Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 9 6 Sorrow And Happiness


Miya could be seen rubbing her head in Iona's embrace. Iona received a sudden impact when Miya first clung onto her and dazed her a bit but that soon changed to shock. Iona then looked to see who it was.

"Red hair...Little Miya, is that really you? I'm not dreaming am I?"

"No, Mama! Brother and I emerged from the pods earlier today. Brother Nao is also here!"

"Little Nao too?"

Iona soon saw a small child a couple feet from her standing and she smiled seeing that white hair. It was indeed her son, Nao. Iona's eyes kept on him for a couple minutes, and as soon as she looked at the small child in the eyes only horror could be seen. It was impossible for a three year old child to have this expression, right...? As if she almost forgot what happened just moments before, she then turned away and looked down again, only to see a large pool of blood with a body laying on her knees that had a huge hole in the middle of their chest. Iona was blocking the view of the body but it appeared her Little Nao still saw what was underneath her. Knowing that her husband just passed away, she tried to remain strong in front of her newly emerged children but tears still formed in her eyes. Miya soon saw tears form in Iona's eyes, and then her eyes looked downwards. As Miya's soul was originally an AI given by the President and resided in Nao before coming to this world, she was still able to review his past memories. She remembered a similar situation back in Nao's previous world where Nao's body was in a state just like the one resting on Iona's knees and started to get frightened. Nao then looked back at Iona and was able to determine the situation at hand.

"Mama, did we come at a bad time?"

"Little Nao...I wouldn't call this the best timing but as you can see...I'm in such a terrible shape aren't I? Hahaha..."

"Mama! You don't have to cry again, you have me and Brother Nao with you now!"

"Little Miya...Thank you. But as you can see Father won't be able to join us anymore. His soul is now resting in the heavens."

"Mama, how did this happen?"

As Miya tried to comfort their Mother, Nao decided to questioned what happened as Iona had the courage to speak again.

"I guess I should explain it since Little Nao seems to understand the situation...First off let me introduce you to your Father. Your Father was named Oscar and we married a few years back but as you can see...he was attacked and barely managed to return alive to pass a message before passing away in my arms..."

Iona tried her best to hold back her tears but still slowly started to fall down her cheeks, as if the tears were signaling Oscar's passing. A moment of silence soon spread out, and after being silent for another minute, Miya tried to comfort her Mother again.

"Mama, me and brother Nao are here with you now! While Papa may not be here anymore we can protect you in his place!"

"Protect me? Haha, Little Miya, thank you for trying to cheer me up...but you're still too young..."

"No, Mama! I really mean it! We might be young but both mine and brother Nao's battle power has grown a wholllllleeee lot in the pods! Hehe."

Hearing, Miya speak about their bsttle power, Iona became momentarily stunned, and then looked torwards Little Nao, only to see him nod in agreement.

"That isn't the only surprise, Mama!"

"You already surprised me enough, both of you really...I don't think I could take another surprise...Just you two showing up almost made my heart escape from my chest."

As if they reached an understanding, Miya looked at Nao for a bit and lightly laughed.

"Mama, I don't know what our current battle power lies at but Miya and I share a unique bond and both of us can tell that our power level is currently equal to each other."

"The same power level...?"

Just as Iona started to think about Nao and Miya's situation, a strong killing intent surged towards them, startling the three and it even caused Nao to slip and fall down on his bottom. Two figures could be seen approaching them from the middle-district central plaza that held the docks for the various sh.i.p.s. Miya was scared by this killing intent and burrowed her head into Iona's bosom, which actually caused Iona to smile a bit, knowing that her daughter was still just a child that was trying to rely on her Mother. On the other hand, Iona could see Nao struggle as he tried to regain his footing to stand up again. Iona finally made out one of the two figures to be the guard that she sent to His Majesty, and to his left came His Majesty King Vegeta II. Blue veins appeared on his forehead and seemed to be angry, which caused Iona to worry.

Moments earlier before Nao and Miya emerged from the pods, Back at Palace Vegeta.

A guard soon approached the hallway connecting to King Vegeta II's throne room. He appeared to be rushing and as soon as he saw the throne, he quickly knelt down in front of His Majesty. He then reported what Iona requested of him.

"Your Majesty, after three years we finally received some intel from those bastard Tuffles, but it was under an unfortunate situation."

"Oh? It only took three damn years to get a tiny bit of news? It better be worthy or else you will really be testing this King's patience. Quickly tell it to this King."

"Yes, Your Majesty! Three years ago Your Majesty ordered a group of three Saiyans, one which was known to be one of our strongest warriors to investigate the Tuffle sightings three years ago. Earlier today us two guards at the West Gate saw one figure flying erratically. The warrior's wife had a daily routine of visiting the West Gate and us guards and in the end the warrior collapsed in her arms. It was a disastrous sight really. It's a miracle he even made it back."

"Enough spouting words! What was the end result? Or do you need this King to personally wring it out of you?"

"M-My apologies, Your Majesty! The warrior returned with a bloody hole in his stomach about a fist size long and appeared he wasn't going to live for long. I overheard his final message to his wife and he reported that Hatchiyack as returned and then he perished in her arms."

"...Hatchiyack? Wasn't that that stupid machine that was launched into space when our great apes rampaged their lands five year ago? How the hell was it able to make its way back here?"

"I-I do not know Your Majesty, but apparently its strength has been growing and it was enough to kill one if our strongest warriors."

"Are you suggesting our Saiyan race isn't enough to deal with this shitty machine!?"

"N-Not at all your Majesty! Please forgive my remark!"

The guard was currently kneeling down on one knee but as soon as he said that remark to His Majesty, King Vegeta II suddenly released his Ki and directed it at him, which overpowered the guard in a mere second, causing him to collapse onto the ground. King Vegeta II then stood up from his throne.

"This King will personally go see what happened. Our Saiyan pride can't falter due to some shitty machine. If I ever see it personally it won't live the light of day!"

King Vegeta II soon left the throne which caused the guard remain drenched in cold sweat. His breathing halted when His Majesty's Ki was directed at him but as soon as His Majesty left his sight, he regained his footing and immediately rushed after him, as he was one of the West Gate guards. It did not take King Vegeta II to cross the Palace bridge and he arrived at the staircase. He ignored the onlookers as he was in no mood to greet them and continued down the staircase and reached the docking plaza in the Middle District. As he approached the West Gate, his guard reported that there was the warrior's wife and he saw that their figure still remained in place upon arriving. What he didn't expect was that he saw two smaller figures and as he was in a bad mood right now, he unleashed his killing intent at the three. The larger figure didn't falter but he saw the one of the other two smaller figures jump into the sitting figure's embrace and saw the other figure not so far away trip and fall down. His bad mood was alleviated a bit after seeing this, and a grin eventually formed on his face. He soon approached them and saw Iona, who was kneeling down on the ground and he saw a red-hair child in her embrace and a white-haired boy who was on his butt. Nao was surprised by the sudden killing intent but after a moment he regained his footing and stood up again.

Seeing a small child withstanding his killing intent shocked him. In order to test to see if this was a fluke, he sent an even stronger wave of killing intent at the boy. As soon as Nao stood up again he felt another surge of killing intent, but it was only directed at him, as if he were receiving a test. He was more prepared this time and actually managed to withstand it. While he did manage to withstand it this time his face started to turn red and he was drenched in sweat.

"Impossible! How could a mere child withstand this King's killing intent!? Guard, go to the Palace's lab immediately and grab the power level gauge! It's time to test this boy again."

The West Gate guard who just arrived behind His Majesty full of sweat inwardly cursed as he received the next order. In order to not enrage His Majesty twice in one day, he flew record pace up the central city stairs and managed to reach the Palace's lab in no time. He then informed the royal scientists to get a power level gauge and after receiving it, he felt exultant for a brief moment as he successfully accomplished His Majesty's order. With this sudden burst of energy he flew back towards the West Gate in no time and soon saw His Majesty King Vegeta II again. King Vegeta II was rather surprised at the West Gate guard's speed, and without warning he vanished and reappered in front of the guard, quickly snatching the device. This caused a sudden wind on the guard and as the guard was depleted completely of his energy after he arrived, the windgust knocked the wind out of the guard and fainted.

Seeing his guard faint, the grin on King Vegeta II's face remained. He then turned to look at the enduring white haired boy in front of him and soon flashed to his side, causing Nao to be momentarily stunned. As Nao was stunned, just like the previous time back at the house, King Vegeta II picked him up by the tail again and switched on the device. After some beeping noises the device started to climb up from 0 and soon reached a score of 9025. This shocked His Majesty greatly.

"This is f.u.c.k.i.n.g impossible! How could a mere child have enough power that's almost comparable to this King's!? I refuse to believe it!"

Nao finally regained his senses but after hearing the stout man curse before him, before he could react, King Vegeta II threw the boy directly at his mother. Iona was watching the two out of curiosity but when she saw His Majesty get enraged, she reacted immediately and caught her son that flew at her and caused Iona to slide a few feet away from her current position in the now dried up pool of blood. After having a firm grasp on her children, although a little shacken, she walked towards His Majesty, and knelt down in front of him.

"Your Majesty, please forgive my two children.They just emerged from their pods and managed to even make their way here on their own! I'm sure these two given the proper training can help you defeat Hatchiyack! Hatchiyack must die no matter the cost!"

"Such resolve! Good, good, good! Your words gave this King's ear a nice ring to it unlike that shitty banter from earlier back at the Palace. Seeing as your kids want hell, I'll give it to them! They can start their training tomorrow at the Palace! Hahaha!"

Seeing King Vegeta II's rage die down a bit, Iona let out a sigh, and eventually grew excited knowing that her children would receive training at the Palace! Iona was also debating whether to tell His Majesty about Miya as well. As she was mulling over the thought, Nao's conciousness also began to turn and heard another ring he was so so familiar with. Nao grew in excitement wondering what it was going to be this time. He then heard the mechanical voice in anticipation.

*Ding!* Congratulations! Host has activated the Quest System. Each plane has its beginning and end and the host must ensure each plane reaches its proper ending! Rebirth has detected host's first anomoly.


Main Story Quest 1

Hatchiyack has returned to Planet Vegeta from being launched into space 5 years ago due to an unknown cause.

-Assist King Vegeta II and kill Hatchiyack.

*Reward* : Receive 20k RP and 1 random skill

-Launch Hatchiyack back into space and ensure it cannot return to Planet Vegeta.

*Reward* : Receive 10k RP.