Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 95

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 95 92: Whis And Merus A Fated Reunion Of Two Brothers I

Nao once again had a good look at this older purple haired giant clad in a black tuxedo and black dress pants standing a few meters away. He no longer overcast his shadow on Elena and Elsa, and was now beside them.

For some reason Nao was receiving really strong mafia vibes from Nim and the other giant next to him. Nao decided to meet him head on, so he cycled a bit of his Ki to his feet, allowing him to fly upward.

After flying slowly upward a few feet, he could now see the giant's head straight on. It was clear there were wrinkles on his face, obvious signs of old age. However, despite his obvious aging, Nim was still very strong and appeared to have great vitality. Nao wondered how old Nim truly was.

Thanks to Nao's recently acquired Godly Ki sense, any mortals could no longer be hidden from him, unless they had very unique Ki masking abilities that could even hide from the gods. Thankfully, it appeared Nim didn't have such an ability, as Nao could sense Nim was quite stronger than him.

Well, it was no wonder, since Isabella's battle power could peak nearly half of Nao's Super Saiyan state. Anyways, Nao decided to end the silence after Nim spoke earlier, and spoke out to him.

"Today is really a full day of introductions, isn't it? It's nice to meet you Nim. You can call me Nao. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to meet Isabella'a family this early."

Nim heard Nao say this, and Nao did not back away in fear. He remained calm in front of the giant, and seeing this, he focused his eyes on the white-haired boy in front of him. Nim then let out another laugh.

"Haha, I'm already starting to like you, boy! You see, most people shit their pants when they see me for the first time. You, however, aren't showing any fear in your eyes right now. That shows how much confidence you have with your own strength. I like that!"

"You seem like a more straightforward person yourself. Besides, why would I fear those who might become my family in the future?"

Hearing this, Nim grinned, as if he expected this answer. He then glanced at Isabella, who was still resting on his right shoulder, then he glanced back at Nao.

"Well put! Little Belle was right. Even though I may have retired from the position of Patriarch, I still have a large say in our familial matters. I approve this marriage!"


Nao's eyes turned wide as the giant's grin became larger after saying this. The other giant next to him became gobsmacked, obvious disapproval streaked across his face. Nao wasn't expecting for Isabella's family to approve Isabella's relationship with him this quickly. Before Nao could speak, the other giant spoke out against Nim.

"Father! Aren't you acting too rashly? What will the others say of this back at home?"

"This is not a rash decision, Jake. Surely you must feel it too, right? This boy's power is rather astounding. From the match earlier, I could sense Little Belle's full power was only around half compared to what this boy released. He'll probably grow a lot stronger than me in due time!"

"Now that you mention it...he did release an insane amount of energy earlier. That was quite an impressive match. I apologize for my outburst just now, Father. I won't go against your wishes."

"Good, then it's settled!"

'Aren't these guys too straightforward? We literally just met moments ago!', Nao thought. Still, perhaps Isabella's personality came from these two. She really is easy to get along with. Nao proceeded to glance at Isabella, who was currently humming happily, moving her legs in the air.

At this time, the four of them suddenly heard a graceful voice reach out to them, more specifically, to Nim.

"Nim, surely you haven't forgotten about me, have you?"

Nim, who was currently looking at Nao, shifted his gaze after hearing this voice, only to land on Elena. Elena was now standing with Elsa beside her. She slowly walked up to Nao and Nim. For some reason, the scent of the ocean streaked across Nao's nose, it was quite soothing. 'Is Elena using perfume? Moreover, it seems Elena and Nim are acquainted...', Nao thought.

"Ah, Queen Elosa! My apologies for getting absorbed in this. You must referring to the matter related to your daughter right?"

Nim managed to calm himself down from the excitement he was getting from the earlier conversation. His expression turned serious as he started to speak with Queen Elena. Queen Elena let out a small chuckle seeing Nim remember this.

"Fufu, looks like you haven't forgotten. That's good. Now that I think about it, Nao, was it? How silly of me, I haven't even introduced myself to you yet!"

Standing only a few feet away, Nao got a good look at Queen Elena, she really was stunning close up! Elsa was well underway in her growth period, she still had a lot more room to grow if she were to turn out similar to Queen Elena.

Nao was expecting a handshake, but he saw Queen Elena take a step back, and did a light bow. She then grabbed the hem of her light blue dress with both hands, and pulled her dress outward a bit. This caused her b.r.e.a.s.ts to jiggle a bit. Queen Elena did a curtsy!

Queen Elena then straightened her back up again, and smiled at Nao, before proceeding to speak again.

"To be honest, I wasn't expecting Oscar to rear children so soon. Speaking of which, since you and Oscar are here, the rest of the family should be here too?"

As if it were right on the mark, the last two people of the nine walked towards the group. When the Galactic Patrol arrived, Nao's group became nine people. Once the Galactic Patrol finished their introductions, nine more people joined the crowd, totaling eighteen. Queen Elena, Nim, and Jake came with two guards each, and the last two to show up, were Iona and Miya!

Before anyone could speak out to Iona and Miya, a red flash surrounded the two. Nim raised his eyebrows, as he saw one of the two figures instantly vanish. Following a huge gust of wind, Miya used Vanish, leaving behind a red afterimage. It didn't take long for her to reemerge at Nao's side.

Miya ignored everything else and entered Nao's embrace, rubbing her head against his chest. Nao's body soon started to warm up, but he could only sigh seeing this. Miya even unraveled her red tail, allowing it to happily swing back and forth.

"...A red tail?"

Only now did Nao remember he was the center of attention, but he didn't get embarrassed, and remained calm. Nim questioned to what he was currently seeing. Queen Elena was also curious about Miya. Nao took this time to talk again.

"Now that I think about it, we never did mention what race we hail from, did we? Here, let me unravel my tail too."

Nao's tail, which was hidden inside his armor all this time, started to unravel. Queen Elena, Elsa, Jaco, and Nao's family were the only ones who were familiar about the Saiyans. Jaco seemed to give a detailed report to his seniors when he got back to the Galactic HQ, sure enough the other members became surprised seeing the two gold and red tails.

However, before Nao could continue speaking, Nim raised his voice once again.

"Now it's a gold tail? You've really kept this hidden, boy. Moreover, the tail of the lass besides you appears pretty similar. Are the two of you siblings by chance?"

"Wait, gold tail? It's no longer white?"

At this time, Oscar, who remained quiet all this while, finally spoke. He had cut off Nim but he had a look of shock on his face right now. Nim watched Oscar approach Nao. Nim saw a brown tail around his waist, appearing similar to Nao's and Miya's. He figured this guy was their father.

Nim then looked at the yellow halo floating above Oscar's head, and seeing this, he could only sigh. 'So the boy's father is already dead...Must be pretty rough for him.', Nim thought.

Before Nao could respond to Oscar, Nim saw Nao's expression turn grim. Nao himself suddenly received a very strange feeling assault his senses. Nim saw the boy utter something to what he thought is his sister, and she too turned serious, and backed away.

Everyone then saw Nao fly up even higher, looking at a certain direction off to the northeast. Nim could only hear him utter a couple words.

"Someone's coming, and fast!"

Hearing this, Nim raised his eyebrows. Nao spoke loudly enough to alert the whole crowd. Out of everyone present, Merus was probably the most shocked out of all of them!

He felt a very familiar presence heading their direction at an extremely fast pace. But what surprised Merus even more was that the Saiyan boy could actually sense this incoming presence! Merus only thought he would be able to sense this, but no, someone else could as well!

Not even a few moments passed before the atmosphere around them started to change. Besides the crowd, a huge rainbow pillar suddenly descended from the vast pink-purple sky above them. Once the pillar touched the ground, everyone heard a haughty voice resound around them.

"Ohohoho, I didn't think anyone would be able to sense me before I landed here. How fascinating."