Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 250

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 250 240: Enraged Isabella Ii

"RRRRRRRoooooaaaaAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!", Isabella suddenly roared out angrily with a bellow. The vibrations from her really loud roar even even caused the roots of the massive Universe Tree to start quaking.

Fu smiled seeing Isabella in an enraged state. He soon crouched toward the floor, similar to that of a panther, ready to strike at a moment's whim. Everyone began to hear lots of hissing sounds as hot steam constantly released from her body. 'Pssshhh! Pssshhhh!'

The white steam really made the atmosphere around them hot to the touch. Isabella's skin started to glow bright pink, much similar to that of Kaioken's activation. It didn't take long before Isabella's body to become covered in her beautiful Heat Gems, the very same Fu stole from her so long ago. It eventually encompassed her full body. However, this time, on top of covering her black-spade shape tail with the pink gems, two menacing dragon horns sprouted from her forehead.

She was becoming more of that of a Dragon now, and less of that of a Succubus! It was evident her training with her family during those thirty one years proved very fruitful. Dia soon had a solemn look appear in her eyes seeing Isabella's new look.

"Sister Belle is really mad...isn't she? She'd go so far for my sake?"

"I'm sure she would, You two not only see each other as sisters, but as best friends as well right?"

"Of course we do! She even attended my wedding. She informed me of your circ.u.mstances too so it was a shame you couldn't go. But seeing her really angry like this makes me happy, I think. It's good to see you treat her so well, Nao.", Dia said as a smile bloomed on her face.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear. It means I can entrust you with these.", Nao suddenly exclaimed.

"Eh?", Dia questioned, only to turn her head toward Nao.

Her eyes suddenly turned wide, seeing Nao remove his Potara earrings from his ears. He then grabbed a hold of Dia's palm, only to place the two earrings inside of it. Removing his hands, he proceeded to speak out to her once more.

"It's not like its the first time you're seeing these, right?", Nao said with a grin.

"Well no...but are you sure it's fine for me to hold onto these? You're a Supreme Kai now, aren't you?"

"I indeed am. But if Belle can't take care of Fu by herself, you know what to do, right?"

It took a moment for Dia to respond, but she smiled once again, and nodded in confirmation.

"Yes!", Dia happily exclaimed.

As she did, she suddenly felt the atmosphere around them become even more condensed with Heat. The heat never evaporated after Isabella completed her Gemmed Dragon transformation. She yelled out once more drawing everyone's attention.

"Heat Domain, activate!", Isabella roared out.

After she yelled out, the Heat around them became denser and denser. It became difficult to breath, but Isabella seemed to be unaffected. The Heat stopped after spreading out several meters in all directions, but it was still enough to encompass Fu entirely.

Seeing intense Heat remain active all around Fu, Nao took this time to bring Dia away from Isabella. Floating on upward into the endless abyss, Towa followed him. As for Fu, a serious look appeared in his eyes.

Fu immediately put some strength in his legs and did a summersault, allowing his sword to rotate in a full circle going around his body. He took action quickly, as he himself saw Isabella's figure start to distort and vanish into the Heat right before his very eyes. As a result, his eyes moved very quickly, managing to land the first strike against Isabella, who in turn punched out.

It didn't take long before lots of clashing sounds of metal to resound around Nao, Dia and Towa flew away from the Heat Domain. However just as they stopped flying, they heard a very lound rumble sound, only for the three to see a huge pink Ki blast get launched straight into the abyss around them. BOOM! BOOM!

And it's target? It was Fu no less! He wasn't expecting Isabella to launch such a big blast right off the bat, which caught him off guard. The three saw Fu's figure escape the dense Heat, with a struggled look in his eyes as the blast kept striking against his sword. It created several more sounds of clashing metal along the way, and Fu couldn't see Isabella's figure He cursed out after finally managing to slice the big Ki blast in two, which created two large explosions further behind him.

"Tch, to think another one beside Nao could comprehend a domain...Everyone beside you are such freaks, hahaha! I like that! It makes this match way more enjoyable! But it's not like you're the only one who can disappear you know, Vanishing Blade!", Fu yelled out.

As Fu yelled that out, the three saw his figure vanish right outside the Heat Domain. If one looked closely Fu also slashed out his sword horizontally, only for some dark aura fireballs to appear around him. Willing them, he spread the dark fireballs around him to cover all of his angles. Not only could they see him any longer, they also couldn't feel his presence, despite Nao trying his godly ki sense. It caused him to raise his eyebrows.

Yet intense sounds of swords clashing against Isabella's gems suddenly began to echo inside the Heat Domain once more. Every so often pink ki blasts would escape from it, either exploding together with the dark fireballs or shooting off into the abyss.

Seeing Isabella occupied, only shock could be seen on Dia's face.

"I didn't think Sister Belle could reach such power...I don't think she will need my help,.", Dia reluctantly said.

"Nonsense. She will. Besides, we have our own opponent to take care of. Speaking of which, why haven't you taken any action yet, Towa? Are you already prepared to die?", Nao asked as his eyes shifted and landed on Towa. Dia followed suit and a curious look appeared in her eyes.

As for Towa, her eyes remained on the active Heat Domain, where she could only watch the ongoing battle. On top of what was happening, the three could even see clashes against the steamy Heat itself every so often, which would reveal where Fu and Isabella currently were, despite being concealed.

Towa then shifted her attention to Nao, and a look of melancholy appeared in her eyes, only to let out a sigh after.

"You could say that. I merely want to watch my best creation enjoy his last fight. That's not too much to ask for, is it?"

Hearing that, Nao raised his eyebrows, as he wasn't expecting to hear Towa respond with something like that.

"I though you were a very prideful woman, Towa, being the sister of Demon King Dabura. What changed?"

"Nothing really. I could entertain you if you're really looking for a fight. I bet Chronoa must of said lots of nasty things about me hasn't she?", Towa said as she grinned.

Yet before Nao could answer her, another bellowing roar resounded all around the whole Universe Tree.

"RRRROOOAAAARRRRRRRRR!", Isabella roared out once more. Yet it was as if this one sounded as if Isabella roared out in pain. The three even saw within the domain lots of blood spurt out, dying the Heat in red, making it more sinister in certain spots. Yet that Heat dyed in red only lasted for mere moments, as the three then heard sizzling sounds, as the blood evaporated right before their very eyes.

However Isabella wasn't the only one to roar out in pain. More blood than the previous splatters shot out from the opposite side, and Fu's screams of pain could be heard echoing inside it. It appeared they were currently in a very fierce exchange of Isabella's body against Fu's sword. Isabella would try to launch more ki blasts at him yet Fu started to activate his black hole absorption energy, and was able to absorb some of her blasts.

Towa grinned hearing this and looked at Nao again.

"Looks like Fu is starting to gain the upper hand, wouldn't you think? Come, why don't we start our end too? I doubt we'll come up on top but I could use a bit of enjoyment too in our final moments."

"Just what I wanted to hear. Dia, you can support from behind."

"Got it!", Dia acknowledged Nao. She then proceeded to retreat several meters. It didn't take long before a pink aura to surround her feet.

Surprisingly, Nao saw Dia create a heart shaped bow from her Ki, letting light purple aura to encompass it. It soon congealed into arrows, ready to fire at will.

Seeing Dia ready to fight, Nao proceeded to unleash his Ki unfettered.

"Haaaaaah!", Nao proceeded to yell. Towa also responded in kind, allowing her body to be surrounded by a dark violet aura.

It soon covered her body entirely, as if she had entered a cocoon. As for Nao, the atmosphere surrounding them also began to quake. His pale white aura became sparkly, allowing fierce green lightning to crackle around it. It suddenly converged into a bright blue aura, allowing his hair to turn into blue, and became Super Saiyan Blue.

Towa also finishing releasing her aura, and it congealed down into her feet. What Nao saw was a black suit with a big red v-line covering most of her chest, and only revealed the middle portion of it. It was the exact opposite from her red bodysuit from before. She then tossed her lab coat behind, letting it fall into the abyss. Two large white pointy devil-like horns appeared on her head. She entered her Darkness Towa state!

Seeing this, Nao sneered at her.

"And here I thought you didn't want to battle. Going all out from the beginning?"

"Hehe, aren't you doing the same thing? Come, let's enjoy this fight while my darling Fu and that little girl enjoy theirs."

And with that said, Nao entered an offensive stance. Forming a fist, he rushed right at Darkness Towa, and Dia started to shoot her arrows!