Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 262

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 262 252: Second Visit To The Void Realm

A/N : Tournament of Power split into two chapters. Nao will meet up with Belmod in part 2. Once part 2 is done Broly fight will begin! Enjoy!


"To think we'd be going to the Void Realm again...It has been a few decades, hasn't it?"

"Sure has. 47 years to be exact. I had just given you Little Fie here a little over ten years ago before then, and she had only emerged from her golden apple a year or prior to your match with Lord Belmod. At the time I ended up observing that match alongside Whis. It was pretty spectacular."

"That's indeed what happened, huh? Can't believe so much time has passed since then. How are you feeling during my first attempt at space travel, you three? Any issues?"

"None here. Yours is working similar to Whis's, its very comfortable. We don't even need to place our hands on your back. As long as we're in this mobile space we can even move around if we wanted to.", Chronoa said with a smile.

She was the first of three who joined Nao to watch the Tournament of Power, which was set to start in a couple hours. With their current flight speed they would arrive in the next hour. Sure Nao could have used a Kai-Kai spell to arrive instantly into the Void Realm, but he wanted to experiment something he had recently learned during his downtime in the white Palace.

He successfully learned the Angels flight technique to travel through space! He wanted to learn this to experience the cosmos for himself, and he ended up implementing the technique into his own Space affinity. He could now create sealed pockets allowing few or many to enter at once. This pocket could then propel itself through space, allowing them to sightsee the stars.

It looked very similar to Whis's giant cube when he transported everyone from Planet Earth to the Nameless Planet that hosted the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament!

Four people could be seen traveling in a straight path through the stars. The first was Nao and second Chronoa. The third one also immediately replied happily to Nao, it was Fie.

"It's as Mother said, Papa! I'm enjoying this a lot right now! It's very beautiful all around us. You're thinking the same right, Mother Sayuri?"

"Indeed it is, Fie. Thank you for coming out of your way to take me with you guys, Nao. I really do appreciate you doing this for me.", Sayuri said with a smile. Her three bushy tails started to twirl back and forth happily.

"Of course this isn't problem. I can so something like this for you anytime, Sayuri. All you need to to do is speak up and ask. And as for the others, did they say they were going to watch from the Observation Room?"

"Yup! It's a little worrying putting our family members into the fate of these fighters though. I know our palace isn't effected...but I still can't help but worry."

"Oh you don't need to worry about that. I made a small deal with Lord Zeno. All of our family is protected from this tournament as long as we take him out into the next plane, just for one trip though, not permanently.", Nao said with a smile.

Hearing that, Chronoa couldn't help but face palm, letting out a sigh. Yet Sayuri's tails started to twirl faster and faster.

"Really!?", Sayuri exclaimed happily. She even approached Nao and hugged him from the back.

"H-Hey! Let me focus here. You guys don't want to get blasted into the void of space do you?", Nao yelled out with a warning.

Hearing that, Sayuri ended her hug quickly.

"T-That's right...This must be taking quite a bit out of you, huh? I'm sorry for getting excited there."

"It's not too bad, but this is still a first run for me. I just don't want any slip ups. We should be arriving soon. Speaking of which, are you really going to go in looking like this, Chronoa?", Nao said as his eyes matched hers.

He wasn't looking down either. His eyes met horizontally even with hers! What did this mean? It meant that she was just as tall as Nao was at present! Her extremely short stature was nowhere to be found.

What replaced that was a busty figure. She still had her purple posh kai robe on, but now it had a full yellow bodysuit underneath it. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts enlarged to that of about a D sized cup. Her skin became a more vibrant pink, and same for her hair. It was orange-pink. White sleeves extended to the base of her hands. As for her legs, they were pretty thick now compared to her previous skinny ones. To top it off she wore white boots.

Nao couldn't get this new look of Chronoa's out of his head no matter how many times he looked at her. Compared to her normal lolita look, she was pretty s.e.xy! He then saw Chronoa put her elbows at her waist and grinned back at him.

"What, you still surprised I can transform into something like this?"

"Well, yeah! How come you never told us about this?"

"Well, it was a experiment. I mainly used this form if I wanted to go full throttle whenever I used the power of Time. Yet I don't use it much, it consumes a lot of my Divine Energy. I didn't even use it when I relinquished my powers to Trunks. But who would have it could still work! I didn't think it would be a success."

"'Is that so? Any idea how long you can maintain it for?"

"Glad you asked, Nao! I hope you like me this way cause you'll be seeing it for a long time. It does consume a lot at first but I can maintain it until it runs out. And with Time not consuming it even further...several years at a given time, probably?"

"Several years!?", Nao exclaimed in surprise.

"That's right! Since we are heading to our last event here, the All Universe Tournament, I figured I would go all out myself. Can't wait to see the others' looks when they see me like this. That old coot will just go bonkers with how perverted he is on the inside, hahaha!", Chronoa laughed as she clutched onto her stomach.

Even Fie's eyes startle to sparkle as she heard Chronoa talk like that. She could see the pride in her eyes.

"Say, Mother can you teach me this form?"

"Hmm...It's probably to early to teach you this, Little Fie. You need to let your Divine Energy saturate and condense over a very long period of time. But once you reach that point I'd be glad to teach you this. That was an intention of mine."

"Okay!", Fie responded happily. Seeing this Nao and Sayuri smiled. Sayuri's ears suddenly twitched, and her eyes spotted something, or rather the void. Pitch blackness all around them.

The stars and planets they were traversing through got cut off, as if they had left space altogether.

Nao let his sealed pocket come to a halt.

"Looks like we've arrived . They even left an entrance for us. How nice."

"Well the Grand Minister is expecting our arrival. Look, I can see a large circular platform in the distance!", Sayuri said as she pointed her finger ahead of them.

"That's probably it. We should go--?", Nao tried to say, but they suddenly saw a figure teleport before them. It was the Grand Minister!

"Welcome to the Void Realm once again, Nao. It looks like you were able to find it on your own. I hope you guys had a safe journey."

"It's nice to see you again too, Grand Minister. We should be about one hour away from when the Tournament of Power starts, right?"

After Nao asked that, the Grand Minister nodded calmly.

"Yes. There is one more hour. The tournament itself will be roughly forty two minutes long. Lord Zeno just finished asking a few of the Gods of Destruction to test out the ring. He became a bit upset stating it was too flashy. He is now resting his eyes, waiting for the battle to begin. I'm afraid it would be unwise for you to disturb him now."

"Is that so? You can give him my regards then. I do have interest in speaking with some of the Gods of Destruction here. Sayuri as well, she would like to speak with Lord Liquiir. As for has Lord Belmod been lately?"

Hearing Nao ask that, the Grand Minister only smiled at him.

"You ought to ask him that once he's arrived. The fighters are set due to arrive in the next fifty minutes or so. A few of the gods have already arrived. Please feel free to relax until it starts. I will be busy opening the gates when the others arrive."

"Sounds good, please take care, Grand Minister."

After Nao said that, the Grand Minister left. The four then continued in their pocket space until they reached the fighting stage's sealed barrier. Once they got in, Nao dispelled his.

The fighting stage itself was made up of one of the hardest known substances in existence. Much similar to the last stage that was constructed here. Yet this time it was designed into a very large spinning top design. It curved downward into a tip at the end. It also had a huge pillar going down its center, which would shift positions and lower itself every time the time of the match decreased every so often.

There was a second layer of the stone circling around it higher up. The Gods of Destruction could be seen waving their arms around, controlling stone bricks, sliding them into place into place on the stage. Nao and the three flew on over and saw this.

The other Supreme Kais and Angels were observing this down below until they sensed a new presence arrive. They raised their eyebrows seeing Nao and the girls touch down onto the stage.

"Looks like someone else is finally here. You seem very familiar...", One of them spoke out.

Nao acknowledged the others with a nod. Sayuri became more happy seeing Lord Liquiir on the second layer up above. His attention was focused on setting the bricks, only to get distracted by Sayuri's voice. Yet her voice only caused the nearby Supreme Kais to spit out in shock.

"Hey, Grandfather you're really here! I'm glad I made the decision to come in person!"

"Hmm? Well if it isn't, Sayuri. Glad to see you're doing well. Please wait a moment while we finish this up.", Liquiir said calmly as he replied back to her.

He saw a beautiful orange-auburn color haired woman with fox ears a slim waist and three bushy tails very similar to his own color waving around happily, flying right at him.

Seeing their calm conversation, one of the Supreme Kais yelled out in shock.

"Did this girl just call a God of Destruction her grandfather!? What is going on here!?", another Supreme Kai yelled out.