Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 253

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 253 243: Re Visiting The Origin Tree

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Year 779. A very auspicious year.

The year kicked off with Gohan's and Videl's daughter being born in May, aptly named Pan! Taking the same name not only from the GT series, but also Xeno Pan who was also the same daughter, except from a different timeline, the same timeline Xeno Trunks and the others are from! Don't get them confused with Future Trunks though, as Future Trunks hails from another different timeline separate from those guys.

Due to the birth of another life, a grand celebration was held at Capsule Corporation. Bulma quickly received notice and didn't hesitate to inform her sister, Tights. As Tights was Nao's lover, he in turn became notified of the occasion, and he and his family were invited to the feast. Among the girls, only Miya and Isabella decided to join Nao and Tights.

Little did they know that Bulma was a secret admirer of the galaxy shows she managed to get a hold of thanks to 'persuading' Jaco during his visits to Earth. She quickly became a fangirl of Isabella. She only came to recently know of her live shows, and ended up getting a signed autograph from her. All in all it was an amazing feast but Bulma wouldn't stop pestering Isabella. However, Isabella was much used to that lifestyle though, since her fans were well past the trillions since her influence was spread not only among Universe 7, but secretly to the gods of the other Universes!

A few more months passed idly after that, of which the advent of Frieza was due to make his resurrection. It was during this time the true Goku and Vegeta showed off Super Saiyan Blue for the first time. Frieza even decided to enter a training period for the first time in his life, and his result resulted in his 'Golden Frieza' form, a power that matched the power of the gods.

It wasn't until after this even that Champa would invite himself over to Planet Beerus, which was a destined meeting that would soon determine the fate of not only Universe 7, but the rest of the 11 Universes!

But that's getting a bit out of hand, isn't it? Why don't we rewind time a bit, to a more special occasion. One that occurred right at the end of Year 778, and more specifically, on Christmas Day. That's right, this world also celebrated its holidays!

Nao and the girls started to celebrate Christmas day at the very least. Out of the known holidays, it was said that Christmas day was the most romantic one. Nao had no clue whether Valentine's day existed here, but Christmas did at least.

And this one was indeed a very special occasion this year! The reason for that was Chronoa actually took the initiative after revealing her plan to Elsa and the others. Her plan warmed their hearts greatly, and they agreed to let her have Nao for the day.

Fie would also be included, as Chronoa had a specific destination in mind. The girls also wanted to go but they knew Chronoa wanted to be alone with Nao and Fie. They would be heading off to Chronoa's and Fie's birthplace, a place restricted to all mortals unless there was an exception like Nao's daughter Kassi, who was Shin's lover. The Sacred Planet of the Kais!

It would be at this place that Chronoa would offer herself completely to Nao, and lose her innocence! Yet little did Chronoa know Nao also had something in mind after they arrived at this planet. That would be to restore the Origin Tree back to its lively state!

Year 778, Sacred World of the Kais, December 25th, Christmas Day.

A very green planet which had a moon very close to its orbit be seen regardless of it being day or night here. Most of the planet consisted of very green lush grasslands filled with exotic plants, animals, trees, shrubs, you name it. Sparse mountain plateaus could be seen every so often, with very dense ice caps in the far north. A very very huge, ancient forest stood in its center. And at the very center of this forest was the Origin Tree!

At this very moment, the Origin Tree seemed to be void of life. Dead, snapped branches could be seen littered all around as trees were either snapped in half or falling apart, leaning on their sides. The massive oak tree in the center barely h any green leaves left, and most of its roots were now rotten and hollow. It's size was hundreds of times greater than that of Planet Elosyia's oak tree that rested beneath the royal family's palace.

There were no traces of burn marks, scars of battle, or anything of the life. The whole place just seemed dead.

It didn't take long before three figures appeared on the Sacred World of the Kais. These three were Nao, Chronoa and Fie!

Once their figures materialized, it didn't take Nao long to notice something was wrong on the planet. He couldn't sense Shin or Kassi either, so he assumed they were off-planet at the moment. He couldn't help but utter, drawing the two's attention to him.

"Why does this place feel so dead...It's not just me who is feeling this, right?", Nao said with worry.

A worried look also appeared in Chronoa's eyes while Fie frowned. They could obviously tell something was going on here.

"Oh no, I didn't think it would get this bad since the last time I came to this place...", Chronoa said worriedly.

"You know something? It definitely wasn't like this when I came here with Kassi to visit Shin during our down time."

"I put it simply, while our home may seem vibrant on the outside, it's been on its last breath for quite a while. I should have paid more frequent visits here, damn it!", Chronoa said, actually letting a curse which surprised Nao.

Chronoa even walked up to him and held his hand with hers. Due to their difference on height it was similar to that of a child holding onto their parent's hand. But this was different as Chronoa was his lover. As for Nao, he could feel her quivering a bit. Fie also felt this too.

Nao decided to bring her close into an embrace, and she didn't refuse. Fie approached from behind and hugged her from the back. Nao even rubbed her hair to calm her down, which did have an effect, resulting in Chronoa smiling back at him.

Nao then took this time to speak out to her as the three enjoyed the warmth spreading around their bodies.

"I do not know what caused this change, whether it was just from old age spanning millions of years, or if Fu had something to do with it. Fie, you saw him near the Origin Tree didn't you?"

Hearing Nao say that, Fie nodded in confirmation.

"I sure did, Papa! He had a tight nit barrier around him so I couldn't see what he was doing. But that bad man spotted me immediately when I arrived, so I quickly flew back towards you, and you should know what happened after that."

"So that was indeed the case...Well, thankfully we do have a means to save it. Are you willing, Chronoa?"

Hearing that was music to Chronoa's ears. A glint streaked across her eyes as if she knew what Nao was saying.

"That's right! You've still got the Universe Seed don't you?"

"I do. Guess it was a blessing in disguise since I didn't need to use it to get rid of the Universe Tree. It still his all that pure energy from all twelve Universes, let alone ours. It should be plenty to revitalize the Origin Tree."

"Excellent! To be honest the reason why I brought you two here was so the three of us can enjoy our special night here on our home planet and have you do me, Nao. Yet I wasn't expecting something like this to happen so soon, but revitalizing our birth tree mustn't be pushed back any longer. Heck if it returns to normal I'll even let you do me right underneath the tree! But seriously, I really want to smack Shin right now for not notifying me of this. Maybe your daughter is a bad influence on him.", Chronoa said as a bit of anger streaked a cross her eyes.

She even turned her head away a bit, but that only caused Nao to laugh.

"Hahaha! Well can't blame you there. Kassi has quite the mouth despite her beauty. She definitely didn't inherent that from Tights, so it must of come from Tights' parents. She should be keeping Shin on his toes at least though. But for now we should hurry. Let's go!", Nao yelled out.

"Yeah!", Chronoa nodded happily.

"Okay, Papa!", Fie also said with a smile.

Acknowledging him, the three activated their ki, and flew up and onward toward the center of the planet. The forest that housed the Origin Tree.

It didn't take them long to reach it, and it really obvious to spot. All around them they only saw dead greenery. Chronoa's heart began to pitter patter in pain seeing this. She tightly held onto Nao's hand, not wanting to let go.

"How terrible...Is this really our planet's fate? Dying away in silence?", Chronoa couldn't help but utter.

Yet Nao didn't respond to her. They only stopped at the periphery for a moment, but still flew on in. More close they got to the massive tree the more the stench death grew. They really could tell it was on its last breath.

More moments passed as they quickly navigated through it, before reaching the base of the trunk. Many snapping sounds of branches and dead shrubbery echoed around them as they landed. The three were then distracted by a sole glint further up. A lone red apple suddenly fell down, causing Chronoa to unconsciously catch it.

Yet she could only hold onto it for a brief moment before the apple disintegrated into specks of golden light, vanishing into the beyond. Her empty palms soon had droplets of water fall on top of them, tears coming down the sides of her face.

With a shaky voice, she yelled out to Nao.

"Nao, quickly!", Chronoa said as more of her tears started to pour down.

"Right!", Nao said, acknowledging. Even Fie started to cry seeing an apple disintegrate before her very eyes. Remember, each apple born here meant that it could eventually bloom into a Core Person! They had witnessed a death of their race before it could even be born!

Nao did not hesitate at all, going into his pocket dimension and grabbed Universe Seed. As soon as he brought it out, it reacted. Floating upward on its own, the Universe Seed reached the top of the tree as if it were ascending the heavens. It began to emit a comforting humming sound, which was pleasant to the ears. The three were able to calm down, only to witness a magical scene before them.

They were first blinded by a very bright rainbow light which encompassed the whole forest. As they shielded their eyes, they soon began to hear the sound of fire crackling resounding from all directions. Yet for some reason they couldn't smell it!

After the three regained sight, their jaws dropped in shock and awe. Wave after wave of pure white flames descended, starting from the main oak tree, before spreading around it. It spread like wildfire, literally. But all they could hear was the sounds of fire cracking.

Chronoa was the first to regain from her stupor, wiping away her tears in the process. She decided to walk up to a nearby white flame and put her hand inside it. Nothing happened after doing so and it even felt cool to the touch!

Seeing this, she surprisingly dropped to her knees. Nao and Fie regained their clarity and rushed toward her, only to see a smile bloom on her face. She then happily responded to the two.

"To think that I would be able to witness the birth of nirvanic flames in such a place...You really are a blessing Nao. The Universe Seed is removing the old life from within and is granting it a new one!" Chronoa yelled out in happiness.

"So these are nirvanic flames? This Universe Seed mustn't be underestimated then."

"That's right. We Supreme Kai are bearers of life, yet we are only a symbol. We do have abilities to create something out of nothing, but we cannot induce rebirth. Only something like these nirvanic flames or the will of the Universe can do that."

"Being able to witness a death and rebirth of a godly race like this must be very special."

"It indeed is, my one and only. For that reason I want you to do me, right here and now. To celebrate a new rebirth!", Chronoa said as she raised her knees off the ground with a loving tone.

"Eh?", Nao questioned, seeing Chronoa do that.

Yet Nao couldn't even do anything before Chronoa literally jumped on him out of happiness. She took the initiative and planted her lips against his. She even opened his mouth with her tongue, and started to explore his mouth.

"Mmm!", Nao tried to say something, but he could only feel a warm and slimy sensation invade his mouth. Fie watched this happen with a big O over her mouth, also surprised at Chronoa's proactiveness.

Another long moment passed as Nao wrapped his arms around Chronoa's back, closing his eyes. He enjoyed this passionate kiss to the fullest. Only then did she part her lips from his. Yet Chronoa didn't stop there after letting out puff of hit air. She began to to lick his neck, and moved her hand downward, only to feel a large bulge poking out of his robe.

She couldn't help but let out a giggle feeling it.

"Oho, already getting hard down there, Nao?"

"Heh, when you're like this, how could I not get hard? You're pretty lewd yourself, Chronoa."

"But I want you in me, Nao. I won't wait any longer. Moreover we won't be needing our clothes anymore for the rest of our stay here.", Chronoa said with a smile.

She then lifted her back a bit, and reluctantly jumped off his body. She proceeded to snap her right finger, and a light white shone for a brief moment. Once it disappeared, it showed a n.a.k.e.d Nao, Chronoa and even Fie.

"So you're a naturalist huh?", Nao asked Chronoa questioningly.

"I'm not too sure myself, but we're celebrating life here. We've no more distractions. Let's continue--!?", Chronoa started to say, but was suddenly interrupted.

She wasn't interrupted by Nao or Fie, but actually the white flames! The moment their clothes vanished, the flames spread toward them. It started to engulf Chronoa's body as a whole, but it soon targeted specific areas on her body. Chronoa herself started to feel very tingly, and her eyes turned wide in shock seeing her sword scars slowly start to vanish from sight.

Even Nao and Fie became wide eyed in shock, seeing the nirvanic flames start to repair Chronoa's body. Tears started to flow down from her eyes and they couldn't be stopped. No one said anything as they watched her body healed itself with the nirvanic flames. An unknown amount of time before her body became fully healed.

She now had flawless pinkish-purple skin now with no blemishes or scars once so ever. Even a healthy bush of hair could be seen right above her closed slit. Some love juice could be seen dripping from it, ready to be opened. Her shock soon bloomed into a smile as the nirvanic flames faded from her body, and continued to devour the Origin Tree.

"To think the flames would even repair this unsightly body of mine...I know you didn't push it away Nao, but I'm really feeling happy!", Chronoa yelled out happily.

"Congratulations Chronoa. You really are beautiful you know, even with your previous appearance.", Nao said with a smile.

"Nao...", Chronoa returned his smile with hers.

Nao then approached her and embraced her. He then gently laid her down the shrubbery below her, which was slowly being reborn. The Origin Tree continued to get burned down into ashes, vanishing into nothingness. Yet the three paid that no mind.

After being laid down, she then spread her legs out in all her glory, allowing Nao to see all of her. Chronoa also turned her head toward Fie who now had a look of yearning in her eyes.

"It's okay Fie, you come join us. We should all share this wonderful moment together.", Chronoa said happily.

"Okay!', Fie replied to her happily.

And that they did! The Origin Tree soon crumbled and vanished, only for a new one to be reborn in its place. The whole forest became revitalized as Chronoa lost her innocence to Nao. Fie also joined in on the action. Nao lost track on how many times he pumped his s.e.m.e.n inside the two, but Christmas Day went by in a blink of an eye for them. They soon lost track on how much time they spent in there. They didn't want to leave until the Origin Tree was back up and running.

When that happened, they could even see apple buds start to form around its branches, ready for new life to be born. Little did they know that heavenly bells started to echo not only around them, but spreading throughout all of Universe 7, as if it were acknowledging the rebirth of the Origin Tree.

The heavenly sound was so soothing that it ceased any sorts of conflicts that were currently happening on planets that housed life, creating temporary ceasefires. It even reached Whis's ears, who was residing on Planet Beerus right now, and a smile bloomed on his face as he looked onward at a certain direction in the vast starry sky before him.

This sound even reached the ends of the Universe, all the way to the giant majestic jellyfish which housed Xeno's Palace! It caught the Grand Minister's attention, and he too looked at a certain direction in the starry sky before him.

"So you were able to revive the race important to the Kais and the Supreme Kais, Nao. Guess I owe you another favor on top of the one you recently mentioned to me. I'll ensure your meeting with Vados runs smoothly. If she does end up making a decision, I will not interrupt, but it her will and her will alone as to whether she will join you on your adventures. If it does happen I will make sure there is a replacement for her current duties. Consider that as me paying off this new debt to you.", the Grand Minister said calmly with a smile.

After he said that, he suddenly heard the sound of a child's laughter escape from inside the Palace. He then turned towards it, only to head inside, and vanished from sight.

The scene then changed back to the Sacred World of the Kais, looking even more green than it ever was before. An unknown amount of time had passed, but the sounds of m.o.a.ning and sloshing sounds no longer echoed in the forest. Three figures could be seen next to the new Origin Tree, sleeping peacefully in each other's embrace. Chronoa was in the middle between both Nao and Fie, and lots of white liquid could be seen pouring from their two little slits.

This special Christmas Day for them ended at last, and they were ready to start the next year. It will be a full year for them, as Nao would not only meet with the Z Fighters, Beerus, and Whis, he would also get to meet the present Universe 6 fighters! Little did he know that Caulifla and Kale would also make their appearance during this exhibition match, unlike having their first appearance in the Tournament of Power!