Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 99

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 99 96: Nightmare

Important note regarding MC's development from his vision at the end of chapter in Author's Thought section. Enjoy the chapter for today!







"Lady Chronoa, it appears I will have to make some slight adjustments for our trip. I will create a pocket space suited for travelling so that these two won't get disturbed."

"How long will that take you, Whis?"

Hearing this, Whis let out another light chuckle, telling the Supreme Kai of Time to not worry.

"Ohoho, Lady Chronoa, this shouldn't even take a minute. We will depart once it's set up."


As soon as she finished speaking this, she suddenly remembered one more thing. The Supreme Kai of Time turned around again, and walked toward the crowd. The Grand Kai was still kneeling down, not moving.

Her eyes soon landed on the three girls, Sayuri, Elsa, and Isabella, who were now grouped together again nearby with looks of worry on their faces, and called out to them. They weren't expecting this but they responded immediately after hearing the Supreme Kai of Time's question.

"Hey, you three. When Whis and I return, you watch out for Nao, okay? I don't know how deep rooted his trauma is but it seems pretty severe. You three will likely become his wives in the future, so the more support he receives, the better."




Hearing this, Elsa became a bit fl.u.s.tered seeing her call that out so casually, but she still nodded. Isabella responded immediately. She saw how Nao reacted after he had his vision, and wanted all the more to support him. Sayuri, on the other hand, remained silent, with her fox ears twitching. She blushed, but still nodded.

The Supreme Kai of Time then cupped her chin, getting a good look at the three. She then decided to tease them a bit.

"Still, he's quite lucky. Getting three beautiful wives. I'm jealous~"

Hearing this, the three started to blush, but before things got out of hand, the Supreme Kai of Time heard Whis speak out to her.

"Lady Chronoa, the pocket space is now ready. Also do not forget you are a Supreme Kai. Please act more befitting of your status."

'Ah, sorry, sorry. I couldn't help but tease them you know, hehe."

Before the three could react further, they saw the Supreme Kai of Time turn around to face Whis again. Her eyes moved up, and three did so as well, causing more shock to appear in their faces.

Everyone could now see Whis, Nao and Miya surrounded by a massive transparent teal cube. It was just like a sealed off space, but the crowd could still see them.

Being in this cube will allow the two to rest while travelling through the vastness of space. Seeing this, the Supreme Kai of Time gleefully clapped her hands.

She then walked toward the cube. Whis then raised his staff upward, causing the side of the cube in front of her to reveal a gap. This allowed her walk inside. Whis's staff shone briefly a bit, and the gap closed, becoming sealed again. The Supreme Kai of Time then faced the crowd once last time, and waved her two hands.

"Well, then, we'll be taking off! This trip will end before you guys know it. Take care, everyone!"

At this time, Whis proceeded to tap the ground with his staff. Before the crowd realized, the cube began to move at an insanely fast speed, moving so fast as if the cube itself began to shrink! The cube was gone beyond the horizons in a mere few seconds, leaving behind a stunned crowd!

The crowd than began to regain focus. Nim, who also saw the events occur, suddenly had a thought streak across his mind.

'Now that I think about did, did that Whis fellow mention that missy Chronoa was a Supreme Kai...?'

Thinking this, his eyes turned toward the old Grand Kai who was still kneeling down, waving goodbye. Seeing his respectful attitude toward her, Nim was able to make an assumption.

As Nim did, cold sweat started to pour down his back and goosebumps down his spine. 'Does that mean that little missy is the Grand Kai's boss? Seeing how old the Grand Kai looks, then does that mean she is actually an old hag!?', Nim thought.

Little did he know his thoughts were actually true, as the Supreme Kai of Time was born over 75 million years ago, just about a thousand years later than the currently sealed Old Kai! The Grand Kai's age as well was a far cry to the Supreme Kai of Time's!

Nim concluded it was probably best not to tell the others about this, so as to preserve their safety. Instead, he decided to break the silence to get the family gathering moving again. As he did the sands of time started to pour down quicker and quicker...

Year 733, Space.

Millions and millions of stars, planets, suns, moons, and asteroids in a variety of colors and patterns could be seen. Universe 7 was extremely vast. Within this endless expansion of Space, an extremely fast object could be seen streaking across it.

This object was none other than the teal cube! Even though the stars and planets didn't even last a second in Whis's and the Supreme Kai of Time's sight as they streaked across Space, it still appeared very beautiful.

The two could actually be seen sitting down on a wooden table! In fact they went so far as to bring out a queen sized bed and placed it off to the side, allowing Nao to be comfortable as he can be. Miya could be seen sleeping in his embrace with a smile on her face .

Whis could be seen drinking tea, observing the two, while the Supreme Kai of Time was currently eating sweets. About six hours have passed since the start of their travelling, marking this the halfway point.

However, Miya's smile soon faded, and a disgruntled expression appeared. Nao's face began to frown, with blue veins appearing on his forehead. Sweat drops also started to form, and his body started to shiver. It didn't take long before Nao started to toss and turn in bed.

Seeing this, Whis frowned a bit.

"Oh my, Lady Chronoa, it seems this is worse than what you've been thinking previously. Look, Nao's starting to have a nightmare."


Hearing Whis, she placed down her food and got off her chair. She then walked toward the bed, and immediately frowned upon seeing Nao. She could clearly see Nao was in pain.

Meanwhile, thinking of what she could do to help alleviate this...

Deep inside Nao's mindspace, all one could see was endless darkness. His soul chains couldn't be seen. Nothing could be seen.

It was as if this place was devoid of all life. Nao tried to get his bearings, but before long, he started to feel light pain in his heart.

He didn't know what to do, so he started to walk in a random direction to ignore this pain. It didn't take long before random images started popping up as he continued to walk aimlessly.

If one looked closely at these images, they were showing a certain specific scene. A beautiful heavily injured red-headed girl kept collapsing in another figure's arms, unable to move any longer!

Every time Nao saw one of these scenes show up in front of him, he would start sprinting to it crazily. However, every time he did so, the images would fly farther and farther away, as if he was powerless to stop them!

It didn't take long before Nao collapsed, panting heavily. His eyes slowly started to get weary, and they soon closed slowly. The endless darkness started to envelop his whole body, slowly dragging it under towards the abyss, unable to be seen anymore.

As soon as Nao's body vanished, his mindspace cracked into pieces, and felt as if his mind was being pulled back upward. As that happened, Nao's eyelids began to flutter, before flinging wide open!

Seeing this started the Supreme Kai of Time a bit, as she was mot expecting him to wake up. However, before she could do anything, Nao sat upward immediately, and panted heavily as sweat poured down his back.

"Hah...hah...was that...a nightmare?"

After questioning himself, Nao began to frantically look around, trying to get his bearings. He saw he was on a bed, with a sleeping Miya next to him. Seeing her, Nao finally let out a sigh of relief.

At this time, he let his eyes wander further, only to see he was moving at an extremely fast pace in Space! Nao couldn't help but utter his next thoughts.

"...Where am I?"