Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 249

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 249 239: Enraged Isabella

"Welcome, to the Time Rift!", Fu announced to Nao and Isabella while clapping his hands.

Yet Nao immediately noticed something. A purple fluffy feathered owl with a red beak and talons could be seen on Fu's shoulder. Its pupils could even be seen in the shape of a plus. Nao immediately frowned seeing it.

Seeing Nao's reaction, Fu began to laugh while rubbing the owl's beak with his finger in a caring manner.

"Hahaha! It seems you've an idea on what this lovely creature is. His name is DogiDogi, ain't he cute?"', Fu said happily.

"The failed re-creation of the Divine Bird of Time, Tokitoki, known as the Bird of Calamity....", Nao uttered, but was still loud enough for Fu to hear.

"Bingo. You sure know your stuff unlike those other idiots of your race. Well, I mainly brought this cutie here to play. Why don't we get down to business already?", Fu said, pushing his glasses up with his finger.

As he did, DogiDogi chirped out in a deep voice, 'DogiDogi!', and flew off of Fu's shoulder. It started to fly around the Universe Tree.

Fu then took this time to sit down cross-legged on the tree's roots beneath him. He then placed one of his arms on his leg, allowing his chin to rest on it. Seeing Fu so this surprised Nao, but still replied to him calmly while Isabella clung onto his side in silence. She only stared at Fu with hatred in her eyes.

"What makes you think we'd strike a deal with a bastard like you? We're trying hard not to reach for your throat right now."

Hearing Nao say that, Fu lifted his chin off his arm and slapped his leg with his hand a few times, letting out another crazed laughter in the process.

"Hahahaha! I think you very much will, Nao. All pieces are now in place. This is our final act if you will."

"Final act? So you're already prepared to die then?", Nao said with a sneer.

"Well of course I am! It's all or nothing now. Either we get to witness the birth of a new Universe right before our very eyes or I perish. But a simple deathmatch is boring, dont'cha think? Why don't we up the ante a bit and place a bet?"

"A bet? What exactly could you offer over what I currently got?", Nao said as his sneer turned into a teasing voice.

Hearing Nao's voice like that, Fu raised his hand only to raise his finger left and tight.

"Hmm, hmm, don't be like that, Nao. We're both civil, aren't we? It's simple really. You have something I want. And I have something you're currently missing, and you want my head. Only the victor comes out on top and takes everything."

Once Fu started his proposition, both Nao and Isabella frowned. Nao could even feel Isabella start to quiver a bit. She unexpectedly spoke out.

"Nao, I don't like this. I'm getting such a strange sense of familiarity and I don't know why. Let's just crush this bastard already."

"Now wait, Belle. If he truly managed to grab a hold of something, it's best we proceed with caution. You're one sly bastard you know that, Fu?"

Hearing that, Fu slapped his knee once more and laughed out.

"Hahaha! This is why I like you, Nao. We did indeed manage to secure such a fine gambling piece for this deathmatch finale. Mother, be a dear and bring it out please."

"With pleasure, my darling Fu.", a loving yet sinister voice echoed suddenly around the three. Nao and Isabella immediately took guard while the sound of shuffling feet escaped from behind a large root nearby. It sounded as if she was dragging something along with her.

It didn't take long before muffled yelling could be heard as well. "Mmm! Mmm!", a fourth voice reached them.

Hearing this voice, Isabella's eyes turn to that of disbelief, while Nao raised his eyebrows. Yet before the two could do anything, the third voice stopped walking, only for a large thwacking sound to resound around them. Thwack!

"Oh shut it will you? You were in a pain in the ass to bring here so just stop struggling for a moment okay? It's not like we'll kill you, just yet anyways. Depends on who the victor will be."

After the third voice said that, the fourth voice let out a muffled yelp before it turned quiet once more. They soon saw a blue skinned figure walk toward Fu. One of her hands had a long double gold-tipped spear in it while the other grasped onto the head of another figure.

This figure appeared to be very elegant, but was pretty beaten up and had several cuts and bruises over her body. Her mouth was bound by a white cloth with some parts of it turned red with blood.

As for the figure herself, she had flawless white skin. She had hot pink hair much like Isabella's but was much shorter and curved over her shoulders. She sported a very frilly one piece pink princess dress, which was obviously torn up in several places.

The figure even had a pristine silver crown with pink gems embedded into it, nestling on top of her head. However the figure herself appeared unconscious now thanks to Towa's strike to the head just a moment ago.

Immediately anger appeared in Isabella's eyes as shock did to Nao. She then cursed at Fu.

"Nooooo! Sister Dia! Why the hell did you bring her into this you bastard!", Isabella cursed out at Fu.

She didn't stop there, as powerful hissing sounds started to release from the pores of her body. Pssshhh! Pssshhh!

It didn't take long before the atmosphere around them started to heat up. White smoke slowly came out of her body. She then crouched down a bit. Just when she was about to release a large bellowing roar of anger, Nao took a hold of her arm in a firm grasp.

He could feel her arm was really hot to the touch now, but he remained silent. Seeing Nao do this but didn't speak forced Isabella to turn her head toward him. Nao could see her pupils turned into that of a Dragon's slit on each eye.

Isabella then growled at him before yelling out.

"Why are you stopping me, Nao!? They have Sister Dia over there! We need to rescue her!"

"I know, Belle. But you need to remain focused. I wasn't expecting this but I can tell most of Dia's wounds are merely external. Besides, you probably have more to say, don't you, Fu?"

After Nao said that Fu smiled. He proceeded to stand back up. He started to talk to Nao as he walked over to Dia.

"Bingo. We won't kill her, she is just merely a piece to this grand finale. Well, why don't we see what she has to to say? I'm sure she'll get a surprise seeing the two of you here! Hahaha!", Fu said while letting out another laugh.

He then arrived beside Towa, who still had Dia's head in her, and bent down beside her. Removing the white cloth tied around her mouth, Fu slowly shook her to let her regain consciousness.

Nao and Isabella saw Dia groan a bit before her eyelids slowly opened. It took a few moments for her pupils to gain focus and she coughed a bit during it. Yet once they did, Dia immediately saw an enraged Isabella and Nao standing right in front of her. She began to quiver a bit, only to yell out at the two once she saw them.

"Sister Belle, and Nao?...It really is you two...You mustn't fight this man...He is too strong!", Dia yelled out while coughing out some blood, which made Isabella's heart twinge in pain.

"You bastard, I swear I'm going to kill you this time!", Isabella roared out, letting more steam release her from body. Fu only laughed again seeing her respond like that.

"Hmm hmm, looks like this one doesn't think you two can win. But odds are always meant to be overcome. Mother you just can release her now. She's just here to make it more interesting."

"Of course, Fu.", Towa said with a grin. She then gripped tightly on Dia's head, causing her to yell out once more. Towa then flung Dia with a hard throw, letting body fly across very quickly.

Isabella was able to immediately react to that, and moved right in front of her. With a loud bang, Isabella was able to catch her. Another moment passed and she gently laid Dia down next to Nao. Nao took this time and knelt beside her head.

She gave Fu another look of hatred before looking at Dia.

"I'm sorry for bringing you into this, Sister Dia. I didn't know this bastard would do such a thing."

"It's okay...Sister Belle...I'm two...again...", Dia tried to talk, but ended up coughing more blood out.

Hearing this, Fu let out another laugh while drawing out his silver-steel sword from his black scabbard.

"Hahaha! Our deathmatch will begin momentarily, but you might want to heal her before it begins. She's been bleeding quite a bit so she might not have long to live."

After Fu said that, Towa vanished and reappeared to his right. Both of them entered an offensive stance, waiting for the inevitable deathmatch to begin.

Nao disregarded this and placed his hand directly over Dia's body.

"I'll wont take any chances with this. LaeH RajoM!", Nao yelled out with a chant.

His hand started to glow a bright yellow, before this aura converged around her body. Before long Dia's wounds closed up and she felt her stamina being restored.

After another couple moments passed, Dia's eyes opened wide up, and she leaned upward. She proceeded to clutch her hands into fists, and double checked her body.

Seeing Dia now healed, Isabella smiled. Nao ten spoke out.

"How do you feel, Dia?"

"Fantastic. Thank you, Nao. You two Sister Belle. It's great to see you two again, despite being in such an unfortunate scenario.", Dia said as a smile bloomed on her face.

"We'd love to stick around and catch up with you but now clearly isn't the time to do so."

Hearing that, Isabella released more steam from her pores, directly hitting Nao and Dia. She began to crouch even more, allowing her black spade-shaped tail to dance around wildly. Her eyes focused in on Fu and no longer moved away, as if she had found her hunting target. It was evident she was about to complete her transformation.

Her slit pupils widened for a brief second before returning to normal. Her smile turned into a grin, and spoke out.

"Nao, we've no longer a need to hold back now, right?"

Hearing that, Nao also smiled and responded to her.

"No. Dia and I will take care on Towa. Let her rip. Tear Fu to shreds!"

Letting out another giant roar, the ground began to quake around them. "With pleasure!", Isabella roared out.