Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 247

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 247 237: Fie Is A Good Girl

(A/N) Full lemon scene ahead! Enjoy and don't forget to drop a power stone!


"Fie...", Nao said as he uttered her name. The red blushing only made her appearance even more cute than what it already was. Yet no one could even react before Fie vanished from the door and reappeared before Nao. She immediately dove in and clung onto his front side, which was now half bare, and planted her lips on his.

Nao's eyes turned wide for a brief moment seeing Fie's mouth plant onto his. Not only that Fie opened his mouth and their two tongues started to dance around in happiness. Fie let out light muffled m.o.a.ns for a bit. The force of her lunge also caused Nao to stumble backward, planting his butt right onto the bed.

Yet he ignored that and soon closed his eyes. He took Fie into his embrace and the two enjoyed a long kiss. Seeing the two kiss fervently, the girls' hearts warmed up. Since all of their clothes were off, they made their way onto the bed, causing it to bounce several times. Another moment passed before Fie pulled her mouth away from Nao's, leaving behind a trail of saliva that connected to his.

Out of the girls, only Chronoa was left standing, and she let out a sigh seeing Fie's proactiveness.

" really makes me wonder how you turned out like this, Fie. I even worked so get your golden apple to drop from our Origin Tree."

Hearing that, Fie turned her head. Chronoa could see a deep blush on her cheeks now. some drool still clung to her lips. Chronoa shook her head and approached her. Wiping off the remaining drool, she brought Fie's head into her chest, and began rubbing it.

"...Mother?", Fie questioned while she enjoyed Chronoa''s warmth.

Chronoa's body suddenly started to quake, as she heard something she wouldn't have dreamed of hearing until she decided to join Nao. Up till now, Fie had only called Chronoa Auntie, even during the time Nao was absent while in the future.

"C-Can you repeat that, Little Fie? I just want to make sure I didn't hear that incorrectly.", Chronoa said while quivering.

Seeing this, Fie wrapped her arms around Chronoa. She even planted her lips against hers for a moment before pulling away. A loving gaze appeared in her eyes as she spoke.

"Ehehe, you didn't hear wrong! You're part of the family now so it's only right I call you Mother now. I know it's been Papa and the others who raised me since birth but in actuality you're the one who managed to pull me off our tree. I should have called you Mother since the beginning."

"Little Fie....just acknowledging me as your Mother is enough for me. It really makes me happy! You really are such a good girl aren't you?", Chronoa said with a smile.

Hearing Chronoa praise her as she started to tub her head, Fie let out some more giggles.

"Ehehehe, of course I am. Fie is always a good girl! Isn't that right, Papa?"

Once Fie asked that, he could see her eyes land back on him. As for Nao, he currently saw a light blue skinned figure currently being held by a more petite pink-purple skinned figure who was completely n.a.k.e.d.

Fie, however, still had her purple robe on. Still, she was eagerly waiting Nao's response, who in turn began to took at the girls. He now saw the rest lazing around with their bodies in full view for him to look at.

His eyes soon landed on Elsa, who sported her beautiful straight ocean blue hair.

"How has Fie been doing lately? I haven't caught up too much yet so has she been good during my absences?", Nao asked and questioned Elsa.

Elsa simply nodded allowing her large b.r.e.a.s.ts to jiggle up and down. She then spoke to him.

"She sure has. She's taken to Tights' job in maintaining the Palace. Even some of the food you enjoyed last night was prepared by her. Little Fie is no slacker, despite her nightly rebounds."

"Nightly rebounds?"

"We talked about this briefly last time right? It didn't spring up until a couple years after your long training period started. Little Fie would lose control of herself every so often so we devised a schedule to rotate our nights with hers."

"You guys did mention that last time. So I take it by now all of you have slept with Fie?"

Hearing Nao ask that, every girl in the room started to blush, but they didn't deny him. Even those like Aht remained quiet, as well as Chronoa. She even turned her head away from Nao. Seeing this, he raised his eyebrows.

"Even you, Chronoa?"

"I-It's not like I couldn't help it, okay? I was prepared for something like this, ever since Elsa spoke of Little Fie's matter to us. I'm yours now, Nao, so Elsa included me in the schedule."

Hearing that even Chronoa wasn't left out of Fie's nightly rebounds, Fie puffed out her chest with a sense of pride. She grinned, and looked right at Nao. Seeing this caused Nao to laugh loudly, letting his voice echo around the room.

"Hahahaha! Well I'm quite a pervert myself considering that i have you all now with me. We share the same love for each other so it's good no one is left out. Still, I was wondering who among our children would have this side of me, but to think it would turn out to be you, Fie. Sure you might be a good girl in other areas, but I think some punishment needs to be given for l.u.s.ting after the ones the one who raised you."

Hearing Nao say that, Fie's grin turned into a warm smile before she spoke out to him. She took this time to approach him as well.

"I'm well ready for whatever you do to me, Papa. I just hope your thing will fit...I'm quite small as you can see."

Seeing Fie approach him, Nao grabbed a hold of her and brought her into his embrace. He started to rub her head, speaking out to her one last time.

"You definitely are. Are you really prepared for this? It might hurt a lot. You're only slightly larger than Chronoa. Even Aht is around your height."

Fie immediately nodded with a happy look as she listened to Nao's question. Aht's ears also perked up as she was also mentioned. Nao proceeded to look at Aht, then shifted his eyes back to Fie and Chronoa, before speaking out to the three.

"Aht, Chronoa why don't the two of you come over as well? You two can help ease Fie's pain. Also Chronoa, care to do the honors?"

Hearing that, Aht and Chronoa both smiled at him. Aht even hopped on the bed for a bit before approaching Nao.

"Sure!", Aht exclaimed happily.

"With pleasure,", Chronoa said with a smile.

After Chronoa said that, she suddenly raised her right hand and snapped her fingers. A white glow suddenly appeared around Fie's and Nao's body. After the glow vanish the two's clothes vanished and reappeared beside the bed, leaving the two n.a.k.e.d. Everyone could Nao see Nao's d.i.c.k in all his glory, currently standing at half mast.

Even Fie's eyes bulged out a bit seeing its length, standing proud at eight and a half inches. She's seen it before from their time sleeping and cuddling together but it's the first time so close up. She gulped a bit, feeling dry saliva go down her throat.

Even Aht and Chronoa couldn't take their eye's off his d.i.c.k. The three were quite small to begin with, no more than somewhat over five feet tall, with Aht being the tallest of the three and Chronoa being the shortest. Seeing three pairs of attentive eyes on his d.i.c.k, Nao couldn't help but chuckle. They were indeed three legal lolis right in front of him.

Aht was around forty five years old now with Fie being thirty five. The two came into the picture around the same year, but Fie was still in her golden apple form for a good decade. As for Chronoalet's just say she's well over seventy million years old. She came into the existence around the same time as the Old Kai did, before Beerus sealed him.

Out of the three however, Fie still acted the most childish as thirty five years was still extremely young for a Supreme Kai's lifespan. However, that didn't turn her attention away from Nao, however, as she currently had the body of a young a.d.u.l.t now. Besides, her eyes were fully laid on Nao's d.i.c.k at the moment. She didn't even blink as she kept staring at it.

"Heh, my d.i.c.k isn't going to run off anywhere you know, Fie. Why don't you try licking it? Look I'll even make it easier for you.", Nao said with a chuckle.

Fie then lifted her head and matched his eyes, only for Nao to see a really deep blush on her face. Nao took this time to walk back a bit while pulling onto Fie's hand, dragging her along the way. He plopped his butt right at the edge of the bed, and sat down on it. This allowed Fie to crouch down onto her knees, laying her face in front of Nao's lap.

Aht and Chronoa also did the same, and began to kiss Fie's body. Fie started to let out some m.o.a.ns, but she opened her mouth, allowing her tongue to escape from it. Facing her challenge head on, she began to lick Nao's d.i.c.k up and down its shaft.

Nao began to feel a warm sensation strike against his member. Slowly but surely its half mast hardened itself and didn't take long before it became fully erect. Fie gulped once more seeing his full erection but she didn't stop licking it. She even started to hear some of Nao's m.o.a.ning, which was music to her ears.

After licking his d.i.c.k some more she began to concentrate at its head. She could feel Nao's lower body start to quiver a bit. Aht switched focus and began to suck on Fie's b.r.e.a.s.ts. As for Chronoa, she also switched and bent toward Nao.

Nao felt his d.i.c.k become warmer as Chronoa"' tongue joined opposite of Fie. The two then alternated as one went up while the other down. Fie spoke out with a loving voice as she continued to lick his d.i.c.k.

"Mmm...looks like you're enjoying this, Papa! Are you going to release it soon?"

"Kuh...just keep it at it you two! Your tongues are something else!"

Hearing Nao say that the two upped their speed even more, causing more and more pleasure spread throughout his lower body. He let the two ho at their own pace. Only a couple more moments passed in fervor before Nao felt something rush up from inside.

Feeling this he quickly stood back up, causing an interruption. He only yelled a bit before the two could react.

" it comes, Fie, Chronoa, Aht! Open your mouths!"

Hearing Nao yell that, Aht stopped sucking on Fie's small b.r.e.a.s.ts. She turned toward Nao and opened her mouth. The other two followed suit and soon saw lots of white liquid spurt from his d.i.c.k. Spurt! Spurt!

"Yes, shoot it all over me, Papa!", Fie yelled happily, letting his s.e.m.e.n spray all over her face.

Chronoa was taken aback seeing Fie's sudden reaction but after spraying Fie's face, it was her turn next. She flinched for a bit and even closed one of her eyes as she felt her face splatter with a warm sensation.

As for Aht, she happily cheered on and opened her mouth wide, letting the rest of Nao's s.e.m.e.n pour down it. To finish it off she even brought her mouth to his d.i.c.k and sucked him off, cleaning the rest if it off. Sloshing it around fir a bit, she gulped it down. A puff of warm air escaped from her mouth after opening it again.

Seeing this amazed Fie and even had sparkles in her eyes.

"Wow, Mother Aht you really know how to take it down. Papa sprayed a bunch on me. I don't even know whereto start with all this.", Fie said as she let her eyes wander, letting Nao's s.e.m.e.n keep her face warm.

Hearing that, Aht bobbed a bit up and down before speaking at Fie with a loving tone.

"Haha! Would you look at you, Fie. You managed to make Nao spurt out quite a bit even though you had some help. If you don't know where to start, why not let it flow into your hands and drink it up all at once? That way you'll quickly get familiar with his taste! It's quite lovely.", Aht said with a smile.

Fie's eyes beamed once again and acknowledged her.

"That's a great idea!", Fie exclaimed.

She proceeded to do so, gathering all of Nao's s.e.m.e.n in her hands. With one big gulp, she was able to drink it all down, and a look of ecstasy appeared in her eyes.

As for Chronoawell, she just stood there dazed while still on her knees. Seeing this, Nao chuckled as he let out a breath of air.

"Heh, that felt really good you three. Chronoa, is something wrong? Or is my s.e.m.e.n still an unknown flavor to you?", Nao said, grinning.

"I-I was just surprised you let out this much. I may have not doe anything like this before but it's not like I don't know what this stuff us, geez. You're not done yet...right?", Chronoa said with a bit of reluctance in her eyes.

Hearing that only caused Nao to laugh even more.

"Hahaha! Far from it, Chronoa. The night has only begun. But it's indeed time for the main course. Fie, ready yourself. Aht, Chronoa, to try to ease Fie's pain once my d.i.c.k goes inside her, okay?"

"Yes! I want you now, Papa!", Fie yelled happily.

"Okay!", Aht said as she got off the ground, hopping around for a bit. If one looked closely, they could see her white fur pretty damp now near her groin. Unknown to Chronoa as well, she also had some love liquid seeing out from her slit down below.

Fie did too. Without waiting any more, Nao picked up Fie and put her into a princess carry. He then threw her onto the bed and saw a good view of her butt. Nao joined her on the bed and the other two followed suit.

The others watched on with interest, waiting for Nao to pop Fie's cherry. Fie tried to turn around and lay on her back, but Nao prevented it.

"Papa...", Fie shuddered a bit. "Can I not face you as you stick it in me?"

"No can do Fie, you still need to be punished for being a bad girl. You'll take it from behind."

"But Fie is always a good girl for you, Papa!"

"If you're a good girl then why are you this wet already, hmm?", Nao questioned her.

After Nao said that, he placed his hand near the entrance of her p.u.s.s.y, which was still completely closed. Opening it up a bit he could see quite the amount of love juices pouring from it. Her insides were still pink despite having light blue skin.

Fie m.o.a.ned some more feeling his touch and let out a giggle before speaking to him.

"Ehehe, looks like I got found out. Still, it looks like you're ready, Papa. You can shove it in. I'll bear the pain."

After Fie said that, she lowered her front onto the bed. Chronoa approached her and hugged her. As for Aht, she laid on her back near where Fie and Nao would soon be joined. Nao himself moved his h.i.p.s allowing his d.i.c.k to rest on her butt.

He felt a warm and sticky sensation lather across the backside of his d.i.c.k. He spoke out once more as he navigated to her entrance.

"It's time, Fie."

After Nao said that, Fie grabbed a hold of Chronoa. He began to push his d.i.c.k inside, and felt an insane amount of resistance. It didn't want to let him inside, and blood began to spurt out as a sign. Fie yelped and started to wince her eyes in pain. Chronoa began to rub her head and Aht started to lick against the two down below, causing more pleasure to spread around.

It took several good attempts but he managed to severe the remaining resistance, letting his d.i.c.k slide all the way into her small frame, and it extremely tight.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!", Fie yelled out in pain, causing her loud voice to bounce around the room. Worry appeared on the other's eyes, but they didn't jump in. Fie had finally lost her innocence to the man she both loved and the one who raised her.

And just like that her first time came to a close. Time sped up as Nao released plenty of s.e.m.e.n inside her. Pain soon vanished and waves of ecstasy soon followed.

The night soon reached its peak is m.o.a.ning, hard slapping and sloshing noises echoed around the bedroom. Nao didn't count how many times he released it inside Fie, but Fie was soon drowned in it. She was finally able to cease her urges on loving Nao.

And before anyone realized it, the dawn of the next day arrived. It was now time to beat down a crazed mad scientist!