Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 257

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 257 247: Tapping In

Some time soon passed as the fighters from each Universe started to get familiar with each other. Hit remained silent with his eyes closed. Frost had a weird smile as he twirled a pencil around his fingers, calmly observing the walking fighters.

Speaking of Frost, Universe 6 and 7 were known as twin Universes, their counterparts so to say! Frost was essentially Frieza, but he lived in Universe 6 instead of 7. He was in his first form, but his appearance was quite different. His muscles were mostly blue and dark gray, with a big blue gem over his white bone-like armor.

Cabba was a Universe 6 Saiyan. The same went for Caulifla and Kale. The latter had their attention on Nao as the two completely disregarded Goku and the others. As for Cabba, he took notice of Goku and the others early on and initiated a greeting with them.

Vegeta became shocked knowing about the existence of other Saiyans, especially female ones at at! They even started to exchange their history records. One key difference the two had was that their home Planet, Planet Sadala, still existed in Universe 6, while it was destroyed in an internal conflict in Universe 7.

The very same conflict Oscar's father, who was Naoto's grandfather, took part in as part of the righteous faction. Of course Vegeta nor Goku knew of this fact, as it was passed down orally through Nao's remaining family, and lost through the Palace's records.

But the two quickly acknowledged each other as Cabba acquainted himself with Vegeta.

But with the fighters entering the test exam area, Whis and Vados called their attention before long, and the test soon began.

After giving the middle finger to Nao, Caulifla took her eyes off him, only to take up her pen. In no time at all did she start scratching her head with her pen. Kale saw her brief interaction with Nao and the moment her eyes met his, she felt her blood start to pump. THUMP!

She immediately turned her head away, and focused on the test paper in front of her. 'What was that just now...? It almost felt like my blood became excited...', Kale uttered in a low voice to where only she could hear it.

She then saw Caulifla groan, scratching her head in confusion. She then leaned back in her chair and cursed out.

"Damn it! Why must we take a shitty test outta nowhere!? I want to fight already!", Caulifla yelled out, suddenly striking her fist onto the white table beneath her. Yet the table was strong enough to withstand her blow.

"B-Big sis...", Kale tried to speak out to her and calm her down but she suddenly heard a thwacking sound, only to see Vados strike down at Caulifla's head with her staff.

"Quiet! Fighters must be able to be both strong and have a good wit during a competition to come out on top. It is not all about brute strength. If you cannot earn ten points from such a measly test like this then you will be disqualified."

"Ugh...fine! I know that but this is still hella annoyin' to deal with! I don't see these two beanstalks anywhere in my eyes. Can you adjust the rules to where I can fight that white haired guy up there? I get this annoyin' feelin' just be lookin' at him! Kale, you felt it too didn't you!?", Caulifla yelled out

"Big sis...", Kale said, meekly replying to her.

Hearing Caulifla yell that also caused anger to streak across Vegeta's eyes.

"Why you little, we are not beanstalks! We're proud members of the Saiyan warriors race!", Vegeta yelled back, retoring her.

"Tch, why is your ass tied up in a knot all of a sudden? But I'm bein' serious here, Lady Vados. Please?"

Hearing Caulifla ask that, Vados was going to hit her head once more, but she stopped her motion. Enough time passed during this interaction with Caulifla to where she spotted Champa holding his shoulder over Nao, as if he had become best friends with him all of a sudden!

Beerus wasn't disgusted by this either and he too took curious about their conversation the two were having. He even nodded in approval. Vados found this strange but she saw Champa fly on over in the next couple moments.

Seeing this, she flew up and greeted him.

"Lord Champa?"

"Vados, there's been a substitution. Both Beerus and I approve of it. One of Beerus's slots just became available. Look."


After Vados questioned Champa, Champa pointed his finger down to the test site. Not even a moment later did Vados see Mr. Buu fall flat onto his stomach, letting the test paper slide off his pink belly. He fell face first onto the desk, and started to sleep right then and there! Loud snoring started to echo from his mouths as he opened it wide with every breath he took.

"Oh my. It looks like you're right, Lord Champa."

Meanwhile, further down in the testing site, anger streaked across both Piccolo's and Vegeta's eyes while Goku just stared at the now sleeping Mr. Buu without blinking. As for Monaka, he was further off in the distance, who actually was focused on doing the written test!

"I told you bringing him wasn't such a good idea..."

"But I didn't think Buu would just go fall asleep like this!! Ya think so to, right, Vegeta!?"

"To hell with that, Kakarrot! For once the Namekian and I agree on the same thing. You were an idiot to bring this guy after all! We're down one fighter now!"

"Quiet your voice, Vegeta! The others are looking at this! Don't see they try to take advantage of this!"

"Tch, you're probably right. But it seems something is happening up above. Did they just mention something about a 'substitution' just now?"

"A substitution. Someone is goin' to join us!?"

"Calm down you fool. They are coming over so let's see what they're going to say."

"All right!"

After the three exchanged words, the others found it entertaining but soon became serious as Vados and Champa flew down. Beerus flew over to the opposite way to the stands, and more specifically toward Nao. The gods beside him became shocked after hearing Beerus talk, and his voice was loud enough for the rest of the audience to hear it, also causing them to be shocked.

Meanwhile Champa spoke out to the fighters on the testing site.

"Listen up you lot. Beerus and I agreed in a change of the rules a bit and we are allowing a substitution to replace...whatever that thing is.", Champa said, pointing his finger at the sleeping Buu.

"Seriously!? Who is goin' to join our side!?", Goku suddenly exclaimed happily, jumping out of his table.

"Quiet down you fool, I'm bringing him over right now. He will join you guys in the test area. Nao, I'm counting on you! Don't you dare cause a mockery out of me!", Beerus yelled out, announcing the new fighter's name.

Beerus yelled that out, causing the Universe 7 fighters to become stunned. A happy smile bloomed on Goku's face as Beerus took this time to lean towards Nao, who arrived beside him. Nao then heard Beerus whisper into his ear.

'I yelled that out to keep those fools distracted. You know who Monaka is right?', Beerus asked him with a whisper.

Nao slightly nodded in confirmation.

'Good. Then you know that means we really only have three fighters. But with you joining I can feel at ease against that stupid brother of mine. I trust your strength, especially after seeing those last couple of battles you had.'

'Thank you for your praise, Lord Beerus. I won't let you down. I did come here for a personal reason too, but I wasn't expecting you to ask me join in.'

'Is that so? Care to tell me what it is you want? Perhaps I can give a lending hand.'

'Those two female Saiyans down there. I'm going to try and take them under my wing.'

After Nao whispered that into Beerus's ear, Beerus blinked for a moment with a stunned look.

'Are you crazy!? what I'd like to say. But poaching two fighters sounds really fun, especially from that bastard's Universe. Count me in, even if they do end up joining your side. Just wanting to look at his reaction is going to be priceless!', Beerus whispered once more, trying to hold back his laughter.

'Thank you. I'm going to go on ahead, Lord Beerus.'

Hearing Nao whisper that, he slowly flew on ahead as Beerus nodded. Beerus flew back on up, only to have Champa follow. Champa tried to pester him on what that was about, but Beerus ignored him.

Seeing things done, Vados flew back towards Whis after giving Nao a smile. Nao flew down landing beside Goku and the others. Goku greeted him with a hearty laugh.

"To think our substitute would be you, Nao! Glad to have ya on the team. I finally get to see your strength in person. Lord Beerus kept talkin' about ya durin' our training but we never got to see how far ya can go."

"Heh, it's nice to see you guys again. But before we resume the test I need to talk to a certain someone.", Nao said as Goku and other blinked at him. They then saw Nao walk right toward Caulifla!

Arriving in front of Caulifla's table, he slammed his palm down hard, causing a loud bang to echo. BANG!

Caulifla did not back away from his movements as she saw Nao hover over her body, like a typical gangster would from his previous world.

"You clearly told me to go screw off there earlier, didn't you? I don't back away so easily.", Nao said with a serious look.

Hearing that only caused Caulifla to grin.

"Well if it ain't shitty little beanstalk number three, it looks like you actually managed to make it over here! So what if I did? What the hell are going to do about it? Huhhhhh?"

Taunting him, Caulifla leaned her face inward, directly looking right at his eyes, and awaited Nao's response!