Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 252

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 252 242: Destroying The Barrier

(A/N) I know a lot of you are looking towards Volume 2 already with Overlord world, so I decided I'm going to start to speed things up quite a bit. The only other long fight will be the Broly fight. Jiren and Merus will only be somewhat mentioned. I will do some interactions during the Zeno Expo as well to bring Caulifla, Kale and Vados into the harem. Some epilogue stuff after to tie any loose ends up.

I still want to end Volume 1 around ch250-260. Trust me even I'm looking forward to Overlord! I was originally thinking of making mc's starting class a Sylphid, but I want him to improve his Reality element during this Volume, so I'm going with the Angel class! He will also create his own guild and partner with Ainz, so look forward to it! But for now enjoy the chap below!


Dia and Isabella had used the Potara earrings once again and fused, becoming their other persona, Diabelle! They hadn't used this fusion for quite some time. The only time they had ever shown it in the fight was during the free for all in the Other World Tournament!

But now she had made a second appearance. They did want to train the technique during Nao's absence but unfortunately they did not have access to any more spare Potara. This would be their second and final time using it.

As to why it was their final time? Well, Dia and Nao were not fated to be together unlike Isabella was. Dia now had her own family to take care of. She also did not have an infinite lifespan like the girls did, it was unknown if she would still be alive by time Nao got settled into the New World. Nao had plans to link worlds together so his lovers and family could come and go as they please. He already had the means to make it happen, which was part of the reason why he trained Space so early on.

But that is still for later. The end of the climax reached its zenith. Diabelle was able to enjoy an explosive force of power way way higher than she exhibited in her first transformation. She was able to smack Fu so hard he couldn't even stand up. As Diabelle vented her rage, Nao did not remain idle either.

A large crushing sound of flesh tore through the surroundings, causing the heated battle to come to a momentary halt. Anger immediately appeared in Fu's eyes as tear drops poured down its sides. Nao didn't hesitate to kill Towa right then and there, which also caused Towa's eyes to turn wide.

Her death was almost instantaneous, she couldn't even let out screams of pain since she ended up getting her throat crushed. Nao even tossed her corpse into the endless abyss below, only to be blown into oblivion by a very large ki blast which shook the realm entirety.

Fu was shocked by the amount of power Nao showed during that, but was immediately swept by anguish and anger. He didn't hesitate to transform into Super Fu. He let his anger take a hold of his body, letting ho of his clarity. Due to this Diabelle was able to counterattack hard, striking blow after blow.

Since time and space was sealed here, the most he could do was create his black holes to absorb Diabelle's energy, he couldn't even use his sword to tear through space. This also came back to bite him in the butt.

It didn't take long at all for Fu to share same fate as Towa. Diabelle managed to clutch onto his throat, but no matter what he did he couldn't break free. Diabelle even managed to snatch away his sword with her two gemmed tails, only to forcefully snap it in two. She dropped the remainder of his sword into the endless abyss below.

The light in Fu's eyes left him after witnessing that. He knew his own fate was next now, and he felt the strength in his arms and legs leave him. They slowly became limp. Fu couldn't help but speak one last time , only for Diabelle to respond in annoyance.

"I only create a Universe where everyone could live safely and freely...', Fu struggled to say as he spouted a lot of blood from his mouth. After he said that, the rest of the light in his eyes faded and heard something crunch. Diabelle snapped his neck in two just like Nao did to Towa.

"Tch, if you wanted to do something so crazy like that, then you shouldn't have messed with time and created all of those bloodbaths, asshole. Your dumb experiments can be rid of once and for all.", Diabelle said, clicking her tongue in annoyance.

Sharing the same fate, Diabelle also tossed Fu's corpse into the endless abyss below. She waited to see if there was any reaction of sorts from his body, like suddenly becoming animated or something, but nothing happened.

Seeing this, Diabelle smiled, and then crouched down into a leopard stance. Raising her two tails upward, many gems suddenly started to light up at once. She then spoke out coldly.

"But just like Nao, I'm not going to take any chances. It's good to get rid of a corpse of someone like you. Take this, one hundred point blast!'

After Diabelle yelled that out, one hundred ki blasts launched out successively. They joined together creating one huge pink ki blast cannon of sorts, causing the realm to quake. It struck Fu's corpse instantly. As no more life was in it, it didn't take long for it to disintegrate into oblivion. Her beam didn't end there either.

She directed it upward, hoping for it to fly into the beyond. Yet her beam soon struck something, and it sounded very similar to glass. Nao became surprised seeing Diabelle's beam strike a barrier of sorts. He vanished and reappeared near Diabelle and spoke out.

"To think this place would be in an actual sealed zone...You two don't stop attacking! I'll feed you my energy! Looks like I don't need to use the Universe Seed to blow this place to smithereens. Just focus on breaking the barrier!", Nao yelled out.

"Okay!, Diabelle yelled back in response.

After she did, Nao placed his hand on her body. "EfsnarT!', Nao yelled out with a chant.

As he did, his body began to glow a bright yellow, and Diabelle started to feel Nao's pure energy flow into hers. It caused her body to quiver a bit before a smile bloomed on her face.

"Your energy is so pure, Nao! I love it! Alright, let's tear down this damnable space once and for all!"

And that they did! Sounds of glass shattering constantly resounded around them as her beam pushed more and more into it. Before long the whole realm shattered into bits, allowing pure blue sky to sweep it up by storm.

The purple-black darkness soon faded away entirely, only to reveal the underside of TokiToki City. Diabelle's beam started to cause the City itself to start quaking, alarming all of its residents. The three Xenos also became started seeing such a huge blast strike against the bottom of the city, allowing bits and pieces to crumble, before it shit out into the endless sky. Only then did it fade away, and the quaking stopped.

"What the hell was that just now!?", Xeno Trunks yelled out in shock. He immediately flew out of the Time Vault, followed by the other two. Their jaws dropped seeing the massive Universe Tree appear suddenly right outside the city.

Continuing their flying, the three made their way to it, only to see what appeared to be a battlefield of sorts. Or what remained of it, anyway.

Trunks then spotted a very beautiful girl and Nao, causing him and the other two to fly right at them. Yet before they did anything more, Diabelle felt the rest of her strength leave her body after Nao finished transferring his. With a bright glow of the two earrings, Diabelle split back into two, Isabella and Dia. Nao managed to catch a hold of both of them before they fell.

"Fusion?", Xeno Goku couldn't help but utter.

Vegeta remained quiet and observant while Trunks flew on over.

"So it really is you, Nao. What in blazes is going on here and what the hell is that massive thing?", Trunks asked as he pointed his finger at the Universe Tree.

"Killed Fu just now. Glad you guys could make it."

"Fu? That guy you were trying the catch?"

"The very same. Did Chronoa allow you to see his file back at the Time Vault?"

"Well yeah, she did. It's hard trying to lead this whole place with the Supreme Kai being gone now, but I was able to catch up on some stuff. So that guy is finally dead?"

"Sure is. And this right here is the Universe Tree. I need to go get rid of it, just sit back and watch."

"That's the Universe Tree!?", Trunks couldn't help but yell in shock.

Nao simply nodded and opened his pocket dimension. He brought out the Universe Seed, glowing brightly. He said no more and arrived at the tree's trunk.

Placing his hand on it, he could feel a huge abundance of life force in it. He smiled feeling it, and spoke out once.

"Since time and space are no longer sealed, I can go with my other plan. The first plan was to blow this up, but looks like I can save the Universe Seed for something else now. If this works, this will make a scarred girl really happy later, but we'll need to drop by the Sacred World of the Kais for that.", Nao said happily.

He then wasted no kore time, allowing his body to get encompassed by a black aura. Raising the Universe Seed, and his spare hand on the tree's trunk, he willed his rime aura to cover all of the tree. To the visible eye, it started to shrink rapidly! It kept shrinking until the tree was no more, letting his time power reverse the tree's aging and gather its remaining energy into the Universe Seed!

And with that, the second part to Nao's trial by fire came to a close!

Nao informed Xeno Trunks of everything that occurred up to this point, and Xeno Trunks managed to utilize the Time Patrollers to repair the parts of the city below that was destroyed.

Nao knew Xeno Trunks was a busy man now, but he could see he enjoyed his work, so he ought to mention that to Chronoa the next time they see each other. After saying goodbye to the Xenos and the Time Patrollers, the three made their way to Planet Nem.

The royal family there became joyous after seeing Dia return safe and sound. Nao even managed to meet the King and enjoyed a feast together, and boy was he a stud. He had quite the many girls under his belt as well and the good part was there appeared to be no infighting. Dia sure had her life as the First Wife cut out for her.

Dia herself would hope she could see Nao and Isabella every so often, so the would try to honor that. The King also promised they would work side by side with the Gemmed Dragon clan, Isabella's family, in harmony.

Knowing that the planet was in good hands, Nao and Isabella left after spending a day with the royal family and another day at Isabella's residence, to where he got to meet all of her remaining family. And they all wore black suits. Even the females! Nao got a very mafia-like vibe from them, but they still welcomed him with respect.

Especially when they saw him as the Don...but they still knew their true leader was still Isabella's grandfather, Nim, even though he 'stepped down' from his position.

But all is well that ends well, as they say. The two left Planet Nem with full bellies, and returned to Planet Elosyia.

Little did Nao know part three of his trial would be completed so quickly he barely had any time to think about it!

After the girls and his family welcomed the two back, they enjoyed listening to their adventure, and sighed in relief knowing that bastard is finally dead. Nao decided to round up Alter Toppo and Ribrianne, only to see the two holding hands.

He grinned for a moment but returned to the topic at hand, telling it was time to rescue Alter Jiren. He wanted to let the two persuade him if it was possible, and they two wished for that. Since Fu was dead now, was there still a need for for him to suffer so?

After the three teleported to that hellish island in the middle of nowhere, they saw Alter Jiren bound but strangely wasn't making any noise, as if he got the life sucked out if him.

Nao backed off, letting Alter Toppo and Ribrianne do their thing, and boy did he get a shock. He didn't know how much time had passed but Alter Jiren was able to restore his lost vigor. He also managed ti break through his shell of despair, coming back into the realm of sanity!

Nao also got the official notice from Rebirth stating that part three of his trial by fire was complete. It didn't end in bloodshed. Nao even saw Alter Jiren regain some of his stamina, only for him to approach Nao, and do a forty five degree angle bow at him.

Alter Jiren apologized profusely and thanked him kindly. He knew Nao caused all that destruction but it wasn't Nao's fault to do that, and he learned the bastard who was responsible was now dead. That was why Alter Jiren both apologized and thanked him.

He even wished Toppo and Ribrianne to be well, as in Alter Jiren's eyes, he thought Toppo was a msn who would never find true love that was besides justice.

As for Nao, he blew this hellhole to smithereens and returned home with the three Alters. Upon arriving at the white Palace, they came to learn the next part of his trial was complete.

Nao even offered the three to live in the Palace, and enjoy the city life down below, until he would use the Super Dragon Balls to restore their timeline back to normal. Alter Jiren thanked Nao once again and took up on his offer, letting the three settle in. They knew he could use the power of time, and Nao ended up telling them that due to the Tournament of Power that had yet to happen in this timeline, it was due to take place in under two years.

Knowing that, knew they would reside here for a few years. Nao would plan to use the Super Dragon Balls in age 782. Until then, the three were free to do what they wanted.

With all that rapped up, they began to enjoy life free of worry. As for Nao, he started to spend some quality time with the girls.

He came to learn that Fie recovered from their first night together. As a result, she developed a habit of rubbing her butt against his h.i.p.s, always to enjoy the tease. Every night would get rowdy, yet Elsa managed to develop a schedule, similar to Fie's, on who would get to enjoy the night with Nao each day.

Every so often would Nao spend the night sleeping with everyone.

Little did they know time started to pass by in a blink of an eye. Year 778 came and gone, and Year 779 arrived.

Enough time had passed to where Beerus and Champa met at Beerus's planet while Goku and Vegeta were training on it. This matter was extremely important as it would be the trigger to start the Tournament of Power!

The two Gods of Destruction agreed to hold an exhibition match set later in the year after they gathered enough fighters for it. This exhibition match would later be called the Xeno Expo!

After coming to learn of this, Nao smiled as he rested on bed with the girls. This meant that meeting both Caulifla and Kale were right around the corner in the present time! Not only that, he would also get to see Vados!

He wouldn't know how this will turn out, but he Nao is still going to try and set his expectations!