, Isabella smiled at him. The nearby doctors who were carrying her stretcher spat out and nearly fainted onto the ground. Dia's stretcher squirmed a bit at this time, as her eyes had opened some time ago, watching the two of them converse.

A look of disbelief appeared on her face. She could only utter 'Sister, you....', before her eyes rolled back, passing out again from the pain in her body. Nao heard this, causing him to get out of his stupor.

"Do you really want to do this, Miss...?"

The only thing Nao could ask at this point was that. He wasn't sure what he would say next would anger her, so he decided to play it safe.

"Oh, how could I forget about that! Nao, you can just call me by my first name like my family does, Belle. As long as you're okay with me, let's get along, okay?"

Nao could only sigh in defeat as this point and accepted his fate. He already had Elsa and Miya. It appeared Sayuri was interested in him too and now the number one idol in the galaxies just took an interest in him. He didn't plan on marrying too many people in this world, and seeing it come out to four interests now, perhaps that was the best number for him.

Any more than that would start to cause trouble. After this, if anyone else were to throw themselves at him, he would have to plant his feet down. Thankfully it appeared Isabella was willing to take this slow. Once she learned Nao was still just eight, turning nine next month, he wondered what her expression would become.

"If you're okay with me Belle, let's try to get along in the future. You appear to to be fine now, why don't you go back to your family? We can introduce ourselves later once the tournament is over. Mine just so happens to be here too. Even my father is among the other fighters."

"Gahaha, that's indeed right, little missy!"

At this time, Nao heard a familiar guffaw and felt something plop on top of his head. which started to ruffle through it. It was none other than Oscar's hand, who appeared right beside Nao. Apparently he arrived some time ago as Nao and Isabella conversed with each other.

Isabella saw a good looking man who appeared young approach the two. He had dark brown hair with spikes going straight up just like Nao's. He was wearing similar black pristine battle armor. A brown tail wrapped around his waist. His body was very muscular and a large scar went across his face, only allowing one of his eyes to open. Isabella spoke out to him out of curiosity.

"Could it be that you're Nao's father?"

"I indeed am! I managed to move up to the next round with this little brat here. You can call me Oscar. You best get along with her, Nao."

Hearing this, Isabella smiled. At first glance she saw his father appear to be a very easygoing person. This wasn't unlike her parents, who were very strict on her. Her training was very strict as well, as her father and grandfather drilled their family's martial arts into her. The three of them decided to conclude things with a handshake.

After the handshake finished, Nao took this time to hand over another senzu bean to Isabella, suggesting her to use it on Dia. She happily nodded and decided to walk off to the rest area indoors with the other two doctors carrying Dia's stretcher.

Unbeknownst to the doctors, Isabella, Nao and Oscar, this little event was being live-streamed. At some unknown point in time, the Grand Kai changed his boombox that he had planted on the side of his massive chair, into a high tech video recorder. Even a fancy wireless mic headset could be seen equipped.

The Grand Kai was actually recording and streaming live this whole tournament to godTube (AN: This is literally a thing in DBS, don't judge me) and popular hosting stations throughout the universe, to be more specific, Universe 7! Regardless of being a god or a mortal, Isabella had a huge fan base for those who knew her.

For the mortals who were ignorant to the existence of the Other World, the Grand Kai used his magic to make the halos of the dead fighters disappear on his live stream video, making them appear normal to them. From the start of the Block A matches to the scene just now, everything was being recorded by him.

Once everyone saw Isabella kiss another guy on the cheek, declaring him as her future husband, everyone spat out the liquid they were currently drinking or coughed up blood as they stared at the screens back at their homes. If there was an empty dried up lake, it would have been instantly filled up again.

This was the start of a massive uproar throughout all of the twelve universes alike!