Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 248

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 248 238: Entering The Time Rift

After a steamy night of s.e.x, the dawn of the next day soon arrived. Fie had lost her innocence to the man she loved and the one who had raised her. Lots of white liquid could still be seen pouring out from her tiny slit as she nestled herself on top of Nao's n.a.k.e.d body. His member stood limp just outside hers.

The two were sleeping next to Aht and Chronoa, who were both curled into a small ball and embraced each other as they slept. The others were scattered around the four.

There were many visble windows inside the main bedroom, and as the sunlight of Planet Elosyia's two suns peered into it, Nao's eyes began to flutter. A n.a.k.e.d Fie could be sleeping happily on his chest.

He even heard her utter his name a few times as light snoring echoed from her mouth. Kissing her on the forehead, he gently placed down next to him, right next to Chronoa and Aht. Yet that only made Fie grab a hold of his arm, not wanting to let go.

"Papa, don't go....", Fie murmured quietly as she began to rub her eyes.

Hearing this, Nao's heart quivered a bit but he only leaned in once more, and kissed her on the firehead again.

"Sorry, Fie but Belle and I have some unfinished business to take care of. Do your best and rest up today, your body will likeky ache all over for a good while. If you feel like doing something, Tights and Elsa can show you how to wash the sheets, since you'll be included in our nightly activities from now on.", Nao said with a smile.

Hearing that while still half asleep also brought a smile to Fie's face.

"Okay....I love you, Papa....", Fie said happily.

"I love you too my little princess. Sleep well.", Nao also said happily.

Hearing that, Fie decided to curl up into a ball and cling onto Chronoa, entering dream land once again.

As for the others, Elsa was always an earlier riser, and she could be seen next to the which were now open, leading off into the veranda which was about twice as big as the old one used to be. Isabella also took this time to wake up. Tights was next and the others remained asleep.

"Good morning you two. Tights, feel free to take care of Fie, she'll likely be in pain for most of the day. Belle, come with me. We'll get washed up and head out."

"Sounds good. Takin' care of Fie won't be a problem. We'll go let Whis and the others know to arrive too. Go kick that guy's ass."

"Yeah! Let's do this. I was thinking of bringing sister Dia into this so we can fuse, but I decided against it. I want to crush that bastard with my own hands. I felt so useless during our previous encounter."

"Heh, now there is a name I hadn't heard in a long time. How's Dia been doing? Also don't forget about me, we'll crush that bastard together."

Hearing that, Isabella grinned and let out a giggle.

"Hehe, sister Dia is now the head wife of the newly crowned King back on Planet Nem. It's a shame really, she turned out to be quite the beauty. She even manages the King's harem like Big Sis Elsa does here."

"Such a thing happened? Congratulations to her then. Looks like we weren't fated after all."

"Ehhh, I thought you would be more bummed out than that, but oh well. I was sure a connection would form between you two. But that's in the past now. Besides, you can't hide things really well, Nao."

"What do you mean by that, Belle?", Nao asked raising his eyebrows.

"Well, besides the future sisters that will join us thanks to the rest of the vision that was shown after Whis and the others left that day, you're still looking to bring in a couple more before we start our next journey, aren't you?" (A/N rest was shown in-between chapters to the girls, so they know about the three worlds now)

Hearing Isabella say that, she was right on the money. Nao's face twitched a bit, before letting out a sigh. He had a feeling who revealed his latest desire, but he still decided to ask her.

"Who was it?"

After Nao asked that, Isabella giggled once more letting her massive b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggle up and down. She then pointed right at Miya, who could be seen sleeping n.a.k.e.d nearby without a care in the world. She even clung onto Chelsea, and even had her red tail wrapped around Chelsea's waist.

"Sister Miya revealed it to us during the party last night. I'm not against it you know? Still who exactly are these three you want to bring in?"

"...I won't say much for now. I had a chance meeting with the first two during my trip to the future. We might be able to actually meet them in a year or so. As for the other...I met her before, her name is Vados, Whis's sister."

Hearing Nao briefly talk about the last three girls he wanted to bring into his harem, he could only sigh. He almost forgot he and Miya still had their shared connection. What he could feel and think it wouldn't take long for Miya to figure it out.

Yet Nao only saw shock appear in Isabella's eyes. She was about to yell out an 'Eh!?', but Nao reacted quickly, covering her mouth. He felt a bit of vibration on his hand while a muffled voice escaped from it. He then spoke out to her.

"Shhhh, Belle. I know mentioning Whis's sister may be a shock to you but she's a really interesting character to say the least. I don't want to wake Fie and the other's up. Fie needs all the rest she can get today."

Hearing Nao say that, Isabella calmed down and nodded. He released his hand from her mouth. Even Elsa and Tights became surprised hearing the mention of Vados, but they continued to air out the room. It was quite musty thanks to last night.

Isabella decided to speak up once more.

"That's a pretty big hurdle there, Nao. But if you can get a hold of her I'm sure we'll welcome her with warm arms. But enough of that. Let's go get washed up. You reek, but I love that smell."

She said that with a smile. Nao nodded and the two hot up. Isabella planted a quick kiss on Nao's lips before the two ventured off into the large bathroom.

The other girls finally showed signs of waking up. After spending some time taking a bath, the two exited. Isabella could now be seen in a two piece white combat dress which connected itself through various thin lines. Her hot pink hair flowed down well past down her shoulders. Her black spade-shaped tail poked out from her dress. She finished her appearance off with white gloves and some black shoes.

As for Nao...he was still n.a.k.e.d. The others Nao had their eyes on the two, only Chronoa, Aht and Fie remained asleep. Nao took this time to open his pocket dimension, bringing slick pieces of obsidian-like like plated armor out. The girls became surprised seeing his Saiyan warrior armor out in the open.

"That's something I haven't seen in ages...This is a serious matter, isn't it?" Elsa approached Nao, questioning him.

As she did, Nao began to put on his Saiyan plated armor. It was pitch black from the b.r.e.a.s.tplate down to the waist. Even its shoulder pads were pitch black. Nao put on some black gloves and a pare of white boots. His white spiky hair that shot straight up about a foot long, curving at the rips, complemented his armor's appearance. He was ready for war.

Nao then nodded at Elsa while linking his hand with Isabella.

"Sure is. This is war. Fu must be taken down at all costs."

"I see...This is a matter you and Sister Belle will take care of, we will pray for your success."

"Thank you. It is highly likely that bastard has sealed off Space-Time in the sealed dimension he's hiding in with the Universe Tree. So it will be a good old fashioned beatdown. Thankfully I have this to stop his the Tree from reaching maturity."

After getting fully dressed, Nao reached into his pocket dimension once more and grabbed out the small rainbow sphere, the Universe Seed! The girl's eyes sparkled in excitement seeing it. It was very beautiful to look at close up. It even floated in Nao's palm. He could feel very serene energy emitting from it.

"This looks very unreal...I can feel so much energy releasing from it! What on earth did it take to create such a thing!?"

"The energy of the twelve universes themselves...This is a condensed form of it. I should shatter it now but I've plans to blow up the Tree with this baby. Fu must be taken down before then."

"Yeah! I'm ready when you are, Nao! Let's go kick some ass!", Isabella said in excitement. Nao then put the Universe Seed back into his pocket dimension after hearing that, and nodded.

"Let's head off then. We'll be back before you guys know it. Once we're back we'll pick up Toppo and Ribrianne to rescue Jiren."

"Got it. Stay safe you guys. Goad luck.", Elsa said, giving the two a good send off. The other girls wished them luck as well. Nao and Isabella proceeded to fly out the verandah, only to land on top of the roof of the white Palace. The roof itself was one giant courtyard.

The girls knew Nao was going to call Shenron with the seven Dragon Balls he had collected, so they made their way to the veranda to watch the scene unfold.

Nao placed the Dragon balls down onto the white marble floor of the courtyard beside him. Considering it was Fu who created these ones he was suspicious on which method worked. Unfortunately he did not know the Namekian tongue so he could only use two of the three methods of calling. Nao only hoped one of these two worked.

Raising his hands Nao yelled out.

"Eternal Shenron, by your name I summon you forth!", Nao yelled out.

After he did, Isabella expected some sort of reaction to occur. Yet nothing happened even after a few moments passed, just the sounds of wind rolling around them, which caused Nao to appear quite funny. Isabella let out a giggle before speaking.

"Hehe, looks like that that didn't work. These ones must be special."

"Yeah. I do have one more method, so I hope it works.", Nao said with a hint of embarrassment in his tone.

He shook that feeling away and took in a deep breath. Isabella then heard Nao chant in a foreign tongue she had not heard in a while.

"Hsiw ym em tnarg dna sdoG eht fo NogarD, htrof emoc, pretty peas!", Nao yelled out.

That last part almost caused Isabella to let out another giggle, but she managed to keep her mouth shut.

All of a sudden, the stars of the Dragon Balls began to blink a few tikes, before shining bright red.

"Something is happening!", Isabella exclaimed happily.

Yet what happened next almost caused her to lose her balance. Tremors began to quake not only around the palace, nut it also reached the Planet down below them Quite a few of its citizens started to panic, only to see golden light start to seep out from the top of the floating Palace high above them in the sky.

Seeing it came from there did they calm down a bit, but everyone, the royal family, Nao's family, the girls and even Nao and Isabella became shocked after what they witnessed. They had to shield their eyes from the bright golden light that emitted from the Dragon Balls.

The Dragon Balks vanished, and what replaced them was a humongous golden dragon with deep red eyes that was the size of several planets suddenly had its head peer down onto Planet Elosyia. This was known as Zalama! The Divinity Dragon known to be rhe progenitor, and original creator of the Dragon Balls.

Seeing Zalama appear shocked everyone greatly. Nao even let out a curse seeing him, since these were created by Fu.

"Fu...", Nao said, cursing his name quietly.

Meanwhile, back on the Veranda, Elsa was one of the girls who had biggest reaction, causing her fall down right onto her butt

"What the hell is this massive creature!? What are you doing, Nao!", Elsa said as tears started to form in her eyes. Miya reacted quickly and brought her head into her chest, and spoke to her with a calm tone.

"It's okay Big Sis, Brother knows what he was doing. Even I'm shocked Zalama is here...", Miya uttered.

"Zalama?", Elsa questioned, trying to calm herself down.

Miya only nodded in silence, and placed a hand over her chest. 'Do your best so you can come back alive, and continue the trial, Brother. I know you can do it!', Miya silently said in her mind.

Yet she used that thought to convey her feelings directly into Nao's mind.

Back on the rooftop, Nao was able to calm down thanks to Miya's encouragement reaching his mind. Isabella silently walked up to him, tightly holding onto his armor. The two felt puny comparing themselves to this humongous dragon. This Zalama was still puny compared to the one came from the Super Dragon Balls.

Nao did use the Super Dragon Balls once before off screen thanks to Beerus gifting him them from his bet with Champa after Nao won his duel with Belmond. That wish connected the girls and his future family members and harem members to his lifespan, so they were technically immortal now, even though most of them aren't gods unlike Nao is.

Yet the girls weren't present for that. The only ones who witnessed that event was Nao, Beerus, Whis, Champa, Vados and the Grand Minister. Nao was actually able to talk to Champa and Vados a bit during that time as well, maybe that was when he started to take an interest in Vados? Who knew exactly.

But enough of that, a wish had to be made!

"Hsiw yht etats, woN!'", Zalama spoke out in godtongue, sending out another massive tremor around the Planet.

Yet Nao did not falter here. He too proceeded to speak out once more in the language of the gods .

"Ereht I dna elleB dneS! TfiR emiT eht, htap s'uF su ot laeveR!", Nao yelled out, responding to Zalama.

A bright flash of red streaked across Zalama's giant eyes before his voice caused another tremor.

"DegdelwonkcA!", Zalama said. He then let out a giant roar, acknowledging Nao. Bright golden light seeped out everywhere causing Zalama to turn into a phantom image. He shrunk down in size quite considerably, and after flying around a lap around the Planet, Zalama took aim and entered Nao and Isabella's bodies.

Isabella flinched seeing Zalama enter her, but before she could react further, she saw herself and Nao became shrouded in golden light. It didn't even take long before her eyes turned wide seeing their bodies disappear into tiny golden particles, vanishing from the rooftop.

A large golden pillar then ascended into the sky and outer space above. The pillar then created a wormhole of sorts, before completely vanishing into it...

And just like that, the atmosphere around the Planet returned to normal, as if nothing happened. It took some time for everyone to recover from their stupor.

Two figures could even be standing near the edge of the rooftop, who watched the whole scene take place. One of the two figures laughed.

"Ohoho, looks like we managed to catch this before Nao left. I must say that was rather interesting. Even if it's a fake model, recreating Zalama is no easy task. We must thank Miss Tights for giving us such quick notice, Lord Beerus."

"Eh, it wasn't that exciting. I've seen this occur more than once you know. Still, Nao's getting quite proficient in the language of the gods, isn't he?", Beerus said with an interested look in his eyes.

"That he is, Lord Beerus. At least he found his path to his next destination. Let us go meet up with the others. Though I'm afraid we shouldn't drop in just yet since they're still getting ready."

"Sounds good. I'm still curious about the guy who he'll be facing against.", Beerus said, nodding at Whis.

The two were none other than Whis and Beerus who arrived! Whis also took this time to send a message to the Grand Minister for him to arrive as well to watch the battle.

As for Nao and Isabella...they continued to travel in their pillar of light for a while in this wormhole. They passed by countless planets, stars, asteroid fields and the like. After an unknown amount of time passed they entered another black wormhole, arriving at their destination.

When they arrived, they touched down on some very large tree-like roots, extending on for miles and miles. Further up was a lush green treetop with various red glowing fruits hanging from them.

This was the Universe Tree! Nao and Isabella had arrived at the Time Rift!

And around the Time Rift were miasma-like clouds all around them. Endless colors consisting of black, purple and dark blue, making the whole place sinister yet quiet at the same time.

All of a sudden, the two heard the sound of clapping as a figure revealed themselves from behind one of the large wooden roots.

"Hmm, hmm. Looks like you two have finally arrived! At least someone was able to properly use one of the methods I created! I got some good results from that so thank you. I've been wanting to meet you face to face again for quite some time, Nao. You even brought your little girly with you like last time. Welcome, to the Time Rift!", Fu announced with a smile while clapping his hands.