Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 264

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 264 254: Nao Vs Broly I

Year 780, End of December, Planet Earth.

Peace resumed once again. No enemies or foes sighted. Capsule like buildings stood high in the air, towering over a pristine clear blue ocean. These belonged to a private island owned by Capsule Corporation

A fancy resort stood out into the open sky. Palm trees littered everywhere. It even had a small river going around the inside acting like a moat. Several white hooded umbrellas could be seen next to the buildings, with laid back chairs placed underneath them.

Every so often booms would echo around the island, but the figures resting in these chairs paid them no mind. To the right laid Bulma, drinking a blue tropical drink. In a little sitter to the left of her was Bulla. She was Bulma's and Vegeta's second child! (A/N I like Bulla more. Who names a child Bra? lol)

Further to the right was four more chairs. One housed a purple cat like humanoid. Another one was a light blue skinned figure. To the right of those two laid a white haired muscular figure wearing black plated battle armor but without shoulder pads. Next to him was a beauty fiery red haired woman with hair flowing down her shoulders, also wearing the same black plated armor.

She had a red tail around her waist and a white tail around the white haired man's waist respectively. The girl was even wearing a pair of sunglasses like Bulma was. They along with Bulma were laying back, enjoying the breeze of the sea while the blue skinned figure was enjoying some delicacies. They were of course Beerus, Whis, Nao and Miya!

They weren't alone either, another figure could be seen accompanying Whis at the table he was sitting at. Similarly a blue skinned figure but she was wearing a green Angel robe instead. This was Vados!

As for who was creating those booms in the sky, Goku and Vegeta were having a sparring match up there, exchanging blow for blow.

Yet Bulma still disregarded them. She stretched out her arms for a bit, letting out a comforting groan. She then moved up her sunglasses to rest on her hair and smiled, looking over to Nao and Miya.

Despite their current appearance as if they were ready for war, they were very lax, not giving a care in the world. Bulma could only sigh seeing Nao and Miya.

"You know, your current appearance makes you like you're ready for war, Nao. I can never understand why you like to keep dressing up in that thing. Why are you guys even taking a vacation here?"

Hearing that, Nao smiled. Miya could be seen laying right beside him as their chairs were put next to each other. Miya removed her sunglasses and laid her body on top of Nao's legs. She couldn't help but giggle as she propped her arms on the space beside his legs as she spoke out to Bulma.

"Hehe, we heard from Sister Tights that you procured this place a while back. It's been quite busy for us but now we can finally enjoy a short break. Its only a couple days till the next year."

"Is that so? Of course it'd be her...She must be busy preparing for this banquet of yours right? Is that why she didn't show up today?"

It was Nao's turn to speak up after hearing that.

"That's right. We're going to be saying our final goodbyes in two days time even though we will still be in our home for a while. Need to make sure something is fixed before we head off. Plus Tights is also keeping a couple of troublemakers in check, she has her hands tied at the moment unfortunately."

"So you guys really are planning to leave, huh? I'm sure everyone will miss you. We'll make sure your going away party is the best!"

"Oh my, looks like someone is getting excited. I do have to say Whis, the food here is rather delectable. Very similar to the Earth Lord Beerus resurrected back in Lord Champa's Universe.", Vados couldn't help but interject as she took another bite of her food.

"Right? It's super delicious! The air is really pleasant here too. Its a wonderful resort, Bulma.", Whis responded to Vados while taking a bite of his own meal.

"It is nice, isn't it? Glad you guys are enjoying it. Though I'm still confused as to why she is here.", Bulma said as she looked at Vados.

As the conversation was going, more booms would echo as Goku and Vegeta struck out with their fists, letting the sea water rise high into the sky after every collision while also causing their surroundings to lightly quake. Beerus, who was trying to take a nap and who had his arms folded behind his back, started to get a bit annoyed as his closed eyes started to twitch.

Yet they still ignored Goku and Vegeta sparring who slowly moved away from the island and continued their conversation, with Vados speaking next.

"Did you forget to tell these guys what Father said, Whis? You've been enjoying this peace too much." Vados said as she placed her hand against her cheek.

"Eh? So something did happen?"

"That's right, Bulma. I'm now assigned to Nao. My little brother Merus exited the Angel Realm and took over my role. He is now assigned to Lord Champa."

Hearing that, shock appeared in her eyes and yelled out.

"EHHHHHH!? Can such a thing even happen!?", Bulma yelled out. Her voice was loud enough to cause Bulla to stir in her carrier, but she went back to sleep. Beerus's closed eyes twitched a little bit more.

"Fufu, no need to be alarmed, Bulma. It is both Father's will and from my own volition. You can think of it like a contract Nao, Father and I signed. I'll be accompanying him when he leaves.", Vados said, taking one more bite.

"A contract is it? Still, isn't an Angel typically assigned to a God of Destruction? Are you planning to become one then, Nao?"

Hearing Bulma ask that, Nao ended coughing a bit which caused Miya's body to stir.

"No, no, I've no plans to become a God of Destruction. I don't like destroying things wantonly.", Nao replied back as he shook his hand a bit, denying Bulma.

After Nao said that, Beerus cracked open his eyes a bit, and spoke out.

"Hey, I take offense in that. We destroy things since its part of our job."

"Oh you were awake, Lord Beerus?"

"How can I not be? I can't get a damn wink of sleep with these two idiots creating so much noise!", Beerus said, yelling out in anger.

As he did, the booms intensified, and got closer to the island. Beerus couldn't help but shift his body upward, clutching onto his ears. He yelled out once more as he stood up from his chair.

Anger streaked across his eyes as his voice reached Goku and Vegeta who were now above the resort area. He ran across the bridge, arriving in front of the beach and looked up at the two.

"Hey, keep it down! Stop fighting so loudly!", Beerus yelled out, letting his anger reach the skies.

This ruckus caused Goku and Vegeta to come to a halt. The two looked at each other while blinking for a couple moments. To not anger him they stopped their spar.

Another hour passed while the two became relaxed next to the others. Bulma's chefs brought in some deserts for Goku to snack on as well, which he could now be seen eating by the handful.

Whis and Vados now poured tea the for everyone. Vegeta passed on it as he quietly crossed his arms. He decided to remain standing while Nao Miya, and Vados sat around a table right next to the table Goku, Bulma, and Whis was sitting at. Beerus went back to his padded chair. Vegeta grabbed hold of a capped water bottle instead as he distanced himself with a towel over his shoulders. Yet he couldn't help but turn around while Whis spoke out to Goku.

"By the way, Goku",,Whis started, grabbing Goku's attention while his eyes blinking. He put the spoon he was holding down.

"Why do you seek greater strength? Is it because you are after the God of Destruction's position?"

Hearing that, Goku gulped down his food in surprise while Beerus leaned forward and retorted him.

"What was that? I can't let that slide."

"No I ain't!", Goku yelled out in denial, standing up in shock. "I don't want to be anythin' like that!", he continued to say.

"That was over the line too!", Beerus replied back with an annoyed look as he placed his chin on his right hand which he placed on his knee.

Yet Goku ignored him and continued to speak, walking closer to Vegeta.

"When I saw how ridiculously strong the guys in the other Universes were in that All Universe Tournament earlier, it got me fired up...!", Goku spoke, taking a stance. He yelled out a bit and turned into a Super Saiyan, letting his hair become golden-yellow.

"So that means you got your sight set already on other Universes now?", Vegeta replied back disregarding Goku's sudden transformation as if it was normal. "You're as big as a buffoon as ever.", Vegeta continued to say.

Hearing that, Goku released his transformation while Whis spoke out to Vegeta next.

"Then Vegeta, why do you seek for even greater strength?"

After Whis asked that, a look of anger appeared in Vegeta's eyes as he formed a fist, and struck it out. He then pointed at Goku and moved his finger at him in anger.

"It's Frieza! This idiot right here decided to bring this devil of all people back to life! That's why!"

Hearing that, Goku slapped Vegeta's hand away with his own and responded to him.

"Hey if it wasn't for Frieza our 7th Universe might not even be here!"

"Oh, is that right?" Bulma asked while holding onto Bulla.

"Yeah. He helped save us."

"Idiot! He was only thinking of himself in doing so. You saw Frieza when he came to Earth before, remember?", Vegeta asked as he closed his eyes scrunching them a bit. "He accomplished that much in that short amount of time.", Vegeta continued to say.

"You're sayin' he might get even more powerful and come to defeat us?"

"No doubt about it."

"I don't know. Even though we were the ones to bring him back to life?"

Hearing that, anger streaked across Vegeta's eyes once more and leaned in against Goku while forming a fist.

"You idiot! Do you think he'll feel obligated to us!?"

"How many times are you goin' to keep callin' me an idiot?", Goku retorted.

"As often as I want to, you idiot!!!", Vegeta yelled out with a loud voice.

Goku flinched hearing Vegeta yell, but another moment passed before Bulma interrupted them. She heard her communication watch receive a video transmission. She saw it was from Trunks.

"Hmm? It's Trunks."

Opening her watch up it opened up another screen. His face appeared on it with a smile.

Hearing Bulma say that gathered everyone's attention. Miya looked at Nao before he nodded, waiting for Trunks to speak. The two knew the time was soon now.

"Mama!", Trunks spoke out.

"What is it?"

"It looks like a burglar broke into your lab.", Trunks started to speak. Kid trunks, Goten, as well as kid versions of Pilaf, Shu, and Mai could be seen in one of the rooms inside Capsule Corporation, which seemed to be a high tech office room of sorts. Many things could be seen scattered around while the heavier pieces were not in their normal spot.

"Huh? What was stolen?", Bulma asked.

"I'll check the security video. Let's see...", Trunks said as he began to press buttons on his watch. He pulled up a security video, and replayed what happened. After shifting slides a few times, Trunks found out what was stolen and spoke out.

"The Dragon Balls that you collected and the Dragon Radar."

"They took, WHAT!?", Bulma suddenly yelled out in anger.

"Like I told you, you need better security. ", Vegeta replied to her ack on the other side.

Yet Trunks spoke up once more drawing their attention.

"You know what, Mama? The burglars that showed up...they were wearing clothes like Papa's.", Trunks said as he rewound the video showing two goons wearing black shoulder pad-less battle armor with green plates over their chest area. It wasn't as slick as Nao and Miya's were, as they were standard edition uniforms.

Vegeta looked at Bulma without saying anything who in turn looked at Goku while confusion appeared in his eyes. Bulma slacked her eyes and could only let out a sigh.

"Thank you, Trunks.", Bulma replied. The video call soon ended after.

"The culprits are Frieza's goons no doubt. He deliberately used some men with lower power levels so we wouldn't notice them.", Vegeta said.

Nao didn't bother checking either as he was enjoying his relaxation time with Miya here. He knew this was a pivotal point in Broly's coming. It meant that Frieza was here searching for the Dragon Balls, while a couple of his workers would find Planet Vampa which housed Broly and Paragus!

"Frieza is relentless in going after the Dragon Balls.", Bulma said.

"I wonder what sort of wish he could have at this point.", Goku asked with confusion. "He ain't able for anythin' beyond Shenron's power, so wishin' to be made the strongest in the Universe is out.", Goku said as he crossed his arms.

"That should be obvious. His wish is to never die, isn't it?"

"That's true...but not dyin' is pointless if you still lose."

"Tch. Even so, there is a chance that someday he'll surpass us!"

"There is?"

Hearing Goku ask that, Vegeta clutched his bottle in anger but was interrupted by Bulma's voice.

"I had six of the Dragon Balls collected. They're sure to go where the last one is to find it."

"Where is it?", Vegeta asked Bulma.

"The ice continent! I don't like the cold, so I was putting off going to get it."

"The ice continent?", Goku asked her.

"Would you like to come you guys? You three as well?", Bulma asked locking around. "You've been pretty quiet Nao. Are you sure you're just here to relax?"

"Tch, I don't like this guy being here. Why must Nao take a vacation on our property!? He can go back to his own place!", Vegeta yelled out in anger, clutching his bottle even more.

Bulma couldn't help but smile hearing him.

"Oh come in Vegeta, he is technically your brother-in-law now, hehe. My big sis is his after all.", Bulma said while letting out a giggle.

However, that only seemed to piss him off even more as Vegeta pointed at Nao in anger.

"There's no way in hell I'm acknowledging the guy who my father banished from our Palace as my brother-in-law!"

"Well who cares what you think. It's a reality so get used to it Vegeta. So, Nao, Miya, and Vados, you guys coming? Your eyes say you want to come!", Bulma said as she looked at the three.

Nao nodded and stood up. Miya followed suit.

"It does sound pretty fun. I can spend some good quality time with Mr. Brother-In-Law here.", Nao said with a grin.

"You bastard!", Vegeta yelled out in anger, running up to Nao. He grabbed a hold of his plated armor. Bulma could sigh seeing this as she watched Nao slap away his fist.

Goku spoke out next.

"Don't be like that Vegeta. Nao is still a Supreme Kai. Ain't that a blast for havin' someone like him bein' part of your family?", Goku spoke out with a giggle of his own.

"Tch.", Vegeta said clicking his tongue. He turned around in silence Whis spoke out next with a happy look in his eyes as he clasped his hands together.

"That does sound quite fun! Count me in."

Hearing Whis say that, Vados chimed in.

"Oh my, if Whis is going then I think I will join in too. Something interesting is bound to occur with you guys going."

After Vados say that, Whis nodded happily. Beerus took this time to decline Bulma's offer. He would be the only one to stay behind. Hearing that, Bulma took the next few moments rounding everyone up. She then took out a capsule, tossing it into the air. It revealed a private jet of hers.

The hatch opened allowing Whis, Vados, Goku and Vegeta to walk inside. Nao and Miya flew up landing on top of the jet.

Seeing everyone ready to take off, Bulma passed Bulla to Beerus, asking to take care of her. Bulma quickly got into the jet and closed the hatch. It flew into the skies as Beerus ran out yelling at them while holding baby Bulla in his arm.

But he was left alone on the private island. He could only slouch his body, lazily going back to his padded chair. With no more noise it didn't take long for Beerus to fall asleep. Bulla also fell asleep in his arm.

As for the others...they were now inbound towards the ice continent! The very same location that turned into the battlefield for their fight with Broly!