Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 256

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 256 246: Badmouthing Caulifla Enters The Fray

Year 780, October.

Only two months till Nao's travel will take him and the girls to the Overlord world next, but in these final two months, many things are set to happen.

First one is now the match set to happen, Universe 6 vs 7. After that, the Zeno Expo will officially be declared by Lord Zeno himself, which will prompt the start of the Tournament of Power!

Not only that, not even a month later will Frieza's goons discover Broly and Paragus on their exiled planet, Planet Vampa! This is set to be Nao's last fight in the DBZ world, as Nao will prevent the last vision from happening.

After all he did not want to witness such a cruel mass murder of Angels. The only way Nao could think of was assigning Merus to an actual post, ending his Angel in Training and self-reflection now.

The Grand Minister accepted his proposal and promised he will keep a close eye on Merus after Nao and the girls depart. Also from finishing his private meeting with Vados, he learned the Grand Minister had already started to take action regarding that.

As a result, Nao heard another Rebirth notification ding inside his mind as he and Tights were in transit on the way back to the white Palace. The notification confirmed his completion for the fifth part of his trial by fire! The first, second, third, and fifth steps were now complete. Only the fourth one remained!

Only then did he let out a sigh of his relief. It was sad that his journey in the DBZ world was coming to an end, but it's not like he couldn't come back to this place. He has his portal room, which he plans to use to connect planes together. Yet only those who have access to this room will be able to cone and go as they please.

But for now, Nao just wants to enjoy his last two months in the plane he is currently in. Cause it will end before he would come to realize it!

But with that said, Nao and Tights touched down in the portal room, and saw many more active [Gate]s, which lead into various other areas. The one they just came through led straight to Beerus's Planet.

The two then wandered out of the portal room, only to get distracted by a nice aroma. Navigating to the bedroom, the two didn't see anyone there.

"Guess they're already making dinner eh? Today did feel like it was a long day, even though we couldn't tell the time on Planet Beerus. Why don't we join too?"

"I'm pretty famished myself. But is that graceful lady really goin' to be one of our new sisters? I feel she is in a league far above the rest of us.", Tights said with a look of worry.

"That's cause Vados is, Tights. It might be uncomfortable when she first joins our family but I bet everyone will open up to her."

"I hope so. Let's eat these eggs Lady Vados gave us along the way. She said they were boiled but it's surrounded by a shell. Do we crack em open?"

"Looks like it."

After Nao said that, the two did so, cracking open the hard shell, revealing a pure white soft but firm egg. Tossing the shells into the nearby trash, the two made their way to the dining room.

The moment they dug their teeth into it and took bite, they expected a mouth full of flavor to burst open, but perhaps their expectations were too high.

'...This is just a normal egg.", Tights couldn't help but utter as the two made their way to the large dining room.

Nao let out a laugh hearing that and responded her.

"Haha! At least it's edible enough for it to taste good. Not like Chronoa's special pudding.", Nao said with a grin.

"Don't you dare joke about that! All of us are having a hard time forgettin' it already!", Tights suddenly yelled out, almost dropping her half eaten egg. She then had an urge to clutch her stomach but was able to refrain herself.

Nao laughed once more and apologized for that, he too had a taste of Chronoa's special pudding. Let's just didn't go well. He probably would have stayed on the toilet all day like everyone else did if he didn't exercise his Divine Energy.

Meanwhile, inside the dining room. The girls could be seen out and about, moving plate after plate of food onto the very long table. Elsa, Sayuri and Fie could be seen behind the closed kitchen counter, humming away as sizzle after sizzle echoed around the room.

Chronoa, who could be seen carrying another plate of roasted meat, suddenly received an urge to sneeze. She managed to place her plate on the table, only to immediately turn the other way.

"Atchoo!", Chronoa suddenly sneezed, drawing the attention of the other girls. Fie also saw this. After placing down another plate of food on the marble countertop in front if her waiting for it to be carried over, she spoke out.

"Is something wrong, Mother?", Fie asked.

Rubbing her nose a bit, Chronoa replied back

"We gods don't sneeze. Someone must be badmouthing me.", Chronoa said as slight anger streaked across her eyes.

"Hehe, I did sense Papa and Mother Tights arrive back a bit ago from their meeting. Perhaps he was teasing you just now.", Fie said, grinning.

"Oh yeah, I could feel that too. I hope their meeting went well. Vados is a pretty eccentric Angel from what I could during our last interaction together, but that was quite a while ago.", Chronoa said, nodding at Fie's words.

"I can feel Brother is quite happy at the moment, and according to their conversation today, it does look like we'll be getting a new sister.", Miya said, chiming in.

"There was that, wasn't there?. I'm pretty envious of that special connection you have with him. I can feel my own thanks to that, 'Rebirth', was it? But that's something you have alone, Miya."

"Hehe. But more importantly he'll love Little Fie's new look.", Miya said, letting out a grin.

"I can't believe she was that bold to go through with it...Don't you dare go rotting Fie's mind with anything else you hear me!? It's bad enough that she likes to rub her butt all over his body already!", Chronoa said as slight anger streaked across her eyes once more.

After Chronoa yelled that out, the other girls took a brief moment to giggle. They finished setting the plates, and Fie grinned. They were then distracted by the sound of the large door leading into the dining room click open, and a deep voice.

"Sounds like you girls are having fun. What is it that I'd enjoy seeing?", Nao's voice echoed around them as he made his appearance with Tights. Seeing Nao enter, Fie's eyes beamed.

"Welcome back, Papa!", Fie yelled out, only to dart from the kitchen. After Fie left the closed countertop area, Nao saw Fie dash right into him.

Nao didn't say anything as he became stunned by Fie's current appearance. She was only wearing a white kitchen apron, and nothing else! Not even a pair of panties to cover her adorable little slit down below.

"Fie...", Nao said, as he started to admire her current look.

"You like?", Fie chimed in. She then did a twirl of her body after parting from Nao.

Nao couldn't help but smile seeing Fie in all her glory. She it covered her front, but her sides and back was in full view.

"Very much so. Who told you about this?"

"Mother Miya did. She said this outfit was mandatory for newlyweds, and I like it! Dinner should be ready now, Papa! We want to hear how today went."

"Sure, sure. Your Mother Miya won't be getting any sleep tonight. Also, we're now at the point to where we need to wait for Whis to finish his end. Fie, Chronoa, you'll be going with me as us Supreme Kai will need to attend. Of course that means we'll meet with Shin and Kibito. Perhaps Old Kai too."

"Okay!", Fie said happily.

Hearing Nao announce that, the girls nodded. Chronoa raised her eyebrows.

"So that old coot finally broke free from that stupid sword?"

"Looks like it."

After Nao said that, Chronoa grinned.

"That's some good news. Guess I have two people I need to smack instead of one now!", Chronoa yelled out, causing the girls to giggle once more.

After she said that, the rest proceeded to sit down in an empty chair. Tights also found her own spot. Fie started to drag Nao to the head of the table.

'Let's go dig in, Papa! I helped with tonight's meal!"

"Is that so? I look forward to it, Fie. But where are you going to sit?"

"In the best seat of the house of course!", Fie happily replied.

Pulling Nao along, Nao seated himself at the head of the table, and Fie plopped her butt right on top of his groin. He could feel its softness, and it became a bit moist as Fie started to feed him. The others enjoyed the food after they started to dig in themselves

Nao could only watch on silently as Fie fed him. Surprisingly it was very delicious and it didn't take long for all the food to disappear!

Time began to pass before everyone finished eating and enjoyed the night spending time together. Miya's m.o.a.ning resounded in the bedroom all night long, Nao did not allow her to get any rest. Fie's m.o.a.ning could also be heard throughout the night, and Chronoa's every so often.

Like this the next couple of days passed in pure bliss without a care in the world. Fie was still well in her honeymoon phase so to say, and the same could be said for Chronoa.

Only until the start of the second week of October did Nao receive a message from Whis, stating that the tournament grounds on the Nameless planet Champa chose to host the tournament was completed. He stated that that he and Beerus would go to planet Earth to pick up the fighters and their families to enjoy the spectacle, and for Nao, Chronoa and Fie to go to the Sacred World of the Kais and meet up with Shin.

The three happily complied with him. Once the three got dressed and ready they used a Kai-Kai spell and disappeared from the Palace. The rest of the girls proceeded to their Observation Room to watch the upcoming battle. They finally decided to create a room in one of the many empty rooms off to the left side of the reception room, solely designed for such purpose.

In no time at all did Nao, Chronoa and Fie arrive on the Sacred World of the Kais. As if they were awaiting their arrival, three figures could be seen waiting not too far away.

Seeing Shin, Kibito, and the Old Kai, Nao slightly bowed. The prior were used with Nao's mannerisms but the Old Kai raised his eyebrows. He started to Look at Nao from top to bottom.

"So this is the guy...huh?", The Old Kai finally spoke for the first time, only to realize two more figures next to him. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets after seeing Chronoa next to Nao. She grinned as she spoke out to him.

"Took you long enough to realize you old geezer. You're looking the same as usual."

"Well well if it isn't the Supreme Kai of Time. What brings you here out of your place?"

"Grand ancestor...", Shin tried to speak up, but was immediately cut off by Chronoa. She even drew an X with her arms.

"Bzzzt. Dare call me that again and I'll start smacking you, old geezer. I'm retired from that position now you see."

Hearing that, the Old Kai yelled out once more.

"That isn't just any position you can retire from all willy-nilly!"

"Well I did. I went through the proper procedures so don't worry about the small stuff. TokiToki City is being managed by someone I trust. Surely you can see what's going on here, or did being cooped in that sword cause your brain to rot?", Chronoa answered him with another grin.

"Hmm...", the Old Kai started to mumble, before approaching the the two. He also took notice of Fie, and started to smell them.

The Old Kai seemed to have come to a realization, hitting his palm with a fist.

"No wonder why I recognize that smell. You've become a woman and this child is the result of that forbidden love! Just what in tarnation happened while I was sealed up!?", the Old Kai suddenly blurted out.

Yet not even a second passed before a loud smacking sound echoed around them. SMACK!

Old Kai then received a smack to the face, causing his body to spin out, flying several feet away, and burrowed into the ground.

After that happened, Chronoa dusted her hands off, clapping them together.

"Now that feels a lot better. Shin, you come over here too."

Albeit reluctantly, Shin nodded and walked over.

"What is it--!?", Shin tried to ask, but felt a sudden impact strike against his face as well. His body also spun out of control, and was sent flying, digging into ground right next to the Old Kai. SMACK!

Receiving another smack, Chronoa harrumphed, and cleaned off her hands once more before yelling out to him. Or more specifically his rear that was now sticking up out of the ground while the rest of his body was burrowed into it.

"And you, Shin! That's for not telling how dire the state our birth tree was in! But thanks to my husband here we were able to heal it. It should be alive and kicking for quite some time now."

Hearing that, Kibito became surprised.

"Our birth tree is healed? Is that true, Lady Chronoa?"

"As true as it can be. Go drag those two idiots out of the dirt so we can depart. We mustn't keep Whis and Lord Beerus waiting."

After Chronoa said that, she returned to Nao's side, and clung onto his arm. As Kibito dragged the other two out of the dirt, Nao spoke out to her.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Don't sweat it, Nao. We're here as observers for this match. Fie can introduce herself to some of the other gods while we're at it."

"That sounds like a good idea."

After Nao said, Fie popped her head in and enjoyed the ongoing scene, but only watched in silence. After the others got settled, two small red handprints could be seen on the Old Kai's and Shin's face. The two approached them and remained silent, but it was clear they were ready to go.

Nao nodded seeing that, and used his Divine Energy to locate the Nameless Planet in the void between Universe and Universes 7. It was on neutral ground, which was why it was chosen for this match. Nao chanted a Kai-Kai spell, and the six vanished from sight.

The next thing they saw was a barren red planet of sorts. A fifty square meter fighting ring could be seen, with a large blue grass resting areas floating higher up. One for Universe 6 one for Universe 7.

Goku and the others started to fly upward before Shin's group suddenly descended from the sky above.

Seeing Goku, Shin smiled.

"It's been a while, Goku."

Seeing Shin and Kibito separated, Goku acted confused. The two still fused with the Potara during the Majin Buu saga like in the original, and now they were split apart! Nao knew how it happened so he didn't ask, but Goku was confused, and asked the two.

"Huh? I thought since ya two were gods, once ya combine ya can never separate! Also what's with that handprint on your face?"

"Just ignore that, Goku. Also we asked the Namekians to use the Dragon Balls to separate us again. It did feel very strange to stay like that for a long period of time."

"No wonder why I couldn't find your energy anywhere...", Goku replied to Shin. He then looked at Kibito and spoke out to him. "Yo Kibito, it's been a while. It's nice to see ya again too, Gramps."

"We heard you you were participating in a match, so we came to watch.", Kibito replied with a smile.

"Of 'course. Well not exactly when I saw you and Lord Beerus fight...I didn't feel alive then."

Goku nodded at his words. He then faced Nao with a smile.

"It's nice to see ya again too, Nao. Did ya bring your family this time?"

"Same to you, Goku. I indeed did. Fie you remember Goku right?"

"I sure do! It's nice to see you, Uncle Goku!", Fie said happily, letting go of Nao. Seeing Fie, Goku let out a laugh and rubbed her head.

"Hahaha! I sure remember ya were a fiery one back then. ya look like your doin' well. Ya can just call me Goku. Bein' called Uncle sounds weird."

"Hehehe,", Fie replied back with a giggle.

Meanwhile the Supreme Kai from Universe 6 and his attendant slowly appeared behind the group. The two looked bewildered seeing a mortal act friendly with some gods, causing his attendant to speak up, while the Supreme Kai had his focus on Fie.

"Isn't that guy a little too casual speaking to the gods?"

"Yeah...And are my eyes tricking me or is that a newborn Supreme Kai?"

After the two spoke calmly. Goku went over to greet them, only for them to awkwardly reply. Piccolo then called for Goku to return to the group so they can get ready.

Meanwhile, as they left, the Universe 6 Supreme Kai spoke out to Nao and the others.

"Um...Are they your friends...? With a mortal...?", He couldn't help but ask.

Hearing that, Old Kai turned around answered him.

"Hohoho, Well we've been through a lot.", the Old Kai replied.

The Universe 6 Supreme Kai simply nodded. Everyone then parted after their greetings and flew towards the blue grassy area and sat down. Bulma waved hello to Nao and the others before they saw the fighters enter the test site.

They would undergo a knowledge test first before the battles started! As Goku and the others saw the Universe 6 fighters for the first time, they became shocked at their appearances.

Nao too was able to see the five fighters from Universe 6. He saw Cabba, Frost and Hit. And surprisingly enough he didn't see Magetta or Botamo, but actually Caulifla and Kale!

Sensing his gaze, Caulifla shifted her eyes from the approaching Goku, only to land her eyes on the blue grass further away. She actually flipped Nao off with her middle finger, telling him to screw off!

'This is going to be fun.', Nao thought in his mind.