Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 91

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 91 88: Block B Preliminaries

Seeing his brother's face on screen at an unknown place he hadn't recognized before, Frieza's mood soon became sour. It didn't take long before he flexed his tail, causing the screen to shatter into pieces. He had absolute zero interest as to what his brother was doing or where he was.

"Kikono, take this as a warning. Do NOT mention anything about my brother to me again. You see, we aren't on the best of terms. I don't give a shit as to what he does. He has his territory in the East Area, and I have mine in the North Area. I have about 60% of this Area under my rule now, Once I'm done here, I will move onto the South Area, before moving onto the East. Even if he is my brother, I'm the one destined to rule this universe! If he stands in my way, I will not hesitate to kill him! Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-Yes, Lord Frieza!"

Hearing Kikono's response caused Frieza to chuckle. An evil smirk then appeared on his face. He turned forward to look outside the observation deck again. He managed to catch the light show's finale. It didn't take long before earth-shattering booms took place, causing the few planets in front of him to explode, turning into massive piles of space debris. They then slowly drifted in space.

It was a shame these planets refused to submit to Frieza. If anyone didn't submit to him, he would tear out that planet from the roots, making sure all life ceased in the process. Destroying things like this actually helped Beerus. Even though Frieza did not want to serve under him, he had too, or else he would have forfeited his own life. He was an Agent of Destruction under him after all.

As long as Beerus stayed out of his way, and Frieza destroyed things for him, the two shared a mutual understanding. If only Frieza knew that Beerus had a very keen interest with one of the mortals Frieza had personally crossed paths with, but that would be a story for another time...

Year 733, End of December, Grand Kai's Planet, Other World Tournament Block B Preliminaries.

Eight fighters have moved on to the next round from the Block A Preliminaries, and now eighteen fighters for the Block B Preliminaries could be seen moving onto the rings to decide the remaining eight. Cooler could be seen last in the long line. Sayuri was somewhere in the middle.

Before they arrived at the center of the first ring, Sayuri looked back at Nao. She no longer saw Isabella next to him since she went off with Dia's stretcher into the rest area inside previously. She could still see Elsa standing by Nao.

She had a unique, elegant air around her. What Sayuri didn't know was that Elsa was the sole princess of a race of elves that had underwent a genocide roughly twenty years ago. She instinctively compared Elsa to herself.

Sayuri was pretty slim. Her skin was also pretty tan unlike Elsa's, likely as a result from being exposed to a lot of cosmic rays during Galactic Patrol missions. She also had her white tail with three orange stripes at its tip and fox ears, so she didn't complain about lacking in the b.r.e.a.s.t department. Elsa on the other hand was a couple sizes larger.

Her white two piece combat dress styled with the Galactic Patrol's logo was pretty revealing to say the least. Still, it accentuated her curves nicely. To top it off, she had blond hair that flowed down just below her shoulders. Ever since she met Nao for the first time, that mysterious feeling swelling in her heart never went away. She really wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Little did she know that there was a saying for what she was currently feeling, love at first sight!

Still, her eyes only landed on Nao for a few seconds. For some reason he was staring right at her, and she felt as if he was looking right through her body. This resulted in her blushing a bit. She turned away, looking back toward the stage.

Seeing this caused Nao to raise his eyebrows. That slight blushing didn't evade his sight. 'So she really is interested in me...She did say her race was the last of the Sunlit Foxes, but why does she look like a Tammy cat? Foxes have bushy fur, she has the ears, but where exactly is she hiding that fur?', Nao wondered.

Among other things, Nao was definitely interested in Sayuri's appearance. One wouldn't even think she belonged to a race of foxes if she hadn't said anything prior! If he learned the truth of Sayuri's missing fur, he would probably become embarrassed. Sayuri knew it well herself,

Only by entering an excited state or if Sayuri received the warmth of a suns' sunlight would her fur appear on her body! As there were no suns in the Other World, she appeared in this state.

Anyway, after a couple more moments passed, eighteen fighters spread out between the two rings. Seeing this, one of Grand Kai's attendants handed the ancient gong to him. He grabbed it with ease, and with the gong's drumstick, he sounded it off. Block B had officially begun!

Everyone but a select few immediately spread out, searching for their targets. It didn't take long for fifteen fighters to split into four groups of two, one group of three, and even one group of four!

As soon as they started clashing, various colors of aura started erupting on stage. This caused the announcer and the audience alike to erupt in cheers. It ranged from white, yellow, blue, green and so forth. Even one person had a black aura!

In Nao's previous life, the color of a person's aura typically defined what kind of person they were. Not everyone could see them, only people who were born with special eyes and heightened senses could. As to whether this held true for this world remained to be seen, but from looking at these two rounds so far, it seemed the color of a person's aura was tied to what skills they practiced.

Nao was surprised to see a black aura here, but black didn't exactly mean they were evil. This fellow wasn't likely to be trusted though. As a result of showing off a black aura, three others soon surrounded him, making that the group of four.

Cooler, Sayuri and Rei were the last who hadn't joined the fighting right off the bat. Paikuhan sought out a nearby enemy he found worthy. At this time Rei felt a stare behind his back, causing him to grin. It was as if he was very familiar with this stare, as it contained quite a lot of hatred directed at him.

Rei turned around, and locked eyes with Sayuri. Seeing Rei's grin caused Sayuri to unleash her aura in a rage. Surprisingly, Nao saw Sayuri become surrounded by an orange-red aura this time, unlike the previous time when they first met, Kaioken's aura. Kaioken's early stages wasn't too much of a burden for Nao, but perhaps it was for Sayuri.

Once she was clad in her orange-red aura, it started to release aura flames. They began to dance around her. Sayuri gave no time to spare, and entered a crouching stance. What she did next surprised Nao even further. Her aura started to condense around her hands and feet.

Crackling sounds soon emanated, and four sets of claws immediately extended outward. Sayuri condensed claws out of Ki!

"Take this, you bastard!"

Sayuri started to run at a very fast speed, enough to where a few afterimages appeared behind her. She also ran in an erratic pattern, not in straight line. Seeing this, Rei sighed.

"You really have no elegance, do you?"

An imposing Ki erupted forth, spreading out on the first ring. The remaining fighters who were on the first ring instinctively backed away from Sayuri and Rei. The dark blue gems on Rei's silver crown shined forth, and his body became clad in a dark blue aura.

His black kimono styled with blue moons fluttered forth as he surged his Ki. He extended both arms outward. He then proceeded to snap his fingers, and two small dark blue blocks of Ki about six inches long and about one and a half inch wide formed in his hands.

Moving both of his middle fingers to the side, the two blocks suddenly folded outward, revealing two Japanese-style fans. They were also made of Ki!

Ki weapon after Ki weapon were emerging out of the fighters in Block B. The fighters who didn't use Ki weapons like Cooler ignored them, as they had their own abilities. If each Tournament that was held every three to five years here had a theme, then the theme for this one would definitely be Ki Weapons!

As of now, Nao only had his body that he could attack with. Seeing all these Ki weapons emerge out of thin air steeled his heart. 'I definitely have to create my own weapon. Thanks to seeing these, I even have a rough idea for mine now...', Nao thought.

After steeling his heart, Nao's vision returned to the battlefield at hand. A sudden flash of orange-red and dark blue clashed against each other, followed by large screeching sounds. Sayuri and Rei's battle had begun.

Nao even saw Cooler lift up above the ground a couple feet, floating calmly between the attacks of the other fighters. He could only see his back but Cooler was currently smirking.

His destination, the fighter that unleashed the black aura! Things are heating up in Block B!