Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 259

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 259 249: Monkey See Monkey..can't? Ii

"Well then, Universe 6, Universe 7, please make your way onto the ring!", the announcer said.

Nao and Caulifla had one final look at each other in silence before the two jumped off the elevated platform down onto the ring. It was fifty meters in length so it was pretty big for a fighting stage.

The two then approached each no more than seven square panels apart. The announcer also came up to the two, and looked back to the fighter's area to where it was now split off into two sections.

One table belonged to Beerus's side while the other to Champa. Vegeta, Piccolo, Goku, and Monaka sat next to Beerus while Beerus had his angel attendant behind him. Kale, Hit, Cabba and Frost could be seen next to Champa while his angel attendant stood behind him.

As for Champa, he couldn't remove the grin he had on his face as he watched Nao and Caulifla square each other off. Beerus got irked by this and yelled out to him.

"Say Champa I've been getting this feeling, what exactly do you get out of this deal? No matter what it's a loss for you."

Hearing that, Champa's grin became wider and replied back.

"Hmmmm? Do you really want to know, Beerus? But then again it's not like I have to answer you.", Champa replied while taunting him.

And it worked, clear again streaked across Beerus's eyes.

"Can't you answer properly for once like a decent brother would!? Stupid Champa.", Beerus said, yelling out at Champa in anger.

"Oh psssh. You always overreact to everything Beerus. But it's alright, I'll answer. You did have your own talk with Nao but so did I. I'm paying off a 2-fold debt."

"A two fold debt, is it? Wait...could it be related to that?", Beerus said with a serious tone, and his anger subsided.

"Oh? Looks like you may already know, if you managed to look into the recent events of the future that is. Nao helped take out someone that caused some trouble to our Universe."

"I see, so it was that situation. That really was a troublesome matter but I'm glad it was taken care of."

Hearing Beerus say that, Champa couldn't help but nod in confirmation.

"It was indeed that, so I guess I don't need to go into the details. As for my other one, it's more private but it will reveal itself in due time. Isn't that right, Vados?"

"So you did come to learn of this matter, Lord Champa. Observing your earlier behavior I assume you had, but yes. Father will announce it soon."

"I-I-It even reached the ears of the Grand Minister!?", Champa yelled out while stuttering. Even Beerus became surprised. Goku also tried to ask what was going on but Piccolo pulled him back, placing his hind over his mouth.

"Well of course it would. It is a rather serious matter, and I made my decision on it so Father will take care of the rest. It did look like you spoke out about some other matter with Nao as well, may I ask what was that about?"

"Oh yes, thank you for reminding me, Vados. That was pretty surprising to hear but there is something to announce to you lot. Same goes for you too, fighters."

Hearing that, Goku finally managed to squeeze through Piccolo's hand and excitedly yelled out.

"I've no idea what is goin' on right now but is somethin' goin' to happen!? It sounds like Nao has done some pretty crazy things lately without us."

"Of course! Nao is heading off to another adventure of his in a couple months and won't be back for a long time. So he decided he's going to hold a big send off feast. Both Universe 6 and 7 are invited, he's looking into inviting the other Universes right now."

After Champa announced that, everyone from Universe 7 became shocked, while interested looks appeared in the eyes from Universe 6.

"Huh? What do ya mean Nao is leavin' off to another adventure? He is leavin' us?"

"Oh shut it, Goku. Whis and I were going to bring it up to you guys, but it's as Champa said. Nao will be leaving in a couple months. I'm surprised he's going to hold a party for us though."

"Right? So no matter what we get to enjoy some good food then, hahaha!", Champa laughed out with a smile.

"So we must give these guys a good show, don't you think, brother? Just do note no matter what happens in Nao's fight, I won't interfere. Same for you, Beerus. I want to see what he's trying to do."

"That's something I can agree with. Goku just sit back, we'll go over it in detail with you guys later."

Hearing that, Goku couldn't help but nod in silence. He then shifted his eyes back to Nao and Caulifla. Knowing that a final feast to send Nao and the girls off would take place soon, he became excited to what this match was going to show.

Beerus and Champa nodded at each other, before the two raised one of their fingers. Letting their destruction ki form at their fingertip, the two shot out a ray blast, taking a direct hit at the medal gong floating in the air above the ring. DONG!

Hearing the ancient bell sound off, the announcer spoke out once more, starting the match. Nao and Caulifla waited patiently for it to start.


Hearing the round officially begin, Nao channeled his ki. He attuned himself to his space affinity. Golden hues appeared in his irises. Willing spatial spheres around him, he covered his whole body with them. He then targeted more to the underside of his feet!

"About damn time! Whatever it is you're doing, I won't let you! Take this, Crush Cannon!", Caulifla said, suddenly yelling out.

Caulifla then yelled out, allowing her own ki to erupt. It was only white but it was enough to let her large spiky hair, which was similar to Raditz's hair but only extended down past her neck, flutter in the air. A white aura enveloped her body as she extended her right arm out.

Twisting her palm upward, dense red ki condensed on top of it! It soon became a large red sphere of ki. As if it had a will of its own, it suddenly split off into many ray particles firing off and shot at Nao all at once!

"Not even giving me time to talk why I'm here in the first place...', Nao uttered to himself. 'Well, I wanted to sub in and take Goku's role in showing off some transformations to get Caulifla more interested in me...but I think it already started to take effect? Well let's just stop her Crush Cannon for now.', Nao thought to himself.

He was thinking of doing Beerus's way of dodging close combat attacks, but that proved to be a failure since Caulifla opened up with her Crush Cannon. Nao didn't say any more and as the incoming ray particles blocked his vision from seeing Caulifla, she couldn't see that Nao started to float in the air!

Instead of using his ki, he was bending space which pushed against his feet, allowing him to float up. Nao then extended his arm out and spoke out once more.

"We don't need these things."

Just as the first ray particle was about to hit him, Nao clutched his hand into a fist. Letting it glow with a golden aura, the first one suddenly came to a halt right before his head. The others soon followed suit and they stopped firing themselves, all appearing around Nao's head.

Seeing a momentary pause like that surprised the audience and it even surprised Caulifla, as her Crush Cannon was rendered ineffective. With a wave of his fist, his golden aura burst forth. Nao willed many golden spheres at once to cling to the ray particles on all sides.

They all began to push against each other, slowly causing the ray particles to shrink! It didn't take long before her Crush Cannon completely vanished, as if her attack wasn't even fired in the first place. Of course she got angry seeing this and yelled out.

"What the hell did you do to my Crush Cannon!?"

"Simple. I made it disappear. I was going to return fire with them so be grateful you're still standing."

"Why you!", Caulifla yelled out once more. "If that won't work then I'll punch that face of yours!", Caulifla declared.

Hearing that Nao didn't respond and only smiled. Caulifla even saw Nao put his hands behind his back, obviously waiting for her to strike.

She dashed forward with great speed, letting out a large yell. She arrived right in front of Nao. Striking out with her right fist, she aimed right at his left cheek . Yet Caulifla felt her punch only hit air. She saw Nao simply move back a bit, and dodged it!

She then tried to launch rapid fire strikes with both of her fists. Nao simply willed golden spheres beneath his feet to keep dodging them, gently floating either to the side or backwards. She was pushing him towards the edge of the ring but Caulifla didn't care about that.

Seeing her fists not work either, she suddenly went for a low leg sweep. Yet her right leg only hot air, and an after image vanished from view. Caulifla no longer saw Nao in front of her. Yet before she could react, she felt a heavy impact strike against her back.

The force was heavy enough to where she felt the wind get knocked out of her throat, spraying a mixture of saliva and blood from her mouth!

"Ahhhhhhh!", Caulifla said, suddenly screaming out in pain. She tried to bend over a bit but Nao caught a hold of her body.

Nao ignored her scream of pain and calmly spoke out.

"Your speed and power are decent but you'll never manage to hit me like that. I've fought way stronger guys than you. It's pretty disgraceful seeing a Saiyan like you only amount to this much. Even my father and sister would beat you with ease. Tell me, Caulifla, is this all you can do?"

Hearing that, she coughed out a couple times as she could hear a few of her bones snap. Yet Caulifla tried to wiggle free from his grasp.

"*Cough*If you would...let me stupid bastard, then we'll see who is...talking...!",Caulifla said slowly, spraying out more more blood.

Nao smiled hearing that then he shifted his body to where his back faced against the edge of the ring. He then threw Caulifla, only to send her flying back to the center.

Nao then stepped toward the center following her. Caulifla struggled to stand back up, even if it was just with her knee. Seeing Caulifla glare at him, Nao let out a sigh. She was then disrupted by the sound of his voice.

"Caulifla if this is all that you have to offer then it's pretty disappointing. I was going to show you the true might of our race but I may even have to take it from the beginning. Tell me, are you even familiar with the fact that we can transform?"

Hearing that, Caulifla's anger subsided a bit, only for her to yell out in response. It was clear she was confused.

"Haaaaah? Transform? Like hell I'd know anythin' about that you bastard! I was told nothin'!"

"So you don't even know that, huh? Then let me show you!"

After Nao said that, Caulifla blinked at him expectedly. Nao willed his space affinity to vanish, letting his body gently float back down onto the ring. Nao then crouched down a bit, and formed two fists with his hands, bending them.

Nao let his ki loose, spreading it all throughout his body. He let out a giant yellow before a green aura converged around it.

"Haaaaaah!", Nao said, roaring out. Streaks of green lightning soon cracked down around his body. Caulifla became surprised seeing a huge fluctuation of ki appearing before her very eyes.

Nao then focused the spreading of his ki to his right leg. In no time at all did Caulifla see Nao's hair start to flicker. Changing from his base white hair, it turned fully green! It was no longer yellow like a normal Super Saiyan! His irises soon vanished as well, letting his eyes become completely green too!

His transformation into the Legendary Super Saiyan was complete. Lightning happily danced around him as Nao felt a huge surge of his ki all flowing all around inside his body.

Caulifla became stunned at the sight of Nao's transformation. She even felt strength return to her body as her previous anger disappeared. She only felt excitement as her eyes started to sparkle!

She even had the strength to get up. Ignoring her few broken bones, she rushed at him, but not with an intent to attack. Nao let her hands cling onto his shoulders as she yelled out in excitement.

"What the hell is this!? This is so frickin' awesome! Ya gotta teach me this! I had no idea we could do somethin' like this!", Caulifla yelled out happily.

Hearing that was just what Nao wanted to hear. To bring Caulifla to his side, he wanted to take over Goku's and Cabba's position of teaching her a couple transformations!


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