Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 92

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 92 : 89 Top 16 Decided

Author warning this chapter, there is language towards the end. Enjoy~





Slowly hovering in the air, Cooler calmly made his way toward the second ring, toward the humanoid that was releasing the black aura. An evil smile appeared on his face. Even though a multitude of colored Ki blasts and explosions were happening all around him, none of them had a direct hit.

For he would slap all the Ki blasts aimed at him, causing various spots on the first ring to start bursting apart.

"I didn't think I would get to see another living Devian. This place has been such a bore. If it weren't for that white haired boy, I would've left already. At least he was able to block an attack from my little brother, and watching him in that first block alleviated my boredom a bit. Looks like I can have a little fun now."

It didn't take long for Cooler to arrive at the second ring. The moment he did, he started to surge his Ki. The group of four immediately felt chills go down their spine. Among them the black devil-like humanoid, the other three were Sarta, Mijorin and Arqua. Arqua could be seen shivering in place.

Unlike his little brother Frieza, Cooler was a lot more level headed and calm. He thought things out rationally, and enjoyed fighting without underestimating his opponents. With every step Cooler took, it made him sound like he was part machine, as if his legs were made out of metal. Once he was in reach of the other four, loud cracking sounds resounded, causing the four to jump back a foot or two.

This was just the result of Cooler cracking his knuckles. His evil smile remained as he continued to look at the sole Devian on the second ring. The reason for this was because, in the East Area, Devians became extinct because of Cooler! Or so he originally thought, anyways. It seemed one more eluded him.

Oh how he wished he could kill this one right here and there, but alas he had to comply with the Tournament rules. As long as he had a breath in him, it would not be counted against Cooler, regardless of how cruel Cooler can be.

Cooler's aura surged forth and before long he was covered with a purple aura. Without any time to spare for the other four, Cooler's eyes started to flash purple. After a few seconds of condensing his Ki into his eyes passed, two purple laser Ki beams shot out.

These two Ki beams did not aim at Sarta, Mijorin, Arqua or the Devian, but instead he shot it directly into the tiling on the ring's floor. Tile after tile started to crumble and tear up from the ground. His beams didn't stop there. It invaded the other fighters, causing them to dodge out of the way, and the beams carried onward all the way until the barrier protecting the audience.

Even though they were protected by it, those who were right in front of incoming Ki beams either closed their eyes or let out a gasp of surprise. SCREECH!!!

Two beams coming at a very fast pace struck the Godly Ki barrier, resulting in large screeching sounds. Those right nearby had to cover their ears. Cooler was trying to kill two birds with one stone with this attack.

The first was to split the group of four so the Devian remained alone on one side, which Cooler successfully accomplished. He could now be seen alone, separated by the destroyed tiling, with Sarta, Mijorin and Arqua on the other side. All four were staring wide-eyed at the beam attack Cooler launched at the barrier.

The second was to strike against barrier placed by the Grand Kai, testing its waters. The impacts his beams caused only lasted for a moment before they fizzled out of existence. Seeing his two purple beams fade into nothing while not causing any damage to the barrier, caused Cooler to raise his eyebrows.

While he wanted to surge his Ki even more to see how strong the barrier was, Cooler did not want anyone to grow suspicious of him, so he made it seem like this attack was a rebound after crossing paths with the group of four. He then turned toward the three fighters that got separated, calmly speaking out to them.

"Beat it you three. I really wish I could kill every single one of you but sadly the people overseeing this won't let me. Take this attack of mine as a warning. You three don't want to take the next one head on now do you, hmm?"

The three received even more cold shivers down their spines hearing this. They were veteran fighters themselves but they felt Cooler was in a whole other league above them. Sarta and Mijorin could only slightly nod. Mijorin even tugged Arqua on the shoulder, causing him to snap out of his fear. With no time to spare, they immediately flew back toward the first ring.

Cooler's head did not budge as the three flew off. His vision remained on the Devian, standing a few meters away. His slow walking resumed. Every step he took, the Devian, who currently was not moving an inch, felt more and more dread spread inside his heart as he saw Cooler approach him...

It didn't take long before sounds of anguish began to spread out on the second ring!

Before the audience and the fighters alike knew it, time started to speed up. Ten minutes of fighting soon became twenty, thirty, and before long a couple hours passed!

A multitude of colorful explosions, bangs, screeches, and aura clashed against each other. On the second ring, a lifeless Devian could be seen in Cooler's grasp. Massive amounts of purple blood spewed all over his body. Even though he looked dead, if one listened closely, they could still hear very light breathing. He was struggling to stay conscious.

Cooler was expecting something out of this Devian but all he gave him was disappointment after disappointment. Cooler didn't even have to unleash his final transformation! Giving him one final scoff, Cooler tossed the almost lifeless Devian off the stage.

Part of the audience that watched the second ring remained completely silent as they watched Cooler's brutal beat-down on the poor fellow. Even though the Devian's appearance was akin to that of a devil, Cooler right now appeared way more devilish!

All of them didn't dare to look at Cooler in the eye, and they soon changed their focus onto the first ring. Five fighters already got knocked out in the second. Cooler and Paikuhan were among the winners, along with two others.

Five fighters remained in the first ring, and three of them continued to watch the fierce clash between Sayuri and Rei. Sarta and Mijorin unfortunately got knocked out, by Arqua no less!

The East Kai had to yell out to Arqua to remind him to summon his water domain. Once he did so, a massive cube of water appeared, covering the first half of the first ring, while the other half was given to Sayuri and Rei's battle.

Once he got his gears shifting, Arqua became a monster in the water. He proceeded to rip and shred apart those who couldn't breathe well in it, which included Sarta and Mijorin. He continued to knock out fighters one by one until there were five left in the first ring. Seeing this surprised Nao greatly, even though his main focus was on Sayuri.

'Guess those of different races have their own advantages fighting on different terrain...', Nao thought.

Nao only became distracted for a bit with this before his sight resumed on the other battle. In these couple of hours, half of the remaining ring became covered in ice while the other half danced in flames. Sayuri wasn't looking great herself, large portions of her combat dress were torn up.

Even her chest wasn't left out. In fact, her b.r.e.a.s.ts could be seen if one looked closely enough! Once Nao saw Rei do this, he thought Sayuri would become embarrassed for a moment, but Rei's action caused her to rage out in anger at him.

Once she did, she used her claws and tore away right at Rei's crown. Rei tried to block it with his two Ki fans but Sayuri strengthened her claws to the point where tore straight through both of them! As soon as that happened, his two Ki fans crumbled part, slowly vanishing as the remaining aura fell to the ground.

Her claws did not not end there. Using her current momentum, she aimed straight at Rei's crown. Large clanging resounded in the first ring, as if two metal objects just struck against each other. Rei spat out large mouthfuls of blood, and a huge claw gash appeared on his forehead.

Seeing the huge gash appear, Sayuri grinned. The blue gem embedded silver crown then flew up off his head. Sayuri surged her orange-red Ki forth toward her legs, allowing her to jump up above Rei. Using this momentum, she snatched the crown right above his head. Her figure then vanished and reappeared a couple meters back in front of him.

Seeing this, Rei coughed out more blood, but he ignored it. All he could feel was seething rage seeing his crown stolen before his eyes. He cursed out at her.

"You B*tch, you dare steal the sole prince's crown of the Moonlit Foxes! F*ck it, I don't care if I get disqualified for this. You went far past the line by doing that, I'm going to tear you into pieces!"

Hearing this, Sayuri's grin turned wider. She then started to twirl the crown on her left index finger.

Even though Rei's forehead currently had a huge gash, blue veins could still be seen popping out of it.

"You know, after our race died out, I had to resort to thievery until the Galactic Patrol took me in. I was able to turn over a new leaf 'cause of them. Still, stealing is second nature to me, and I could probably sell this crown of yours for a fortune, but I got a better plan for this baby."

Sayuri stopped twirling Rei's crown on her finger, and she slid it down into her fist. Her muscles then started to contort. While his crown appeared to be dazzling, it was not made out of a tough metal, and once she started to close her fist in over the crown, crackling noises started to resound.

Rei's eyes turned wide hearing these sounds resound between the two of them.

"Do you have a death wish!? I won't let you go any further than this!"

Rei surged his dark blue Ki forth. Tossing away his dignity, he rushed Sayuri. His fist met Sayuri's claws, only to tear open Rei's fist, and more blood splattered. He was blasted away a few meters, collapsing onto the ground. He regained his footing but he felt his stamina drain every second.

Nao watched this fight in silence, even for him this is becoming more and more brutal. It was like he was watching a cat-fight that turned wrong. Unexpectedly, he even heard Sayuri curse out at Rei.

"Rei, f*ck you and your royalty. You don't deserve this crown. Even though I can't kill you today, if we ever meet again, you won't see the light of day!"


Sayuri proceeded to clench her fist that held the crown , and the crown slowly cracked into pieces, turning into metallic dust that fell down onto the tiling. With his remaining energy, Rei tried to walk toward what remained of his crown. Sayuri shook her head,

"It's time to end this Rei, Sunburst Kaioken!"

Sayuri's orange-red aura soon changed that to that of an orange pink, and she started to release a massive amount of heat. It appeared Sayuri created a new technique with Kaioken as the basis, which intrigued him greatly.

Sayuri instantly vanished from spot, leaving behind even more afterimages than previously. Only a second passed before a loud bang resounded. To rub salt into the wound, Sayuri dashed right at Rei, and the passing wind caused the remaining metallic dust to dissipate into the air. Rei felt his body become lifeless, and he received an impact right in his chest.

Rei's body flew all the way outside the second ring, colliding against the Godly Ki barrier. A mixture of cheers and gasps resounded from the audience as they saw Rei's lifeless body fall toward the grass. After it landed on the grass, he passed out, but he was still breathing.

Seeing the last fighter fall onto the ground outside the ring, Kinoko announced that he was disqualified as a result of a ring out. With this, eight fighters were left remaining on the stage, and the Block B Preliminaries have been concluded. The top 16 moving onto the next round have now been decided!