Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 94

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 94 : 91 This Is One Strange Family Gathering Ii

"Oi, Brother Merus, do you copy, over?"

As Nao continued to stare at Merus, Jaco broke the eerie silence by calling out to Merus once again. However, suddenly, a large bonking sound echoed. BONK!

"Ow, Senior Brother Jiya, what'd you do that f---"

"Just shut up and watch."

Jaco was immediately silenced by Jiya, and he shut his mouth. Merus proceeded to ignore all of this. It was as if Merus was trying to get a good reading on Nao. A moment passed before Nao saw Merus smile. He then proceeded to open his mouth for the first time, and out came a calm and soothing voice, almost angelic-like. However unlike Whis's, it contained no haughtiness.

"Can I shake your hand?"

Merus then proceeded to stretch out his right hand, opening up his palm. Seeing this confused Nao, but he decided to respond back.


Nao proceeded extend his right hand forth as well. Two hands met, gripping onto each other. Even though Merus was wearing a white gauntlet-like glove, it felt cool to the touch, as if it had its own cooling system. Nao expected to receive some sort of weird sensation as soon as the two hands touched, but surprisingly, nothing happened. Another moment passed before Nao felt his grip lighten, and Merus pulled back his hand.

Nao then saw Merus talk once more to him.

"You truly do have a kind and pure soul. Truly unexpected coming from the Saiyans. I refused to believe Jaco's report until I personally witnessed it. I thank you for giving me this opportunity."

Merus then proceeded to give Nao a bow. Now that he thought about it for a moment, besides the two maids at his house, he hadn't had anyone bow at him yet. He became a bit fl.u.s.tered, but he didn't want to exaggerate it, since Nao knew Merus was currently an Angel in disguise.

Jaco's eyes turned wide as he watched Merus. The number one elite in the Galactic Patrol, bowed at someone who he had only met once prior. Nao stepped closer, and raised Merus's body back into a straight position.

"You don't have to go that far. You can call me Nao. So you really were testing me?"

"Haha, sorry about that. Oh, how could I forget my introduction too. I'm Merus. An elite of the Galactic Patrol and acting bodyguard of the Galactic King while we're here watching this Tournament. I must say your match was quite stunning to watch. Nao, was it? I think you have what it takes to go all the way till the finals."

"Thank you for the compliment. Is the Galactic King really here?"

"Yes. He's currently standing behind Brother Jiya. We've mainly come to introduce ourselves and pick up Sister Sayuri. I thank you for looking after her during the Preliminaries."

Sayuri's fox ears twitched as she heard Merus call out to her. She left the other two girls and finally reappeared beside Nao. She took this time to get a look at the current crowd. Her eyes landed on Merus, Jaco, Jiya, and then finally the Galactic King.

"Everyone, even Your Majesty...You didn't have to come all this way out here to support me you know..."

"Don't go spouting such nonsense, Sayuri. You're representing the Galactic Patrol here. Isn't it obvious for me to make an appearance?"

At this time, the figure who was standing behind Jiya, finally squirmed forth. Yes that's right, he was wiggling his way up front! Out of everyone here, this person would likely be the easiest to stand out.

Numerous light green tentacles made about two thirds of his body, with the rest being a head. A golden crown with the Galactic Patrols symbol embedded in the middle of it could be seen resting on his head. The Galactic King was a essentially a walking, talking, light green octopus.

Sayuri blinked a couple times as she saw the Galactic King appear in front of her and Nao. She then became a bit fl.u.s.tered, before bowing her head. She too was a member of the Galactic Patrol after all.

"Your Majesty, shouldn't you be back at headquarters? You'd be causing a widespread panic if the others knew you were here!"

"Raise your head, Sayuri. We took proper precautions before coming here. We were invited by the Grand Kai after all. Thanks to him, we've even started making connections with other races who've yet to reveal themselves! I brought Merus and Jiya as bodyguards, but it's still debatable as to why I brought Jaco here..."

"H-Hey! Even you're against me too, Your Majesty?"

Hearing the Galactic King say this caused Merus to chuckle. Merus then turned to look at Jaco.

"Haha Jaco, you dug your own foot into your grave already. Weren't you the one crawling and bawling on the floor, begging His Majesty to bring you along? That's the first time I've seen someone take groveling too far."

"Even you too Brother Merus? T-that was supposed to stay a secret ! How could you mention that here and now!"

At this time, Jaco started to hear laughter spread throughout the crowd. Even Sayuri, Isabella and Elsa began to giggle. Hints of red appeared on Jaco's cheeks, obviously embarrassed as a result. He took a few steps and hid behind Jiya who was about twice as tall as him.

Jiya, who typically liked to remain silent, spoke up after seeing Jaco hide behind his body.

"Exactly what are you trying to accomplish by doing this, Jaco?"

Jaco stared at Jiya, who turned his head around and looked down at him, and blinked for a moment. He was not expecting Jiya to talk at this moment, so Jaco couldn't utter anything for a moment. Jaco then proceeded to stutter as he uttered the first word that came to mind.


As soon as Jaco said this, another wave of laughter spread throughout the crow. Even the Galactic King, who appeared calm so far, started to chuckle as he watched Jaco's current behavior. However, before the conversation could continue along, Nao suddenly felt several more presences walk towards the group.

The crowd soon heard an elegant voice call out to them. Following that, an older male and a childish voice sounded. It appeared more people were arriving..

"My, I'm not late to the party, am I?"

"Haha, from the looks of it, it has already started without us!"

"Geez, you can't start this without us!"

The crowd already consisted of Nao, Oscar, Sayuri, Elsa, Isabella, Merus, Jaco, Jiya and the Galactic King. All of a sudden, nine more figures soon joined the crowd.

One was dressed in a simple light blue one piece dress with light purple frills. A silver crown embedded with turquoise gems rested on their head. Long pointy ears, wavy dark ocean blue hair flowing down her back, large perky b.r.e.a.s.ts, standing about 5'7 tall. Elsa immediately reacted, appearing very surprised.


It was Elsa who left Nao's side time this time, immediately running into her mother's embrace. That's right, this elegant lady was Elena von Elosa, Elsa's mother and acting Queen of Planet Elosyia! Elsa even began to rub her head against Elena's very large b.r.e.a.s.ts. Elena returned Elsa's embrace with a hug.

At this time, a more deep male voice resounded directly behind her. Elena wasn't startled at all, because it was a presence she was familiar with, so she continued to spoil her daughter. Before long, the two were overcast by a large shadow.

"Haha, Queen Elosa, aren't you spoiling your daughter a bit too much?"

'...Huge!', Nao thought, after immediately glancing to see who this person was that just spoke.

Standing over thirteen feet tall, two burly, very muscular men approached behind her. One appeared to be middle aged, and the other a lot older. Both of them had short dark purple hair, but the hair of the older one was more faded, and they were clad in black tuxedos and black dress pants. Two black spade-shaped tails protruded from their butts on both of them.

After looking at these two very large fellows for a moment, Nao suddenly felt a large wind gust come out from behind him. Isabella vanished and reappeared near the older aged person. She wasn't even twice as big as them so she could only cling onto his leg.

While clinging onto his leg, Isabella raised her head and was full of smiles as she called out to them. Her own tail started to dance around like crazy.

"Grandpa! Even Papa! The two of you were able to make it!"

Two large smiles appeared on the two men. Nao then saw the older gentleman pick up Isabella, after rubbing her head for a moment. He then placed Isabella on his right shoulder, allowing her to look down at every one from a pretty good height. Thanks to her receiving a Senzu Bean from Nao, she didn't feel any more pain from the match earlier.

"Of course we would you dolt, we wouldn't want to miss your first debut now would we?"

"That's right, Belle. I even had to put aside some crucial matters back at our clan. I didn't want to receive a beating from Father either."

"Haha, son, looks like you've gotten smarter after becoming the Patriarch of our clan. Look like I made the correct decision when I retired!"

"It's not like there was much of a choice either, right Father?"

"Gahaha, that's also true!"

At this time, the older gentleman bellowed loudly, it even caused the ground around them to vibrate! After his laughter ended, his expression became serious. A glint then sparkled in his eyes as his eyes landed on Nao.

"Little Belle, tell your Grandpa, is he the one?"

Almost immediately after hearing his question, Isabella happily responded.

"Yes! I'm sure of it."

"Hahaha! Well, you heard her, boy. Well met. I'm Nim, retired Patriarch of the Gemmed Dragon clan, or what's left of it anyway. We came to see Little Belle's first martial arts match today. I didn't think it would be this soon to meet my future grandson-in-law!"