Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 98

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 98 95: Onward To Zeno's Palace

A voice of worry escaped from the Supreme Kai of Time's mouth as she saw a dark green exquisite double helix ring form on Nao's left ring ringer, which shared the same design pattern as the silver Time .

Green Time Rings were different from the normal Time Ring. The normal Time Ring allowed the user to travel through time, regardless of through the past or the future. Its main use was for the Kais to observe the past and future, but if one was also sensitive to the element of Time or had gained its Affinity, this ring could also help suppress its power in case one went out of control!

Then, if that was the main functions of the silver Time Ring, then what was the main function of the Green Time Rings? Well, to put it it simply, each Green Time Ring consists of an alternate timeline!

Seeing this green ring form on Nao's finger, that simply means a new alternate timeline had just been created! Typically, when one time travels to the past and causes enough change to the main timeline, also known as the true future, a green ring will appear.

However, for Nao's case, he witnessed an intense vision. Oddities can occur during the main timeline, and his vision had extremely impacted the future, which was enough to create this green ring.

Anyways, Nao could currently be seen fast asleep in Miya's embrace with a relieved expression. Light snoring could be heard coming from his mouth. Seeing this, the Supreme Kai of Time's previously worried look now turned into annoyance.

"What the heck, why did this boy have to fall asleep now of all times!?"

Even though the Supreme Kai of Time had yet to introduce herself to the crowd, laughter began to spread among them after hearing this. At this time, seeing the events ongoing come to an end, the Grand Kai hurriedly got off his raised chair, and made a beeline to the Supreme Kai of Time. It didn't take long to arrive in front of her, and he knelt down and bowed, causing a wave of surprise to streak across everyone's face.

"So you finally showed up, old man?"

"Heh, heh, I apologize for not arriving sooner, Lady Chronoa. It appeared you had an urgent matter to attend to, so I decided to wait till you were done."

"You made a good decision then, old man. It's probably best I introduce myself to you all as well, since you all are related to this boy one way or another. I'm Chronoa. You all must be still pretty worried for him?"

Hearing her ask this, several people nodded instantly. That included the three girls, Nao's parents, Queen Elena, Nim, and Jaco. The rest just stayed silent and continued to watch. Her next words comforted them.

"Excellent. You guys don't have to worry anymore. What you guys just witnessed was him having a vision of the future. I was planning on meeting Nao in two months time, but Whis and I had to move up our appointment. I wasn't expecting such a severe reaction. It's lucky he made it back in one piece. Seeing his reaction though, he might be traumatized for a while."

"Vision of the future?"


"Will Nao really be alright?"

Upon hearing this, concerned voices immediately erupted in the crowd. For those more familiar with the universe's areas, there did exist races that could peer into the future thanks to their racial traits, but for those those who didn't know, shock could be seen on their faces. Even Iona, who was quiet until this point, exclaimed out at the Supreme Kai of Time.

"Lady Chronoa, is it fine if I call you that? If it's as you say, what exactly did my son see in the future that will cause him to be traumatized?"

The Supreme Kai of Time soon heard a motherly voice call out to her, causing her sight to land on the figure next to the sleeping Nao and Miya. She was quite beautiful, despite wearing a plain white one piece dress. She had pitch black hair that extended well past her shoulders, and a dark brown tail wrapped around her waist. Seeing Iona, the Supreme Kai of Time's eyes focused on her. She then nodded.

"Yes, it's fine for you to call me that. You must be Nao's mother, correct?"

"Yes. Lady Chronoa. I'm Iona. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Hearing this, the Supreme Kai of Time nodded once again, and replied to her.

"Likewise. You appear to have a mature aura around you, I'm surprised you've stayed this calm, Iona."

Iona let out a light chuckle as the Supreme Kai of Time spoke this.

"Fufu, it's not like this is the first time I've seen my son do something crazy. I'm kind of used to it by now."

"Is that so? Well it's a safe bet to say your son saw something happen to his sister. I don't know what sort of vision he had but for a sever reaction like that, it's likely she got heavily injured, or in the worst case scenario, he saw her death."


Iona started to lose her focus upon hearing this. She usually stayed calm most of the time, but she started to quiver at the thought of losing her two children.

Even though she is a Saiyan, she is more caring than others thanks to her righteous household. The members of Nao's family are the last of the righteous faction, they weren't heartless and evil like other Saiyans back in Planet Vegeta.

The rest were either evil Saiyans like the Vegeta family, or remained neutral like Bardock's family, who just took on missions.

Anyways, the Supreme Kai of Time immediately took action and tried to calm Iona down upon seeing this.

"Ah, Iona, don't worry! It's not like that her death will actually happen in our world. To put it simply, it is but a mere possibility. The green ring on your son's ring ringer is proof of that."

"Green ring...?"

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded, and proceeded to answer her.

"Yeah. Well there isn't much we can do more at this point in time. We can ask him what happened when he wakes up again. He just had to fall asleep! Who knows when this guy will wake up? Ugh."

A look of annoyance streaked across the Supreme Kai of Time's face. Seeing this, Iona let out another light chuckle.

"Fufu, Lady Chronoa, you may not have met my son for long, but when he is asleep like this, he is usually out for the rest of the night."

"Eh!? You're kidding me!"

However, after she heard Iona finish speaking that, Iona remained silent. Seeing this, the Supreme Kai of Time turned to look at Whis again.

"Whis, you heard her. What do you think we should do?"

At this time, Whis let out another haughty chuckle hearing her ask that.

"Ohohohoho, Lady Chronoa, the Grand Minister's invitation cannot be declined or delayed. Awake or not, I will still take the boy and his sister with me. Luckily enough, we currently happen to be in the Other World, which is on the border of the Realm of the Living. Thanks to that, our distance to Lord Zeno's Palace will only take about 24 hours of travelling round trip. We will still leave momentarily as planned. Nao should be back in time before the top 16 matches end."

"Ugh, now I remember it takes forever to reach there. Very well, everyone, I hate to make this short but Whis and I will leave with Nao and Miya shortly. Once our trip is over we will come back here immediately. We can talk more later!"

Hearing this, Iona smiled at her.

"Please take good care of my children. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the tournament."

The Supreme Kai of Time nodded at Iona after hearing this. Everyone else started to wave their hands. They knew well if they tried anything now, they would be in for a world of hurt. The two said Nao and Miya will return, so the crowd will place their trust in them. At this time, Whis spoke out one final time.

"Lady Chronoa, since these two are now asleep, they won't be able to place their hands on my back. I will need to make a few adjustments. I will instead create a pocket space suited for travelling."