Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 93

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 93 90: This Is One Strange Family Gathering I

A lifeless Rei could currently be seen face down on the grass behind the second ring near the audience, which had long turned red from the blood pouring out of his body. Seeing him severely wounded with barely any life left him, the doctors immediately acted, placing him on a stretcher that contained advanced medical equipment.

Nao saw the doctors carry Rei away to the inside rest area, since part of that building acted as a hospital. He debated whether to use a Senzu Bean on him, but he immediately forwent the thought.

He didn't want to dig his grave too early after all, seeing how Sayuri came out victorious from appeared to be a death match.

He soon heard the announcer's voice, calling the end of the Preliminary rounds.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what a breathtaking Preliminary round that was! Eight fighters remained on stage, and that marks the end of Block B. With this, sixteen fighters have been decided for the top sixteen round! I also have received word from the Grand Kai that this concludes the fighting for today! The top sixteen matches will begin tomorrow at the same time. Guests and fighters, you may proceed back to your respective dorm rooms. Once again, thank you for such exciting battles!"

Cheers resounded for a good while after Kinoko finished his announcement.

However, there was one specific individual that immediately tried to rush out of the crowd. They appeared to be an older gentleman, wearing a black kimono with dark blue moons stitched elegantly on it. Together with a golden crown with blue gems embedded on it, he had a bushy auburn red tail and fox ears. Apparent anger could be seen on their face.

"Out of my way!"

He forced his way through the many guests that came to this tournament. Everyone felt intimidated looking at him straight on, so they all parted to the sides while watching him leave. His target? Rei's hospital room, he was the current king of the Moonlit Foxes!

That's right, the Grand Kai invited both royalty and commoners alike to watch this Tournament! As long as they were related to the fighters, they were sent an invitation and were welcomed to watch.

Further down the line, it was said that Universe 7 had a total of 28 planets that contained registered mortals within the five areas. Shin, who is the current Supreme Kai and observer of these mortals, did nothing to interfere with the growth of the lives of these planets, letting them develop naturally.

It was no wonder Shin was reputed to be one of the worst Kais in this world! The Grand Kai however took it upon himself to visit the planets he took interest in.

The payout resulted in matches beyond his expectations! The Grand Kai was extremely pleased with the Tournament so far. Perhaps it would do good to include both the dead and the living for future tournaments too.

Anyways, as Rei's father departed, two more fellows could be seen still sitting down. At this time, Isabella returned to Nao's side, and he started to have a friendly conversation with her, Sayuri and Elsa. Nao didn't forget to pass a Senzu Bean to Sayuri either, resulting in most of her wounds closing up.

It's a shame Full Recovery boosting was a unique trait to Saiyans, otherwise Sayuri and Isabella would have probably experienced a big gain in their power.

Before long, the three girls started to talk about random things after they introduced each other. Nao originally thought a fight would break out between them, but surprisingly Elsa was very cooperative and friendly.

Out of the three, Nao thought she would cause the most trouble for being a princess, but it seems his father's personality really rubbed off on her. Seeing them enter their own little world, he decided not interrupt.

Instead, he let his eyes wander around, eventually landing on the stands circulating high above the two arena platforms. Unbeknownst to Nao, more time had passed and most of the seats were now empty. The two fellows and Rei's father from earlier could no longer be seen.

Nao soon heard giggling coming the group of three. Even Elsa could be seen smiling, obviously in a happy mood. Nao felt Sayuri's eyes land on him briefly. He returned the gesture, only see Sayuri blush and immediately turned back toward Isabella. Sayuri then waved her two hands up and down embarrassingly.

He couldn't hear what the three were talking about, but the gesture Sayuri did just now was pretty cute. At this time, Nao felt a hand suddenly rub his head, only to see Oscar rubbing his head.

Nao soon felt several presences approaching them.

One of them even called out, and this voice sounded very familiar to Nao.

"Oi, Sayuri, are you here?"

'This can't be!', Nao thought. Sure enough, the first figure to make their appearance, wearing his signature purple jumpsuit, was none other than Jaco!

However, before Nao could do anything else, he suddenly heard another voice lash out at Jaco. It was a deeper male voice this time.

"Jaco, be more respectful. You're in the presence of the Galactic King."

"Aw man, you're such a joy killer, Senior Brother Jiya. Brother Merus, at least you're on my side, right?"

However, the person who Jaco called out to ignored him. Nao then felt a strong gaze land upon him and his sight soon shifted to the person who was staring at Nao.

"...Brother Merus?"

Jaco called out to this person named Merus, only to be ignored again. Jaco tilted his head in confusion. An eerie silence soon spread out between the group of people. Isabella, Sayuri and Elsa had long ceased their whispering, and they watched on out of curiosity.

Nao soon got a good look at this guy. Nao was about the same height as him. His hair was white, cut in a bowl shape that slanted downward diagonally. Pale blue-light purple skin. He was wearing a dark blue track-like suit that covered his whole body. It had orange stripes going up each side. A special stun blaster was holstered on his belt.

Little did most people know about Merus, but Nao knew him very well! In fact, Merus was one of the key figures in Nao's future plan that he had recently formulated. Little did Nao know he would meet him right now!

Merus, while disguised as the Galactic Patrol's most powerful member, was none other than an Angel in training, sent to the mortal realm by the Grand Priest himself. He was Whis's younger brother!