Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 90

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 90 87: Cooler Enters The Fray

Little did Nao and Isabella know, that thanks to their little event just now, that throughout the twelve universes, a huge uproar was starting to occur. If tables could be flipped, people would flip them out of anger and astonishment!

The number one idol belonging to Universe 7 suddenly declared a random person nobody knows about except a select few to be her future husband, a Fiance! Even back at Beerus's planet, a look of astonishment streaked across the Supreme Kai of Time's face. Seeing this caused Whis to cover his mouth, letting out a wry chuckle.

"Ohohoho, my it seems like this boy is pretty popular. It seems you weren't expecting this, Lady Chronoa."

"Heck no I wasn't! She didn't even tell me she was looking for a partner. Still, it's not like her choice is bad..."

After hearing Whis speak for a moment, the Supreme Kai of Time to started to grumble. The Grand Kai soon said some parting words for his live stream, saying that he would start it up again after the hour intermission passed.

Hearing this, Whis moved his hand to the right and the blue panel vanished. The atmosphere returned to normal.

The Supreme Kai of Time then slouched on her stool, almost falling off the seat. She sighed out in defeat afterward. Beerus decided to stand up at this moment, seeing now that they had an hour to spare.

"Oi, Whis. I'm gonna head on up to to the Oracle Fish. I can't get this damn dream out of my thoughts. Remind me once that tournament is back on. Cook us something in the meantime too."

"As you wish, Lord Beerus."

Whis bowed at Beerus after he received his order. Beerus then flew up and rubbed his eyes, yawning. He then stretched for a bit before flying off to his Palace. The Oracle Fish liked to live in its upper floors.

Seeing Beerus leave and the Supreme Kai of Time in a dejected mood, Whis started to get busy. Before long various aromas started to waft around the table,. The Supreme Kai of Time also saw some fancy looking deserts not known to Earth.

Her eyes started to sparkle seeing them, causing her mood to raise. An hour passed before they knew it and Beerus arrived near the table with something floating next to him.

It was a small tadpole shaped figure sitting in a wine glass-like shaped object filled with green liquid. It was none other than the Oracle Fish, who had the ability to give prophecies that always came true, no matter what it was.

It wasn't really mentioned in the original, but this Oracle Fish actually had a gender, and she was a female! A worried expression could currently be seen on her face.

Beerus ignored her and was currently smelling the nice aroma. Whis decided to speak up seeing his interest.

"Lord Beerus, I've prepared some delicacies from Planet Nem. I hope you will enjoy it."

Hearing this caused Beerus to tilt his head slightly, and became lost in thought. He then turned toward the Supreme Kai of Time, who was currently enjoying the aroma of Planet Nem's desserts. He spoke out to her.

"Oi brat, isn't Planet Nem the home planet of that disciple of yours who just got their ass beaten?"

Beerus's frankness caused her to come out of her stupor, only to have a singe of red appear on her cheeks.

"Don't call me a brat, Lord Beerus! I'm already over 75 million years old. Besides, I'm only a few million years younger than you!"

"That doesn't change the fact that I'm still in a whole realm higher than you you brat! Now answer the damn question, or do you want me to blow up the home planet of your disciple?"

"You wouldn't dare!'

Hearing the two start to bicker like children again could only let Whis sigh in defeat. With his staff in his right hand, he raised it up in the air and immediately struck Beerus's head.

This caused enough pain to have Beerus rub it. He turned around in anger but before he could rebuke Whis, Beerus could see a serious look on him.

"Lord Beerus, I would advise against you from blowing up Planet Nem. You don't want to become a laughingstock of the twelve universes a second time, do you?"

"A laughingstock of the twelve universes...? Wait, you don't mean..."

Hearing this caused Whis to smile at Beerus. It seemed he caught on quick, but Whis still decided to answer to continue the conversation.

"Yes. Isabella, as I recall her name, has enough influence in the twelve universes thanks to her performances, especially so in Universe 2. The amount she is worshiped is almost to that at the level of the gods. To be honest that universe is probably in a wreck right now, ohohohoho."

"Hmph, serves that b*tch right. She was one of the first Gods of Destruction to go against me after that stupid incident happened. Perhaps the boy is doing me a favor. All universes who like that idol will start to look at him as an enemy. I can shift future blame onto him, such a good plan, hahaha!"

Whis could only shake his head as Beerus spoke this. He then struck the same spot as he did previously on Beerus's head. Beerus winced in pain this time.

"Lord Beerus, you really ought to fix this behavior of yours. You and Lady Chronoa are among the oldest gods still living in our universe. You act much more of a brat than she does. We may be having another join our ranks soon. What will he think if he sees you two like this as his seniors?"

"Wait, you really think this boy can become a god?"

Before Whis could respond to Beerus, a small figure soon darted around them hurriedly. The Oracle Fish spoke to Beerus in a panic.

"L-Lord Beerus, that's what I've been trying to tell you this last hour! The dream you had is true. Even I prophesied a white haired man become acknowledged by the heavens, bestowing its Godly power onto him, and their hair changed to a red color!"

"Hoh? Oracle Fish, were you able to get an estimate of when this would happen?"

Hearing this, the Oracle Fish began to rub above her eyes, as if she had temples there. She then closed them for a moment.

"Hmmmmm...maybe in five or ten years? It's a little hard to tell at this point."

"That's still pretty far away. I wonder if I should take another nap after this."

As soon as he said this, another bonking sound immediately resounded in the area. Whis once again hit Beerus for the third time. This time caused Beerus to curse out.

"Damn it, Whis! Why do you keep hitting me in the same spot on my head!?"

"Ohohoho, Lord Beerus, it seems your memory is pretty forgetful today. We have a scheduled meeting in two months. It will probably be a busy time for us even after that finishes, taking a nap now isn't a wise decision."

"Tch. Whatever, let's dig in already. The second round appears to be starting now."

Hearing this, the Supreme Kai of Time sighed deeply in her heart. She saw that Beerus didn't request for her to answer that question from earlier, he truly does forget a lot of things! If he truly decided to destroy Planet Nem, she wouldn't be able to do a thing! She made a promise to thank Whis later for causing a distraction.

At this point, she just decided to dig into Planet Nem's desserts, and a relishing look appeared on her face. Meanwhile, back at Grand Kai's Planet, two new stages could be seen.

It was as if the mayhem caused from Block A never happened!

The Grand Kai soon sat back down in his hair and equipped his live stream equipment. The attendants next to him gave him a quick countdown, and he now became live on godTube and the twelve universe's popular channels.

He gave another quick introduction, and his high tech camera started to display the whole ring. It then shifted one by one as he introduced the eighteen fighters as they went on stage. Cooler happened to be the last contestant to go up.

For some reason the Grand Kai remained still as he started to zoom in on this Frost Demon for others to look at...

As soon as this happened, a large spitting sound resounded on a certain Mothership causing destruction while traveling through the North Area. This was none other than King Cold's Mothership, which had been passed down to Frieza when King Cold retired from his position.

A skimpy yellow alien came hurriedly out of his lab onto the main observation deck, where Frieza's hover pod was currently docked. Frieza could be seen sitting it in, enjoying a light show out in space. Large booms echoed every so often.

A couple members of the Ginyu Force who were on guard at the entrance tried to stop Kikono from entering but he dashed passed them in a hurry, carrying some sort of high tech panel.

He immediately arrived in front of Frieza and knelt down.

"L-Lord Frieza, you need to have a look at this immediately! Doesn't this look a lot like your brother?"

Hearing this caused Frieza to frown. His tail then snatched the tablet out of Kikono's hand. It currently showed a close up image of Cooler with other people he hadn't recognized before. Blue veins immediately appeared on his forehead as soon as he saw Cooler's face.

"That's definitely my brother. Last time we spoke he said he was expanding his territory in the East Area. Where the hell is he now?"