Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 263

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 263 253: Tournament Of Power

40 minutes later.

A loud thud suddenly struck the Void Realm fighting stage, and for the last time. The last large stone block slid into place. The giant ringed pillar was also back into its vertical position, and no longer appeared sliced in half.

Sayuri could be seen dangling her feet sitting on the second layer up above near the edge watching the ongoing process, waiting for Liquiir, Anack and Iwan to finish placing the blocks into place. Seeing them finally done, the three ceased their ki control and their aura vanished from sight. Liquiir then wiped his forehead, letting out a sigh.

"Phew...the Grand Minister sure knows how to work us to the bone, doesn't he? The weight of these stones is no joke."

Hearing Liquiir say that, Anack sneered at him and replied back.

"What, are you saying this little exercise is too much for you? You're among the top of the Universes like us. I take offense in you saying that."

"Jeez, can't you take a joke? Of course this was no sweat. I haven't had a good warm up like that in a while, despite our earlier bout."

Hearing Liquiir say that, Anack and Iwan could only shrug their shoulders, and sigh. Anack then shifted his attention to the girl that was still sitting down near by. He slowly approached her and started to look at her from several angles with his hand rested against his chin. Liquiir also took this time to approach her. Sayuri looked on with a curious look in her eyes.

"So this is the one you were talking about since our last all universe gathering? I do say this girl does represent you a lot. She's right in front of three Gods of Destruction and isn't even batting an eye! Is she just as fearless as you are?"

After Anack questioned that, Liquiir let out a laugh.

"Hahaha! It does appear like that doesn't it? It has been a while Sayuri. I hope you've been well."

Sayuri smiled at Liquiir and responded to him.

"I've been great, Grandfather. We've been in contact at least. Are these two like you?"

Once Sayuri asked that, Anack and Iwan approached her calmly and introduced themselves to her.

"Well I guess it won't hurt to introduce ourselves, seeing as you're Liquirr's kin. I'm Anack, God of Destruction of Universe 5."

"Same here, Miss Sayuri. I might be short but don't underestimate me. I go by Iwan, the God of Destruction of Universe 1. Luckily we got exempt from this tournament thanks to our makings in our respective Universe. Even so, it will be a splendid survival of the fittest match to watch."

"Lord Anack and Lord Iwan it is, then? You can just call me Sayuri. Grandfather isn't technically my Grandfather, I just like to call him that. We learned that he belongs to several generations higher from my current race."

"Is that so? Does that mean there are more of your kin? Liquiir once mentioned to us saying that his race was wiped out a long long time ago. I didn't think there would be any survivors."

Hearing Anack say that, Sayuri's ears drooped a bit and she slouched over. Sadness streaked across her eyes but she shook it away before she replied to him.

"It's...a long story. Unfortunately I'm the last of my kin like Grandfather here is. Well, not anymore actually, there is four of us now.", Sayuri replied. Her lips soon curved up into a smile.

"Four? That's right, how are those three doing? Are they still as rebellious as ever?"

"Hehe, I've put them through the hoops. They're in the Galactic Patrol now. Actually, now that we're talking about hem, Grandfather, I have a favor."

"Hoh? So they're taking after you then I take it. What is it, Sayuri? You can ask me anything if its within my capabilities."

"I'll get right to it then. Can you look after my three sons for me? You can even take one in as a disciple of yours if you want to. I'm not sure if you had any plans to retire at the moment though."

Hearing Sayuri ask that, a glint of light streaked across Liquiir's eyes before his expression became serious. He then replied to her.

"I wasn't planning to retire from my position any time soon...what's the catch? This isn't some sort of thing you would just randomly talk about."

After Liquiir asked that with a serious tone, Sayuri nodded. Her eyes than landed on a white haired figure down below chatting away with the Supreme Kais. Her eyes softened seeing Nao. Liquiir saw this and his eyes matched hers, he could guess what was about to be said next.

"I take it you remember my husband, Grandfather? He did put on quite the show during the last All Universe gathering."

"Indeed. I didn't think this guy would take the time to come to this one either. Anack, Iwan you remember him don't you? The guy who beat Belmod in a one on one duel!"

Hearing Liquiir say that, shock streaked across their eyes.

"I was wondering why this guy looked so familiar! To think he'd show up again. That duel was spectacular.", Anack said in shock. Iwan also nodded in approval.

"With his appearance...will there be another storm brewing?", Iwan questioned as well.

After Iwan asked that, Sayuri shook her head.

"We won't be participating at all in this battle. We're just here as spectators like you guys are. My husband will have something to announce at the end of it, and he wants to put on a finale of sorts in his own way. As for why I'm bringing it up, it's because after this, we will be gone for a very long time, I do not know when we will return."

"Hoh? A family trip of sorts? Why not take your children along with you?"

"I was thinking about doing that, but seeing them so settled down here, I figured they would want to live to their fullest here instead. Would you be able to watch over Ichika, Nishi and Shasha for me, Grandfather?"

"Hmm...So let me get this straight, you guys are basically going on an adventure?"

"That's one way to put it! It won't just be me either, the other girls are also going along with my husband. Even those two down there next to him."

"Wait, other girls?", Anack couldn't help but ask.

"Oh yes. I probably forgot to mention it to you two, but this dude has a harem very similar to Belmod's. They really do have similar tastes, hahaha!", Liquiir said while letting out another laugh.

"Seriously!? How many we talking here?"

Hearing Anack ask that with a look of shock in his eyes, Iwan scratched his long beard, waiting for a reply. Sayuri took a good moment to count before she replied back.

"Well...considering the more recent ones...fourteen, I think?", Sayuri questioned herself, tilting her head to the side.

"F-Fourteen!? That's more than twice than what Belmod currently has in his! And you're fine with this girl being in the guy's who beat him!?", Anack yelled out. His voice increased to where it started to draw attention of others, wondering why he yelled out all of a sudden.

"Why wouldn't I be? Don't tell me you're getting too old now to where your ear holes are rotting, Anack. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't even know that some of my kin would still be alive to this date you know. As for you Sayuri...It's alright. I can take them under my wing. Don't expect any leniency from me though."

"Why you!", Anack yelled out once more, but he was stopped by Iwan who pulled him backwards. Sayuri's tails began to thump louder, happily responding to Liquiir's answer.

"Heh, calm down, Anack. Don't take my jokes seriously. Besides, it looks like the fighters are starting to arrive. Look.", Liquiir said, pointing at the stage beneath them. Anack, Iwan and Sayuri followed his finger.

Before them they saw the Supreme Kais and the God of Destruction from Universe 12 fly up, heading into the stands above. Shortly after, rainbow colored spheres began to pop out. Slowly counting them one by one, it totaled eight!

It took a couple moments for all of them to arrive. The rainbow color spheres vanished, and revealed ten fighters from the each of the eight Universes. Universe 1, 5, 8 and 12 were the only ones exempt, so they did not need to bring any fighters. Nao's family was also exempt, even though they belonged to Universe 7.

After everyone arrived, Lord Zeno and the Grand Minister gave a welcome message to all of them. Lord Zeno then retreated back into his palace to watch the fun while the Grand Minister explained the rules once more.

The fighters interacted with each other during the opening. A huge tied piece of cloth hung over Caulifla's back with a nervous looking Kale shortly behind her. She caused quite a ruckus thanks to this, and managed to spot Nao in the crowd. She literally tossed her belongings at him which shocked him greatly.

He thought she was joking about moving into his place, but no. She was very serious about it! Nao could only sigh and store it away in his pocket dimension, apologizing to everyone for creating such a disturbance.

Nao also took this time to catch up with Belmod. He mainly wanted to see how he would react since Belmod left the stage unconscious after their duel ended a few decades ago. Surprisingly, Belmod acted really friendly to him and even thanked Nao for giving him such a splendid duel!

Nao was taken aback by this, but the reason for it was he was looking for one good final battle before his retirement. Nao gave it to him, and he accepted his loss. He could now pass the reigns to Toppo once Toppo was ready.

Belmod even came to learn that Nao had a harem very similar to his own, and even offered a girl for Nao to take in. Nao's eyes twitched as Belmod slouched his arm over Nao's shoulder while saying that. Nao politely refused. Belmod could only shake his head hearing Nao's refusal.

Still, Belmod overall became quite friendly with Nao!

After their exchange, the Grand Minister officially started the Tournament of Power. And boy, was it one of the longest 42 minutes of Nao's life. Being able to witness the Void Realm shaken to its core with powers strong enough to kill off Universes was spectacular to say the least.

The heat Goku released during the signs of his Ultra Instinct was no joke either. As well as during his full transformation. It felt very surreal, similar to that of Diabelle's heat domain. Witnessing the birth of Ultra Instinct in person was very exciting to Nao as well, as well as Goku's match vs Jiren!

Nao didn't think he himself would be able to master Ultra Instinct since he doesn't rely on his instincts as much as Goku does. Nao fights more similarly to Vegeta. But with that said, it's not like Nao has reached his own peak yet. He was considering taking his own power one step forward, something he will show during his fight with Broly. He wanted to push the Saiyan God to the limits!

Besides, even without Ultra Instinct, Nao's ki has been growing steadily ever since he became a Legendary Saiyan. It was becoming an endless river of Ki essentially. He could probably put in work against Ultra Instinct and Jiren if he were in the tournament himself, but sadly he is just here to watch.

If he is to be successful in his final transformation he wants to achieve before his next journey with the girls begin, he had no idea how powerful it would be! He was really looking forward to it too, especially since he caught a glimpse of it during his vision with Merus. Super Saiyan White!

The rumored true form of an ascended Saiyan God! Far more powerful than the normal blue or evolution blue forms!

He had an idea how to attain it as well, and for now he just needs to wait till Broly gets picked up by Frieza later this month. But for the moment, he was enjoying Goku's fight with Jiren. It was spectacular as white and blue clashed against red in never-ending fireworks.

And thus the 42 minutes sadly ended. Nao did witness Universe 6 get erased and that meant the same for Caulifla and Kale. Caulifla became sad and couldn't even give him a 'final' goodbye kiss before they were erased. Thankfully it went similar to the original. The final two Universes became Universe 7 and Universe 11.

Goku and Frieza, despite their differences, teamed up in the end and knocked Jiren off the stage. They as well were taken down with him. But thankfully Android 17 remained hidden all throughout the reminder of the battle, and was the lone victor. This let Universe 7 came out on top.

With the Tournament of Power now over, Android 17 made his wish for the Super Dragon Balls, resurrecting all of the erased Universes. This brought smiles to the gods, and Lord Zeno. Lord Zeno even stated that this type of wish was within expectations, and was why he even held the Tournament of Power in the first place.

Nao also took this time to gather everyone's attention for his announcement. He was for his farewell banquet, allowing to come. Everyone did get resurrected back into their respective Universes so he could only declare this to the remaining Angels. Of course they would pass this message along, since all of them felt their Universe was alive once more.

As for Caulifla and Kale, they would once again have to make their way back to Nao.. As for Vados...the Grand Minister took this time to make a special announcement to the Angels. Vados was to be stripped of her current position assigned to Universe 6, and to be placed into Nao's care. This shocked everyone greatly but they couldn't do anything as it was a direct order from the Grand Minister.

Vados happily complied. Champa wasn't even around any longer to make any snide remarks during this, since he was back in his own Palace. And with that, Vados arrived at Nao's side and will remain by his side for time to come.

That was the final bit of this Tournament of Power. Universe 7 returned home as the victor and the Angels departed for their respective Universe. Nao and Vados, along with Sayuri, Fie and Chronoa, bid their farewells to the Grand Minister and Lord Zeno.

The girls welcomed them back at the white Palace when the five returned. They also welcomed their newest arrival, Vados, and had a big celebration. It actually didn't take that long for Caulifla and Kale to arrive either, which surprised them as well. They went directly to Champa to move them here. Champa knew this well and he permitted it.

Caulifla herself took the white Palace as her own home, admiring its splendor. Kale was ever so reluctant, but she could tell Caulifla was starting to show feelings for Nao. She could only bottle up her feelings and accept it. Nao wasn't sure how Kale would behave in the white Palace, but she didn't cause too much commotion, unlike Caulifla did.

And so, Caulifla, Kale and Vados have successfully entered his harem! Time began to pass before everyone knew it.

To not miss Broly's sighting, Nao decided he would spend the latter two weeks of December Year 780 on Planet Earth. During that time he spent some quality time at Capsule Corporation, frequently interacting with Beerus, Whis, Vegeta, Goku and Bulma. The gods also lazed around here quite a bit, largely thanks to Earth's selection of food.

It didn't take long to notice Frieza's mothership arrive on planet earth with shocked Goku and Vegeta. But Nao knew very well what this meant.

Nao informed Miya and the girls that Broly had arrived, and wanted Miya to come with him. He could sense Paragus's ki alongside what he assumed to be Broly's on Frieza's mothership. Paragus was the twins's teacher back in the day, after all. It's only right for the two to give them a warm 'welcome', right?