Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 261

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 261 251: Universe Survival Saga In A Nutshell

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And with that, Caulifla and a reluctant Kale officially became part of the team! Like Vados, they too would join after this whole tournament would end. Yet the two didn't know it would end until the end of the Tournament of Power!

However, Nao did not know that Caulifla would come barging in right into his own home! And with it being Caulifla's orders, it ensures Kale would follow, even though it was visible she didn't like it. Nao even saw her shooting annoyed glances at him every so often after she hid away in embarrassment from her earlier outburst.

Caulifla, Kale, and Vados weren't actually the last three to enter the harem either. One final member would join in once he leaves the first plane, bringing the white Palace into Rebirth's Void Space. That was Michael, the busty twelve-winged Angel, personal secretary to The President, Rebirth's creator!

She has been observing Nao's progress while the old man went on his journey in the actual Multiverse, looking for new planes for Nao to create. He gad the next three in line for him. As for his trial by fire progress, it was only one step away from completion. She knew it wss only a matter of time, and had accepted her fate already. She was patiently waiting till Nao left the DBZ plane.

Speaking of which, time started to flow on since the start of the Universe 6 vs Universe 7. The fighting resumed after Caulifla's declaration. She used up all her strength, and even managed to hit Nao a couple times. Nao gave her a taste of the next step as well, which was Super Saiyan 2. Caulifla couldn't even keep her eyes on Nao at that point. She got knocked out cold and was flying off the ring.

Tgis tournament wasn't your typical knock-out tournament either. Even if one fighter got knocked out of the ring, the current fighter could still continue to fight. And so Nao did. His second opponent was declared by the announcer. Of course it was none other than Kale.

She still didn't like Nao, and was reluctant to receive his teachings. Seeing her behave like this, Nao want with the first method. He induced her anger to the point where she exploded with Ki. The whole area shook as she was covered in a green aura which looked identical to Nao's. This caused everyone's eyes to become wide-eyed, even Vegeta. His speculations became true.

The atmosphere condensed into Kale's body, changing from color to color before it returned to normal. She let out loud roars as her irises lost their color. Her eyes became fully green, much like Nao's berserk state. But unlike Nao who could fully control his state, Kale lost her reason.

She even kept out yelling Nao's name, saying that she would kill him. Unfortunately for her, Nao was able to keep Kale's surging ki in check. Time flew on as the second match raged onward. Nao actually enjoyed fighting against Kale. It was an exciting match to watch.

Caulifla recovered her consciousness during this time and cheered Kale on, despite Kale not being able to hear her. The battle soon came to an end with Nao revealing his Super Saiyan 3 transformation. This caused the other Saiyans more shock, especially Goku since he was the only one who mastered this transformation thus far.

With the second battle over, Nao wanted to continue fighting the rest but he wanted to see the others performed. He ended up withdrawing, but Beerus nor Champa became angry at his decision. He gave the two two wonderful battles after all.

With Nao officially out, Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo did rock-paper-scissors to see who will go next. Goku still came up top this time around as well.

The one difference was that the first two matches already ended. With no Botamo or Magetta, Goku's first opponent was none other than Frost!

Frost appeared nice on the outside, but he was just as devious as Frieza on the inside. He revealed his final form after Goku requested it. Goku got caught off guard being struck by Frost's hidden poison bone needles. Weapons were forbidden, and besides Nao who knew, No one could identify what went wrong.

Goku was eliminated early. Piccolo suffered the same fate, but The irregularity was soon noticed, none other than by Jaco who was among the audience, sitting next to the Galactic King. Nao also chimed into Jaco's suspicion at this time. The announcer quickly noticed the hidden weapons being used, and declared Frost the loser.

Vegeta became angry at the showcase Goku and Piccolo did. He forced Piccolo to admit defeat and took over, and requested to battle against Frost. As a result he smashed Frost's face into the ring. He even turned blue for a moment and knocked him out cold, relieving some of his anger.

Battle four started shortly after, and Cabba went up to battle Vegeta. It went the same, and Vegeta triggered Cabba to transform into a Super Saiyan. Cabba even declared Vegeta as his teacher, even though he ended up losing.

It was also during this time the rules were discussed once again. As a fault was found with Frost becoming disqualified, Goku ended up getting slotted back into the tournament. Yet Vegeta still decided he would continue on, and his opponent was Hit!

Hit quickly overcame Vegeta even with his blue transformation, as he was not ready for Hit's Time Skip. The battle ended pretty quick, and Vegeta was at a loss as to what happened.

Goku lasted longer when it was his turn, and they eventually learned Hit was stopping time for fractions of a second each time he used it. Their epic battle ensued. It was really exciting to watch it first-hand. In the end, Goku left the ring since he wanted to experience Hit's true strength at a later time that wasn't bound by tournament rules. Hit was an assassin after all.

The last 'round', was Monaka versus Hit, and Hit 'lost' on purpose, thus giving the overall victory to Universe 7. With the tournament officially over, Beerus obtained the Super Dragon Balls.

Yet their victory was disturbed by none other than Lord Zeno! Him and his two attendants appeared on the ring, stunning everyone, and especially the gods. Nao smiled seeing Lord Zeno once again. He quickly flew down with Beerus and Champa, and greeted him.

Lord Zeno's nap ended a few years ago, but he was able to remember who Nao was. He greeted him kindly in return, shocking everyone once more. Lord Zeno became upset that such a tournament between two Universes was done without his awareness, but he forgave the gods.

In addition to that, Lord Zeno took an interest in the tournament, stating he wanted to do one he would host for all twelve Universes! This declaration shocked everyone once more. When they took time to recover, Lord Zeno caught up with Nao, and Nao even invited him to his farewell banquet at the end of the year.

Lord Zeno happily confirmed he would attend it. In the end, Lord Zeno left with his two attendants, and everything returned to normal. The tournament was now over, and Beerus ended up using the Super Dragon Balls to restore the Earth in Universe 6, which shocked Champa once again. He didn't like this sudden turn of events, and didn't even thank him. He left with Vados grumpy. Vados had once last look at Nao who saw her smile at him.

Universe 6 and their fighters left. Caulifla went over to Nao one last time and gave him another kiss. She told him to wait for her and Kale the next time they meet, which she now knew would be during the All Universe Tournament.

She and Kale would then come to live in the white Palace. Little did the two know Nao had ten other girls in the harem, and would end with fourteen before Nao exits the DBZ plane. Miya, Elsa, Sayuri, Isabella, Chelsea, Tights, Fie, Aht, Eir, and Chronoa!

But with that said, after the Super Dragon Balls parted ways, Nao had one year to wait to recollect them and restore the alternate timeline back to normal. That would be his last action in this plane. He would not interfere with the story after the the farewell banquet concludes, he will do this without disturbing anyone.

Universe 7 and the fighters bid their farewells. Goku wished Nao to visit any time he would like, and Nao told him he would appear during the All Universe Tournament. With them now gone, Nao, Fie and Chronoa were the ones remaining. The three parted from the Nameless Planet, the tournament was officially concluded!

The three returned to the white Palace and returned to their happy lives. Nao started to spend some quality time with the girls without a care for the world. Not having anything planned for the moment relieved a lot of stress, and he could do what he wanted.

Time flew on, hours became days and days turned into weeks. It wouldn't be until the beginning of December of Year 780 that Nao received summons from the Grand Minister no less. He made his prompt arrival to him, and the two departed to the Sacred World of the Kais.

The Future Trunks saga was supposed to happen during this time as well. However, Trunks never made an appearance with his Time Capsule. Reason being? He didn't need to!

Apparently killing off Zamasu during Hearts's battle had an affect on this timeline, and Zamasu never came into being, since he was dead! Since he never stole Goku's body in that timeline, Goku Black never came into existence, and the whole future saga was successfully thwarted.

No Zeno Expo happened either as there was no Future Zeno who wanted to learn more about the All Universe Tournament! Nao was secretly happy about this, since dealing with one Lord Zeno was herd enough as it was.

That was one less issue crossed off the list Nao didn't need to worry about. He was now with the Grand Minister who Lord Zeno sent to give the declaration of the Tournament of Power to Universe 7.

In no time at all did the Grand Minister make his announcement. Shocking the gods, Goku and Vegeta, the Tournament of Power was hereby declared! In less than 48 hours, the lowest seven Universes on Zeno's power scale had to gather ten fighters. Those ten fighters would duke it out in a survival of the fittest battle royale! This would mark the peak of the Universe Survival Saga!