Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 255

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 255 245: Private Meeting With Vados

"Don't 'What you want?' with me you bastard!! You almost hurt me blastin' me outta nowhere! I almost died back there you know!", Champa yelled out angrily.

"I wish you had.", Beerus simply replied, turning his head away in disgust.

"What did you say!? Why you little...!", Champa yelled out once more.

As the two started to bicker, Vados, who was now behind Champa, let out a giggle as she looked at Whis. Whis who now arrived next to Beerus, looked back at her and let out a visible puff of air, sighing.

"How can you be rude to a guest!"

"You are not a guest, Champa."


"I didn't even notice it was you!"

Continuing their bickering, Goku and Vegeta, who were relatively far away, decided to approach the two out of curiosity. They merely observed the two, as they had never met Champa before. As for Nao and Tights, they simply stood nearby Whis , observing the scene in silence. Tights found it amazing, as she saw a lot of power released already.

"Don't act so tough! You know you were scared!"

Hearing that, Vados decided to raise her staff, cutting Champa off.

"That's enough, Lord Champa! We have an important guest here, so stop being rude.", Vados said bluntly.

"Hahhh? An important guest? Wasn't that me?", Champa said questioningly.

"No." , Vados said, denying him.

Hearing that Champa's eyes began to wander. So did Beerus after his ears perked up while listening to that. They disregarded Goku and Vegeta entirely while those two only watched on silently with confusion in their eyes. Champa and Beerus soon spotted Nao and Tights not so far away.

Having the two finally take notice, Nao and Tights bowed.

Champa blinked for a moment before spotting his white hair, only to have a light bulb lit off in his hand, smacking his palm with his fist.

"It's you! You're the bastard to froze Belmod into an ice statue! Gahaha, that was surely fun to watch seeing that sorry look on his face.", , Champa said, clutching his stomach while laughing.

Beerus disregarded that and simply spoke out to Nao.

"So it's really you, Nao. What brings you to my place? Have most of your matters been settled?"

"Mostly. Besides one more battle, the last thing I need to do is something different. It's a point of discussion I need to bring up with Lady Vados over there."

Hearing that, Beerus nodded.

"Is that so? The last two battles were pretty fun to watch. We've no more bastards tempering with time either now. Hopefully your last one will just be as enjoyable.", Beerus said with a smile.

"I'm sure it will be. It's the one I'm looking forward to the most!", Nao said, answering him.

"Very well. Champa, Also Goku, Vegeta stop lying around over there in a daze and go inside already! We'll head inside before you, Nao."

After Beerus said that, he flew on up, only to be followed by Whis. Goku and Vegeta started to waddle toward his Palace as well.

Seeing this, Champa spoke.

"About damn time you're letting me in. Let's go, Vados.", Champa said as he too flew on up. Yet Vados remained behind.

"You go on ahead, Lord Champa. I have a scheduled meeting with our important guest here.", Vados said with a smile.

"A meeting huh? Sounds suspicious but alright. Pass me the thing then, Vados."

"Yes, Lord Champa."

After Vados said that, she waived her staff in a circular manner. The black orb shone green for a moment, before a slick metallic container appeared from it. Champa smiled seeing this and took a a hold of it, and flew off towards Beerus's palace.

Before long Vados, Nao, and Tights were the only ones left outside the main door. Looking around, Nao saw the area around them was pretty destroyed now.

"Why don't we head on over to the lake?", Nao suggested.

"I'd like that. Whis can take care of cleaning this rubbish later. This is under his jurisdiction, hoho.", Vados said, covering her mouth while letting another laugh.

Nao simply nodded, not wanting to retort.

Another couple moments soon passed and they landed on the grass nearby. Vados constantly had her eyes on Tights but she never felt nervous from her stare. She simply started doing her duty, and took put some tea from a pocket dimension similar to Nao's.

Vados took this time to speak as Tights poured some calming tea for the three to enjoy.

"I must say, you've trained this girl quite well. The energy is still lacking but she doesn't show any sort of weakness.", Vados said, enjoying her first sip of tea.

"Thank you for your compliment, Lady Vados. I've received plenty of trainin', not only just combat.", Tights said with a smile.

"Still, you two can just call me Vados. This arrangement was made by Father, so you two can be at ease."

"As you wish. You can just call me Nao then, Vados. Had the Grand Minister told you what this was about?"

Hearing that, Vados nodded.

"A bit. Just that you had an offer for me and it's up to me whether I decide to do it or not. I'm pretty interested, considering that we learned of your origins a bit during your first meeting with Father and Lord Zeno a while back."

"Great. So that's where I'll start then. You must know I'm not from around here, even though I was born with this body."

"That's right. Even I was surprised knowing a lifeform came from outside our twelve Universes. I know we used to have more than twelve at one point but Lord Zeno ended up destroying those in a fit of rage countless years ago. But even then you aren't from that. Just knowing life exists beyond that really does intrigue me. But I must ask, out of us Angels, why me?", Vados asked as a glint of light streaked across her eyes.

After Vados said that, Nao smiled. This is what he wanted to hear. Among the Angels, Vados was very knowledgeable and did not have any reason to shy away from asking questions or explaining something. She was very blunt when Vados tried to correct any errors as well. Nao liked this attitude of hers a lot. With that said, he answered

"Pretty simple really. The other Angels did take interest in me when we had that gathering at Lord Zeno's Palace, but they soon lost interest. Out of the few who remained you did not keep your eyes off me during the duration of that gathering, and always kept observing. You're really blunt about your observations too. I like that about you."

Hearing that, Vados smiled once more, letting out a giggle.

"Hohoho, well aren't you quite the flatterer. But I do like honest opinions. Lying only gets people nowhere. So, what is it that you would want me to do?"

Nao nodded, confirming her words. He then answered her.

"Well, I won't say too much unless you decide to join our family. We're planning to start the next phase of our journey at the end of this year, and we will no longer reside in Universe 7, or any of the other 11 Universes. It will be a place far outside that. Would you like to join our family and go?"

After Nao said that, Vados raised her eyebrows, clear shock appeared in her eyes.

"You want me to join your family and venture into the unknown, outside of Lord Zeno's ruling?", Vados asked.

"That's one way to put it. We'll tell you the full details if you decide to join, as well as my circ.u.mstances. But the decision is yours alone, like the Grand Minister said. If you refuse, we'll just pretend like this meeting ever happened."

Nao said no more, and folded his arms, waiting for her to respond. Fresh air began to roll by as Vados remained quiet, only sipping tea. She never took her eyes off Nao, and Nao did the same.

An unknown amount of time passed before Vados finally placed down her cup of tea and answered it.

"I've made my decision. I'll go with you, but I do have one condition.", Vados said.

Hearing that, Nao became giddy inside his heart but remained calm on the outside.

"What's the condition?", Nao asked.

"I must complete all my current duties with Lord Champa. I want to see what life is like in the unknown, but I'm an Angel. We cannot just go willy-nilly. Besides, one of the reasons I'm here is because Lord Champa is planning something for this Universe."

After Vados said that, Nao nodded in confirmation.

"That makes sense. Our side will also be tying up some loose ends before we depart. As for Lord Champa, you are referring to the tournament he is planning, right?"

"Indeed. I almost forgot you're able to peer into the future. I decided look into it as well just to see what Lord Champa's plans will trigger. It's a rather big chain of events but I'm looking forward to it, hohoho.", Vados said, placing her hand over her mouth letting out a giggle.

"So I don't need to explain that part then, but it's as you said. It's about to take an exciting turn for the remainder of this year.", Nao responded with a smile.

"That is something I can agree on. Speaking of which I happened to see you in our Universe, albeit in the future. You managed to take care of a rather troublesome enemy with the help of your friends, but I cannot help but think I ought to reward you for that."

"Eh?", Nao responded with a look of doubt.

Yet all he saw was Vados standing up from her spot, and walked right on over to him. She clasped his cheeks with her two hands, which felt rather cool to the touch. Nao saw Vados lean in, and suddenly planted her lips against his!

Nao's eyes turned wide, not expecting this to happen. He even felt her tongue wiggle around the insides of his mouth a bit before parting away. Tights also became shocked by this sudden kiss.

Parting her lips, Vados grinned seeing Nao's shock.

"I figured you would get surprised by this, hohoho. That's a nice look there. Consider this a sealed deal on our new partnership, Lord Nao.", Vados said with a giggle.

"R-right...", Nao simply said, acknowledging her.

"You must still be surprised, yes? It's simple really. Lord Champa does not suit my tastes when it comes to these matters, but you're something different. You're up there in my books, but I do want to talk about this with you. The sooner the better just so no complications arise.", Vados said, as a serious air enveloped her.

She proceeded to sit back down as Nao and Tights snapped out of their stupor. Their eyes became serious, and nodded, awaiting for her reply.

Vados continued to speak seeing this.

"Great. Well, the main cause is Father. To preserve our bloodline and ensure there are zero dilutions, Father only allows inbreeding for us Angels. I'm not sure if love will bloom as I join you on your journey, Lord Nao, but if it does, I will not be able to produce children with you. We can share physical contact and such, but I will take the necessary steps to prevent me from getting pregnant. Am I clear on that?"

Hearing Vados start to explain a bit of her background, Nao became surprised. He was also dispirited knowing that, but it made sense, seeing all Angels look very similar to each other. So that really was the cause of that.

As to whether he could find a way to preserve her bloodline in future worlds...he wouldn't know. But he knew there were possibilities. But he refrained from talking about that, and simply nodded to acknowledge her.

"I understand. We'll cross the bridge if it happens. I look forward to working with you, Vados. Do you know where our palace is?"

"The same goes to you, Lord Nao. And yes, once finish my matters with Lord Champa, I will arrive at your palace. Speaking of which, Father said he would find a replacement for me, I assume you know who it will be? We angels cannot go unassigned in a Universe we watch over."

"I do. I plan to have Merus take over your role. I think the Grand Minister is already starting to make the arrangements as a favor he owed me. We no longer owe each other any favors as of now."

After Nao said that, Vados smiled.

"So it is Merus, huh? A bit inexperienced but he needs some. He will exit his reflection then?"

"That he would. I did have a pretty bad vision about him, so I hope by doing this it will erase any doubts he has."

Vados nodded hearing that.

"That's a bit worrying, I'd like to hear about it but I'm afraid that must be put on hold for later. I must return to Lord Champa's side at once. It appears he is getting angry again, look."

After Vados said that, her eyes wandered toward Beerus's palace. Nao and Tights did the same, only to see a large explosion boom out the side of a large window. Presumably where they were currently sitting inside. Nao sighed seeing this.

"Guess that's it then. I'll see you once the tournament has started. Let's go, Tights."

"Of course, Nao."

Nao and Tights proceeded to stand up. Vados did the same, and tapped her staff on the ground. A small black hole suddenly appeared, before two large oval looking pale yellow eggs with a green pattern suddenly dropped into her hand. Two of them in fact.

She then sent the two eggs over to Nao and Tights, who grabbed a hold of them.

They then heard Vados speak up one final time before she slowly lifted herself into the air.

"Take these as a parting gift. Lord Champa doesn't know but I kept two more of these from him in secret. They're boiled eggs of a newly discovered species in our Universe, Universe 6. The Don Don birds. They're pretty nutritious as well. You two can enjoy them once you head back."

"Thank you, Vados. We'll be heading off then."

"Thank you very much, Lady Vados. Take care.", Tights said, saying goodbye to Vados.

Saying goodbye, Nao and Tights vanished from sight, heading back to the white Palace. Vados smiled once more before she too headed on inside, only to hear Champa announce the match Universe 6 will have against Universe 7.

It will be five fighters against five fighters. Whoever knockouts all five fighters on one side wins the tournament! The prize? The Super Dragon Balls Champa had been collecting! He started collecting them again a second time!