Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 251

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 251 241: Diabelle Is Back Baby

Year 778, Underneath TokiToki City, the Time Rift.

A lot of time slowly began to pass as the battles on each side raged on. It was unknown how much time passed as both Space and Time is sealed here. Everyone was only able to stay flying during battle thanks to their Ki. If they didn't exercise their Ki, they would become sitting ducks in this place.

Congealed Ki arrows continuously fired from Dia's bow that she also formed with her Ki. However a weary look in be seen in her eyes now. Several cuts and bruises could be seen on her dress, new ones that formed over her previous injuries that were healed by Nao.

As for Nao himself, a smile could be seen on his face. He was well into his battle with Darkness Towa now. Even though she was in that form, she did not transform her double bladed spear into her staff, opting for a mixed attacker, launching flurries of strikes and dark ki blasts at Nao.

Nao remained in his blue transformation. Yet his ki never dwindled, it only kept on rising and rising as the battle raged on, thanks to the legendary super saiyan veins! That's why he was now in an excited state!

Nao kept on launching punch after punch, kick after kick. He even did some headbutts onto Darkness Towa's body, wracking up lots of damage. As a result, she could now be seen in quite the bloody state, with blood dripping down from many injuries on her body which dropped into the endless abyss below them.

If one looked closely various spots could be seen bitten with frostbite as well. Even her spear showed signs of snapping in two now! Looks of shock and pain struck across her eyes.

Also the more intense the battle raged, the same went for the other side. Inside the Heat Domain...

Endless drifting heat particles roamed inside of it. Every so often Isabella would vanish and reappear. But every time she did so her body would stay in a mirage-like state. Yet her attacks were all but real.

A lot of her pink gems would break off and form again from Fu's relentless strikes. She would roar out in pain but she ignored that, as her eyes were a deep red now. Every so often Fu would wave his hands, creating miniature black holes that would suck up Isabella's ki blasts. Unfortunately only some would get absorbed, the rest still hit him straight on.

Once they did, blood would splatter, only to immediately evaporate into nothingness. As for Fu himself, he could feel all of his skin cry out in pain. He did counter Isabella's heat by creating a barrier around himself, but it was still quite painful. Yet he ignored that and a smile appeared on his face before he spoke out to her with another laugh.

"Hahahaha! This is exactly what I wanted! A thrilling battle, watch the Universe Tree bloom and create a new Universe be created before our very eyes!"

"You think I'd let you do that you bastard!? My payback isn't done yet! Take this, ten point blast!", Isabella suddenly roared out, evading another one of Fu's strikes.

She then suddenly crouched and distanced herself from Fu. Crouching even more, ten points on her body suddenly began to glow a bright pink. Fu's smile disappeared and a frown formed.

"Oh no you don't. Last time you fired that off it almost tore off my head. I'll stop it before you can even finish it!", Fu declared.

Isabella then saw Fu vanish into nothingness once again. Her eyes began to rapidly bounce back and forth, only to end up empty handed. A glint then streaked across her mind.

"Wait, underneath me!?", Isabella yelled out.

"Hmm hmm, too late for you to realize that now!", Fu said. Isabella could only see Fu right beneath her, before feeling a huge impact strike right into her gut.

"Ahhhhhhh!", Isabella yelled out in pain as many gems peeled off from her skin. Yet she couldn't even do anything before Fu vanished once more. Fu reappeared directly behind Isabella.

Isabella couldn't even finish letting out a roar of anger before she felt her throat tighten hard. Her movements started to dwindle. She couldn't see but she could feel her energy start to be drained!

"Ugh...", Isabella soon groaned as she felt her strength leave her body.

As that happened, her pink gems started peeling off her body one by one, soon revealing a pretty injured Isabella. Seeing this Fu could only sigh.

"Ahhhhsuch a waste to let these go but you need to sleep for good now, little girl. This damn heat is annoying me so this is the best way to get rid of it.", Fu said as an annoyed look appeared in his eyes.

And it did! As her power dwindled her Heat Domain also slowly vanished from sight. Before long it completely disappeared, revealing many burn marks on the Universe Tree's roots.

Yet Isabella did not lose her consciousness. She only smiled instead seeing two figures in a similar situation to her own.

As for why that was the case, Fu's eyes turned wide seeing a heavily injured Towa as her neck was locked in an arm grasp by Nao! Dia too became surprised seeing Isabella like that.

"Oh no, Sister Belle!", Dia yelled out, saddened.

As for Nao and Fu, they looked at each other in silence.

Now this is rather interesting, wouldn't you say? Just so you know I really hate your guts right now for doing that to Belle you bastard!"

Hearing this, Fu smiled in response. Yet before he could answer, he could hear Towa's pained voice escape from her throat.

"Don't you dare listen to what this guy will say, my darling Fu! Kill that girl now! Don't care about what happens to me!", Towa said, managing to let out a yell despite being in Nao's grip.

"But Mother, killing this girl will mean nothing if you can't witness the birth of our new Universe!"

As Fu yelled that out, Isabella felt his grip loosen a bit, but she did nothing. She only smiled once again as she saw Dia start to walk in the air toward her. A look of annoyance appeared in Dia's eyes seeing this useless banter go back and forth. She knew what to do

"Will you shut up you two!? This is a fight! I'm not going to let you cause any more pain to Sister Belle! Sister Belle, take this!", Dia said, yelling out in anger.

As she did, Isabella and Fu saw Dia throw a small Potara ring which glinted in the darkness around them.

"Oh no you don--!?", Fu tried to yell out, only to get blasted away from Isabella's sudden strike to his gut. He yelled out in pain, flying back several meters.

Isabella then kicked the air with her feet, allowing her to blast toward the incoming Potara earring. She then grabbed it with her right hand.

Dia then put her remaining earring on her left.

"Thank you for creating an opening Sister Dia! I also got to see your anger Nao so I'll reward you later, hehe. I'm so looking forward to this, we haven't done this in ages. Let's do this!", Isabella yelled out happily.

She proceeded to put her Potara earring on her right ear. After she did she immediately felt a connection to Dia. Fu managed to regain his footing, only to push his glasses into place.

He was then immediately blinded by a bright yellow light, as were Nao and Towa.

"Tch, fusion huh?", Fu couldn't help but curse out.

Isabella then felt her body tug itself, flying right at Dia. Dia allowed hers to do the same, the two did not deny their bodies from moving.

The bright yellow light expanded out further and further before it got absorbed back in. Isabella and Dia were nowhere to be found.

What replaced the two, or rather, who, was one figure now. They had a really busty chest with long flowing pink hair. One of their eyes was light pink while the other one was dark pink. But the most interesting thing about this figure was the two black spade shaped tails around her waist now.

Fu's eyes became serious as this figure turned around to look at him. He couldn't help out but speak out to her.

'So you two fused. What's your name?"

Hearing that, the figure puffed out her chest, and an arrogant voice escaped from their mouth.

"We are neither Dia or Isabella. I'm Diabelle and we're back in the house baby! And we're going to pummel your ass all the way down to the void below! Prepare yourself!", Diabelle roared out in anger.