Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 97

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 97 94: Taking A Glimpse At A Destoyed Future

Quick Author's note, before anyone rages in this chapter, please read it fully! Been wanting to show a scene like this for a while, found a good time to put it in. Longer chapter than usual. Wanted to post this in one go. Enjoy!















Thump. Thump. Thump. Ba-dump. BA-DUMP!

As soon as Whis made this announcement, which was loud enough to be heard by the crowd and even the Grand Kai, Nao's heart started to palpitate fiercely. Besides Nao and Miya, only the Grand Kai, Merus and Whis knew of the Grand Minister's existence. The other fifteen people in the crowd didn't know what Whis was talking about, confusion streaked across their faces.

For Nao however, Whis's words started to echo in Nao's mind! While it is true that Angels are said to be Observers of the universes, Whis still called Nao an 'Outsider'! Nao reached the conclusion that they were observing him ever since his soul first entered this world!

Nao remained silent after Whis made his announcement to the crowd, and stared blankly at at Whis. His heart started to beat faster and faster, and his blood entered an excited state. 'Do the Angels know that I created this world through Rebirth?', Nao wondered.

All of a sudden, Nao's eyes started to flicker. It was as if time had started to slow down around him! Seeing Nao not respond to Whis caused him to raise his eyebrows. He decided to reach out to Nao once more.

"Outsider Nao, seeing as you have no response to this invitation, you and your sister are come with me. We will be leaving shortly. Merus, Nao, Miya, once you three are ready, please place your hands on my back."

Nao didn't flinch at all after Whis spoke this, yet he didn't budge from his current spot. Before long his excited blood started to rush toward his head. Nao's nose suddenly felt warm, and felt something trickling down from it. Instinctively, Nao moved his right hand and touched his nostrils. Moving his hand outward a bit, he saw clear red liquid on his hand, and it was quite an amount too. Blood started to pour out of his nose!

'Blood...?', Nao thought.

For some reason Whis's words started feeling more and more distant, and time started to slow down even more. Whis saw blood start coming out of Nao's nose, and he started to sway a bit. He tried to speak out to him once more, but Nao couldn't hear Whis anymore.

"Are you alright?"

Nao ignored Whis's question directed at him. All Nao could hear at this time was the sound of chains breaking once more in his mindspace, or more specifically, his soul! Even though Whis couldn't hear this, his expression started to turn serious.

The others around him saw Nao start to behave erratically. In fact, Miya was able to see firsthand at what was going on in Nao's mindspace, but before she could try to help him, she started to pant, clutching onto her heart with a pained expression, and collapsed onto one knee.

Panic immediately streaked across Oscar's and Iona's faces, seeing their two children behave this way. They quickly approached the two. Iona grabbed Miya into her embrace, trying to calm her down by rubbing her read. Oscar grabbed on Nao's shoulders and tried to reach out to him.

"Son! Are you okay? Was Mister Whis's announcement that much of a shock to you!? I don't know where he will take you but get a hold of yourself!"

Oscar tried to reach out to Nao, but it was no use. Even Isabella hopped down from Nim's shoulder, and tried approach Nao, obviously worried for him. However, as Nim was next to Whis, she was within distance as well. Whis prevented her from approaching with his arm. Whis continued to watch the event unfold in silence.

Sayuri and and Elsa also tried to approach him but seeing Whis prevent Isabella from approaching, Queen Elena and Jiya did the same, and held them back, only allowing Oscar and Iona to be within distance.

Seeing his previous question get no response from Nao, Oscar latched onto Nao's shoulders with both of his hands. Calmly, he twisted Nao's body toward him. Oscar saw blood constantly trickling down Nao's nose. His vision looked upward, and he no longer saw Nao's golden irises. They were pure black!

"Black eyes...?", Oscar uttered in a low voice. Oscar thought no one heard this since his voice was low, but Whis still picked it up. Hearing it, a smile bloomed on his face. He then proceeded to reach out to the crowd, and calmed them down. He even let out a small chuckle.

"Ohoho, everyone, please do not be alarmed. While this may seem like something bad is happening to Nao, in fact it is quite the opposite! It appears this boy is experiencing another part of his power. Looks like I must contact someone ahead of time. Please excuse me for a moment."

"Another part of his power..."

Hearing this, Oscar and Iona were relieved a bit, but why was it that their daughter still appeared like she was in pain? Iona could only comfort her at this point. The other people also let out sighs of relief, and decided to watch on. They soon saw Nao's aura release a different color. A black aura soon surrounded him!

If one looked closely, little tiny figures started to appear in Nao's eyes! As a result of the chains of Nao's Super Saiyan God' sealed soul breaking once more, the escaping energy didn't convert into battle power like it did previously, and this time, it instead converted into Time energy, allowing Nao to advance in his Time Affinity!

It immediately went from [Basic] to [Intermediate], and as a result, Nao's black eyes were now witnessing a scene which will take place at an unknown time in the future!

As the scene began to unfold in Nao's eyes, another scene took place right behind Nao. The black orb on Whis's staff soon began to shine, and changed to a lime green. Before long, the Supreme Kai of Time and Beerus, who were still watching the event unfold back at Planet Beerus, appeared in the small orb.

A serious look could be seen both on Whis's face and the Supreme Kai of Time's face as the orb zoomed in on her. Whis then spoke out.

"Lady Chronoa, it appears we must move up our scheduled time. The way its been progressing, if this boy doesn't put on a Time Ring soon, I fear his mind may get stuck in the future if too much time passes, unable to return."

As soon as Whis finished speaking, a small, irritated voice soon came out of the lime green orb.

"That much is obvious! I'll head there immediately. I thought I would have to teach him how to use it first but this is seriously bad! I don't know if it will go out of control!"

The orb then saw her pick up the small silver metallic case containing several ring spots, and within it, had one Time Ting. It was made out of exquisite silver. With the case in hand, she was ready to depart. She looked at the blue panel in front of them, which was currently showing Whis's face, and the Supreme Kai of Time spoke out one last time to him.

"I'll head there now, Whis. Kai-Kai!"

Using the unique teleportation technique to that of the Supreme Kai's, the Supreme Kai of Time immediately vanished from the brown table she and Beerus was currently resting at. Seeing her leave, Beerus was now alone again.


Universe 7, Unknown Time, Year XXX

Nao's mind was currently in an extremely groggy state. One could even say this feeling is similar to that of an out of body experience. Nao was having a very hard time trying to get his current bearings.

'Ugh...What exactly happened to me...?'

As soon as he thought this, Nao's head was struck with a throbbing pain. He tried to clutch his head, but his body didn't respond to him. In fact, he couldn't even feel his body. Before Nao entered panic mode, he heard a ding resound in his mind, which slowly calmed him down.

[*Ding! Host has managed to unseal 25% more of host's sealed Super Saiyan god genes. Time Affinity has advanced to [Intermediate]. Host is now experiencing their first vision of the future.]

'A vision of the future...? But why does it feel so empty...?'

All around him appeared endless vast darkness. He could see nothing. No planets, no suns, no moons, no stars. It was as if he returned back to the endless void darkness back in [Rebirth]'s space. However, he felt several presences very very far away. All of them were releasing insane amounts of Ki!

What's more, was that all of them were releasing Godly Ki! Out of these presences, Nao could clearly tell one was insanely higher than the rest of them, it almost made it difficult for him to breathe, if he could.

Several figures were moving at an extremely fast pace. Even Nao found it hard to keep up with their movements as he watched them. His mind was soon assaulted by earth-shattering roars! As if they were piercing the heavens, Nao was encompassed by a blinding white light that shot out at him instantaneously. An insanely large white Ki beam phazed through his mind, before passing through the endless amount of darkness!

The one figure that was releasing insanely large amounts of Godly Ki crept closer to Nao's mind at an extremely fast speed. It only took a mere few seconds before he got a good look at this guy.

Nao only caught a glimpse of this figure, before he also phazed through his mind, launching more giant white Ki Beams along the way. Even though it lasted a mere second, it shocked Nao to the core!

This figure stood about 6'3 tall and had medium length white spiky hair that shot straight up. His eyes appeared bloodshot, and they didn't contain any irises. This figure was surrounded by a massive white aura and emerald green lightning constantly streaked across it. This figure had lost all sense of reason, and was rampaging endlessly!

Even though it lasted a mere second, what shocked Nao to the core was that this figured appeared to be him!

"That...really is me? Seeing this rampage, did I end up losing control of my power once I fully unlocked the Legendary Super Saiyan veins...?'

However, before Nao could dive further into his thoughts seeing this in action, he suddenly heard more voices yelling out to the a.d.u.l.t Nao. Besides a couple calm voices, most of them appeared very angry.

"Get back here, you evil bastard!"

"Wait, Toppo, don't get too close to him. Even though you recently became Universe's 11 God of Destruction, you're still no match for him! I will unleash my full power to take this bastard down."

"But Jiren, have you recovered enough stamina? You already took many attacks from this guy head on!"

However, at this time, a more feminine voice resounded besides the two. Two more figures showed up besides them. One appeared to be on their last breath.

This figure appeared quite beautiful. Standing around 5'7, she wore an exquisite red one piece phoenix dress. A slender red tail drooped down below. She was currently not any transformed state. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts were not quite large as Queen Elena's, but it was close!

That's because she was heavily injured all over her body. Any time she breathed out, she coughed up more blood, as both of her lungs were punctured. Still, she struggled to say her last words.

"Cough, cough...Toppo...Brother Jiren is hope...My voice...can't reach Brother...anymore..."

At this time another feminine voice spoke out to her, clearly worried. She has lime green hair and was relatively shorter than the other. She was wearing a torn one piece pink dress with a white collar. It was none other than Ribrianne from Universe 2!

"Sister Miya, your love can still reach him! You can't fail now when the others have already!"

Hearing this beautiful figure struggle speaking, Toppo, who was currently in his transformed God of Destruction mode, turned back to to look at her. That's right, Miya was on her last breath!

"Miya, don't say any more! You've helped us this far already! Without you we wouldn't be able to have tracked this evil bastard down."

Toppo then turned to face Jiren, and then asked him a question.

"Jiren, are you ready?"

The other male was a buff pale white-pink skinned humanoid wearing something similar to that of a red and black spandex hero suit that had a red V pattern in its center. The other figure was none other than Jiren! He proceeded to nod at Toppo.

"Yeah. This bastard already destroyed most of what we all used to love and cherish. With us as the last two living members of the Pride Troopers, I will take this bastard down if its the last thing I do, so that the others can rest in peace!"

Hearing this, Miya took in another breath, coughing out even more blood. She was already deathly pale, and her eyes started to dilate. She managed to utter a final sentence to the remaining three.

"I'll...let you...take care...of the rest...Brother Jiren..."

Miya then felt the last of her strength leave her body. Her body collapsed lifelessly in Ribrianne's embrace, dead.

'NOOOOOOO!', Nao exclaimed in his mind.

However, at this time, the world in front of Nao was currently seeing suddenly froze altogether. A large crack soon resounding in the depth's of Nao's mind. CRACK!

The world suddenly shattered into pieces like a broken screen. Nao's mind started to reel itself in back from the endless darkness,as if someone was calling for him.

His vision soon turned white.

Meanwhile, back at Grand Kai's Planet.

Only a couple minutes passed in the real world. However with each passing second, more and more blood began to pour out of Nao's nose, trickling onto the grass below.

His swaying soon turned to shaking that slowly got more and more violent in these couple minutes. pupils remained black, and were constantly moving around, as if he was watching something.

Oscar and Iona were still worried for their children but Whis once again there was nothing to worry about. He also mentioned help was on the way, and the two sighed in relief hearing that.

Another pillar didn't descend from the sky like how Whis arrived, instead, the Supreme Kai of Time teleported directly with her Time Ring case in hand. She then spoke out to him.

"Whis, I made it. I'm not too late, am I?"

Hearing this, Whis shook his head.

"No. This boy is quite something though. He's already been able to watch the future for 3 minutes and twenty seconds. I fear he won't be able to last much longer. Its be best for you to hurry, Lady Chronoa."

"Over 3 minutes!? I will go put the ring on him immediately!"

A feminine voice soon caught the ears of the silent crowd. They saw a small stature figure wearing a light purple posh Kai outfit with yellow lining and a yellow hem stringed around the bottom of their chest area. She had pinkish-red hair and pale yellow earrings on her pointy ears.

They all saw her carry a small case of sorts, and immediately rushed to Nao's side. She proceeded to open the case, and she took out a double helix exquisite silver ring. She immediately slid it on Nao' index finger on his left hand.

Almost immediately, everyone could see Nao's shaking slowly come to a halt. Oscar, who kept looking into Nao's eyes, saw his black pupils soon turn back into his golden irises. He let out a sigh of relief seeing this.

A soothing feeling encompassed Nao, slowly returning him back to normal. However, he was still very shaken from the vision he had just witnessed. Once he regained his vision, he saw his father a couple feet away from his face.

With a worried voice, Nao immediately called out to Oscar.

"Where is she!?"

It took a good second for Oscar to react to Nao's question, but he manged to respond back.

"Nao, are you alright? Who are you talking about?"

Hearing this, Nao reiterated his question again to Oscar.

"Where is she!? Where is Miya!?"

Oscar tilted his head in confusion upon hearing this. He could still visibly see his son shaken. He tried to calm him down the best he could.

"Nao, I don't know what happened to you, but Miya is just off to the right. She's with your mother. She is in safe hands."

" safe?"

Nao proceeded to look to his right after uttering that. Sitting a couple feet away, he saw Iona embracing Miya, who now had a much calmer expression. Seeing this, another soothing feeling spread throughout Nao's body, and he slowly made his way toward Miya.

Once Nao reached her, he reached out his hands. Iona knew what he wanted to do, and she allowed him to take Miya into his embrace. A smile appeared on the resting Miya's face. Her warmth soon spread to his body, and Nao finally calmed down.

His eyes then turned tired and he soon was swept by darkness. Nao fell asleep.

Little did he know that his left ring finger shone just as he closed his eyes. Once the light vanished, a green double helix ring in the same design as the silver Time Ring suddenly appeared on it!

The Supreme Kai of Time immediately sensed this, who was still near by Nao. Her vision shifted to his left hand, and immediately saw the Green Time Ring, causing her to exclaim!

"Oh no, nononono. Not good. A Green Time Ring appeared. The vision this boy saw must have caused a severe impact to the timeline!"