Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 258

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 258 248: Monkey See Monkey..can't? I

Nao knew Caulifla was taunting him but he ignored it. He only smiled back at her.

"I said it earlier didn't I? I'd be glad to show you the true might of our Saiyan warriors race. But first I have an interest in someone next to you, you see.", Nao said with a calm look on his eyes.

He then removed his hand from Caulifla's table, and walked to the right. It only took him a moment before he arrived in front of Kale. Kale felt her blood pump once more looking at him in the eyes, only for her to immediately turn away. Caulifla saw Nao do this and got angry once more.

"Oi, third place beanstalk don't you dare approach my protg like that!"

Yet Nao ignored her once again and spoke out to Kale.

"You must be Kale. right? You must felt something just now and earlier. I felt it too."

Hearing this, Kale nodded lightly. She spoke out to both Caulifla and Nao.

"I-It's alright, Big Sis. I did feel my blood became excited...what was that? Who exactly are you...?", Kale said slowly,

"Well, to put it simply, I'm like you, but from a different Universe. Surely you must know what I mean, right Caulifla?", Nao said as his smile changed into a grin, looking back at Caulifla.

"You' me...?" Kale spoke out in a soft voice, slowly going into her own thoughts.

Seeing Kale enter her own thoughts, Nao's attention shifted from Kale back to Caulifla, who only yelled out in anger once more.

"Like I'd give a rat's ass about knowin' what you are! Don't you dare get all buddy-buddy with Kale like that! You're a Saiyan like me, right? So you must know how to fight. Just wait till I pummel that ass of yours after I clear this stupid test!", Caulifla suddenly declared, drawing everyone's attention to her.

Nao then responded to her declaration.

"Those are some big words. If you want to beat my ass you need to earn fifty points on this test first. Isn't that right, Vados? Whis?"

Hearing Nao say that, that their attention shifted toward the two Angels who were on the sidelines. They appeared calm but it as if Whis and Vados were enjoying the ongoing scene before them. The two nodded and Vados decided to speak up before Whis did.

"That's right. May we please get back to the test at hand? That's enough interruptions. But it is as Nao said, everyone must earn a total of fifty points to advance onward. Each question will earn five point, so ten questions must be answered successfully.", Vados said.

After Vados announced that, everyone nodded. Some were already close to finishing the test As long as one had their head on right, they would be able to answer all of these questions in a breeze. Nao returned to Universe 7's side and sat down at his own table. Seeing Nao no longer causing a scene, Goku and the others returned to their test at hand as well.

Universe 6 did the same and the atmosphere turned quiet once more. All this while, Hit remained in his seat undisturbed. He only opened his eyes once to observe the newcomer Nao for a brief moment, before he closed them again and focused on his test.

An unknown amount of time before fighters from both Universes finally laid down their test papers, waiting for it to be collected. Goku showed signs of struggle on Universe 7's side while Caulifla did the same on Universe 6's side, but those were the only two. The rest had confidence in there answers, and so did Nao. Nao answered all of them easily, they were simple math related questions that even a middle schooler in his previous life could answer.

Neither Goku nor Caulifla ever studied properly in their lives, so they had a hard time. Nao expected Kale to struggle too but apparently she moved her pencil back and forth without stopping, as if she knew exactly what the answers were. Even though she was meek on the outside, perhaps she actually knew how to use her head, unlike Caulifla did.

Nao wanted to figure that out down the line, but now, thanks to Caulifla's persistence, things were set up to where he could try to recruit the two over to his side. As long as Caulifla passed, the angels ensured she would be the first opponent Nao would face.

And sure enough with everyone now done, Whis and Vados collected the test papers. More time passed as the two corrected them. After they did they announced everyone's scores. Surprisingly enough everyone passed!

Yet both Goku and Caulifla received a stern warning, as Whis said to Goku that he only achieved a total of fifty points. He also got berated by Vegeta and Piccolo, saying that he really ought to study, but let's face it. Goku won't study ever in his life, all ever enjoys doing is fighting. Goku even said that aloud to the two and they could only sigh in defeat.

On the other hand, Caulifla let out a big sigh of relief as well, she still had a chance to pummel Nao. Yet she too received a harsh warning as Vados berated her. Speaking of Vados she now ended her role as a proctor, and returned to her role as an observer.

She did observe Champa's behavior earlier too, since he acted like he was best friends with Nao before they announced his substitution. She could take a gander as to why that was the case, and probably guessed Champa found out about the result of the meeting she had with Nao. Vados would come to end her current 'services' to Champa once this Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament and what was to follow after, ended. Once that happened, the Grand Minister would formerly assign her to Nao.

As Vados kept observing, she could tell clear as day Nao was interested in the two female Saiyans, but she did not interrupt him in any way, and now things have reached this point. She knew her role well. And to make it worse Champa and Beerus tweaked the match-making a bit to let Caulifla face off against Nao at the beginning of the tournament, but it was dependent on her passing the test. Thankfully she did, but just barely.

But as the two angels finished berating Goku and Caulifla, the audience came to learn of the results as well and they all let out sighs of relief. Universe 7 also took this time to carry over the giant lump of mass that was Mr. Buu, who was still sleeping by the way. He slept through the entire test, and carrying him over proved to be a struggle. But once he was plopped down on the grass next to the others, Hercule saw to it to monitor his condition.

That's right, Mr. Satan was indeed among the audience members this time around! He had finally come to grow out of his conceited shell. He knew in his heart of the happenings of Goku and the others, and wasn't truly the number one person many people back on Earth thought him as. He now acts responsibly and in his pastime now, he watches over his newly born granddaughter Pan when he has free time.

After Mr. Buu's situation was taken care of, the alien announcer, who was quiet all this while, finally announced the start of the tournament. He also revealed Universe 6 had a singer to sing their anthem song. The singing was performed well but it literally lasted only a few seconds, which caused everyone to become confused. They expected the song to be much longer, but ended up accepting it.

After the anthem song was sung, a huge golden oval mirror descended over the ring. This mirror was large enough to fit all ten images of the fighters to go up and fight. Starting from the top reflected Hit and Cabba on the first row. On the second row reflected Frost, Kale and Caulifla respectively. The first and second rows made up of Universe 6!

There were two more rows underneath the first two. Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta still appeared as in the original, in that order on the first row. On the second row, it only showed Monaka on the bottom right. On the bottom left was a blank image. But this blank image distorted a bit, before Nao's was put on it!

The angels also informed Beerus and Champa that they were the ones to decide the order to fight in. Thankfully Beerus knew it, he placed Monaka last, and Nao first. He would then later let Goku Vegeta and Piccolo decide on the second, third and fourth slot by rock-paper scissors. But with the first fighter announced, Champa congealed some god of destruction ki into his finger, and blasted it toward the bronze medal gong that was hovering in the air next to the large golden mirror.

That officially started it off, and the announcer spoke out.

"Ladies and gentlemen...thank you for waiting! We shall now begin Universe 6 and Universe 7's...God of Destruction Martial Arts Match! Let us begin the first match! Our first member will be...Universe 6!"

After the announcer spoke that out, the fighters' ears of Universe 6 perked up as they rested next to the testing site. The five images on the giant mirror became outlined in red, before four of them vanished, and only one remained. It was Caulifla.

"...Caulifla!", the announcer said, speaking in a loud voice. Hearing that Caulifla pumped her arms and yelled out in excitement.

"Yosha! Let's start fightin'!", Caulifla yelled out excitedly.

Yet the announcer continued to reveal the other side from Universe 7.

"And for Universe 7...", the announcer began to say.

Only this time the Universe 7 fighter images lit up in blue, and not red. All five lit up before four vanished, and Nao's image fully lit up in blue.

"It is Nao!", the announcer said, revealing the result of the first matchup.

Hearing that, Caulifla grinned. Everyone then saw the blue and red line up to each other, and connected, which changed into a golden line.

Nao knew he would fight first thanks to the meeting he had with both Champa and Beerus before the test, so he nodded calmly. He walked up the elevated platform, which was placed on the side of Universe 7. There was also another elevated platform on Universe 6 side and Nao slowly saw Caulifla walk up it. He could see Caulifla's grin as the two's eyes met.

Caulifla even drew her finger across her neck, and spoke out to him with another taunt.

"I'm gonna have fun with this. You are SO dead!"