Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 96

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 96 93: Whis And Merus A Fated Reunion Of Two Brothers Ii

Out of nowhere, a huge rainbow pillar suddenly descended from the vast endless sky above Grand Kai's Planet, down onto the grass near the two largely destroyed rings. All of the other guests and fighters alike have retired back to their respective dorm rooms. This group of eighteen, the Grand Kai and his workers to repair the rings were the only ones left.

That is, until a certain someone decided to join in while these people were having a family gathering of sorts.

After this haughty voice reached the ears of the crowd, the rainbow pillar started to dissipate. One very tall figure soon appeared out of it. They were wearing a maroon colored robe with a black cuirass decorated in the same style as Beerus's cuirass when he is wearing his formal attire. He had pale blue skin, violet eyes, and white hair shooting straight up, appearing rather effeminate.

Alongside his appearance, a long blue scepter that reached all the to his head could be seen in his right hand. It had a black obsidian-like sphere floating in the center on top, surrounded by a pale blue ring. Another larger pale blue floated around the figure's neck. That's right, Whis had finally revealed himself in person for the first time!

Seeing Whis arrive here alone, Nao sighed deeply in his heart. Nao could probably guess that Whis's coming was indeed related to Merus. Nao decided to descend back onto the ground, He reappeared a few feet away from Whis. Even though Whis appeared calm and aloof most of the time thanks to his eccentric nature, Nao didn't want to act rashly, so he waited for Whis to act first.

Seeing the white haired boy in front of him not taking any action caused Whis to smile. He then placed his left hand over his mouth once more, letting out another chuckle.

"Ohohoho, Nao, you can relax your guard, I've only come here for a family matter, like the rest of you in fact. Seeing you all gather here, how could I not show up too?"

Hearing his name called out personally by Whis cause Nao to raise his eyebrows , but Nao remembered Whis had the ability to observe anyone within the Universe, Nao wondered how much Whis had observed him thus far, but he couldn't really ask that at this time. He proceeded to let out a sigh.

"Sigh...looks like I was worrying for nothing then. You say you come here for a family matter, but who are you exactly?"

"My, Nao, you're still trying to put up a farce? Surely you must know who I am already. Well, the other's don't, so Ill introduce myself properly."

After Whis finished speaking, his eyes soon landed on the crowd of people around Nao. Most of them showed eyes of curiosity. Whis's eyes locked with Merus's for a brief second. His gaze then returned back to the front, only to take a bow afterward.

"Greetings everyone. You all may call me Whis. I'm an Angel hailing from the Realm of Angels, and attendant to the current God of Destruction, Lord Beerus. As I've mentioned previously, I'm only here due to a family matter. Playtime is now over, Merus. It's time to return back home."

As soon as Whis finished speaking, looks of confusion and shock spread throughout the crowd. Most of them were unfamiliar with the concept of gods. The Grand Kai and the four directional Kai are also gods, but they all typically don't behave like one, so most assumed they weren't.

For example, in regards to Nim, he was actually well over a thousand years in age! He personally wasn't foreign to the concept of gods,, but to see one arrive in person still surprised him greatly. He couldn't even read Whis's Ki!

However, the crowd remembered the last words Whis just spoke, and all eyes suddenly shifted to Merus. He was further back in the crowd, currently next to the Galactic King. Even he had eyes of curiosity as he stared at Merus. In fact, he was the first one to speak up.

" never mentioned to us that you had siblings. You always appeared aloof back at headquarters, so I thought you were an only child. Moreover, what did he mean by, 'playtime is over'?"

After the Galactic King said this, Merus remained silent. Seeing him remain silent, it did indeed Merus had something hidden from him. Even though Merus was ranked number one in the Galactic Patrol, he never spoke about his past to the Galactic King. Everyone saw Merus shake his head, and scratched the back of his head with his right hand.

"Sigh...Big Brother, I really hadn't hoped you would show up at this time. Looks like I made the wrong choice in coming here."

Merus then turned and faced the Galactic King, only to bow. He then spoke out to him in an apologetic manner.

"Your Majesty, I apologize for keeping this hidden from you. What you all are thinking is true, Whis is indeed my older brother. I guess its time to reveal my true form as well."

Jaco's eyes almost popped out of their sockets after hearing that Merus had something hidden all this while ever since he joined the Galactic Patrol. Even though he was aloof most of the time, Jaco still found him easy to get along with. However, before anyone could speak up, a shining white light suddenly enveloped Merus.

Seeing this white light envelope Merus, those close to him backed away a few feet, giving him enough room. It didn't take long for the radiating white light to vanish. More gasps could be heard from the crowd upon seeing Merus's true form.

His posture now stood straight up. He wore the same maroon robe and black cuirass as Whis. It even had the same orange and white design pattern on its front. Even his hair appeared a bit more short, but it was still styled in an upside down bowl fashion, and it was pure white. His blue-purple skin also became a lighter tone.

A long blue scepter that reached his head's height also appeared in his right hand. It too had a black obelisk-like sphere floating on top of it as well, but unlike Whis's, it actually had two pale blue rings circling it. Another larger pale blue ring also circled around Merus's neck. Disappointment could clearly be seen across his face.

Even though Nao knew Merus was an Angel, it was still an exciting feeling to see him reveal it. A strange silence spread out, even Jaco couldn't speak, as if something was lodged in his throat. Merus took this time to slowly walk towards Whis, moving his scepter along the way. Those who were in his way instinctively moved toward the sides.

Once Merus reached Whis's side, Merus turned around, looking at the seventeen other people. Even the Grand Kai, who was further back beyond them still resting on his chair, had a curious yet respectful look in his eyes. His streaming equipment was long put away since the end of the Preliminaries, and was only watching the events unfold before him.

Another apologetic look streaked across Merus's eyes, and took this time to speak out to everyone. He now addressed his concerns with the Galactic Patrol members here.

"Everyone, it appears I must excuse myself here. Your Majesty, I thank you for taking me in to the Galactic Patrol. I'm afraid I'll have to retire from my position. It is possible I may given another chance to return, but I will need to get permission from Father again."

Merus just spoke a sudden declaration of retirement from the Galactic Patrol!

A wave of disbelief spread throughout the few Galactic Patrol members here. A sense of foreboding struck the Galactic King's heart. Jaco almost fainted hearing this but he stuck through and immediately rushed through the crowd, approaching the Angel Merus. He than began to stammer as he spoke out to him.

"B-brother Merus, y-you must be lying, right!? W-we've built such a g-good foundation! Y-you can't retire now! W-Who cares if you're an s-some godly being!?"

As Merus heard this, a rare smile formed on his mouth. He then proceeded to console Jaco.

"Jaco, I can't go against my Father. He must've deemed my time was up in the mortal realm for now. My very existence would cease to exist if I went against him. Isn't that right, Big Brother?"

Whis proceeded to nod seriously, confirming his words.

"Yes, the words of the Grand Minister are absolute. Us Angels cannot defy them. Merus, do you have any parting words before we go? I have some of my own if you don't."

Hearing this, Nao became shocked, but didn't show it outwardly. Whis was just casually tossing the name of the Grand Minister around like that! Perhaps it was due to his eccentric nature. Nao continued to watch the event unfold, only to hear Merus speak next after nodding in confirmation.

"I do."

Hearing Whis's question, Merus immediately responded. Merus then looked at the crowd, with his eyes landing on Jaco, Sayuri, Jiya and the Galactic King.

"Jaco, you do your best while I'm gone, you hear me? I've seen you rise up from the bottom, you have a great heart of justice. You've probably done enough missions by now to earn your elite status. Sister Sayuri, Brother Jiya, you watch over him okay? You three compose one of the most promising squads I've seen yet."

As soon as Merus addressing the other members, tears started to immediately drop from Jaco's eyes. Nao saw this, and thought Jaco truly didn't want Merus to leave at this time. The silent and calm Jiya became a bit shaken by Merus's words. Even Sayuri started to cry a bit. Nao saw the two nod at Merus.

Seeing this, Merus smiled, and then he turned toward Nao. Nao wasn't expecting this but it seemed Merus had something to say to him too.

"Nao, while our meeting has been short, it was good to meet you. Sister Sayuri wouldn't stop talking about you during the previous night back at the rest area. It's obvious she's taken an interest in you. You watch out for her too, okay?"

Nao could only nod hearing this. His suspicions were true, and Nao took this time to look back at Sayuri. Sayuri felt Nao's gaze, and she ended up blushing, only to look away. She took this time to wipe the tears from her eyes. Merus then turned back and looked at Whis. He didn't have any more to say. Whis let out a light chuckle.

"Ohoho, it seems you're done, Merus. We will depart soon, but I have one more matter to discuss. This actually pertains to you, Nao."


Nao thought Whis was only here to pick up Merus, but it seemed Whis had another thing to talk about. What he said next was not within Nao's expectations at all! Whis grinned before he spoke out to Nao.

"Yes. Outsider Nao, the Grand Minister formerly invites you to Lord Zeno's Palace. I will be bringing you and Merus there. In fact, your sister is also welcome to join us."