Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 254

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 254 244: Beerus And Champa Meet Again

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Year 779. Planet Elosyia, October.

Christmas Day from last year had passed in bliss. Chronoa lost her innocence to Nao, and her along with Fie now join in on the nighttime fun Nao has with the girls. Unless everyone just felt like cuddling, they would wake up to a musty room thanks to Nao's endless stamina, both as the legendary Saiyan and Saiyan God.

The girls and Nao also had interest as to whether Chronoa and Fie could copulate and produce children with Nao, considering their race as a Core Person. They had the genitalia to do so but no matter how much they did it, no signs of life ever appeared within their bellies. Well it did make sense since they were born from apples.

So they were direct and asked about it. Chronoa and Fie didn't shy away and were also direct with their responses. They couldn't become pregnant like the other girls could, which did become a disappointment, but they said they could still produce children.

That was a mystery in itself but Nao knew how they were born, so it made sense to him. He explained it to the others, and Chronoa and Fie also said that as long as their bellies absorb Nao's own life energy, the Origin Tree would react and slowly grow an appear over a long period of time, no matter where they were, even if they were in a completely different world. It could range from a mere few thousand of years all the way up to millions of years before a child could be born.

This absorption wouldn't be harmful to Nao's overall lifespan, which was pretty much infinite now as long as he could exercise his Divine Energy. The two were merely referring to s.e.m.e.n intake, so the more he gave the two, the better the odds would become over time. They basically worked like succubi, but they weren't succubi. Still, Chronoa and Fie were very happy to enjoy spending the nights with Nao and the girls.

More times than not Nao found himself sleeping in Sayuri's embrace, as her tails were one of the greatest sensations he had ever came to known. He could fall asleep instantly thanks to the fluffiness of her tails. A giant, soft, and fluffy pillow.

Miya had also grown quite close to Chelsea, and Nao often saw those two clinging together as they slept. As for Chelsea, her true personality was slowly revealing itself. He could tell she was no longer that meek child who would constantly run away from after engaging in short conversations. He was worried for her, especially now that she wants to conceive his child.

But Chelsea decided to put that wish on hold until their next travels end and they get situated into the Overlord world.

As for Sayuri, well she was getting all the love she could get, and she was enjoying it. Isabella would also use her as a pillow and boy her s.e.x drive was crazy. It never seemed to have gone down yet even after giving birth to Isabelle.

Tights would often find herself sitting on her knees next to Nao, preparing tea and sweets for everyone to enjoy. She enjoyed watching others have fun. Aht and Eir tended to play with each other both s.e.x.u.a.lly and just for fun. Aht really loved to play around.

As for Elsa, the head wife, she made sure things never got out of hand, and if they hsd something scheduled for the day, she would make sure it would get done. And Tights could often be seen assisting Elsa in her duties while Elsa lived in the white Palace.

And regarding their children...all seven beside Fie rarely visited the white Palace. Each one had their means of reaching the white Palace thanks to Isabella's technology and Nao's space affinity, and they've been enjoying the time of their lives being out and about in Universe 7.

As for the current events...

Gohan's daughter Pan was born in May. Frieza was resurrected by his minions and spent four months in secluded training, achieving his Golden Frieza form

He then fought Goku and Vegeta to the death once more, and sent directly back to his personal hell after dying.

Which brings us to October of Year 780. Another morning dawned on Planet Elosyia. Nao could now be seen fully dressed in posh kai robe, and Tights was closely behind him, both sitting near the edge of the bed.

"Are you ready to depart, Tights?"

"I am. We're headin' off to Lord Beerus's planet aren't we?"

"Yup! I need to see how Goku and Vegeta are doing now that we entered a time of peace. I'm sure those two are enjoying their lives. I can tell they're on Planet Beerus right now.", Nao said as he replied to Tights with a smile.

After Nao said that, a n.a.k.e.d Chronoa slowly approached the two with her ears perked.

"So you two are going to that place, huh? Now that things have settled down, I still need to thank Whis for all that he's done for me. I was thinking of making him my special pudding!", Chronoa said happily.

Yet as soon as she said that with a loud voice, the other girls who were lazing around suddenly perked their ears, and had cold sweat pour down their backs. Chronoa saw them back away from her, even Fie did.

Nao's eyes twitched, and Tights expression became deadpan.

Nao couldn't help but nervously laugh as he responded to Chronoa.

"Hahaha...While I think Whis would love to try it, we really need to get going. Catch you guys later! Bye!", Nao said nervously.

He then grabbed Tights and pulled her by her hand, walking away from the bed.

"Wait, Nao--!?", Tights replied being caught off guard but she soon vanished from sight after Nao teleported. The two left the room.

Seeing this, anger streaked across Chronoa's eyes and she puffed out her cheeks. She then turned toward the girls, who still remained quiet.

"My pudding isn't that bad, is it!? I know you guys have eaten it before so tell me!", Chronoa said , yelling at them.

While Chronoa appeared cute like this she received no answer.

"...Guys?", She asked once more, blinking her eyes. She even heard a few of their stomachs grumble with a weird noise, causing them to grab a hold of it. This made it as if they had recalled eating her pudding...

Meanwhile as Chronoa waited for a response she likely wouldn't get, Nao and Tights were now heading to Beerus's Planet.

Year 780, Planet Beerus, October.

It was another normal day for Planet Beerus. Two figures could be seen wearing astronaut-like body suits, appearing very heavy. Another figure could be seen floating higher up, drinking some tea. He was watching the two others struggle doing singular finger lifts with those heavy suits on.

This was Goku, Vegeta and Whis! Goku and Vegeta were counting each lift they were doing.

"49,995...", Goku said, doing another lift with his finger.

"49,996...", Vegeta continued along. The two continued to alternate until Goku reached a full count of 50,000 before Whis decided to speak out.

"That'll do, you two. It seems you two can move quite well inside those suits now.", Whis said calmly.

His eyes then became distracted by a purple aura arriving out of nowhere, striking down into the forest nearby. It created a large explosion, causing a quake to shake around them. Goku and Vegeta stumbled as a result, collapsing onto their sides.

"What's happening!?" Vegeta yelled out, struggling to see what struck down. Goku also looked on with an interested look.

"My, don't they always come unannounced," Whis said with an annoyed tone.

His eyes only stayed there briefly before they wandered next to him, several meters away from Goku and Vegeta.

He suddenly saw two more figures pop up out of nowhere. One of them almost tumbled down thanks to Nao grabbing her by the hand, isn't but Tights was able to regain her footing quite quickly.

"Oh my, wasn't expecting you two to arrive here anytime soon either.", Whis said, seeing Nao and Tights arrive.

Goku and Vegeta also felt Nao's very imposing ki now that they could sense godly ki. Vegeta couldn't help but quiver feeling it too, he could feel his bloodline become stimulated.

"I know this feeling very well...the legendary Saiyan, Nao!", Vegeta exclaimed, turning away from the forest, only to see Nao arrive.

Goku also saw him arrive and a smile bloomed on his face. He laughed as he spoke out.

"Well if it ain't Nao! But Vegeta what is this legendary Saiyan business you keep talkin' about? I still don't get it.", Goku said, scratching his confusion.

"That's why you'll always be an idiot, Kakarrot! We Saiyans have someone born so strong every thousand years, no one else can compete against them. But I can tell you weren't born that way, at least that's what Father said according to my Grandfather. Seriously how did you achieve that, Nao?"

"Heh it's good to see you two. As for your answer Vegeta, I simply used a special training method."

Hearing Nao answer that, Vegeta became shocked. Goku laughed once more, replying to him.

"Haha! So that just means ya are super strong, right!? But Bulma said ya collapsed last time we saw each other. Are ya feelin' fine now?"

"Yup! We've come to check up on things."

"We?", Vegeta asked. His eyes then wandered over to Tights. She still had her large beady eyes, so he could recognize Tights.

"I remember you...You're Bulma's sister, right?"

"In the flesh! Glad you could remember me, my dear brother-in-law. It's nice seein' you two again.", Tights said, doing a curtsy with her black maid dress.

Meanwhile Goku looked on with clear confusion in his eyes.

"Bulma has a sister!?", Goku asked with a confusion in his eyes, clearly he couldn't remember Tights as it's been several years since he had seen her last.

Vegeta tried to reprimand him but all of a sudden, the five heard a blast escape from behind them, coming from Beerus's palace. Blasting a hole through one of his windows, Beerus came out wearing his night gown. He appeared very angry, mainly from hearing the large explosion from earlier.

"How many times have I told you to not make noise while I'm napping!?", Beerus yelled out in anger.

"Does he think we did that?", Goku asked Vegeta, shifting his attention from Nao

"S-Seems like it.", Vegeta replied quietly.

Yet all they saw next was Beerus clasp his two palms together. The two saw him create a sphere of destruction. They gasped and tried to run away, but struggled thanks to the sheer weight of their suits.

"W-Wait!", Vegeta said, but it was no use. Beerus took aim, launching his first one right at their feat. It dug into the ground, knocking up a lot of dust, creating a large explosion right in front of the two. BOOM!

As a result, the two, who tried to stand back up, only to fall down once more. They then saw several more launch their way, causing Goku to note that. Whis enacted his green-blue barrier while Nao grabbed Tights, and activated a spatial barrier of his own.

They saw the rest strike at Vegeta's and Goku's feet, digging a much larger hole. The two tried to run away but the force blasted them several meters away instead.

Whis sighed once more before speaking out.

"My, my...It's gotten quite noisy."

As Whis said that, Goku and Vegeta tried to take cover. Nao simply watched this from the sidelines and his eyes soon matched Whis's sight, who was now looking into the forest beyond.

Meanwhile, in the forest, two figures emerged from the scattered dust in the air. These two were Champa and Vados!

"We could have landed somewhere closer, and more elegantly.", Vados said calmly.

"Well, the main character needs to make a grand entrance, doesn't he?", Champa replied back with a grin.

Champa then raised his hand, only yo form a thumbs up with the explosions in view. He then turned it into a thumbs down.

"He's in a panic. Beerus! I hope you're trembling as you wait for me!" Champa declared, letting out a laugh.

After he declared that, some time passed as the two made their way to Beerus. Champa soon took a break, panting heavily with sweat pouring down his sides.

"You're overweight.", Vados said clearly, not caring about Champa's current state. Or perhaps she was worried? Who knew.

"Shut up!", Champa replied back to her in anger.

He then stood up again and they started to walk, causing more time to pass.

"Come on, if you don't walk faster, we won't ever get there.", Vados said bluntly, letting her words strike Champa in the gut once more.

What felt like an eternity they finally arrived in front of a large stone door with purple lining on it. Champa sat down and started to drink an exotic orange drink in a large purple container. He let out a sigh of relief after gaining back some more energy thanks to the walking he did moments ago

"You really should cut back on sweet drinks, Lord Champa."

"I've walked a ton! That cancels out the calories!"

Hearing Champa say that, Vados decided to peer into her black sphere on her angel staff, which soon lit up with a teal glow.

"No. You'll have to skip dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow to do that."

"Tch.", Champa replied, clicking his tongue. "Spare me the details! Why don't we give him a flashy knock?", Champa said once more, getting into a stance.

Dark purple god of destruction ki soon formed in his hand. "Take this!", Champa yelled out. He raised his hand, and just as he was about to send out his blast, he was interrupted. A large explosion boomed right before his very eyes, causing the door to open wide.

"Ahhh!", Champa yelled out, immediately canceling his attack. He had to bend his back completely backward to avoid getting hit by pillars of stone. Vados quickly activated her purple barrier, only encompassing her and not Champa, and flew away.

After the attack ended, Champa became covered in soot.

"W-What the !?", Champa couldn't help but yell out in surprise. He then saw Beerus fly straight at him, only to fly upward. Champa then saw Beerus start to look around as if he were trying to find something.

"Hey!", Champa yelled out, trying to call for Beerus.

"Goku! Vegeta! Where are you two hiding!?", Beerus yelled out, obviously ignoring him.

"Over here!", Champa tried once more.

"There you are!", Beerus acknowledged, only to start firing yellow ki blasts down at Champa.

Champa became fl.u.s.tered trying to dodge them. "That's...ENOUGH!", Champa yelled out, finally having enough of Beerus.

Champa then took a deep breath in, and launched a very loud sound wave attack, causing a heavy sonic blast strike right at Beerus. Beerus had to shield himself while Goku and Vegeta hid behind a large rock.

Champa then ended his attack, letting out some angry panting. Whis, took this time to teleport next to Beerus as Beerus finally looked at Champa.

Nao and Tights also arrived nearby. This did not go unnoticed by Vados. She and Nao made eye contact for a brief moment, only for Nao to smile at her. She replied back with a smile of her own, causing Nao to become surprised.

Yet everyone soon heard Champa raise his voice. Yet Beerus appeared confused as Champa was still covered in soot.

"Thanks for the warm welcome, Beerus."

"You...", Beerus began to talk with a serious look in his eye. "Who are you?", Beerus asked.

Hearing that, Champa blinked. Vados arrived next to him, only to reach out with a clean white towel in her hand.

"Lord Champa.", Vados said, allowing Champa to take the towel. He then proceeded to rub the soot off his body.

"It's me, Champa!"

"Ohhh, It's just you, Champa. So, what is it?", Beerus simply asked.