Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 260

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 260 250: Two Legendary Saiyans

(A/N) I know a lot of you probably don't like Kale's possessiveness/romantic feelings for Caulifla as somewhat displayed in this chapter. Trust me I don't really either.

Kale's attitude will slowly be remedied to where she no longer feels like that, but I ask you guys to please bear with it till then (:

This will be last Kale/Caulifla chapter for now. Tournament of power will be covered in next 1-2 chapters, then Broly fight will begin! An epic fight to finish off world one! Enjoy the chap below!


Nao saw Caulifla stare at him with sparkles in her eyes as she held onto his clothes with her hands. This was the first time he saw her up front and personal, the few moments ago she couldn't even reach his body in terms of speed.

Yet Nao allowed this because he figured Caulifla would show her interest they moment she saw a Super Saiyan transformation. Even Cabba and Kale became shocked seeing the Super Saiyan transformation for the first time. They couldn't even utter a word.

Champa wasn't as bewildered as he saw this before when Nao fought Belmod in a duel. He was one of many who became shocked then, but he became amused seeing Nao's aura a completely different color from before. Mainly because it was the legendary Super Saiyan's green aura!

As Nao's aura spread around, the other Saiyans suddenly felt some constriction in their bodies. It didn't take long before Cabba to feel short of breath and felt very oppressive air. Kale, however, did not feel a thing. She mainly watched on in shock and wondered why Caulifla was acting like that. She also didn't like it that Caulifla clung onto Nao like that either.

As for Goku, the oppressive air remained around him as well, yet he didn't have too much trouble breathing like Cabba did. In fact he appeared like nothing much has happened to him on the outside. As for Vegeta, he could feel slight oppression, but he felt more annoyed seeing Nao transform into this state once again. He was the one to speak out first as he crossed his arms.

"Tch, that bastard is showing off again. I still can't get used to this feeling...the aura of a Legendary Super Saiyan."

"The Legendary...Super Saiyan? What is this...Super Saiyan...?", Cabba said as he tried to regain his composure.

"You guys don't know what Super Saiyans are?", Vegeta asked, inquiring more about Cabba's Saiyan heritage.

After Vegeta asked that, Cabba took a couple more moments to breathe in and out, and finally managed to shake off the shakiness he was currently feeling. The air alone still felt heavy around him though, but he did manage to respond to Vegeta.

"We have no idea what this Super Saiyan is. We didn't even know our race could even transform."

"Now that I think about it, ya don't even have a tail, do you?", Goku suddenly asked as he observed Cabba and the ongoing scene.

"A tail...?", Cabba questioned, appearing more confused than before.

"That's right. We Saiyans are born with tails, is it not like it for you guys?"

"No. I've heard legends of our ancestors who were born with tails but in our present day, none of them have them. But to think this was possible...How are you feeling, Kale? Do you feel anything right now?"

Hearing Cabba ask that as he turned his head toward her, Kale continued to observe Nao and Caulifla talk to each other. Caulifla no longer held onto his robe with her hands, so she turned around and answered him, tilting her head in confusion at the same time.

"No...? I don't feel anything oppressive...I can see Big Sis overreacting over there. Is she feeling...something similar? All I feel is my blood becoming excited...It's weird.", Kale said, speaking softly.

"How can you not feel anything? The air is really tense right now!", Cabba suddenly exclaimed. But his yelling only confused Kale more.

Vegeta also observed this and moved his eyes back and forth. A glint appeared in his eyes as he tried to understand what was happening.

"If it's like that, then it can only mean one thing. I do feel some sort of pressure from Nao's aura as well. It is based off of our bloodline, rather than talent. I'm one of the highest elites myself, being born as the Saiyan prince. As for you...Kale, was it? Your bloodline must be quite exceptional. Kakarrot here was born as a low class warrior, but he's used to Nao's aura by now, since we've seen this a few times already. Those who feel it for the first time experience much harsher effects, like you, Cabba.", Vegeta explained as his hands were folded.

His explanation also drew in the other fighter's attention as well.

"My exceptional?", Kale uttered, and soon began to lose herself in her thoughts.

Meanwhile, Cabba suddenly felt a pang of guilt strike against his heart. He couldn't help but scratch his face hearing Vegeta's explanation.

"To think there would be such a thing...but I won't lie, my bloodline isn't one of the strongest out there. Those guys are kept in house back on our home planet, Planet Sadala."

Hearing that, Vegeta nodded.

"You did mention Planet Sadala did still exist over there in your guys' Universe. Tell me, have you heard of any one fighter being insanely strong? One that appears every thousand years or so?"

After Vegeta asked that, Cabba took a couple moments to think it over. In the end he shook his head left to right, denying him.

"I don't believe I've heard such a fighter on our side who is alive right now. We do have legends about such a thing...but I thought those were mere fairy tales!", Cabba exclaimed.

"Those aren't just mere fairy tales. It's the truth. Every one thousand years, a Saiyan so exceptional that they outclass every other Saiyan is born. We call this bloodline the Legendary Saiyan!"

"The Legendary Saiyan...", Cabba uttered. All of this information was relatively new to him, so his eyes started to glitter.

"So if this Legendary Saiyan exists...then what we are witnessing right now is the transformed state of that? The Legendary Super Saiyan...?", Cabba said, reaching a conclusion.

"That's right! You guys will be able to achieve the Super Saiyan state as well, even though there is a requirement...", Vegeta answered Cabba. His eyes then shifted back toward Kale, who was still lost in confusion. Sensing his gaze, she regained from her stupor and looked back at him. Vegeta t hen spoke out once more.

"And you, Kale. You said you feel nothing, and instead your blood gets excited from feeling this aura?"

Hearing that, Kale nodded silently.

"That's I different?", Kale couldn't help but ask. She was quite shy but she still anticipated Vegeta to answer.

"I'm not exactly sure, but put it this way. The lower your bloodline is, the more impact you would have. The higher it is, the less impact. Yet you feel nothing, and even excited from it. Cabba said he hadn't heard of the Legendary Saiyan appearing, so it's very possible you could be the Legendary Saiyan, Kale!", Vegeta suddenly declared.

As soon as he declared that, visible shock appeared in the eyes around them. Kale couldn't even utter a word as she heard that.

"WHAT!?", Cabba yelled out in shock, jumping back a bit.

"Now there's a shocker! This meek looking girl here is such a thing?", Goku asked, who was also surprised.

Even Beerus and Champa couldn't help but feel surprised hearing Vegeta say that. Beerus even clicked his tongue as he spoke out.

"Tch, so you're telling me this weak looking girl shares the same power as what Nao holds?"

"Not exactly, Lord Beerus. if my guess is correct, Kale here merely shares the same bloodline. As to whether she can tap into it...that relies on her."

Hearing that, Champa grinned and slapped his knee with his hand. He laughed at Beerus and spoke out to him.

"Hahaha! Looks like things just turned interesting, right, Beerus? Wanna make a bet to see which Saiyan comes out on top?"

"You can go to hell, Champa. I'm not in the mood to place a bet right now. Knowing there's another. I've seen enough monsters already. Let me just enjoy some peace watching this tournament."

"O-Oi, what's gotten into you all of a sudden, Beerus?"

"Don't worry about it. Besides, the winner gets the Super Dragon Balls anyway, right? I do hope you're prepared to lose!"

"As if! Cabba, you did well in recruiting these two. It will be us who will win, haha!", Champa said with another laugh.

"T-Thank you, Lord Champa. Umm...Vegeta, if we happen to fight each other, will you teach me this Super Saiyan?", Cabba said, thanking Champa. He then asked that and waited for his answer with anticipation.

Yet Vegeta immediately denied him as he spoke out.

"Now why the hell would I do that?", Vegeta cursed out, shocking Cabba once more.

" took all this time to explain such a thing to us! So I thought...maybe!", Cabba said, answering him.

Yet before Vegeta could answer him, everyone felt a rather huge fluctuation of ki in the air. Whis couldn't help but smile as everyone heard Caulifla yell out a really loud voice. Everyone then got disturbed by a giant golden-yellow pillar of ki shooting right up into the sky, blasting the sealed barrier Vados placed around the Nameless Planet.

The golden-yellow pillar of ki soon drooped back down, and condensed around Caulifla. Caulifla's clothing could be seen fluttering, as well as her hair. Yet her hair was no longer pitch black. The length of her hair seemed to grow a bit as well as her black spikes could now be seen pointed upward. They were all golden-yellow! Even her irises were blue-green now. She was now a Super Saiyan!

During the time passing the fighters had with their conversation from the observation area up above, enough time had passed to where Caulifla's anger vanished she had against Nao completely vanished. Only excitement ensued as she felt all tingly, like having the hairs of her arms stand on end. She did feel a bit oppressed, but it was nowhere near what Cabba felt, despite her being right up next to Nao.

So Nao took this time to initiate a conversation with Caulifla. It ended up with striking deal with her, asking if Caulifla wanted to become his disciple, and upon doing so Nao wouldn't hesitate to teach her more of a Saiyan's abilities. Contrary to Nao's expectations, however, Caulifla immediately agreed, she really enjoyed fighting after all. Getting stronger would provide her more

All of this happened while the two exchanged blows and exchanging ki blasts which each other. Booms would shake the fighting ring every so often. The audience besides the other fighters could see the two talking to each other as the fighting went on, but they couldn't hear it. Still, it was an enjoyable fight to watch.

Yet the fighting abruptly came to a halt after the two 'parted ways' with each other. Nao instructed Caulifla of the second known method, as the first one required an intense burst of negative emotion.

And since it was Caulifla, the only probable way of initiating that was inflicting some type of harm to Kale, and Nao didn't really want that. So he taught her the second method, gathering enough ki into a certain point on their body and with enough S-Cells, they, a Saiyan can transform!

And sure enough Caulifla was overwhelming with S-Cells. She gathered all of her ki on her back, and thus the first female Super Saiyan was born, in Universe 6 of course. Miya was still the first female Saiyan to transform in Universe 7.

And that brings things back to the present moment. Caulifla felt giddy feeling overwhelming energy spread in her body. Yet at this moment, Caulifla smiled at Nao. Seeing this smile was rare, Nao quite liked it.

"This power, Super Saiyan, was it? It's frickin' awesome! My whole body feels burstin' with power!"

After Caulifla said that, she moved her body a bit, throwing shadow punches in the air and sweeping kicks with her legs.

"I know, right? This is just the first step, Caulifla. You accepted being my disciple so I will of course teach you more, but that will be saved for later. Just get used to this feeling for now."

Hearing that Caulifla's eyes sparkled.

"Ya mean there's more to this awesome feelin'!?"

"Of course. Shall we resume our fight?"

"i totally want to but I really oughtta thank ya for this first. I know ya been stealin' glances at me, bud. I ain't that ignorant when it comes to romance, It's been a while since someone tried to court me, and I sent that guy packin', and didn't hear a peep from him again. But he ain't like you. You're much more my type, insanely strong too.", Caulifla said softly to where everyone else couldn't hear her.

"Heh, so could tell? Indeed, I do have a particular interest in you.", Nao said with a grin.

"So was that disciple shit just a cover up? I even made you accept a condition of mine."

"I know, but I won't go back on my word. I have interest in both seeing you as a girl, and one worthy to teach. Just from a glance you have outstanding potential, Caulifla."

"Ya really think so? But Kale is hidin' much more power than me! So ya gotta make sure you teach her properly! Otherwise don't you even think of courtin' me!", Caulifla suddenly declared as she put her elbows at her waist.

"Of course. Taking you and Kale in as my disciples was the condition, wasn't it? I'll do my best in fulfilling my role as a teacher for both of you. You both will reach new heights you wouldn't even begin to imagine."

"Hahaha! I like the sound of that! With that settled I know a good way to thank you now. I'm goin' speak to Kale for a second too, we can resume our fight after."

"Oh? What is it?", Nao questioned her with anticipation.

Yet Caulifla remained quiet. Nao saw her suddenly vanish from sight, only to reappear in front of him. However what she did next cause Nao's eyes to turn wide in shock.

He was quite taller than her so he felt Caulifla's hands place themselves on the sides of his head. Caulifla then brought his head to hers. All of a sudden she planted her lips on his!

Everyone became stunned seeing this sudden development. Fie and Chronoa also saw this. Chronoa knew she was one of the three girls Nao had interest in before their next adventure began, but she couldn't help but let out a sigh. Fie, who was currently sitting in Chronoa's lap, wiggled her butt a bit in excitement, and even began to cheer Nao on.

As for Nao, he felt a hot sensation strike against his mouth, but he started to enjoy Caulifla's kiss. She even bit his lips a couple times and licked his lips with her tongue.

Seeing this from afar, the other fighters felt confused. Champa tried to not show anything since he knew what Nao was going to do since he spoke about it privately together. It was his repayment to Vados leaving and the future situation with Hearts, yet he didn't think it would turn out like this.

As for Beerus, he laughed out hard and tried to tease Champa about it, since he also knew what Nao was trying to do.

But the most surprised one had to be Kale. She didn't enjoy seeing Caulifla kissing a man, as she herself had romantic feelings for Caulifla. Yet the kiss ended in the next moment. Kale soon had a mixture of emotions course through her body.

Meanwhile, Caulifla wiped off her saliva with her hand as the kiss ended. She spoke out to Nao once more with a laugh as Nao remained stunned.

"Haha! Consider that as payment. I quite liked that, tasted pretty sweet. That was my first kiss by the way, so enjoy it while it lasts. Though I won't be against you wantin' to continue this later, if you can beat me that is.", Caulifla said with a grin. She didn't care about everyone's gazes either.

Nao soon recovered from his stupor as well and responded to her.

"We'll see about that.", Nao couldn't help but smile as he responded to her.

He then saw Caulifla fly up into the air. She made sure not to exit the ring boundaries. Once she got closer to where she could see Kale, she wanted to let out a laugh as she saw Kale going through a mixture of emotions right now. She didn't hide it from her face.

She took this moment to speak out at Kale, which drew her attention immediately.

"Oiiiiiii! Kale! You're goin' to be packin' your bags when we get home after this tournament! We'll be movin' into this guy's place!"

"Eh?", Nao retorted immediately, not expecting to hear that.

Even Kale wasn't expecting to hear that either. She ended up letting out a loud, surprised yell after blinking at her a couple times!

"EHHHHHHHHH!?", Kale suddenly yelled out in shock. Her previous emotions vanished and all she felt was shock now, letting her voice resound in the whole sealed area!